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The frauds of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars along with the blatant lies of the ‘War on Terror’ have not made us more secure. ‘Homeland Security’ is an insult to our common sense.

The real enemies are our ‘friends’, both foreign and domestic. The constitution requires our elected officials to defend us from them. They take an oath to do so.

With no one in government to trust, it is up to ‘we the people’ to take action and that begins with educating ourselves and those around us.

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Greg Bacon gives us a report on our ‘friend and ally’ Israel.

Israeli Professor: ‘We Could Destroy All European Capitals’

Israel threatens the world with nuclear annihilation. Call it the holocaust, Part II, in which actual burnt offerings are tendered to the God of Israel.

This form of nuclear blackmail by that racist and apartheid Jews only state of hate, Israel, borders on the insane. But if you don’t think Israel would hesitate to use what they call their “Sampson” option, you haven’t been paying attention to what that nation of psychos have been doing to the Palestinians for the last 60 years, especially the horrific slaughter of Gazans in the most recent invasion of the Gaza Strip.

In 2002 the Los Angeles Times, published an opinion piece by Louisiana State University professor David Perlmutter in which he wrote: “What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a Nuclear Winter. Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens?”

Israel is threatening European capitals, but they would not stop there. For years, they have been trying to get ICBM technology from the USA, but stymied. Sooner or later, a corrupt and compliant Congress will bow to Israel’s will and hand over that technology, making the entire world a victim to this Zionist blackmail.
Thanks to German submarines given to that nation of madman, Israel, which carry onboard nuclear tipped cruise missiles, Israel already has the ability to nuke East and West Coast U.S. cities.

Further proof that Israel is an out of control renegade nation was offered by Israeli PM Olmert, when he stated that IDF troops would be given “state-protection” by Israel for any war crimes they committed.

“The commanders and soldiers that were sent on the task in Gaza should know that they are safe from any tribunal and that the State of Israel will assist them in this issue and protect them as they protected us with their bodies during the military operation in Gaza,” [Olmert said.]

During the Gazan Massacre and since, Israel has been using the Zionist controlled MSM to say far and loud that it did not commit any war crimes in Gaza, so why would IDF soldiers need protection from war crimes?

The Israeli’s told the world time and again that they were not using White Phosphorous against Gazans, which in itself is a war crime, but now say they did use that banned substance against Gazan civilians.

Will Americans ever wake up and realize that their country has been taken over by Zionists and Israeli-Firsters, or will it take mushroom clouds, courtesy of Israel, popping up over America before we come to our senses?

But by then, it will be too late.
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A. Peasant from Twelfth Bough also thinks this a story that needs exposure.

Israeli professor “assures” us that Israel will take the world world down with it


The Existentialist Cowboy warns us that domestic forces and shadow elements of our government not only do not make us more secure but may be poised to usher in a police state in the guise of protecting us.

That Mysterious Fleet of Buses – Is the Government Still Gearing up for a Police State?

Here’s an interesting story from Ellen Hodgson Brown, writing at Global Research.ca.

As Ms. Brown explains: Fraud and waste aside, this mysterious activity has sinister implications. Why the obvious secrecy? Since the World Trade Center disaster in 2001, the Department of Homeland Security has grown to monster proportions, claiming a projected $50 billion of the federal budget in 2009. DHS includes the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which earned notoriety in 2005 for its gross mishandling of the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. Al Martin, a retired naval intelligence officer and former contributor to the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, has linked the remilitarization of FEMA to the civil unrest anticipated along with economic collapse. He wrote in a November 2005 newsletter called “Behind the Scenes in the Beltway”:

“FEMA is being upgraded as a federal agency, and upon passage of PATRIOT Act III, which contains the amendment to overturn posse comitatus, FEMA will be re-militarized, which will give the agency military police powers. . . . Why is all of this being done? Why is the regime moving to a militarized police state and to a dictatorship? It is because of what Comptroller General David Walker said, that after 2009, the ability of the United States to continue to service its debt becomes questionable. Although the average citizen may not understand what that means, when the United States can no longer service its debt it collapses as an economic entity. We would be an economically collapsed state. The only way government can function and can maintain control in an economically collapsed state is through a military dictatorship.”

So, the obvious pertinent questions to ask here are,

1) Can Barack Obama pull off a miracle and forestall economic collapse in spite of eight years of Republican policy?

2) If he can’t, would he contemplate becoming America’s Stalin, ruling with an iron fist to maintain some civil control?

If there’s one thing that seems to be more obvious every day, it’s that the infamous Bush ‘bailout’ and its continuance into the Obama presidency seems geared not to actual economic recovery but to further insulation of the plutocracy from accountability. Nothing would suit the corporate feudalists more than to see the Cheney wet dream of a police state implemented by their political rivals. And I for one wouldn’t put such a Machiavellian plan past them. Barack Obama would be well advised to remember the Bay of Pigs fiasco handed to Democratic President John F. Kennedy by a largely Republican intelligence community. Sometimes these guys play dirty.
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The Existentialist Cowboy continues:

Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government (pt. 1)

Suppose that the United States Government, or more likely an unaccountable privatized intelligence colossus empowered by the reaction to the 9/11 attacks and fueled by the rampant cronyism of a system long ago gone rotten had a surveillance tool capable of peering into the most private aspects of American lives on a whim. Now suppose that the new growth industry of a previously unthinkable futuristic police state was already in place, fully operational and has been online and has actively been being utilized for domestic spying for years before those two airplanes slammed into the World Trade Center. The ‘terrorist’ attacks were used as the justification for every unconstitutional reigning in of civil liberties ever since that heinous September morning seven years ago when the reset button was hit on two and a quarter centuries of American history and we all stepped forth into the brave new world of perpetual war, fear, suspicion and vengeance into a parallel reality in a place that would come to be known as The Homeland. What if this surveillance industrial complex was in possession of a database that was so large and so powerful that not only could it instantly process and retrieve the most minute or intimate aspects of a citizen’s lives but was also able to utilize extremely sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities to actually predict likely patterns of future behavior.

Such a huge database would be able to use cutting edge technology funded with taxpayer dollars and awarded to unaccountable private corporations largely through ‘business as usual’ no bid contracts to create the most invasive tool of oppression this country has ever seen. This database would rely on software that was capable of performing social network analysis based on block modeling technology to monitor all forms of electronic communications, all internet searches, all debit and credit card transactions, all travel arrangements, all library records, all bank activity and all telephone records. It would then be able to use the data to not only find links between persons who already know and interact with each other but to categorize each individual into a particular group that possess similar behavioral and purchasing habits. These groups could then be further divided into subgroups and further analyzed in order to determine under some loosely defined and largely unknown guidelines whether they could potentially represent a threat. While all of this may sound like some sort of futuristic dystopian nightmare straight out of Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report and “Precrime” it is very real and it goes by the name of Main Core.

This techoology is being used today absent any form of legitimate oversight, with a Constitution that has been eviscerated by the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil, a vast gulag network of top secret prisons and ‘detention facilities’ and the decidedly anti-American new phenomenon of state sanctioned torture. Throw in an overworked, systematically dumbed-down populace that has been propagandized by the corrupt institution that is the corporate media machine with it’s clever use of fear and loathing and scientific development of advanced mind control techniques who despite the infinite wisdom of our forefathers would gladly sacrifice their liberty for the any sort of temporary safety (no matter that it is fleeting) and there exists today in ‘The Homeland’ a perfect petri dish for an authoritarian fascist society.

None of this is about terrorism at all, it never has been. It is all about the implementation of a fascist style dictatorship in America. It is imperative that it be brought to light now that there is a window of opportunity and a new administration, the police state and the illegal surveillance system must be dismantled and our intelligence system be put under honest and principled oversight.
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OK, we know that our national security is more than flawed, it is criminal. There is an agenda to do more than economically enslave us. Our nation and the world is in danger and the threat is from within.

With the dumbed-down population in need of education, what can we as individuals do?

How do we gather the masses of people who may be ready to wake up but just need a push in the right direction?

Incog Man gives us a loose outline that is a work in progress to enlighten those who have not followed what has been happening very closely. It’s a one on one strategy.

TACTICS I: One-on-One Basics

Beginining note, IMPORTANT:

Remember this will be updated with your input and finalized. Re-read it down the road. Also, don’t feel like you have to know “everything.” Just enough to get the thinking going. People just don’t want to consider these kinds of things and that’s the real problem right there. You’ve succeeded if you do get the wheels turning and their mouths going. Hell, they may have been waiting for someone to talk to about it!

I) What is the “Target Market”

A) Evangelical Christians and Catholics
B) Anti-War crowd
C) “FOX News” Conservatives and Neocons
D) Liberal “Diversity” Whites

I-1) Messages for A, Christians:

A) Attacks on the Church and Jesus Christ.
B) Talmudic Hate Speech against Jesus and Christians.
C) Attacks on Christmas and Christian holidays.
D) Attacks on Morality like Homo Rights and media.
E) Pro-Abortion politics and assaults on family values.
F) The Jews are not the Chosen People — that’s a lie to get them to support Zionism!

I-2) Messages for B, Anti-War Crowd:

A) 9/11 Truth versus Media silence.
B) Iraq War lies of Bush and Neocons.
C) The recent Gaza atrocities and War crimes of Israel.
D) Iran demonizing and the potential for World War.
E) Appeal to revolutionary spirit and individualism.
F) Link “free speech” with government infringements over terrorist paranoia.

I-3) Messages for C, Conservatives:

A) George Bush’s conservative inconsistencies and lying.
B) The illegal Immigration issue and the reasons for it.
C) The privately-owned Federal Reserve and fiat money is going KAPUT!
D) The Financial Bailout and and the Depression just around the corner.
E) The control of Israel on American Politics. Ask them if they’ve heard of AIPAC.
F) The now obvious, purposeful destruction of the Middle Class.
G) The North American Union and the destruction of the Constitution.

