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Thomas Paine’s Corner


By Adam Engel


We really make me sick.

I used to think we were all a bunch of clowns.

Where did I get the arrogance, the audacity, the sheer chutzpah to believe we were equal to clowns, who after all, are entertainers, in their own way, make-up artists, acrobats, performers who get paid at the end of the night, scrub off their grease-paint, twist off their rubber noses, and sleep well, while we, we are merely children in the audience bedazzled and beguiled by the clowns while outside the big top, under the benevolent watch of the Strong Man, The Knife-Thrower and Lobster Boy (”support our freaks”) our parents are signing away the family farm, our inheritance, and that of our children, to the Ringmaster, who orders the Strongman to bugger Dad while Lobster Boy and Knife-Thrower do unspeakable things to Mom, for after all, they got paid for the gig, gotta make ‘em earn their freak. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be natural.

That we dare flatter ourselves with such attributes as clown, buffoon, jester, jackanapes, lummox, oaf…another testimony to our unmitigated gall.

Communication Breakdown in the Great Beyond (Apropos Fox, not Cox)

How telling that the television ghost-hunters (all right, we’ll go along with it: “there are more things in heaven and on earth, Horatio,” yadda yadda yadda) were worried about entering the haunted basement because of the POWER PROBLEM. That is, there was no place to hook up their fancy high-tech ghost hunting doo-dads, so they had to bring down a generator. Interesting that even in the “other world” communication depends on non-renewable – or re-incarnationable – energy sources.

Cox Says “No!” to Unmarketable Drugs

We paranoids don’t do well with hallucinogenics. Then again, maybe it’s the epoch; it’s not like I’m hanging out with Grace Slick on a warm June night in San Francisco, circa 1967. The sixties had pot and acid; the seventies had heroin and Quaaludes; the eighties cocaine and Ecstasy; the nineties anti-depressants; and our current era a mishmash of anti-depressants, benzodiazepams, and highly caffeinated “soft drinks.” Booze and nicotine throughout, of course; the timeless “legal” drugs we are actually encouraged not to “say no” to — don’t let the anti-smoking ads fool you; besides encouraging smoking as an act of rebellion via corn-ball reverse-propaganda, the hardest drug of all to kick is Nicotine gum. It’s like chewing cocaine.

We’re All Better Now: The Post-Election Irrelevance of Cox

The modern president is like a systems administrator of a system that’s been fixed for years with minor “patches” and “upgrades,” only making it even more complex and subsequently closer to chaos, a system that can only be “fixed” by a complete “power down” and rewrite of the kernel and OS code; no matter how colorful and dazzling the screen-saver, it’ll only save what it’s meant to save – the screen; thousands of lines of code between pressing a key and the instant appearance of a letter or number on the screen.


I wouldn’t be surprised if The Board of Trustees (whoever they really are) sat McCain and Obama in a room and said,

“We need an articulate, relatively young, black man to take off some of the heat, ease tension, bring back that Kennedy/MLK sense of hope and ‘change.’ Sorry, John, you represent the so-called ‘old school.’ Barrack, you’re in. Congratulations. No hard feelings, John. Our men at Diebold have been instructed to give you a number of ‘red states’ so it won’t be an embarrassment.”

“Yes. I understand, sir. Congratulations, Barrack.”

“Thanks, John. If there’s anything I can do, you let me know.”

Comedians as Letter “C”

Ten pies-in-the-face, “to-go”, for the clowns who managed to take a once outrageous weekly (5 minute) skit on the real Saturday Night Live 1975-80 (imagine if, after 1970, they hired four new guys every couple of years to write and play crappy music and called them The Beatles or The Doors? What’s in a name?) into hour-long ACTUAL mainstream “news shows” with ACTUAL mainstream guests (who they josh around with all the investigative chops of Jay Leno) and call it “comedy.” For some reason this pisses me off even more than the fucking election, which is at least a “sort of” funny joke. This “Fake News” using “actual mainstream news” with some limp, sponsor-approved “satire” would make Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor and the real “SNL NEWS” satirists WISH they were dead, if they weren’t already dead, and therefore, most of them being dead, damn proud of it. What did I just say?

Modrun Media Medicine: a Possible (Mis?)Reading of Cox

Actors, formerly lowest of life forms, became icons — literally – once their owners had the technology to reproduce their images so they could earn money off the actors not merely from one or two stage performances a day, but thousands of movie screenings a day throughout the world, not to mention magazines, memorabilia, free media publicity etc. Unfortunately, the actors, never the brightest of the lot, took this to mean that they themselves were somehow more important.

Surgeries don’t matter anyway, especially for women, who once they pass 40 have to wait till they’re over sixty or so to play 40-year-olds and such. Cheaper for celebrities to dress in diapers as a means toward regaining lost youth and more effective than surgery; also, they can “grow into them” as they age…

But the surgeries made them look like teenagers strung out on heroin. So the Owners began to harvest real old people, the ones who still had enough memory left to remember lines (not that it mattered much; in film, you only have to say one or two lines between ‘takes’); also, the old people died before they became annoying; so the owners told the filmmakers to make movies about old people; but the young people weren’t interested in seeing such films; so the Owners had Big Media churn out magazines, websites, television shows etc. portraying the old people as desirable, THE PEOPLE to be; so the young people began buying fanzines and going to films starring old people. Soon the young people wanted to be like their heroes. They tried heroin, but that didn’t work well for more than a few weeks, or minutes, for most; so the stores began selling old people masks and props to make the young folks look old with sagging breasts and low scrotums like melting wax; and the wealthy young people had this done via surgery; so everyone, even the doctors who lost so much business making old people look young — which was way passe — were happy….

