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The word left out

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Honesty …..

Watching the Republican debate wasn’t much different than observing a train wreck in slow motion. It’s happening and there’s not much we can do but try and get out of the way. In the background the Obama fiends were smiling. 

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I kept waiting for someone to use the word honesty. It never came. You can do a word search at the transcript of the debate and prove it to yourself. Lobbyist is another word that didn’t come up. The word peace was also missing in action.

Capitalism may be a good concept in theory but without honesty we see where it has led us. Free markets is the buzzword with the repubs but it’s only code for greed, theft and killing. Honesty has been taken out of the equation because it doesn’t suit the agenda of the 1% at the top. The true meaning of honesty is not just following the exact letter of the law either. The laws have been written so that dishonesty is now the norm and dishonesty has a real trickle down effect. It has created a mentality of “If they can do it, so can I.”

The whole debate seemed to revolve around Rick Perry. Perry is so creepy that he has the unique ability to make those around him seem almost human. Even Bachmann, Romney and Gingrich. That’s his greatest accomplishment.

I can’t imagine anyone rallying around Perry but I’ve been known to be wrong before.

We appreciate Ron Paul’s message of ending the wars and bringing the troops home now but sometimes I have trouble getting my head around some of his free market ideas. Yes, government mandates are most often not in our best interests but what about this exchange?

HARRIS: Thank you. Congressman Paul, another question from a Politico reader. Do you advocate getting rid of the minimum wage? Would that create more jobs?

PAUL: Absolutely. And it would help the poor, the people who need a job. The minimum wage is a mandate. We’re against mandates, so why should we have it? No, it would be very beneficial.

OK, I suppose it would give some people, especially the unemployed and undereducated youth, jobs at maybe $3 an hour but I keep hearing this little voice in my head saying “Third world, here we come.”

Dr. Paul didn’t come across very well last night. I do hate to say it but he’s toast and that leaves us with even worse choices. Obama vs. ??? is a reflection of how low we have fallen and just how rigged the system is.

Honesty in government has been taken out of the debate. It appears at this time to be an obsolete term. Might as well purge it from the dictionary.

No, wait a minute, I take that last paragraph back. Honesty is not dead. We just need to put it back in our hearts … and in our actions. A dormant seed can grow with a little rain, nutrients and some sunshine.


The Campaign "Sideshow"

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My snail mail box is filled everyday with campaign crap like this GOP ‘flyer’ against state rep Kent Coleman. What’s funny is that I don’t even live in his district.

Not that Coleman and Obama don’t deserve to be poked and prodded for the political whores they are but this two party scam is getting tiresome. No matter who wins, “we the people” are always the losers. Wars, thefts, social manipulations and taxes will continue on.

My local ballot will not have a single person listed who deserves a vote. Most could even be called traitors.

Yes, I’ll vote. It takes me awhile because I’ll write in (actually punch in on the potentially fraudulent electronic voting machines) “None of the Above” for most of the offices that are up for being bought.

Democracy just ain’t what it used to be … or maybe it never really was what we were conditioned to believe.

Nashville’s Tea Party Convention Imploding?

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The National Tea Party Convention, or what’s left of it, will be in Nashville Feb. 4-6.

‘Civil War’ in the Tea Party Nation?

What took so long?

The bought and paid for element of the ‘tea party’ movement has finally been outed in the local media, brought on by defections in the ranks. Some folks eventually did catch on to the scam. Others are just trying to distance themselves from the event because it’s a co-opted fraud and they’ve been caught being a part of it.

The Tea Party Nation webmaster quit and talked a little but only about the money.  “They are not indicative in any way of the Tea Party movement,” he said.

A major sponsor walks away not wanting to be tainted by the controversy.

Where it gets interesting is that now Republican Reps Marsha Blackburn and  Michelle Bachmann, two of the ‘star’ speakers, are having second thoughts. Worried that their association with such a contrived convention may lose them some supporters and votes, they are using the excuse that attending may  ‘violate congressional ethics rules.’ Slick move there ladies. 

The attempt by the Republican, neocon and for profit hijackers to capitalize on the tea party version of protest is failing. Of course the Democrats are fawning over this as they exploit the situation but it’s nothing more than theatrics in the false left/right paradigm.

brianakira in a comment summed up many of my thoughts …..