I-4) Messages for D, Liberals:

A) Obama is obviously another Bush with his pro-Israel support and cabinet appointments.
B) Blacks freely express race solidarity — why does Race politics only stigmatize White people?
C) The real supremacy of Israel and their Apartheid oppressions of the Palestinians. It should be plainly obvious that a “2 state solution” will never be allowed by Israel.
D) Use environmental concerns: Why are the other race’s countries such a mess?
E) Do they know what the US will look like with the unfettered immigration that these people want? What the impact on our “lifestyles,” traffic and housing?
F) Avoid ridiculing them over Obama mania at first — if they are too far gone, use it as a parting shot! Let them know in no uncertain terms you think they are a brainwashed joke. Go on to the next “prospect” and don’t waste your breath.

II) Methods of one-on-one approach

II-1) Be your “audience:”

A) Try to look as “normal” or like them as possible.
B) Put away Nazi or White power stuff, etc. – SACRIFICE NOW.
C) You don’t need to go overboard and put on a suit and tie, but look “clean.”
D) Think of yourself as “going undercover for the cause.”

II-2) Identify the “Target Market”:

A) How do you know them?
B) What visual clues can help you? Clothes, car, job.
C) Ask leading questions, agree with responses as much as you can at first.
D) Give out something about yourself that is similar to them. Keep it short, let them talk.

II-3) Ask them for their help:

A) Let them know you’ve been distressed about something, but stay away from details at first.
B) Appeal to their view or “image” of themselves. You value their particular opinion.
C) You are indeed concerned, so don’t be afraid to show it.
D) If they are concerned too, introduce a measure of fear to test reaction.

II-4) Go back to Messages and start with simplest message for Target Audience:

A) You are looking for the “Hot Button.” What motivates them personally.
B) You’ve been thinking a lot about X, but don’t know anyone else who does.
C) You’re afraid you will be considered a bad person for talking out loud about X.
E) Look for any visual clues that the person is open to the discussion.
F) Don’t be afraid to change message on the fly if necessary.
G) Use questions to get them to talk.

III) “Close” the deal

III-1) Remember this is only to get them thinking.

A) You’re not after money or anything for yourself.
B) You’re concerned, or you would not even bother them otherwise.
C) Time is short and point that out, but don’t appear panicky or overly wrought.
D) Don’t raise your voice and get angry. Jews use the “soft sell” approach and you should too.

III-2) Getting them to talk is the absolute only thing.

A) Consider it a “sales success” if you even get them to freely talk about any PC ”taboo” subject.
B) Don’t feel like you have to cover all bases, all at once.
C) Resist the temptation to diverge as much as possible. Divergence equals forgetting.

III-3) Get them to think and look into things themselves.

A) Involve them by “inviting” them. Tell them they are plenty of others that feel the same way.
B) Have sources for info on the internet at your fingertips. This may be as small as a cheat sheet of addresses, a flyer or a card to give out.
C) But don’t act like that was the reason for the conversation. If you can dispense with any accouterments, do so. Even handwriting out an address is preferable.

TACTICS I: Discussion notes:

Alter the Message to another less controverial one if person acts emotional or seems threatened. If person starts talking: LET THEM. Avoid the ”Jew Question” as much as possible at first — you can replace “Jew” with “Zionist” if it might help. Use less inflamatory questions to steer your subject and look for opportunities to make points along the way. Be flexible enough to switch from one kind of message to another, i. e. someone maybe conservative on foreign affairs and the economy, but very liberal on other issues.

Look for the “self-image” the person has of him or herself and find a way to appeal to that part of them. Remember, everyone thinks they are ”special” and will reject you for “pigeonholing” them, because that too is a part of the brainwashing efforts on America, but don’t tell them that — yet.

Make them come to conclusions. You may not agree with it completely at the moment but don’t push it. Appear to be thankful for their help. When they say “no, not at all,” restate what they said and how much you agree with them, but add somethings you know about and they should have considered, but didn’t.

Get them to nod their heads in mutual agreement on something. You want them to “own the ideas” — considering them to be theirs as much as possible. And don’t forget, many people will violently reject it if they think it’s not their own thinking that got them there. You can also use scare tactics to get people to talk, but tread lightly, especially with the sensitive.

Angry reactions are not always a bad thing! Don’t let that bum you out. With some, it’s a defensive form of dealing with inner fears to take it out on the messenger. It reveals that the person has already started to think!

Although it sounds manipulative, and it is somewhat, keep in mind that all you are trying to do is break the boundaries created in their heads by forces far more manipulative than you’ll ever be. You don’t have a billion dollar TV network, now do you?

Add to the list! This may be reorganized and put into another post later.
1) Why doesn’t the mainstream media talk about the North American Union?
2) Why don’t they do a “man in the street” report on how Whites feel about becoming minorities?
3) Why do they report on the increase in babies in the US, but fail to tell you White births are declining?
4) What is the real reasons for California aqnd many other states going bankrupt?
5) Why did they ignore the issues of Obama’s real birthplace?
6) Why are interracial couples so celebrated in the media these days?
7) Did you know the Federal Reserve is not federal nor is a reserve?
8] Did you know the Federal Reserve is a private corporation?
9) Why do Jews always head it and sit on the board?
10) Why do Jews often change their names?
11) Did you know that Larry Summers and Paul Volcker were Jewish?
12) Why are Hispanic criminals included in the stats of White criminals by the FBI?
13) Why does the media go on and on about any White crime like the Caylee Anthony case?
14) Why do you never hear of Black on White crime on the national news?
15) Why do they stay silent about Black crime stats?
16) Why does Israel get more US Aid than all of Africa combined?
17) Why have Jews been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived?
18] Did you know that Israel has organized teams world-wide to edit and manipulate on-line sources like Wikipedia?
19) Did you know that Israel once tried to sink a US Navy ship and purposely drown all the sailors (US Liberty)?
20) Did you know that at least 15 to 25 million Whites were genocided in Russia?
21) Did you know that 3 million Germans were allowed to starve to death in Germany after WWII?
22) Do you know how Whites are targeted by violent crime in Zimbabwe and South Africa?
23) Why does the media stay silent about Whites being made victims for being White?

NOTE! All the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists spoken about here are mostly from the Khazar tribe originating from southern Russia (also called the Ashkenazi), who converted in the 8th-9th century, AD. Not the true Israelites of the Bible nor the Torah Jews (Neturei Karta). These KHAZAR interlopers donned the cloak of Judaism, yet retained ancient criminal and parasitic functions among host nations. Over the centuries, their behavior has caused the Gentile populations to rise up and throw them bodily out or worse. This has happened about 79 times. Now, Zionistic elements of them have control of important and powerful parts of America and other White, European nations, as well as having their own stolen country in the Mideast that we’re now completely beholden to — no matter what they do to us or what they make us do to the world for them. According to their Talmud, we are nothing but “Goyim” or cattle to them.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

By Fahim A. Knight-EL

This article is titled Fascism Has Replaced American Democracy: Blame the Roundtable.” This author has been intensely studying the recent economic meltdown of the United States economy, in particular and the world economy in general, and the more things that are being revealed politically, economically, and socially, it is important for me to at least, make every attempt to assess and evaluate the trends by referencing and accessing some of the scholars and social scientist whom this writer respect based on their works and their commitment to peruse the truth; even if that pursuit went against the popular version of the truth. I could not find any other scholarly instruments, which by to analyze and measure these recent reactionary trends and determine where these chess boards’ moves fit. Thus, other than relying on the perspectives of these alternative historians and their worldview in order to make some sense out of this controlled confusion that is presently plaguing our society. So once again this writer called on intellectuals who were well versed in decoding the hidden symbolism and analyzing the agenda of the invisible Roundtable, the real Shakers and Movers that possess unlimited power to direct every facet of world society. These are some very dangerous time we are living in and they have become even more dangerous in that the United States Government has transitioned into a Fascist Government and this will surely impact Americans domestically, but it will inevitably affect the entire global society. (Reference: Tony Brown; “Empower The People: Overthrow the Conspiracy That is Stealing Your Money and Freedom”).

These are some of FLAME THROWERS that this author consistently uses to analyze these high acts of deception and trickery: Gary Allen and Larry Abraham: “None Dare Call it Conspiracy.” 2). Reference Carroll Quigley: “Tragedy and Hope” 3). Henry Ford: “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem” 4). David Icke: “The Biggest Secret” 5). John Coleman; Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee of 300″ 6). Andy Stern: “Oil: From Rockefeller to Iraq and Beyond” 7). William Cooper; “Behold A Pale Horse” 8). Russell S. Bowen; “The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed” 9). Terrance Jackson; “Putting it All Together: World Conquest, Global Genocide and African Liberation.”

Wikipedia quoting Roger Griffin stated “Fascism is a genuinely revolutionary, trans-class form of anti-liberal, and in the last analysis, anti conservative nationalism. As such it is an ideology deeply bound up with modernization and modernity, one which has assumed a considerable variety of external forms to adapt itself to the particular historical and national context in which it appears, and has drawn a wide range of cultural and intellectual currents, both left and right, anti-modern and pro-modern, to articulate itself as a body of ideas, slogans, and doctrine. In the inter-war period it manifested itself primarily in the form of an elite-led “armed party” which attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to generate a populist mass movement through a liturgical style of politics and a programme of radical policies which promised to overcome a threat posed by international socialism, to end the degeneration affecting the nation under liberalism, and to bring about a radical renewal of its social, political and cultural life as part of what was widely imagined to be the new era being inaugurated in Western civilization. The core mobilizing myth of fascism which conditions its ideology, propaganda, style of politics and actions is the vision of the nation’s imminent rebirth from decadence.” (Reference: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia online; “Fascism”).

The above definition of Fascism is a bit complex and perhaps for the layperson and may be difficult to follow, but let me simplify it for my readers; Fascism is an authoritarian, anti-democratic, anti-communist system of government in which economic control by the state, militaristic nationalism, propaganda, and the crushing of opposition by means of secret police emphasize the supremacy of the state over the individual. There are three main areas that define the characterization of a Fascist state—a heavy dose of Nationalism, Corporatism, Totalitarianism, and Militarism. This writer will ask the readers to follow the recent history from 9/11 and keep in mind that a Fascist Government is built on the above basic four oppressive premises, but it is not limited in total scope to these four ideological properties of Nationalism, Corporatism, Totalitarianism, and Militarism—these are the foundation blocks in which permeates the most extreme repression and oppression that will be implored by the Fascist to control every facet of humanity’s existence. The difference is that past Fascist movements functioned more from a regional and local (their country, nation and legal protectorates) standpoint, but this is not to suggest and/or imply that past Fascist leaders and movements did not have political and military aspirations which to expand their Fascist ideology beyond their national boarders.