To Paraphrase Cox…


Capitalists and their “enablers” cannot be reasoned with or “talked to.” There is no dialog. If there were enough space, and a lot less people, that would be fine with me. They stay where they are, I stay where I am, and we’re happy as pigs in poop with our own peculiar notions about what “is” is. However, Capitalism, which began as a malignant tumor some 500 years ago (some would say “Civilization” itself which began around 8000 years ago), has metastasized to engulf the globe. There is no “escape” unless you’re rich enough to buy a temporary Disneyland off the coast of some third world “paradise” which will, ultimately, be engulfed by the tidal waves of climate change “inspired by” industrialism and post-industrialism – whatever that is. We are what we eat, (i.e., the planet).

The ultimate goal of capitalism is one “legal” Man – the Chief Executives and Board – celebrating absolute monopoly over the wasteland, all the while eying each other hungrily and wondering “gee, who will ‘we’ exploit next?”

…and Add My Own Two Cents

That said, once someone crosses the “line” into my “space,” and worse, threatens to eliminate me in order to occupy said “space,” I don’t think “love” or “tolerance,” as preached by capitalist clergy, are the affectations that are in my “best interest.” In such situations, an absolute devotion to defending “one of god’s creatures” (i.e. moi) BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, is in order. Just a thought.

American Bards and Cox Reviewers

Of course, Cox’s SICK PLANET , if it’s read, as it certainly should be, will probably generate all sorts of “opinions” among the millions floating around “the information super highway that’s gonna bring us all together” these days, including this one. But I prefer to think of opinions not “like assholes, but like original minds; not everybody has one.”

Beyond Cox and Evil

Maybe all that mumbo-jumbo (see Ishmael Reed) mythopoeic poppycock about the “dead king” sacrifice which culminated in Jesus appeasing his mean old dad for the sins of mankind in order to save mankind was not as wickedly conceived as the mind of mankind is capable of and consistent in conceiving.

Men hate and fear god. The way they hate and fear THE CORPORATION. But like THE CORPORATION, the old testament god, Yahweh, is invisible, immortal, untouchable. But Jesus, his “representative” on earth, was quite mortal, visible and touchable. Better yet, he was capable of being harmed.

Men nailed him to the cross in vengeance, their only means of redress, against the merciless, implacable, unreachable Yahweh.

So what might this mean in terms of seeking “redress” against THE CORPORATION?

In an EMERGENCY SITUATION, such as ours, one must come to terms with whatever interpretation of the cosmic order one may have, then put a lid on it and let’s get down to brass tacks – and use them…

Concluding Unscientific Post-It(TM)

those who can’t do, leach
those who can’t sing, preach
those who can’t grab, reach
agent manage sale
go to beach
else if
agent manage fail
prayer (pitch) = beseech

Adam Engel, contributing editor for Cyrano’s Journal Online and author of Topiary, can be reached at or



The Biggest Heist in History

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Len Hart

The bailout is the biggest overt theft in history. Only healthy banks get funding –so why do they get a bailout? The ‘bailout’ is yet another monumental instance in which ‘wealth is spread around’ to those who do not need it, did not create it, did not earn it, and did not do anything productive to create it! Why doesn’t Bush and his ‘base’ just load up a convoy of armored trucks at Ft. Knox –then drive like hell to the border?

Most big recipients of ‘bailout monies’ are using the ‘bailout’ to gobble up smaller, less favored banks. In simpler times, we might have called them the “Savings and Loan”. In “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart, it was called the “Building and Loan”. If you’ve seen this classic film, you will recall that when the Great Depression came, it was the “Building and Loan” that was faced with collapse –not Potter, the richest man in town who sought to own it all.

Several major U.S. banks are leaning toward spending a portion of their federal rescue money on acquiring other financial firms rather than for issuing new loans, the primary purpose of the government’s $250 billion initiative to invest in banks.

J.P. Morgan Chase, BB&T, and Zions Bancorporation have all said in recent days that they are considering using some of their federal money to buy other banks.

About 10 financial institutions belonging to the Financial Services Roundtable, which represents 100 of the nation’s largest financial services firms, are also considering making acquisitions with the money, said Scott Talbott, the group’s senior vice president.

There is a growing consensus among Treasury and other federal officials that allowing healthy banks to use the money to acquire banks in jeopardy of failing could stabilize the economy and bolster confidence in banks. This could also save money for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. confirmed yesterday that some banks may use the capital they receive through the Treasury program to buy weaker banks and that this could benefit the financial system.

Banks Weighing Other Uses for Bailout Money

Secondly, bailouts are supposed to restore confidence. This ‘bailout’ has had the opposite effect. Bush responses to the ‘crisis’ vary from day to day. As a result, the crisis now feeds upon itself, driven primarily by Bush’s rhetoric and the market’s negative response to it.

Other ‘Presidents’ in other times sought to restore the nation’s confidence. The GOP did the opposite. It subverted ‘confidence’ and tried to exploit the crisis. The ‘healthy’ banks and those already among the nation’s very richest elite are making out like bandits while most Americans face the real prospect of losing their jobs, their homes and, perhaps, even their lives. The GOP doesn’t have a bailout for them. The GOP has a bailout for its base, the richest one percent which owns 90 percent or more of the nation’s total wealth. [See: The L-Curve]

One could start with Paulson himself, whose former bank stands to benefit handsomely from the bailout which he has authored. While at Goldman Sachs, Paulson amassed a personal fortune of $700 million.The list continues:

According to Forbes magazine, Ken Lewis last year brought in a salary of $20.13 million, and his holdings of Bank of America stock are worth an estimated $112 million.

Jamie Dimon received a 2007 Christmas bonus of $14.5 million and holds $190 million in JPMorgan stock.

Lloyd Blankfein received a Christmas bonus of $68 million and his holdings of Goldman Sachs stock were worth $414.5 million last year.

Vikram Pandit received a $165 million signing bonus from Citigroup last year, together with a $2.7 million salary for a few months of work and $48 million in stock options.