All of these ‘Anyone But Bush’ ‘Anyone But Clinton’ and Code Pink and Ron-Paul-Revolution and Tea Party movements are ABSOLUTELY USELESS and if they just result in another Dem-Rep government.

The only thing that has any chance of success would be a non-partisan, non-ideological movement to vote ‘Anyone but Dem-Rep”.

No need to get into left or right or any sort of philosophy. Just urge people to look at all independents and third parties, whether far left or far right or Christian or atheist or joke candidates or one issue fanatics or pacifists or whatever — just in general encourage any and all non Dem-Reps to run, and encourage voters to vote for them, even if it ends up as just a protest vote — until the majority of citizens realize that Dem-Rep is just one puppet party. If there’s someone you admire in either wing of Dem-Rep, let them know that you like what they say but you’ll be treating them like the plague as long as their affiliated with Dem-Rep.

I really believe this is the only way America can ever become a representative democracy again.

Grassroots still has a chance. You just have to watch who you bed down with.


In other local Tennessee politics,  Keith Talley, the TNDP Communications Director via The Peoples Voice rants about why we can’t get compliant voting machines with a paper trail.

Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester called yesterday’s action by the Senate to delay the Tennessee Voters Confidence Act a partisan move by Republican leadership to deny the state’s voters fair and accurate elections.

“Tennessee voters got the shaft today by a shameless group of Republican politicians bent on winning at all costs,” Forrester said. “They evidently could care less about trampling on democracy. I hope voters understand they have been had by a group of politicians who cooked up an elaborate scheme to steal elections here in Tennessee. “Their claim that this was only about saving taxpayer money is a bogus one. We have $35 million already set aside in federal funds to buy this equipment and train workers on it. To knowingly mislead the public about this issue is wrong and a disservice to the state.”

State lawmakers overwhelmingly passed in 2008 the Tennessee Voter Confidence Act, which requires all county election commissions to make the switch to optical scan machines and paper ballots before the November 2010 elections. {more}

Democrats Breathe a Sigh of Relief

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The real winners in the Massachusetts senate election of Scott Brown were the democrats.  Many of them were facing a backlash going into the 2010 elections but now they not only have someone to blame for their failure to pass some of their criminal scams but also can back off for awhile in pressing the agenda. No telling how many dems will keep their seat because of Brown’s vote against the health care fraud.

Maybe congress will not feel the need to continue some of the controversial aspects such as cap and trade and immigration ‘reform’ and hope their constituents will have short memories as to some of the things they pulled in 09. Perhaps laying low will be the dems tactic.

Banking reform is a safer nonpartisan issue that Obama is now attempting, although it’s hard to believe anything  he’s pushing is really in the interests of the people especially when Paul Volcker is one of the architects. Will we even see an ‘audit the fed’ full congressional vote this year?

As usual the two parties will find common ground on a few things; ‘national security,’ military funding and war. Few in congress will challenge that.

Scott Brown – Vetted and Approved by …

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Israel and AIPAC of course …

Hidden beneath the media hype of Scott Brown as the ‘savior’ fighting against some of Obama’s policies is the fact that he is just another warmongering Israel first lackey.

His election is touted as a referendum against the Democrat controlled Congress and their excesses and he may give a few token votes of opposition but in the areas of war and empire he will be in lockstep with the two party war machine.

A thirty year National Guard veteran, now a  lieutenant colonel who has never been deployed to a war zone, he has used his uniform as a photo op to show he is tough against ‘al qaeda’ and Iran.

The bankers will surely love him and he will love them back. He’s a part of their class, owning 5 homes in New England, and a timeshare condo in Aruba.

Brown doesn’t have much experience in politics but I’m sure his friends at AIPAC and in the military/industrial/CIA complex will take him by the hand and lead him through the minefields.

Without even a single day as Senator, there’s already some ‘Brown for President’ calls. There will most likely be more as he gets extensive media coverage. Maybe a Palin/Brown partnership?

Thanks Massachusetts, once again you give us someone who will keep the ‘war on terror’ chugging along.