These well known Fascist leaders no doubt had those type aspirations—Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, José Antonio Primo de Rivera y Sáenz de Heredia, Plínio Salgado, etc. But these hidden Roundtable leaders such as David Rockefeller, Harry Oppenheimer, Baron Eric de Rothschild, Karl von Habsburg, Juan Carlos, Edgar M. Bronfman, Sr., Lord Peter Carrington, etc., are the ones behind the American Fascist agenda, in reality, it is their agenda to continue to place invisible chains around all of humanity. Thus, unlike the above Fascist dictators these Roundtable dictators are not using military tanks and armament to subject and capture and overpower their enemy, but these invisible rulers do not have to raise a national flag, as a symbol of occupation by a superior military force over a weaker nation. The Roundtable has clandestinely colonized the entire planet and is much more dangerous than all past, present and future Fascist put together. (Texe Marrs: The Circle of Intrigue: The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy”).

Gary Allen and Larry Abraham “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” stated, “That conspiracy of internationalist manipulators is still in place toady. Its members continue to dominate the highest councils of our government—regardless of whether a ‘liberal’ Democrat or a ‘conservative’ Republican occupies the White House. These elitist occupy the most powerful positions in banking, network, television, important magazines and newspapers, tax-free foundations, and more. They seek the same thing today that they did eleven years ago: centralized power, planned economies, and redistribution of the wealth (with themselves doing the redistributing. These are the men (and women) responsible for the warfare/welfare that has dominated the West for over forty years. They have subsidized the industrialization of the Soviet Union (with our taxes and our technology), and now they are doing the same thing with Communist China. They have led our nation into two ‘no win’ wars in Korea and Vietnam, plus scores of lesser ‘brush’-fires’ around the world. There are some who contend that all the failures, setbacks and defeats for freedom in the past fifty years are simply the result of ‘accident.’ They blame poor planning, faulty execution, weak intelligence—or, in some cases, they credit an almost invincible enemy.” (Reference: Gary Allen and Larry Abraham; “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” pg. 5).

This writer has had a relationship with the Gullah Sentinel and the Sovereign Mind broadcasters in which a few days ago the discussion centered on whether not America had concentration camps. This writer explained to the audience that there have been Concentration Camps for a very long time inside America, in fact, William Cooper in his monumental book titled, “Behold a Pale Horse” wrote about these designations in the deserts of America. The Vietnam Era and the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s and the rebellions (what the uninformed masses who uses the oppressor’s lexicon called riots) were the final response to a powerful Fascist oppressor who had his foot on the necks of African American people in the 1960s and the answer to this type white supremacy subjugation was violent rebellions; people that were oppressed acted to remove the forces of oppression by any means necessary. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was preaching integration and non-violence to the most violent people on the planet earth; thus, he was not speaking a language they understood. (Reference: Martin Luther King; “The Trumpet of Conscience: Why I opposed the Vietnam War”).

The Radical left, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (once it was led by Kwame Ture aka Stokley Carmichael and later by H. Rap Brown aka Jamil El-Amin), the Black Panther Party, Deacons of Self-Defense, the Black Stone Rangers, Nation of Islam, the Black Liberation Army, etc., these militant and radical leaders and groups radicalize a segment of the Civil Rights message, which transitioned into the black liberation movements for total freedom, justice and equality for blacks and all oppressed people in general. Also, there were my two heroes George Jackson and Jonathan Jackson—the Soledad Brothers, etc., that were talking and writing about the nature and brutality of American Fascism forty years ago. (Reference: George L. Jackson; “Blood In My Eye”).

This created a dangerous time in America and former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director J. Edgar Hoover under Cointelpro initiatives and Black folk loveable President John F. Kennedy were conspiring and planning against the best interest of African Americans, in particular how they were going to deal with black radical militant dissidents and all anti-government dissidents in general. These Concentration camps were established for Blacks, when ever we again decided to violently rebel against the United States Government and the Establishment; their option would be to confine us to isolated concentration camps in remote places inside America and outside America. Now! They have passed two most important pieces of legislation in the history of the United States, the United States Patriot Act and the Military Commission Act. These reactionary legislative acts have rendered the United States Constitution to a worthless piece of paper. For example, you are witnessing how the so-called Arab terrorists are being denied DUE PROCESS; they have set everything in motion to deal with the today’s Dissident by having every legal tool at their disposal to combat dissent.

This writer was taught and mentored by a highly intelligent college professor named Dr. Earlie Thorpe he was great intellectual and a damn good historian who received a Ph.D. from Ohio State University and later in his academic career became an exponent and an authority in the field of psychohistory. He taught history at North Carolina Central University and back in the early 1970s Harvard University use to fly Dr. Thorpe from Durham, North Carolina to Boston twice a week to teach history courses at this prestigious Ivy League University.

Dr. Thorpe had written nine scholarly books and had published numerous scholarly articles; he was definitely an authority on the black experience, He taught a course called intellectual history, in which the course had no intellectual boundaries, it was a free-for-all intellectual exercise in ideas. The discussions could range from aspects of world history, economic history, political history, social history, etc. But Dr. Thorpe taught me something very important, which is going to be the basis of this article on Fascism, it was that when an economic system can no longer expand and produce that system becomes obsolete and essentially dies. For example, when Feudalism could no longer expand and produce it was replaced by pre-industrialism and later with the industrial revolution.

The Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 ushered in the Socialist and Communist ideology and for seven-two (72) years Economic Determination Theories had swept most all of Eastern Europe; in particular those nations that came under the former Soviet Union Iron Curtain and was aligned under the Warsaw Pact Nations. This writer can recall people reading Karl Marx “Das Capital” and Joseph Lenin, as well as Stalin; they became the international faces associated with the socialist ideology. But in 1989 Socialism met it demise; not as theory of relevance, but like all past economic systems; when the socialist economic system no longer could expand and produce and meet the new demands of the Global Market and the Global economy that were being driven by technology, it faded. However, it served of vital necessity during the Cold War period where international bankers once again used panic and fear (the illusion of Communism versus Capitalism) to create a system of militarism, which the socialist ideology generated huge markets for weaponry and war machinery—this equally benefited North Atlantic Treaty Organizations (NATO) who represented the Capitalist interest in Western Europe and the United States. (Reference: Ernest Mandel; “An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory”).

All ideologies are created to make money for the few while the ignorant masses debated the principles of scientific socialism versus the so-called free market propaganda being espoused by capitalism; the invisible beneficiaries have always been the hidden Roundtable. Thus, unbeknown to most, the United States and the world were slowly being led toward Fascism in its purest form, as many applauded the Soviet Union so-called political and economic collapse in 1989, most of us did not suspect that there was something a lot more sinister to follow—Fascism. Twelve years later President George Bush, a low-level operative of the Roundtable and the United States Government had meticulously and systematically set the transition in motion to shift and alter the historical gains and the freedoms the U.S. Government obtained and secured from its fight and ultimately liberation from the historical tyrannical rule of Great Britain (United Kingdom) pursuant to America’s Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This was further culminated at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1784 and the framing of the United States Constitution, which lit the torch for American Democracy. (Reference: Paul Foster Case; “The Great Seal of the United States: Its History, Symbolism and the Message for the New Age”).

Bush with his reactionary public policy has turned back the clock of time by working with all levels of Government—the United States Congress, Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. State Department, National Security, U.S. Defense Department, U.S. Justice Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, etc., and of course taking orders from the ever occurring powerful forces of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission, the true Sovereign Rulers of the world who orchestrates all the world events and must give their approval and consent of any and all moves, made by their low-level operatives. It is their decisions that are driving the restructuring of the United States and the world. This writer continues to maintain that nothing of world economic, political and social significance takes place without their nod and approval. (Reference: John Coleman; “Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The story of the Committee of 300”).

Robin Williams, Jr. in an article titled, “Prejudice and Society” stated, “When ever a number of persons within a society have enjoyed for a considerably period of time certain opportunities for getting wealth, for exercising power certain opportunities for getting wealth, for exercising power and authority, and for successfully claiming prestige and social deference, there is a strong tendency for these people to feel that these benefits are theirs ‘by right.’ The advantages come to be thought of as normal, proper, customary, as sanctioned by time, precedent and social consensus. Proposals to change the existing situation arouse reactions of ‘moral indignation.’ Elaborate doctrines are developed to show the inevitability and rightness of the existing scheme of things. An established system of vested interests is a powerful thing, perhaps especially when differences in power, wealth and prestige coincide with relatively indelible symbols of collective membership, such as shared hereditary physical traits, a distinctive religion, or a persistently held culture. The holders of an advantaged position see themselves as a group and reinforce one another in their attitudes; and qualms about the justice of the status quo seem to be diminished by the group character of the arrangements. (Reference: John P. Davis; ed. “American Negro Reference Book” pg. 727-729).

The New World Order had been systematically dismissed by the same forces that control all the sources of propaganda machines in which manipulate and deceive the masses (whom they refer to as useless eaters). Fascism has to be under girded by a sense of nationalism which was imposed by the Roundtable, creating the September 11, 2001 hoax as a diversionary tactic; they systematically orchestrated the so-called vicious and violent attack on the World Trade Center in New York and ultimately on the American people and then blaming so-called foreign radical, militant Islamic extremist that were falsely portrayed being bent on carrying out Jihad against the West. The United States Government immediately classified the staged hoax as a terrorist attack and declared one enemy responsible—Islam and Muslims. (Reference: A. Ralph Epperson; “The New World Order”

The Roundtable understood that they had to generate enough fear, panic and uncertainty into the American people, which to create psychological vulnerability in the American people and at the same time, deplete them of being able to make any rationale sense of the matter by consistently feeding the ignorant masses a heavy dose of Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda propaganda, as well as painted Arabs and Islam as being our enemy who posed an eminent threat to our National Security Interest. These well crafted and deceptive ploys rendered the American people defenseless and the United States Government convinces them that they needed to be protected at all cost. The government deception led the American citizens into surrendering their civil liberties because so-called national safety became the top priority. Thus, in essence, the so-called war on terrorism supplied the U.S. Government with the ammunition to set the stage for the Fascist agenda.