John Mack received $41.8 million in compensation last year, and his 2007 holdings in Morgan Stanley stock were worth $220 million.

These firms’ stock, and particularly that of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, rose rapidly on news of the meeting with Paulson. Goldman stock rose 25 percent to $111 a share, and Morgan Stanley stock rose 87 percent to $18.10 per share.–Global Research, Banks dictate conditions of US Financial Bailout

The very origins of the crash may be found –not on Wall Street but K-street. K Street is best compared to older portions of LA’s Santa Monica boulevard, a less glamorous section of the nation’s movie capital where various ‘talents’ are marketed, bid on and sold. On K-Street, the government whores itself out to major lobbyists by way of its pimps –think tanks, lobbyists, and advocacy groups. The difference is this: on Santa Monica Boulevard, ‘John’ has to pay his own way if he wishes to ‘play’. On K-street, a good time is had by all, but it’s you who gets the bill. When the bill is not paid, the crash ensues.

Am I being unfair to the ‘exiting’ (hopefully) administration? Impossible! It is not possible to express the depths of pure evil this administration has indulged in your name!

First, the $700 billion rescue for the economy was about buying devalued mortgage-backed securities from tottering banks to unclog frozen credit markets.

Then it was about using $250 billion of it to buy stakes in banks. The idea was that banks would use the money to start making loans again.

But reports surfaced that bankers might instead use the money to buy other banks, pay dividends, give employees a raise and executives a bonus, or just sit on it. Insurance companies now want a piece; maybe automakers, too, even though Congress has approved $25 billion in low-interest loans for them.
Uses for $700 billion bailout money ever shifting

The best evidence that the bailout is a cover for a yet another huge transfer, a ‘spreading around of wealth, to Bush’s ‘base’ may be found in the following letter by the CEO of a so-called ‘healthy’ bank.

There is no panic on Main Street and in sound financial institutions. The problems are in high-risk financial institutions and on Wall Street. …The primary beneficiaries of the proposed rescue are Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. … Treasury is totally dominated by Wall St. investment bankers. They do not have knowledge of the commercial banking industry. Therefore they cannot be relied on to objectively assess all the implications of government policy on all financial intermediaries. The decision to protect the money funds is a clear example of a material lack of insight into the risk to the entire financial system. –John A. Allison of BB&T, A healthy bank’s CEO rejects the bailout: An open letter to Congress

A financial 911? Perhaps! By any name, the Bush crime family in cooperation with the GOP, the MIC, K-street, and Wall Street have just sold out the future every American but those among the very, very, very, very rich.

Hey – It’s Just Business!

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Jim Kirwan
10-24-8 art by Jim Kirwan