The Congressional passing of the United States Patriot Act, which represented the first step in the Fascist plan; this legislation would replace the United States Constitution which was viewed by the Fascist agenda as a liability and not as an asset because it had too much language of protection and bestowed the U.S. citizens with certain legal buffers and provided a sense of jurisprudence entitlement to the American people. The Constitution would posed serious obstacles to the new governmental agenda that would eventually upend the American system of Separation of Powers (the basis of American Democracy); the goal was to grant the Executive Branch of government with all the power and create a legal atmosphere which would allow the president to function with complete sovereignty and autonomy; with unanswerable unilateral authority to make decisions without any accountability during peace time and in war time, and without having the interference from the other branches of government in his decision making process. The Fascist mentality has nothing but uttered contempt for the masses of the people.

After 9/11 the Roundtable used its low level operatives and stripped the American people of all its civil liberties—the state was giving supreme powers to spy and eavesdrop on its citizens telephone conversations without justifiable causes and without legal warrants, the state could conduct illegal searches and seizures without due cause, state could conduct arrest without the benefit of bail and could hold a defendant in custody indefinitely, the state took the right of due process and equal protection of the law that was guaranteed under the United States Constitution away from the people, etc., and under the Forfeiture and Seizure Act—the state could freeze and confiscate citizens money and assets with little rights to appeal.

The United States Government duped the American people into believing that they were fighting a war on a new frontier defined as terrorism and the enemy was Islam or what they like to call radical Islam—created a false enemy in order to move the masses of the people toward a newfound sense of American Nationalism and Patriotism, which is the first ideological step in creating a Fascist governmental order and structure. The American people foolishly thought that the U.S. Patriot Act was designed and implemented to protect and give the United States Military Apparatus the needed political, military and legal jurisdiction to combat alleges foreign and domestic terrorism. But the true intended victims of the U.S. Patriot Act wasn’t necessarily the so-called militant radical Islam, it was more aimed at replacing the United States Constitution and would be the legal tool that gave the U.S. Government unchecked authority and powers to demand total obedience from its citizens and be in a position to enforce these new laws without having to be concerned about dealing with legal opposition.

The people turned all their rights over to the state. Do not this sound a lot like Italy under the Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini? They also have robbed the people of their “Bill of Rights” and the RIGHT TO BEAR FIREARMS this is the right that Government desire to limit and is working to rescind; they must render the people defenseless—they desire to have all the guns and the people have nothing to defend themselves against these black boot Gestapo that is soon headed our way. President Bush clearly told us “either you are with us or you are against us” perhaps this statement had a lot more political implications; other than some propaganda statement of lining up Allies in 2004 for the invasion of Iraq or was it more of a Fascist statement of declaration and serving notice. The militarism aspect was an appeal to the raw emotions and ignorance of the American people in which the government asserted that Saddam Hussein and Iraq (used as gofers) were systematically tied into being apart of a militant radical Islamic cell and were allege to have been connected to Osama bin Laden and the AL Qaeda Movement who had declared war against us good Americans in the name of Allah and Islam.

The America people and the United Nations Security Council by all accounts to date had been misled by the Bush Administration about the facts surrounding the reasoning why the United States declared war against Iraq—there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction found and former Secretary of State Colin Powell who presented the war case to the world, was used as a political tool of manipulation. The Fascist had one objective which was stealing oil and nothing else mattered. So they crafted a need for military build-up and justified it by defining what they called the new war—terrorism (coded language for war on Islam and Muslims) and tried to present the tiny nations of Iraq and Afghanistan as formidable enemies of the West, which needed to be dealt with decisively. (Reference: Scott McClellan; “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception”).

The American people and the world were duped by this manipulation. However, the long range goal was to construct a Western and Eastern military alliance using the so-called new war propaganda—terrorism as the primary motivational factor of galvanizing the nations of earth and at the same time ignoring the international organizational structure of the United Nations. The Fascist succeeded because the United Nations Weapons Inspectors did not verify nor substantiate that the nation of Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, but the war went forward like a locomotive train—non stop. The other ulterior motive was to turn the clock back on the Geneva Convention and render the international polices and procedures (Laws and Rules) that govern war and prisoners of war as obsolete and needed to be redefine.

The Arabs and Islam/Muslims became the first prisoners of war since the 1949 establishment of the Geneva Convention that had no international or legal protection pursuant to Geneva Convention rules and were not covered under the rules of the International Courts (refer to Muslim Prisoners of War held at Gautama Bay, Cuba) . The United States were looking to resolve military matters of so-called foreign enemies by trialing them in United States Federal Jurisdictions and under the American Jurisprudence system—how in the hell would this be an impartial hearing for prisoners declared as U.S. prisoners of war. This was the next level of completing the Fascist Agenda. The Military has unlimited powers working in conjunction with U.S. Homeland Security at the discretion and pleasure of the Executive Branch (the president). (Reference: George Tenet; “At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA”).

The next level of the Fascist Agenda was manipulating Corporatism and we have watched this play out with a $750 billion dollar bailout of private banks and last week Secretary Henry Paulson of the U.S. Treasury Department announced essential that the United States Government were purchasing interest in private banks.

Thus, just reason with me, most people in the United States believe that the Federal Reserve is a “Federal Agency” and that it is owned and control by the US Government. Lets for a minute accept that as the truth (of course those who are awake and study know that is the furthest thing from the truth). But for a moment accepted this notion as the truth; the US Government is acquiring banking and financial institutions that even after the government bailout they are still functioning on some level. My college Professor Dr. Earlie Thorpe who taught me social science and history would have no problems defining this bailout as a form of nationalization; Dr. Thorpe talked extensively about Karl Marx (“Communist Manifesto”) and the concept of socialism. He taught us that Socialism was an economic system where as the majors means of production and distribution was control and owned by the State (or government which translate to mean owned by the majority of the people) and back then the former USSR was considered the model nation for a communist (socialist) society. (Reference: Eustace Mullins; “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”).

Now! At least in theory, within socialist economic system—the people are supposed to share in the wealth and resources that is acquired and amassed by the State. But check these vipers out, the Federal Reserve (the state) in acquiring private base financial institutions is a form of NATIONALIZATION (the state own and/or taxpayers are the true owners in theory of these acquisitions). But unlike under the socialist government the people have acquired business assets that they will receive no dividends or shares from this form of socialism or better yet neo-capitalism or better yet Totalitarianism . This is a sham and the fat cats are laughing at us and still making money. Taxpayers are paying a tab for crooks that have made billions and they did not share those profits with the masses. We should be outraged.

The final stage of the Fascist Agenda is to correlate all the previous Fascist stages and synthesize them into one formal body under Fascism—Nationalism, Corporatism, Militarism and beneath the umbrella of Totalitarianism will be how each component will function, which completes their control and enslavement over humanity. The United States has clearly become a Fascist Agenda nation based on the massive passing of reactionary legislation, laws, enactments, policies, procedures, rules, etc., has granted the government complete and authoritative hegemony, as well as dictatorial control over our lives and lives of the global community. This perhaps was an essential step in fulfilling the establishment of a one World Government, which has been the aim of the Roundtable every since 1967.

President Bush has brought this reality closer than any other low-level operative in the history of this agenda. The people do not have a clue to what is coming down the pipe and do not even know that they have handed over our precious government to the wickedly wise who has nothing but uttered contempt for the masses of humanity. This is a working definition of Totalitarianism and this writer want the readers to critically and objectively assess and evaluate what I have written and you make the determination if the United States Government fits the definition of being a Totalitarian Government—“of , relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed: “A totalitarian regime crushes all autonomous institutions in its drive to seize the human soul.”

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at fahimknight@yahoo.com.

Fahim A. Knight-EL
Source: http://fahimknightsworld.blogspot.com/2008/10/fascism-has-replaced-american-democracy.html

Also posted at: http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/8709

The Color of the Future

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by Jim Kirwan

If you liked the last eight years you’re going love the future – in fact you will experience explosions of ecstasy – because the entire world will be lying at your feet! Or more likely; unless you are one of the Owners, you will find yourself among the destitute, the hungry and the lost; writhing among millions of the disillusioned and the damned!

Tyranny & SlaveryThe reason for this is that after the selection becomes official there will be no more of this Democratic-Republic stuff; there will only be outbursts of outrageous promises, continuously shattered, and this new reality will be enforced by troops and Homeland Security thugs.

This nightmare hinges on something as fragile as your personal beliefs. This involves “Trust” at the deepest levels of possibility in what any politician or figure-head is promising now; in these last few weeks before the doors of our private prisons are slammed shut: Against any future possibility of personal freedom!

If we do not now demand that congress stop the creation of this Slush-Fund for the rich and corrupted, then we shall have given over control of our lives to a faceless shadow that will control everything we say or think or do: which is the definition of ‘Slavery.’

The 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division forms the core of Task Force Operations assigned to NORTHCOM and will be the first US troops, just back from Iraq, to break with the posse comitatus provisions of US law, Commencing October 1, 2008. Today the Senate will illegally vote on their version of legislation; as all laws must originate in the US House of Representatives: something Bush referred to yesterday when he claimed that “how legislation gets done does not matter.” Couple this with Speaker Pelosi’s declaration of Martial Law in attempting to pass-without-debate the Slush Fund for the Corporatocracy and the self-appointed owners of this government. (1)

Given this; how then does anyone evaluate political leadership? To attempt to look ahead, for understanding, we need to look back to previous events and conditions and then review the real-time results. Any “promise” made to anyone can only be evaluated based on what is known about similar prior experiences. Before the current onslaught became an everyday event, promises had to be kept if the person or institution that had made the promises wanted to have a future. That is no longer true in the global-marketplace where corruption, greed and power have come to divide the public from their lives and property, as well as from having any voice in ‘what shall come to pass!” It is not an accident that the ‘color’ of the illustration above is the same as the color of money – the question is will this be the color of our future as well!