The ‘new’ global financial systems created for the twenty-first century have exceeded all boundaries, and this New World Order’s grab for worldwide domination must be allowed to crash and drown in its own excesses.
One of its primary architects, Alan Greenspan, who headed the privately owned Federal Reserve ‘Bank’ for eighteen and a half years, a character of truly mythic proportions at least in his own mind said today: “that he and others who believed lending institutions would do a good job of protecting shareholders are in “a state of shocked disbelief,” according to the Associated Press.
He said that the financial crisis had exposed a flaw in his and others’ free market ideology. Banks and investment firms did not do a good enough job analyzing the risks of the home mortgage market, and some types of derivatives should have been subject to more regulation.” (1)
In other words Greenspan now agrees with his critics of the government and of the privately owned Financial-Frankenstein that he and his owners created: However his re-cognition and befuddled enlightenment will do nothing about replacing the eight trillion dollars that has just been lost due to these massive thefts that are still going on.
At some point in his rambling answers to the News Hour tonight Greenspan at first seemed mystified that he and his tribe could have been wrong; but then he quickly tried to justify this ‘error’ by saying that ‘these transactions were just too complicated to be properly tracked.’
What he failed to discuss is that these complications were put in place to hide the truth of what was going on in every area of that type of finance which lives far above the clouds of either oversight or regulation: It should be noted that these corporate Titians are huge because their massive systems are that way on purpose, to keep from inquiring minds all the dirty little secret- dealings that have brought the world to the edge of oblivion.
Regulations were put in place after the Crash of 1929 to insure that this kind of thing never happened again. From that day to this, the descendents of the Robber-Barons have been slaving away to eliminate those safe-guards in order to reap what they see as their just-revenge for having been challenged and restrained, for their crimes of that long ago collapse of the public’s trust.
An international agreement must be created to outlaw forever, the kind of global banking practices that led us all to this place without any shelter from the folly of their criminal attempts, to crash the global economic systems of the world. This is actually as important, or perhaps even more so, than the international agreements that were created to govern the Rules of War.
Before the twelve central banks and their inbred families existed; nation-states theoretically protected their own interests in a hostile and all too dangerous world. So while certain nations could become enslaved or stolen; the entire world was not infected by these money-changers that have been trying to steal everything monetary from everyone that uses the current monetary system. So how did we get here?
“During the Clinton administration, the government required the financial industry to start expanding the frequency of mortgage loans to consumers who might not have qualified in the past.
When George W. Bush was named president by the Supreme Court in December 2000, the stock market had begun to decline with the bursting of the bubble. In 2001 the frequency of White House visits by Alan Greenspan increased.
The Federal Reserve began cutting interest rates, and by 2002 a home-buying frenzy was underway. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went along by guaranteeing the increasing number of mortgage loans.
According to a mortgage broker this writer interviewed, word began to come down through the mortgage banks to begin falsifying mortgage applications to show more borrower income than borrowers actually possessed. Banks that wrote mortgages began to offload them when Wall Street packaged them into mortgage-backed securities that were sold around the world as bonds to investors.
Risk-analysts at the leading credit-rating agencies, such as Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch, gave their highest ratings to mortgage-backed securities whose risks were later acknowledged to be grossly underestimated.
Mortgage companies, with Alan Greenspan’s endorsement, began to offer more Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs), loans that would reset at much higher rates in future years.” (2)
The point behind consolidating all the trade and monetary policies of the planet under a huge global protectorate was not designed to enable a better world: No, this was designed to force the bulk of the world into complete surrender to a shadow-government of ancient criminal dimensions that have always hungered for a Global-Empire where all resistance would be futile!
This is reminiscent of that children’s nursery rhyme:
Humpty Dumpty sat on the Wall.
Then Humpty-Dumpty had a Great Fall,
And all the Kings Horses
And all the Kings Men
Could never put Humpty together again!
In this case; Wall Street should be walled-off and the egg-shaped World of Humpty-Dumpty, should be returned to their individual states and nations with international fire walls that keep them all separate forever. That way nations that have no rules, no oversight and no standards for clear values of properties or investments, need not be allowed to infect those states and people that do have oversight protections and actual international standards for loans and investments that can be easily understood and tracked.
This would assure investors and others that they need not fear that what they thought were sound investments might suddenly just go up in smoke.
Since this crash was fostered and promoted as much by Corporate States, as it was by the scheming connivances of the Money-Changers and their pawns: perhaps it’s time to subject The Corporatocracy to new rules-rules that would limit their lifetimes and rules that would add new corporate responsibilities to their sole purpose; which is to make money without any consideration for anything else that might directly limit or effect their illicit profits.
Ordinary people are not allowed to just “make money” to the distraction of all else: so why not limit corporations to the same set of responsibilities that people have put up with, which includes an end to life as well. (In theory corporations can now live forever).
If the world does not begin this process, then the Corporate States will certainly win if there is a next time, and we will lose everything to them because they are like infants in the crib that worry about nothing except their single-minded purpose: In this case, “making money!”
Imagine how different the world would be if Corporate Charters had to include percentages of shared profit with those that work for them, as well as having to pay for the resources they currently use for free, and then pollute, until they kill the land the water and the air, wherever they chose to place the mini-prisons of their offices and factories. We jail people that are anti-social, or who trash the communities they live and work in: why not do the same to corporations?
The government ought to use some of those taxes we pay to give the public real health-care. Then we could end all those extortionate insurance companies and the medical industry that lobbies congress on everything from health care to medications. This government has taxed this nation to death; and we have nothing whatever to show for all that money except two failed wars, and millions of tons of bombs, bullets and no-bid contracts. And believe it or not this is almost entirely due to the rarified air of the Corporate-climate in America!
Unchecked Capitalism is a cult and needs very careful watching because it is no friend to ordinary people, or even to those that work for them. But “Hey-it’s just business.” If that’s a good enough explanation to us, for their treatment of those who are not part of their upper-crust; then it ought to be the ‘standard’ by which corporations are judged, when it comes to the terms under which they are allowed to do business in any community.
Workers should enjoy some of the benefits that they have produced for the company. That’s not Socialism; it’s called ROI, a fair return on investment. People rent their lives for a portion of each week of time, and what exactly do they get in return: and why should that return not be reflective of the success they have helped immensely to create? Money has no “owner” it is only valuable when it is used.
While key executives might be very influential in assisting a company to maximize their profits: the same has to be said for those who actually do the work and make the products that make the corporations rich. Employees are expected to be “good citizens” within their communities, but has anyone else noticed that corporations have no ethics at all. Corporations certainly feel free to dump the cities, counties and states that enabled them to rise to greatness, whenever they get cheaper labor outside the country, hell the government even rewards this behavior with corporate welfare-in addition to seeing to it that the corporations pay no taxes once they are safely offshore and making billions more than ever before. This too is “just business!”
What about the American workforce that those offshore moves kill outright-why is there not even a fine for doing that to people that in some cases have invested their entire lives working for one of these psychotic giants! When one of their ’employees’ fails a drug test, or is found to be doing less than he or she is “capable of” then there are retributions and possibly termination. In fact there is usually a long list of things that any ’employee’ can be fired for: yet there are no hard and fast rules for firing upper- echelon executives, for anything. When the Corporation commits a crime, against the population or the planet, then that crime is usually reduced to nothingness, or ended with a miniscule fine: And if there is a conflict with an employee the Corporation seldom has to pay for what they’ve done-because “Hey-it’s just business!” (3)
1) Greenspan Calls Credit Crisis ‘a Financial Tsunami’ greenspan_10-23.html
2) They Did it on Purpose: The Housing Bubble and its Crash were engineered context=viewArticle&code=COO20081023&articleId=10654
3) The Bailout 20bailoutwontwork.htm


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The Bankster Wars

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October 22, 2008

The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker


I sensed that the money was going to be used for something other than what Paulson and Bernake originally said it was going to be used for. What the Money Magicians at the Federal Reserve and the Treasury were likely to do instead: Fight those OTHER cabals of (European) central banksters (Banker + Gangster = Bankster) for the right to define the collectivist international banking system.

As some of you may know, there are splits in the bankster ranks. That’s what happens when you get a bunch of marauding egos in a room, let alone a mess of pathocratic plutocrat wannabes! Anyway,I had the feeling the Treasury was going to perform triage by helping a few of the healthier banks become Basel II compliant, so at least THEY could do business with the international banking community, leaving the rest of the U.S. banking world either in shambles, or if functioning, strictly domestic. AND THEN, the Treasury would do . . . something . . . to ward off the Rothschild Repo Man. It’s all above my pay grade of course. Whatever the Master Plan, it is still unconstitutional: Spending OUR money ANY way than what is allowed for in the U.S. Constitution is just WRONG. It still pisses me off.

However, this is War. A bankster War. Banksters put themselves above the Law.

I’ve posted about this topic several times before; just click on my “Synthetic Armageddon” category. Economic collapses are deliberately engineered on high, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man style. Central bankers know how the fiat money Ponzi scheme works, they know the destructive force of inflation, and they know what makes complex societies unravel.Ah, those Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan and Warburg banksters; they do SO know how to clean house every few hundred years. Their grandpappies literally wrote the books on it!

Most people do not know that our country is smack dab in the middle of an aggressive attack by the International Bankster Class, the membership of which are busy “reeling in the Big One” with this latest, biggest fiat money Ponzi scheme of all: The Death of the U.S. Federal Reserve Note. America is in receivership. We’re defaulting on our debts because our money system is BASED upon debt (credit=debt) and every Ponzi scheme has a mathematical limit after which it MUST collapse.

Here’s a recap! The Rothschild Central Bankster formula is to:

a. Flood a targeted economy with credit, “monetizing” it until the economy can no longer afford to make the minimum payments on the loans;

b. Start making demands of the victim country, and punish it with hyperinflation and/or “socialist revolution” if the government balks (including legal and illegal counterfeiting. See Chile, Argentina, and Zimbabwe for historical references);

c. If that does not achieve the necessary capitulations, suddenly shut the credit window and play Repo Man;

d. Buy what remains at fire sale prices; and finally

e. Play Big Mack Daddy, wave a lot of money around, and dictate the terms of recovery to a desperate, angry mob.

(Kneel, Cash and Carry? Bizzare photo credit: Vlogging the Apocalypse)

We’re in the middle of Part B of this latest, Biggest Scam Ever: The Enronized collapse of the whole goddamn world. As you can plainly see we’re nowhere near the bottom of this crisis. I know it seems ghastly but we’ve only just begun. This scary reality cannot be lost on our Congress, so either they are fighting this war the only way they are allowed. One way or another there WILL be a crash unlike any other. There will be Globalism and an New Financial World Order. The question remains: What will the New Monetary Order LOOK like? Ah, the devil in the details.

Meanwhile, enter Neel Kashkari the Bailout Czar. Why yes, he IS a rocket scientist, 35 years old and only six years out of graduate school. The tinfoil hatters are having a FIELD DAY over this man, having dug up his NASA work history and followed the yellow brick road back to Area 51. Don’t make me link to them. What do YOU think?

SO. in light of recent developments, what is REALLY going on with this bazillion dollar bailout? Is this a relatively simple plan to nationalize a few healthy banks (via direct Treasury investment), so that they may amass sufficient $$ reserves to meet the Basel II requirements and fight off the International Repo Men? OR, is this a deep cover operation, and if so, is the operation to save America or sink it faster? ORRRRR . . . is this just an expensive delaying tactic to get us past the elections and into the Summer of Hell 2009 when the shit REALLY hits the fan? Who does Neel Kashkari really serve? What is really going on? Will we ever really know?

See the entire article:

To be hand-delivered…

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The Big Squeeze – Artist: Helene Kippert

Ten Bears

on the morrow. It has long been my conviction that the Y2K Nuts had it right, they just didn’t quite get their fingers wrapped around it: The End of America. The appointment of the Bush Regime by the Military/Media/Industrial complex in collusion with a heavily weighted judiciary over the legally elected Gore administration marked the successful culmination of a seventy year long conspiracy to establish a, then “Hitler Friendly”, Fascist by Benito Mussolini’s own 1933 definition, Corporate State of America. Make no mistake, this junta may indeed be the worst presidency ever for the American People, the American Nation, but they have succeeded in everything they set out to do. They have destroyed the economy with eight years of transferring the public wealth to the private “sector” and just days ago transferring the private sector debt to the public; destroyed our ability to defend ourselves by overstretching the military with a couple of wars built on lies while at the same time establishing for the first time ever a battle brigade on American soil – the apparatus is in place to cancel, postpone, or negate this election – and destroyed whatever credibility we ever had as the leader of free nations, not to mention whatever sympathy we experienced following The Inside Job: 9/11/2001.

We are well and truly fucked.

This election is an illusion. I do not believe these people will let it stand.

Never-the-less: our ballots will be hand delivered tomorrow morning.

And m’ old deer rifle and revolver are clean and well oiled.


Cronytopia: What the World Knows — and Americans Don’t — About the Bailout

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Crime of the Century Tribute – Artist: kreesor

Written by Chris Floyd

Readers of The Guardian were greeted with this leading story — front-page, up top — on Saturday morning:

Wall Street banks in $70bn staff payout
Pay and bonus deals equivalent to 10% of US government bail-out package

Having laid out the thrust of the story very plainly in the headline and sub-head, the paper then detailed the way that the Bush-Obama bailout (the most apt moniker for a scheme devised by the top echelons of the bipartisan elite) is yet another inside job by the Beltway bandits who move in and out of the revolving door between “public service” and vast feeding troughs of Cronytopia.

So while Americans looking at the nations’s “leading newspaper,” the New York Times, found a vast belching of psychobabble and personal gossip about Cindy McCain taking up the front page, the rest of the world was learning this:

Financial workers at Wall Street’s top banks are to receive pay deals worth more than $70bn (£40bn), a substantial proportion of which is expected to be paid in discretionary bonuses, for their work so far this year – despite plunging the global financial system into its worst crisis since the 1929 stock market crash, the Guardian has learned.

Staff at six banks including Goldman Sachs and Citigroup are in line to pick up the payouts despite being the beneficiaries of a $700bn bail-out from the US government that has already prompted criticism. The government’s cash has been poured in on the condition that excessive executive pay would be curbed.

The Guardian errs a bit in that last sentence, of coure. Almost all of the “conditions” mentioned in connection with the bailout have no teeth whatsoever, no enforcement mechanism, no real penalities. They are more properly termed “suggestions,” or rather, “PR exercises that we hope our Wall Street lords will deign to at least pretend to follow for a short time, until the heat is off.”