The public has seen the writing on the wall but the candidates, the government and in particular the congress are demanding that the will of the public be overridden to give their favorite criminals a multi-trillion-dollar giveaway, with immunity from prosecution, for everything that has led directly to this crisis.

Either the government of the US represents a nation that enacts the overwhelming will of its citizens, or we shall have become enslaved to those that have already stolen our country and are now seeking total control over what shall become of our wealth. What is at stake now is what will happen to our right to choose the things that will most directly will affect everything about the way we shall be ‘allowed’ to live in what will be our future!

Freedom’s light is not something that can exist unless it clearly includes the responsibilities that must imbue the entire concept, because otherwise there is only a “Lord of the Flies” society where power alone determines every action.

Either the laws of this land are there to be followed or we have embarked upon a course that can only lead to the total collapse of this criminal-enterprise that we continue to call The United States of America!

One example of these horribly distorted promises, that gives the public a clear idea of what we can expect to come from this crisis, are the unilateral and preemptive wars that we’ve been aggressively prosecuting since 2001. When you review what is about to voted on again and again in D.C. until the traitors can finally get this passed, please remember this time: Remember all the lies and exaggerations, plus the unbearable costs in blood and treasure that we were promised would NOT happen!

Look at both Afghanistan and Iraq. Look at the costs that are utterly staggering, compared to what we were told to expect.

AMY GOODMAN: Talk about this, the global war on terror.

ANDREW BACEVICH: Well, I mean, the phrase itself is one that really ought to cause people to have their heads snap back a little bit, because President Bush and others around him – Rumsfeld was certainly very clear on this – it’s a war, it’s global, and how long is it going to go on? Well, they said from the outset it’s going to go on for decades. In the Pentagon, there’s a phrase that gets used, “generational war,” a war that lasts a generation or more.

Well, we need to ask ourselves whether that really makes sense? What are the costs entailed by waging war for a generation? Where does the money come from? What are we not doing because we’re spending all this money on war? And in a very human sense, who actually pays the cost? I mean, who serves? Who doesn’t serve? Whose social needs are getting met, and whose are not getting met, as a consequence of having open-ended global war be this national priority?

It seems to me that were we to accurately gauge the actually existing threat – and there is a threat. I mean, 9/11 happened. There are people out there who want to kill us. But were we to actually gauge that threat in a realistic way, we would see that open-ended global war is not only unnecessary, but it’s probably counterproductive, that there are better ways to go about keeping us secure than to engage in global war.”

President Bush exploits that after 9/11. He decides he knows how it wants to be used. And, of course, for the first time in our history, when we go to war, instead of a president turning to the Congress and turning to the country and say, “We’re going to have to change the way we do business, because we’re at war,” President Bush actually says, “Go to Disney World. Go shopping. Go back to doing what you have been doing for the last ten years, and I’ll take care of everything.” And I have to say, the great majority of the American people – I don’t think listeners of your show – but the great majority of the American people basically did what Bush said and tuned the war out and allowed the burden to fall on a very small percentage of the population, which I find, frankly, morally objectionable.” And there is also the interview with Bill Moyers. (2)

The public must demand that this charade be stopped dead; and the American public’s views must be used to create a totally new piece of legislation that meets the concerns of the public. This must be done by-the-book so that the rules concerning how legislation comes to a vote are not violated!

FreedomEither the government of the US represents a nation that enacts the overwhelming will of its citizens, or we shall have become enslaved to those that have already stolen our country and are now seeking total control over what shall become of our wealth. What is at stake now is what will happen to our right to choose the things that will most directly affect everything about the way we shall be ‘allowed’ to live in what will be our future! If this hijacking of the public’s treasury and our common sense is allowed to stand then the Color of our Future will definitely be eternal darkness!

Jim Kirwan


1) Rep. Michael Burgess “We are under Martial Law” – video
2) Bacevich: The Limits of Power

Source: http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2008/art91.htm

Scams of the Rich and Famous

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September 24th, 2008

The Greanville Journal

The infamous Jack Abramoff (remember him?) leaving court in 2006. As a prominent lobbyist Abramoff was only the more visible part of the iceberg of corruption poisoning American politics.

By: Richard Bacchus of Uncensored Opinions

There are an ever-increasing number of linkages between politicians, big businesses, and rich individuals designed to promote their joint prosperity at the expense of the general public. Money flows in both directions between these “players” under various “pay for play” schemes. Because they unfairly absorb federal tax revenue or deprive the general public of legitimately earned benefits, I refer to these schemes as “scams’. Most are technically “legal’ being based upon law or statute, or founded upon government policy and practice, but have been set up in ways designed to benefit favored individuals. In most cases, these practices are promoted by Republican politicians serving their primary clients, rich individuals and “big business”. Hopefully, in the coming elections, legislators will be chosen which will have the courage to rectify these abuses. The following are just a few of the more popular scams.

Social laws, uncertain as to constitutionality, have been passed to control the general populace, and are generally ignored by those creating them, as evident in many recent court cases. Prostitutes do quite a brisk business during political party conventions, and a “madam” recently interviewed claimed that the “family values” group, the Republicans, are the the best customers. But all this has been pretty well hidden from public awareness by the establishment media, and grudgingly and belatedly disclosed, if at all, after previously promulgated on blogger sites. This situation was not reported during the 2004 conventions by a single major U.S. medium, and I read about it only in foreign news sources, the Guardian and Reuters. So much for the fearless American press! But news media in the U.S . practice self-censorship because they are fully aware of what they can and cannot report. Anything critical of the rich and famous is forbidden.

There has been no effort to contain medical expenses that have caused a great many of the financial problems currently plaguing the U.S. The AMA and ADA have so well financed the campaigns of our legislators that we are now facing multiple financial crises substantially directly caused by health care costs. The 2007 federal government deficit of approximately $180 billion would have become a $300 billion surplus simply with a reform of this sector. Americans pay, on average, nearly $7,000 per person for medical costs, whereas citizens in the next-highest-cost developed nation pay around $3,200 per person. Bringing the U.S. health costs in line with those of the rest of the western world would save U.S. citizens directly $720 billion and the federal government $480 billion more. The U.S. physician’s claim is that costs are so high because we get the best health care in the world. This is a real con job. The World Health Organization ranks the U.S. 26th in quality of health care of the advanced countries. The major problem is that a monopoly has been created by limiting the number of teaching hospitals as well as the number of students who are entitled to enroll. The selection process for medical school positions involves the usual custom of picking predominantly children of those politically connected. The “special” qualifier for positions in the few medical schools places offered, that determines appointment more often than demonstrated academic excellence, is participation in extra-curricular activities indicating “leadership” abilities. This is a standard trick for all appointments in this vast conspiracy, made to benefit unqualified candidates supported by political elites. It avoids the serious business of determining the truly deserving (who are frequently passed over because they are considered “nerds” (because they study so much)) and for admission committees to give preference to candidates whose academic performance is not quite up to par. George W. qualified as a possible “leader” because he was a cheerleader at Andover, and others are selected because of their participation in college political activities. When training people for highly technical and critical jobs (e.g., physicians), the last thing the candidate should be doing is playing political tricks or scheming for political office. They should be studying.

The plutocratic mafia wears many masks, including some ostensibly harmless ones.

The whole system of “globalization” is simply a way to exploit workers worldwide thereby maximizing the profits of essentially western-owned multinationals. The results are now coming in, as demonstrated by the current disinflation in the western countries. By allowing multinationals special tax breaks and accounting practices the U.S. government has encouraged the transfer of almost all high wage U.S. jobs overseas to low wage(exploited) workers. By simply calling these lost jobs “low skilled” they have convinced U.S. workers that they really deserve less for their labor, which in many cases were the most stressful and demanding in the country. Soon middle level professional jobs will be moved overseas as well, and similarly described, no doubt, as “low skilled”. This includes engineering and product design, paralegal and brokerage back office jobs, and accounting and auditing jobs as well. Even radiologists will miraculously end up as “low tech” workers.

Still extant farm subsidies unfortunately not only violate those “economically sacrosanct” principles of globalization but result in higher prices for the American consumer as well as increased cost to the American taxpayer. As a bonus, they frequently produce serious economic consequences for other “global” players, especially for our South American “partners” (and incur their resentment).

The U.S. government has made no effort whatsoever to assist in providing support for displaced U.S. workers by demanding reciprocity of employment opportunity with those countries whose citizens are flooding the U.S. labor market. While surveying foreign papers in Europe and Australia/New Zealand for jobs in the IT business, I found loads of ads promising unlimited amount of IT opportunities in the U.S. But ads for IT jobs in these same countries all ended with statements that these local jobs are reserved for their own citizens. Recently the U.S. government passed an amendment to its visa rules allowing other country’s workers to enter the U.S. for 6 months without a prior job offer. Most other western countries did the same I believe, offering job opportunities for U.S. workers. But there was a limit to the ages of these workers, 27 years I believe, suspiciously approximating the average age of the children of our current members of Congress. These job opportunities can not possibly benefit those most damaged by U.S. outsourcing policies, those who had irreplaceable (at their ages) experience, without finances to retrain, and facing huge and continuing family bills in the U.S. They still have no realistic possibilities to work overseas even though the great god “globalization” based its legitimacy on the free movement of capital and labor. What a joke!

The entire USAID program has become an excellent way to feed money to political supporters. This scam involves granting taxpayers money as USAID “aid money” to friendly foreign governments with “tied” aid (agreements to purchase in most cases U.S.-made products and services). The so-called “aid” money never reaches the country supposedly receiving it. The “receiving” country gets products and “advice” from U.S. corporations and individuals selected from the U.S. governments “preferred list” of suppliers. The organizations providing these services and products are basically weapons suppliers and “international” accounting and law firms providing “advice” to the recipient country’s government. These “select” suppliers and “advisers” are, of course, those companies and individuals who are the major suppliers of campaign finance funds. The recipient country gets weapons systems and armaments used by the local military to control discontented locals (and also expected to support U.S. regional political goals). The result is a lot of money is transferred to American multinationals and private companies located in the U.S. with the bill payed out of taxpayers funds. This is an excellent way to create campaign finance funds with the bill paid by U.S. taxpayers.