But still, the meat of the story is solid indeed. And how did the British newspaper find out what America’s “paper of record” — and the countless media outlets that follow its lead — seems not to know? By looking at publicly available documents and connecting the dots: journalism, in other words.

Pay plans for bankers have been disclosed in recent corporate statements. Pressure on the US firms to review preparations for annual bonuses increased yesterday when Germany’s Deutsche Bank said many of its leading traders would join Josef Ackermann, its chief executive, in waiving millions of euros in annual payouts.

The Guardian’s perusal of the Big Banks’ public paperwork reveal what has long been obvious to anyone with eyes: the massive bonuses to top execs and reckless traders have no connection whatsoever to the company’s performance. Quite the opposite, in fact. As the paper notes in a particularly egregious example, the bonuses offered to Morgan Stanley’s top dogs were greater than the entire stock market value of the entire company, after the firm’s worth had been destroyed by, er, Morgan Stanley’s top dogs.

The sums that continue to be spent by Wall Street firms on payroll, payoffs and, most controversially, bonuses appear to bear no relation to the losses incurred by investors in the banks. Shares in Citigroup and Goldman Sachs have declined by more than 45% since the start of the year. Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley have fallen by more than 60%. JP MorganChase fell 6.4% and Lehman Brothers has collapsed….

In the first nine months of the year Citigroup…accrued $25.9bn for salaries and bonuses, an increase on the previous year of 4%. Earlier this week the bank accepted a $25bn investment by the US government as part of its bail-out plan.

At Goldman Sachs the figure was $11.4bn, Morgan Stanley $10.73bn, JP Morgan $6.53bn and Merrill Lynch $11.7bn. At Merrill, which was on the point of going bust last month before being taken over by Bank of America, the total accrued in the last quarter grew 76% to $3.49bn. At Morgan Stanley, the amount put aside for staff compensation also grew in the last quarter to the end of August by 3% to $3.7bn.

Days before it collapsed into bankruptcy protection a month ago Lehman Brothers revealed $6.12bn of staff pay plans in its corporate filings. These payouts, the bank insisted, were justified despite net revenue collapsing from $14.9bn to a net outgoing of $64m.

Think of that: burning your company’s $15 billion pile of cash down to a handful of ashes still gets you more than $6 billion in easy money.

The UK bailout plan is somewhat more rigorous: the government has actually forced a few top bank brass to resign, and has taken a controlling or substantial role in actually running several banks — as opposed to the American plan, which consists largely of buying watered stock in a few big beasts while giving them the keys to the treasury to pay for their continuing bonus binges.

But this is not to say that the UK plan is not also a mug’s game rigged for incestuous insiders. All the Nobel-wreathed claptrap about Gordon Brown as the “saviour” of the global economic system is the usual hero-worship from afar that so often afflicts Americans when it comes to the UK. (Look how Tony Blair swans around in the States, gathering honors, teaching at Yale, etc., when he hardly dares show his face in his own country.) The government’s Financial Services Authority, the supposed watchdog over the British bailout, is stuffed with haughtily-titled insiders who come straight from the institutions they are supposed to be regulating — and were themselves responsible in many cases for bringing on the crisis back when they were grazing in Cronytopia.

But, as always, the Brits are small fry when compared to the other half of the “special relationship.” As the indispensible Pam Martens details in CounterPunch, the Bush-Obama bailout is an intensely incestuous insider’s club made up of the very authors of the massive economic collapse. This includes — most emphatically and no doubt deliberately — the people appointed by Goldman Sachs gamester turned Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to “represent taxpayer interests” in the gargantuan give-away:

…we learn from the U.S. Treasury web site that it has hired the law firm of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett to represent our taxpayer interests going forward at a cost to us of $300,000 for six months work. But we’re not allowed to know their hourly wages; that information has been blacked out on the Treasury’s contract. Curiously, the Treasury has named in its contract the specific lawyers it wants to work for us. Two of those are Lee A. Meyerson and David Eisenberg. Mr. Meyerson has been a central player in facilitating the bank consolidations that have led to the present train wreck, including building JPMorgan Chase from the body parts of Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan and Bank One.

Mr. Eisenberg has played a central role in the proliferation of the credit derivatives blowing up on the books of the Frankenbanks created by Mr. Meyerson. Here’s what the Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett web site says about its relationships and Mr. Eisenberg’s work:

“The Firm’s practice benefits from established relationships with all of the major investment banks…Mr. Eisenberg is responsible for creating the asset-backed practice at the firm and has represented clients involved in the structuring of the first asset-backed commercial paper program, the first public offering of credit card-backed securities by a bank and the first offering of asset-backed securities supported by dealer floor plan loans…Mr. Eisenberg represents JPMorgan Chase Bank, as issuer, in its ongoing program of public offerings of its credit card receivables backed notes. In addition Mr. Eisenberg represented JPMorgan Chase Bank in connection with the issuance of notes backed by commercial loans and in connection with its offerings of Leveraged Notes for Credit Exposure, a credit derivative product. Mr. Eisenberg has also represented underwriters, issuers and sponsors of modeled index catastrophe bonds. Mr. Eisenberg has represented sellers and buyers of credit protection in connection with synthetic securitizations of consumer loans, commercial loans and high yield bonds.”

This is an unconscionable conflict of interest given that JPMorgan Chase is receiving $25 billion of taxpayer funds under this bailout and that the program is very likely to be buying the very toxic waste for which Mr. Eisenberg wrote legal opinions and assisted in proliferating.

It is an unconscionable conflict, but as we know, “conscience” is not an operative concept on the commanding heights of Cronytopia.


Children of the Empty Promise – Money The Ultimate Addiction

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Children of the Empty Promise

October 16, 2008

Jim Kirwan


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Children of the Empty Promise

Last night’s debate ended another long and irrelevant campaign. ‘The Children of the Empty Promise’ was created in 1966, in response to Lyndon Baines Johnson who gave us The Great Society and left these children that are now in their mid-forties. That world changed, but not for the better! The relevance of this comparison is that what we do now about everything that has gone wrong for decades, will determine not just what happens to our children; but everything that will potentially come crashing down upon us all.

Every four years all the words and phrases are exactly the same: ‘We’re going to change the world, save the middle class and restore “American Values, along with that special favorite “The American Dream.” ’ “Funding, tax-breaks, earmarks: Yet, during all of Cheney-Bush the only things we’ve ever spent real money on were bombs and bullets and secret no-bid contracts to enforce failed polices that are illegal, amoral and criminal.

Control over taxes must be returned to the people directly – maybe we could hold national elections for that one, since our representatives refuse to do it! Congress was supposed to do this, but their responsibilities went right out the window, along with ‘our’ severely damaged constitution and all the laws that they just could not wait to trash under their new Dictator – some very disturbing facts that both these contenders for top-criminal have already signed off on! Neither contender mentioned our tremendously successful new jobs program – that’s the option of last resort – which is to join the military and kill people for multi-national corporations! ‘You too could volunteer’! Another tremendous career opportunity for our men and women, given the fact that there are no real jobs and the real direction that this country is already apparently committed to!

By the way, we should not be in the business of protecting those corporations and the bankers from the public, nor has it been proven that giving tax breaks to these people does anything but encourage more theft, fraud and criminal activity. The elites already have more money from illicit profits than any business conglomerate in the world could ever dream of – so why not cap executive salaries, and spread the pain around a little? We need to re-enact Glass-Stiegel and put real fire-walls between all the various kinds of financial games and outright criminality!

Government spending on the Bush Doctrine of 2002 is what is “Out-of-Control!” We do not have a mandate to bankrupt or to murder the rest of the planet, any more than we have to outspend the world fifteen times over on a military that is overused, worn out, and stretched too far to ever complete any of their ever-changing missions. Cut the purse strings and bring the National Guard units home immediately. We need them all here to defend the citizens, during this pending imposition of Martial Law!

If we were really serious about cutting-costs then we ought to break all those secret-contracts with the mercenaries, this would end our wars for profit in the Middle-East and elsewhere in a flash! But that’s never going to happen!

And since we’re now way beyond insolvency we need to dump the Zionists that have taken over Israel. We’ve been subsidizing that unfinished state for over fifty years so let’s let the Zionists fight their own fights for a change! We have real needs here that must take precedence over the failures of that spoiled, dependent and parasitic-state. But don’t look for any help with this from either of these two amateurs – both have sworn undying allegiance to Israel over the real interests of the United States, which technically makes both Obama and McCain –Traitors. But what then does this make us; for tolerating “leaders” that publicly swear allegiance to foreign nations, with tremendous pride, over the nation that pays them, and is the one and only nation that these traitors are supposed to represent!

Tonight made something else official, neither candidate has even mentioned that Mammoth in the living room that no one plans to deal with; which are the real costs of those Derivatives that are out there in the dark just waiting for us like a trillion vultures – and neither candidate has put forward any plan to deal seriously with any of this reality!

“The entire crisis is not a crisis of subprime mortgages, it is a crisis of the derivatives bubble which was launched by Wendy Gramm of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and Greenspan of the Fed with the connivance of Robert Rubin of Goldman Sachs and Citibank, and others in the Clinton administration, some 15 years ago. These derivatives now amount to a total worldwide notional value that can be estimated between 1 quadrillion and two quadrillion US dollars. This sum is so large that it dwarfs the total value of the entire planet earth and all those who live here. Compared to the cancerous, bloated, and fictitious mass of derivatives which is at the root of this crisis, the $700 billion demanded by politicians, large as this may seem, is nothing but a drop in the bucket. And a drop in the bailout bucket is what it will be. The mass of world derivatives between $1 and $2 quadrillion represents an insatiable black hole which is capable of putting an end, not just to civilization, but to human life itself.” (1)

“The total potential cost of the financial bailout to the U.S. taxpayer is already rapidly approaching $5 trillion, over seven times as much as the meaningless $700 billion bailout bill figure.

Analysts have previously marked out the $5 trillion figure as the actual cost, now those predictions are becoming demonstratively accurate.

Meanwhile, Hank Paulson has defended government intervention, stating “There’s no doubt that the way to get the maximum bang for the taxpayers here was to invest in banks.”” (2)

The US keeps three sets of books. The first is what we let the politicians talk about; the second is the “serious truth” which we give to insider’s for the talk-shows to threaten the little people with, whenever ‘we’ begin to get too testy. Then there are the real figures: The actuality we face is 56 Trillion in off the books debt that we have no plans at all to even remotely deal with! (3)

Where does all this leave us? Well if the past is prologue, then here’s another gift from 1966 – this one from LBJ’s War on Poverty – it’s called:

“A Home for Every One”
A Home for Everyone

This was the Model Cities Program created by LBJ but that now has been taken over by FEMA. Just as The War on Poverty produced only deeper poverty, and the War on Drugs has only turned this place into a nation of addicts: every one of the Oval Office turncoats since LBJ has been doing his part to bring us to this point, and with the clarity of yesterday’s numbers it is now obvious that the Central Banks are actively colluding to destabilize the world’s economies! This is not even secret anymore because they think there’s nothing that can be done to stop them! Let’s give them a “Surprise” of our own for a “Change.” And let’s do something about them!

It looks like it’s over, and if all that mattered were the technical truths and the very real projections, then that might be so. But given the last forty-four years that I’ve watched this cavalcade of Oval-Office-Occupants pass through what remains of a nation – each one worse than the last – I’d have to say that this nation has never faced anything like this total takeover of the planet. Maybe the sheer arrogance of this most recent set of moves this will finally force people to do what they know they must, to stop this nightmare. What I ‘know’ beyond words, is that if we do not move to stop these thugs now – then it will be too late for anything else – and these debates were designed to do nothing more than waste your time!