Flight of capital from the U.S., (unrestrained by laws regularly established by other more prudent governments) is increasing the risk of a banking default in the U.S. and a drastic drop in the dollar. It is accelerating at the same time that foreigners dollar holders (private and public) are thinking twice about keeping their funds here because the U.S. government has shown no interest or willingness to restrain this process.

The much ballyhooed one-man, one-vote election under a democracy simply does not exist. With the caucus system still being practiced in many states, the candidates the public finally gets to vote for (essentially one of 2 choices) have been chosen by the powers-that-be within each state, and under these conditions, the private citizen’s vote is practically meaningless.

Most of the efforts of the U.S. government to contain Communism have involved the setting up of American [oligarchy]-friendly foreign governments who were willing to turn a blind eye to exploitation of their country’s resources and populace by U.S. corporations. To make matters worse, the U.S. Government, which has established these regimes, insist on calling the resulting U.S.-friendly governments (oligarchies of the rich at best) “democracies” when, in reality, the governments which they replaced were far more democratic than the ones established by the U.S. government. This was all done under the pretext of constraining Communism, but was also a handy scheme for U.S. businesses to gain possession or control of the few assets these poor countries possessed and a new supply of exploitable local workers. Now that Communism is no longer a realistic threat there is no longer any pretext for doing this. No governments should be overthrown by actions of the U.S. government regardless of its having a political or economic system inimical to presumed “western interests”, and certainly no one should be going around bragging about setting up a “democracy” when the opposite occurred.

Bidding on all levels of government contracts is also riddled with ways to allow the contract manager to give the contract to a friend. If the manager’s friend is not the low bidder, the manager can simply reopen the bidding on any number of pretexts and advise his friend what he needs to bid to get the contract. Bids can be thrown out as “non-serious” bids without notice, on the basis that the bidder is incapable of performing at that price. This device is used when the winning bid is so low that even the manager’s friend can’t compete even knowing the prospective winning bid price. This is because he is really a ‘prime contractor’, won’t be doing the work, and needs extra funds to cover his “cut” and to cover possible gratuities for the contract manager. The government has even set up a separate agency, at taxpayer expense, to “prove” this type of fraud cannot occur. All the public exposure over the years of these practices puts the lie to the honesty of this organization.

The FEDs’ constant claim of incipient inflation over the last 18 years (when none has ever materialized) has finally resulted in our current economic crises. The latest FD-sponsored recession might well be the final straw that breaks the back of U.S. consumers. There is a serious “moral hazard” involved in improper disclosures of these continuing, unpredictable, and totally uncalled- for adjustments in interest rates as well.

The federal government has been playing footsie with fascism for quite a long time, supported only by the inability of the general public to recognize it. Ecclesiastic appointments, corporate management, charity, “brain trusts”, foundations, university appointments, and even scholarship awards are controlled by political elites, with the consequent assurances that these appointees will play ball with the politicians and their “sponsors”. The Pols now essentially control everything under the direction of the rich and famous.

The “justness” of the U.S. legal system can be compromised by anyone with unlimited funds. The Constitution certainly would not have countenanced the use of multiple lawyer teams (with political connections) for any one case, jury selection advisors, and the abusive use (and misuse) of expert witnesses.

Foundations, “brain trusts”, charities, and other non-profits are the most dangerous potential source of political influence-buying of all these “scammers”.

Foundations, often formed by individuals to avoid inheritance taxes, can provide jobs, grant contracts, and purchase goods and services from a large number of politically-sponsored individuals and companies. They pay no taxes even when they accumulate funds, which they call “surplus”. These surpluses can be invested with the proceeds not subject to taxes. Their employees are well compensated and live quite luxuriously while on ‘company business’. Contract awards and grants tend be generous, and the foundations can purchase supplies and services without oversight. Most recipients of this largess are politically-connected and are expected to promote political goals and to funnel funds to political campaigns.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of other varieties of non-profits, categorized as NGOs, which conduct their businesses in essentially the same way. They are officially set up to perform certain socially-beneficial services, but after all the above-mentioned expenses, only a small percentage of their income is used this way. Typically, 30 percent of their income (tax deductible write-offs from corporations and individuals, and government giveaways) are spent on salary and payroll taxes to top employees and their generous “business expenses” (5-star hotel accommodations, chic restaurant and 1st class air travel costs). The remaining 70 percent can be used for “public relations fees” (to supporters) and some is even spent on legitimate promotion programs. What is left, perhaps 50 percent, can, by the “50 percent rule” be passed on to another tax-exempt having similar expenses, with the result that the claimed public-service, used to obtain tax-exempt status, can end up with practically nothing. Certain charities are particularly offensive perpetrators of this same scheme, disbursing for political purposes the monies donated for the most-needy individuals of all, the poor and defenseless, mostly children. Principals of organizations practicing this blatant “welfare to the rich” scheme should be, but seldom are, prosecuted.

Internet last hope for democracy

All in all, most of the American populace’s problems derive from a lack of understanding of how their job opportunities and financial success are being jeopardized by these practices. A great deal of the blame for these scams’ success can be attributed to the establishment media’s self-censorship on these important issues, with a consequent inability of the public to correctly determine what is going on. Thankfully, there is now a self-appointed group who are providing the news so instrumental in allowing the public to make necessary political decisions. They are called “blog sites” and are America’s version of the old soviet “samizdat”. Hopefully the government will be prevented from meddling with them.

Source: http://www.bestcyrano.org/cyrano/?p=1555#more-1555

A Resounding Bottom Up NO on the Bailout– From the Entire Progressive World

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Rob Kall gives a roundup of thoughts from the mainstream left on the bailout. If anything, it shows that there are few differences among most of us when it comes to this issue of corporate and government fraud. How we fix it is another story.

https://i1.wp.com/images-3.redbubble.net/img/art/backingcolor:white/product:greeting-card/view:preview/294655-43-blood-money.jpg Artist: Helen Bascom

By Rob Kall

It is urgent and essential that YOU contact your legislators in congress today to demand that they reject the bailout deal Henry Paulson has proposed. Let them know approval of it will be as bad as, maybe worse than their approval of the Iraq war and you don’t want to see them screw up again.

They need to hear this from MILLIONS of Americans. A handful of plutocratic corporatists created this economic disaster. The Dem leadership seems to be ready to allow Bush to turn a disaster into law and furtherance of the disaster capitalism Naomi Klein has described. It will take a massive bottom up wave of outraged demands to make it clear to the dems in congress and the purported new leader of the Democratic party, Barack Obama, that the Paulson plan has been outed as a plan to loot the American taxpayer and is totally unacceptable.

From Dailykos to Firedoglake to OpEdNews, TalkingPointsMemo to Paul Krugman (No deal) , Glen Greenwald, the Nation, MYDD, Atrios, Huffingtonpost, the voices of the left, representing millions, probably tens of millions of readers, are in agreement– Paulson’s bailout proposal is NO DEAL and the frightened Democrats in congress better not spinelessly respond to the bogus warnings of disaster this time like they did in response to warnings of Iraqi WMDs.

The approach varies, but all basically say that the Bush admin is setting up a deal that has no accountability, that is a huge gift to Bush and friends. Glen Greenwald and I brought up the spineless dem response to Iraq as an earlier example of the same cowed cooperation.

If Obama ever had a shot at showing he really is a force for change, rejecting the Paulson plan is an extraordinary opportunity to again (like he rejected the Iraq war) stand out as an independent thinker, apart from his party. Here is where Barack can play a leadership role. He IS running to be the new leader of the Democratic party. If he tells the leaders in congress they’re making a huge mistake, he will be serving the middle class– the people who Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Schumer and friends are getting ready to saddle with such enormous debt.

An evening update: I went to a “peace event,” and had a few conversations. A few people cited what I was just citing a few days ago, that the powers that be are “socializing debt and losses and privatizing profit.” But I’ve read a bit more, had more conversations and now I realize, it’s not socialism. It’s fascism. The corporations aren’t being taken over by the government. They are infecting the government and taking it over and that, my friends, is Mussolini type fascism, where the corporations run the government.

Here are excerpts from the progressive bloggers:

Glen Greenwald, The complete (though ever-changing) elite consensus over the financial collapse

…the fact that Democrats are on board with this scheme means absolutely nothing. When it comes to things the Bush administration wants, Congressional Democrats don’t say “no” to anything. They say “yes” to everything. That’s what they’re for.

They say “yes” regardless of whether they understand what they’re endorsing. They say “yes” regardless of whether they’ve been told even the most basic facts about what they’re being told to endorse. They say “yes” anytime doing so is politically less risky than saying “no,” which is essentially always and is certainly the case here. They say “yes” whenever the political establishment — meaning establishment media outlets and the corporate class that funds them — wants them to say “yes,” which is the case here. And they say “yes” with particular speed and eagerness when told to do so by the Serious Trans-Partisan Republican Experts like Hank Paulson and Ben Bernake (or Mike McConnell and Robert Gates and, before them, Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell).

…regardless of whether this nationalization/bailout scheme is “necessary” or makes utilitarian sense, it is a crime of the highest order — not a “crime” in the legal sense but in a more meaningful sense.

What is more intrinsically corrupt than allowing people to engage in high-reward/no-risk capitalism — where they reap tens of millions of dollars and more every year while their reckless gambles are paying off only to then have the Government shift their losses to the citizenry at large once their schemes collapse? We’ve retroactively created a win-only system where the wealthiest corporations and their shareholders are free to gamble for as long as they win and then force others who have no upside to pay for their losses. Watching Wall St. erupt with an orgy of celebration on Friday after it became clear the Government (i.e., you) would pay for their disaster was literally nauseating, as the very people who wreaked this havoc are now being rewarded.

More amazingly, they’re free to walk away without having to disgorge their gains; at worst, they’re just “forced” to walk away without any further stake in the gamble. How can these bailouts not at least be categorically conditioned on the disgorgement of ill-gotten gains from those who are responsible?

OpEdNews; WMDs and Financial Meltdown– RelatedThreats? Related Dem Congress Failure? Rob Kall

The news is abuzz with the reports of the solemn, haggard faces of the leaders of congress when Bush’s economic Czars Paulson and Bernanke informed them of the deadly threat of financial meltdown the US, even the world economy faced if something dramatic was not done immediately.

So, of course, they came out, shaking in their boots, telling the nation how awful things were, how close to the abyss we’ve come.

This sounds far too similar to Bush’s surrogates Condeleeza Rice and Colin Powell warning us– at the UN in congress in 2003– that Iraq and its WMDs was an imminent threat to the nation and the world. Back then, senators Clinton, Kerry, Edwards and most of the rest of the Democrats spinelessly assented to accept the story they were told, failed to challenge the data or demand other options, and now, they all apologize to us.

It’s not too late this time. We have no good reason to believe that Bush economic appointees will do any better dealing with a financial crisis than Bush diplomatic and military appointees did with the “terrorist threat.”

Now, we face the financial/economic meltdown “threat.”

Firedoglake, Rape of the Supine Nation


TalkingPointsMemo Put on the Brakes Josh Marshall

I’m quite convinced that some drastic action needs to be taken to avoid a cascading and debilitating series of crises. But the more I look at this plan, the more wrongheaded it seems. But if I’m understanding this deal, the taxpayers are going to pony up close to a trillion dollars to take bad debts off the hands of financial institutions who were foolish enough to make the deals in the first place.

I can’t seem to find any of the people who I respect thinking the bailout plan, as presented, is a good idea.

Paul Krugman No deal ,

…there’s no quid pro quo here — nothing that gives taxpayers a stake in the upside, nothing that ensures that the money is used to stabilize the system rather than reward the undeserving.

I hope I’m wrong about this. But let me say it again: Treasury needs to explain why this is supposed to work — not try to panic Congress into giving it a blank check. Otherwise, no deal.


… this brand of stupid led to both the Great Depression and the Savings & Loan scandals.


Though it fits with the Republican strategy of only having government spend money on things that fail in every respect besides lining the pockets of the wealthy, while Democrats equivocate but then hurry to indulge the kleptocrats.

the Nation; Paulson Bailout Plan a Historic Swindle by William Greider:

If Wall Street gets away with this, it will represent an historic swindle of the American public–all sugar for the villains, lasting pain and damage for the victims. My advice to Washington politicians: Stop, take a deep breath and examine what you are being told to do by so-called “responsible opinion.” If this deal succeeds, I predict it will become a transforming event in American politics–exposing the deep deformities in our democracy and launching a tidal wave of righteous anger and popular rebellion. As I have been saying for several months, this crisis has the potential to bring down one or both political parties, take your choice.

Dailykos : ACTION REQUIRED: Executive Power Grab in Banking Bail Out Bill by Larry Madill

…I have been totally in favor of a bail out rescue plan for our financial markets. I’ve said and will continue to say that it is a necessary evil to keep the U.S. from collapsing into a Second Depression. …BUT, as NPR’s Adam Davidson points out in his new Planet Money Blog, this bill also appears to constitute the greatest transfer of political power from the Congressional to the Executives Branches … Possibly ever.

Atrios: What To Do

Obviously the administration proposal, whatever the need for some sort of government intervention, is basically insane and no lawmakers should support it. The question is how do we do anything about it? Social Security was an easier battle because it was about making it radioactive for lawmakers to do anything but say “Hell no.” This is a bit trickier.

Huffingtonpost THROW Them Out Don’t Bail Them Out Dave Johnson

I say THROW the system out and start building one that WORKS for US, don’t bail the failed, corrupt system out. A bailout just keeps in place a bad system that has bankrupted all of us in order to enrich a very, very few.

Mediachannel’s Danny Schecter: Our Financial 9/11: Can They Save the System?

If you think you can trust this Administration to solve this crisis when it has created so many others, think again. Unfortunately neither political party seems to have a clear take on what is happening or any plan to solve it.

So strap in, we are in for volatile rollercoaster ride.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. When we were sliding into the Iraq disaster, millions of people KNEW it was based on bogus information and was a horrible idea. The Dems in congress didn’t listen. Don’t let that happen again. Call them and tell them.

Source: http://www.opednews.com/articles/A-Resounding-Bottom-Up-NO-by-Rob-Kall-080921-907.html


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By: Devvy Kidd
September 15, 2008

© 2008 – NewsWithViews.com

“I told all four that there were going to be some times where we don’t agree with each other. But that’s OK. If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.” Gov. George W. Bush (R-TX), President-elect, December 18, 2000

Fascism: A philosophy or system of government that is marked by stringent social and economic control, a strong centralized government usually headed by a dictator, and often a policy of belligerent nationalism; oppressive or dictatorial control.

A little over a week ago, these united States of America took another gigantic step towards Fascism when the U.S. Department of Treasury and the unconstitutional, privately owned “Federal” Reserve” bailed out two more private corporations ostensibly to calm fears in the market:

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac play a central role in our housing finance system and must continue to do so in their current form as shareholder-owned companies,” Paulson said in a statement. “Their support for the housing market is particularly important as we work through the current housing correction.”[1]

This would be accomplished in a plan Il Duce would applaud:

“First, as a liquidity backstop, the plan includes a temporary increase in the line of credit the GSEs have with Treasury. Treasury would determine the terms and conditions for accessing the line of credit and the amount to be drawn,” Paulson said. “Second, to ensure the GSEs have access to sufficient capital to continue to serve their mission, the plan includes temporary authority for Treasury to purchase equity in either of the two GSEs if needed.”[1]

Rounding out the stringent economic control is ‘a strong centralized government’ awash in agencies with powers never intended when the U.S. Constitution was ratified:

“The ousted chief executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have the potential to exit with golden parachutes, but the government could cut the strings. The new regulatory agency that seized control of the mortgage-funding giants and forced out their chief executives Sunday has broad but untested power to prohibit severance payments. Under federal law, it could do so on a variety of grounds, including if it found that the former executives were responsible for the companies’ financial troubles.

“We are working through the compensation issues and have nothing to say at this time,” Federal Housing Finance Agency spokeswoman Corinne Russell said by e-mail yesterday.”[2]

Compensation for CEOs who ran their corporations into the ground will be rewarded by a massive injection from the sweat off your back despite the rhetoric:

“The severance packages could be worth as much as $14.9 million for Richard F. Syron, the former Freddie Mac chairman and chief executive, and as much as $9.8 million for Daniel H. Mudd, the former Fannie Mae chief executive, said David M. Schmidt, a senior consultant for the executive pay consultancy James F. Reda & Associates.”[2]

Is this good for America? Not according to some of the finest minds in this country who truly understand the danger of what just happened:

“In the latest example of financial market madness, the recent government “bailout” of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae has perversely resulted in a sharp rise in the value of the U.S. dollar. If the markets were functioning rationally, the transference of staggering new liabilities to the U.S. Treasury would have been immediately seen as catastrophic for the dollar. Instead the markets have ignored the obviously negative long-term implications and have remained fixated my worst fears, and increase the chances for a hyper-inflationary outcome….

“Had the government done the right thing and not guaranteed Freddie and Fannie debt, I believe we would now be experiencing an outright financial crisis. The dollar would be falling sharply along with real estate prices, the government has merely delayed the crisis. The borrowed time will cost us dearly, as the day of reckoning will now likely involve much steeper losses for our currency.

“The Freddie and Fannie takeover does nothing to address the underlying problems that forced the companies into bankruptcy in the first place. All of the bad mortgage debt still exists. In fact, based on this bailout, there will be trillions more in bad mortgages insured over the next few years. The only thing that has changed is how the losses will be distributed. Instead of falling solely on bond holders, who had chosen to invest in mortgage debt, they will now be dispersed among U.S. taxpayers and all holders of U.S. dollars, who made no such choices.”[3]

The jackals feeding on the American people and the fruits of their labor do not care and neither does Congress. On September 28, 2004, I wrote yet another column warning Americans Congress would do nothing; many more were to follow. On March 17, 2005, Dr. Edwin Vieria, began writing his brilliant analysis on the coming financial meltdown and the only real solutions. And, still, Americans voted back in the same Congress to fix a problem they continue to ignore. Where was Congress ten days ago to stop this lunacy?

Doris Matsui [D-CA] Corrine Brown [D-FL] Barney Frank [D-MA]

Mazie Hirono [D-HI) Randy Neugebauer [R-TX] Hillary Clinton [D-Ny]

Why wasn’t Nancy Pelosi standing on the House floor demanding her colleagues halt this latest bail out? Probably because her colleagues are holding paper from those two corporations and to deflect the blame from this House of Incompetents:

“According to the Center for Responsive Politics, 28 lawmakers had between $598,100 and $1.7 million of their own money invested in the two companies last year. Of them, 12 members of Congress owned between $60,800 and $246,700 of stock in the two companies, which is practically worthless now that the government has seized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to keep them afloat as more of their customers in 2007, worth between $537,400 and $1.5 million. (Lawmakers disclose their finances in ranges, annually, making it difficult to determine their assets’ precise values.) Rep. Mary Bono (R-Calif.) held bonds in the companies worth between $126,050 and $365,000, making her investments in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae more valuable than those of any other member of congress.

“Four members of either the House Financial Services Committee or the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee were invested in these companies: Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.),who held $32,216 in bonds; Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), who held at least $2,002 in bonds; Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), with at least $2,002 in stocks; and Rep. Ron Klein (D-Fla.), who held at least $1,001 in bonds.

“Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who called the federal bailout “outrageous” (but necessary), also reported having up to $10,000 invested in the two companies–up to $9,000 worth in bonds and up to $1,000 worth of stocks.”[4]

Just like the 151 members of Congress who directly benefit financially from the war in Iraq; click here. For that matter, where was Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham, and aka Barry Dunham or Juan McCain? Dr. Edwin Vieira comments:

“So far, whatever remedy the Administration, McCain, or Obama has proposed has presumed that the General Government in Washington and its pet banks in the Federal Reserve system must keep America’s present hypertrophic financial bubble expanding indefinitely, or at least prevent it from significantly contracting in the near future. So they advocate such policies as “bail outs” of both private and public enterprises (Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac being the most prominent so far) and pitiful “stimulus packages” of some “free” cash for average Americans, all effected through the injection of new “liquidity” into the markets in the form of Federal Reserve’s endless inflation of the supplies of currency and credit..

“….That candidates for the highest office in the land – not to mention the incumbent – would be making reform of the Federal Reserve System the central issue in the presidential campaign and the most important task to how the Federal Reserve operates; why it endangers America’s economic, political and social stability; and what steps must be taken gradually and safely to return this country permanently to a constitutional monetary system based upon gold and silver, which will prevent public officials and bankers thereafter from redistributing wealth from society to special interest groups through manipulations of currency and credit.

“Unfortunately, that these events are not taking place proves that most top-ranking public officials and politicians are neither patriotic nor competent.”[5]

The nonsense being fed to the American people by Obama and McCain is little better than sawdust blowing in the wind. Obama is a Marxist who wants to strip you of every last penny in your wallet, and McCain, in his own words, knows nothing about the economy; see short video. Experts who deal in the markets are finally uttering the dreaded word:

“The end result of the global economic slowdown may be the U.S. announcing national bankruptcy as the government cannot afford the bailouts that it promised and the market will not bail out the government, Martin Hennecke, senior manager of private clients at Tyche, told CNBC on Thursday. “We expect a depression in the United States. We expect a depression, very possibly, also in Europe,” Hennecke said on “Worldwide Exchange.”[6]

This toxic path of bailing out private corporations took a foot hold back in 1983 with Chrysler and the camel’s backside is now in the crowded tent. It’s odd, however, that Congress and the Department of Treasury pick and choose which private corporations they wish to keep from the frying pan. Two major industries, automobile and mortgage lending, got the big jolt, so why didn’t Congress and the FED jump to save ENRON, one of the biggest energy concerns in America at the time? Actually, the 7th largest corporation with a market capitalization of nearly $60 billion dollars. Didn’t those ENRON employees who were sold “buy our stock, it’s solid!” by Ken Lay, matter to Congress when they lost everything – many at retirement age left with nothing? (See links below) Why wasn’t ENRON “back stopped”?

The layoffs will continue while Congress votes to bring in another 550,000 cheap foreign workers! The economy will continue to stagnate because as the American people are squeezed to meet just basics like food, clothing and a roof over their heads, the less disposable income they have to inject into the economy. The “Ho, ho, ho kiss under the mistletoe” retailers won’t see many gifts under their tree this year. Increasing numbers of Americans have lost faith in the system; for tens of millions, their credit is like the Kalahari during a bad rain year. Also, traditionally (no pun intended), the pink slips usually roll out in December. As bankruptcies were already up 29% in a 12-month period by August, how much will those strapped Americans drop to give retailers that all important boost at the end of the year?

A thousand more “economic stimulus packages” will do nothing; it’s akin the emptying the ocean with a teaspoon. This past wave of foreclosures will birth new ones and Americans will continue to sink into quicksand while Obama and McCain blather on with their gibberish. Congress will continue spending when the people’s purse is overdrawn $9.6 TRILLION dollars.

For those of you who might have missed Carolyn Lochhead’s September 12, 2004, column, Speeches Ignore Impending U.S. Debt Disaster, you will see nothing has changed this election cycle with the two front runners and their VP picks as they ignore the warnings from four years ago.

“Laurence Kotlikoff, Economics Chairman at Boston University, who has written abundantly on this subject, offers up a shocking response on how to close a $51 trillion dollar fiscal gap: “To give you idea how big the problem is, you’d have to have an immediate and permanent 78 percent hike in the federal income tax.” More than double the payroll tax, immediately and forever, from 15.3 percent of wages to nearly 32 percent; Raise income taxes by two thirds (roughly 78%), immediately and forever; Cut Social Security and Medicare benefits by 45 percent, immediately and forever;”[7]

I must repeat myself in hopes that new readers will grasp how dire the situation is: Every penny spent to bail out these private corporations has to be borrowed since there is no money in the treasury. How do you write a $100 million dollar check to Freddie and Fannie when your bank account is already overdrawn $9.6 TRILLION dollars? The hundreds of thousands of Americans who are the beneficiaries of these bail outs, mortgage freezing and other madness by Congress for votes, simply no longer care about the constitutional issues. They’re desperate and want only to be saved.

What private corporation will be next? How about I start a corporation which sells diapers. I mean, the country can’t do without them, just like we need automobiles and mortgage lenders. Officers of the Corporation follow my lead making stupid business decisions while paying ourselves a king’s ranson in salary and over extending ourselves, until, uh, oh, we’re in trouble. I call Helicopter Ben Bernanke and he bails out my company by stealing from you. See what I mean? At some point the whole thing blows just like a balloon with too much air.

Mega-billionaire, world government advocate, George Soros, is busy buying gold. Why? When he’s not busy buying Democrats, his knowledge of financial markets is legendary; synopsis at bottom. If you are as concerned as you should be, I recommend you call Eric at El Dorado Gold and talk to him. Learn why gold is the only refuge as a hedge against the hyper inflation that can eat a country alive fast as a falling star. How safe is your 401(k)? Oh, yes, there are supposed to be safeguards in place. Are you sure? With all these corporations fudging their numbers until it’s too late, Americans would do well to question now. What about pension plans? A very troubling post appeared on Le Metropole Cafe a few days ago:

“Bill – a friend of mines girlfriend works a N.Y. trading desk for Lehman – she tells my friend today that $8B has been evaporated from the employees pension fund and that the company has told office staff that an announcement will be forthcoming before the Asian markets open this Monday.”[8]

I shudder to think this is true, but I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. It appears others are also concerned about pension funds:

“Now we know. The giant black hole of derivatives at JPM is about to become the size of Jupiter. With the utter failure of Fannie and Freddie (a culmination of what I predicted 12 years ago) Fannie and Freddie’s massive derivatives portfolios can now be hidden from public scrutiny. These trillions of derivatives, which in likelihood have already failed, can now be whitewashed with the able assistance of the US taxpayer. Also the true values of their mortgage portfolios gets deep-sixed. This is no doubt the single largest financial failure in the history of the world. The Fed had every reason to previously discontinue M-3 reporting.

“Can you imagine what is about to happen to the dollar supply once this catastrophe starts getting paid for? The derivatives may now become hidden from view, but the inflationary implications will become VERY evident. Another ominous problem facing FNM and FRE is a collapse in their pension plans and retirement funds. Retirees and current employees holding FNM/FRE stock will get wiped out, however a pension fund collapse would mean open revolt. This is another side-bailout I see coming.”[9]

I encourage you to read the link one below (Warning) because the worst is yet to come and just like the top sand in the hour glass, it will come.


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7 – Lochhead related column
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9 – The Fannie/Freddie Mess

1 – Internet book I highly recommend ($9.95) No Foreclosures – this can help you stay in your home while you work with lenders


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ENRON: No oceans of money from Congress or the FED

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© 2008 – NewsWithViews.com – All Rights Reserved

Source: http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd392.htm

Re "Alex Constantine Returns"

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

By Alex Constantine

Once again, the Conservative Voice, a mine of ringing right-wing propaganda, is taking me to task for debunking the “Islamo-fascism” red herring.

Paul Krugman is correct: “There isn’t actually any such thing as Islamofascism — it’s not an ideology; it’s a figment of the neocon imagination.”

Neocons parroting Bush, badly in need of a dictionary, promote the “islamo-fascism” line, eg. Raymond Ibrahim, editor of the Al Qaeda Reader, an omelet of texts written by Islamic extremists, and compares the words of Al Qaeda to Mein Kampf.

Ibrahim performs this service at David Horowitz’s FrontPage site.

It’s fairly well-known that Horowitz receives generous funding from Richard Mellon Scaife – a CIA propagandist since the early days of the cold war. (The intelligence connection runs in the family: “During World War II, while Richard and Cordelia’s father, Alan Scaife, served in Europe in the OSS, the forerunner to the CIA, the Scaife family lived in Washington.”
– http://www.salon.com/news/1998/04/07news.html)

Scaife supports a phalanx of organizations that, like the FrontPage site, distribute fascist propaganda. They all have ties to the CIA:

American Enterprise Institute
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
David Horowitz Freedom Center
Federalist Society
Foundation for Economic Education
Free Congress Foundation (headed by Paul Weyrich)
Freedom House
GOPAC (headed by Newt Gingrich)
Independent Women’s Forum
Intercollegiate Studies Institute (which operates the Collegiate Network)
Judicial Watch
Landmark Legal Foundation
Media Research Center (headed by Brent Bozell)
Pacific Legal Foundation
Pittsburgh World Affairs Council
Reason Foundation


Most of these CIA-subsidized propagandists are towing the “Islamo-Fascism” clunker. Krugman: ” … a bunch of lightly armed terrorists and a fourth-rate military power — which aren’t even allies — pose a greater danger than Hitler’s panzers or the Soviet nuclear arsenal ever did. … “

Blogger Steve Benen comments, “The politics of fear might be more effective if it were grounded in reality.”

Why point the finger at the Middle East, when actual fascism is corporate and would probably not exist without the capitalistic impetus that flows internationally from the United States?

Fascism is unbridled capitalism – it is a feature of American life. It elevates thugs and criminals to positions of power. It is inherently conspiratorial and engages in acts of destruction to advance itself. Scapegoating “Islamo-fascists” – when American corporations in league with their corallaries in Germany, Japan, Italy, etc., make fascism possible and feed the geo-genocidal beast. The Arabs may have had Nazi collaborators, as did America itself, many more, but make no mistake about it, the U.S. is the beating heart of it all.

IBM counted the Jews at Auschwitz – not shieks from Araby.

GM mechanized the Blitzkrieg – not desert camel drivers.

Standard Oil had a secret pact with the Reich – not fig farmers in Iraq.

Coca-Cola had Nazi contracts – not the water-carrier out on the oasis.

• BTW, what kind of shoes do “conservatives” wear at Conservative Voice? What music do they listen to? Could be pertinent …

Fascism is all-American – all-capitalist, corporate. Those who babble about “Islamo-fascism” echo George Bush, who hails from a family with reasonably well-known Nazi financial connections.

The finger-pointers are turned in the wrong direction. America’s ruling elite are the fascists, and they are bringing the country to its ragged knees.