Jim Kirwan


1) Not Enough Trees in the World
2) Total Bailout Cost Heads Toward $5 Trillion
3) The 56 Trillion Dollar Deficit | Bill Maher Interviews Former Comptroller General David Walker – video



The Ultimate Addiction

October 15, 2008

The Devil does indeed ‘lie in the details’ of this finalizing moment of the federal government’s insertion of itself, into the previously most-private interests of the major banks and US financial institutions. As early as today it is becoming clear that these banks and institutions are not yet “interested” in loaning out the $250 Billion that they got in exchange for letting the government into their private dens-of-monetary-iniquity: “NOT interested”!

So the owners are going to keep the money to “earn” more illicit interest, at the expense of those in crying need for what that investment of capital was supposed to solve? That’s what we get for not making the loaning of that money immediately mandatory! Analysis’s say that the money just inserted will not be available for several months: which translates to “AFTER the Elections.”

According to the Wall Street Journal this morning:
“Monday afternoon at 3 p.m. at the Treasury headquarters Messrs Paulson and Bernanke had called one of the most important gatherings of bankers in American history. As the meeting neared a close, each banker was handed a term sheet determining how the government would take stakes valued at a combined $125 billion in their banks, and impose new restrictions on executive pay and dividend policies.” However from comments made at that meeting it was clear that the bankers did not see the need for this, however it was equally clear to them, that they had to sign those term sheets.

Meanwhile: “The Fed, on its own initiative, began passing out the cash. $49 billion last Wednesday alone went to the banks. That same day, the Fed lent $146 billion to investment firms. By the time people went home for the weekend, $410 billion had passed from the Fed to private firms. The money was lent, says the Bloomberg report, at about 2.25% interest.” As a point of reference, I got an email where Oliver Garret of Casey Research by way of The Daily Reckoning said, “To put this amount into perspective: if you had spent one million dollars a day, from the birth of Christ until today, you would have only spent about 732 billion dollars.”” The Mogambo Guru for The Daily Reckoning, Australia.

Apparently high finance is too esoteric for most Americans to keep up with. Maybe we can more easily understand how the dollar signs on the ankles above are instrumental in linking us to each other. But there are additional common denominators throughout his entire charade that de-mystify this giveaway of the public’s money to the most dangerous high-profile criminals in the land: Our Money-Lenders!

These money-lenders, the owners of our lives, are in the habit of demanding all kinds of behavior-modifications from the public, as well as the work-force, to minimize “risks” to their capital investments: Risks that they feel they suffer whenever any of their two-legged collateral is employed.

Workers are property (business collateral) and must be monitored in every aspect of their lives: even though they are only paid for a small portion of their 24-7 workweek; which their owners currently have total-control over. So in exchange for the privilege of a dead-end job; workers must modify their behaviors to conform to what is directly optimal for the financial benefit of their Owners. That is what lies behind the regulations of every habit and association practiced by any employee; on or off their so-called “jobs”!

Now compare that “deal” with the one that was struck in 1913 by the Federal Reserve “Bank” with the Congress of the United States. In exchange for the right to print all US currency; The Federal Reserve Bank did NOT have to pay the government for that license, rather, we the people of the USA had to pay them (the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank) for every dollar of ours which they print!

What kind of a negotiation was that; and who exactly was “protecting the real and long-term interests of the people” of this country? It was definitely not the congress, or the US Supreme Court, and that illegal quagmire is at the core of this entire problem with our money and our “credit” now!

Common-denominators Throughout every financial investment or money management decision, the parties involved from the investors to the lenders to the borrowers; the one thing that all seem to have in common is an addiction to outrageous profits. This is akin to being simultaneously addicted to both cocaine and heroin. When addictions on this level are involved, neither rational thinking nor common sense, are ever allowed to affect the final choices made by these quasi-legal constructs that we call corporations or privately owned central banks, which the public must then live with!

Is this gullible American public going to let this happen again without a fight! Damn! And to think we used to pride ourselves on being hard-headed businessmen and women: Looks like we just sold out to the worst bunch of criminals this world has ever seen, and we’re doing it without even filing class-action lawsuits against every agency involved, for all that they’ve already taken from us; not to mention how much more we shall continue to lose – given their obvious reluctance to act in time to avert those huge additional loses; loses which these confounding mixed signals are sending to the nation and the world!

If America is ever going to get out of this bottomless pit that we’re digging for ourselves: then we have to stop digging – now! And as full-blown financial addicts we must rein-in the usurious habits that we’ve allowed our owners to become accustomed to.

Interest rates must be slashed on everything and the taxes that were taken off the major corporations must be reinstated, then added to, as these partners in crime acting on behalf of the money-lenders have been the only ones to benefit from seven years of war and criminality to which this administration has fully committed this nation and our descendents for the next fifty years!

This is why people have to be fired at the top, in every area of the administration of this Bailout of the Bandits, if there is to ever be even the slightest hope of that return to profitability that yesterday’s headlines so prematurely-proclaimed, in banner headlines!

Addicts of any kind have never made good leaders, because they are far too vulnerable to the weaknesses of their addictions: in this case their addiction to obscene amounts of illicit profits. If those setting the interest rates and making decisions are removed, then the stock-holders will be forced to curtail their addictions as well. If this cannot be done – then we need to get used to the idea that “Yesterday is Gone,” forever! From the day on which that phrase becomes the fact: everything here will crumble, because there will be no room for anything that is actually legitimate or legal: Which means that an Outlaw-Country will have replaced what working people built into an imperfect nation, but one that at least had a fighting chance for most of its people.

The New World Order, in the uniform of The Fascist North American Union, will not resemble that “USA” that so many still believe exists! Once the ‘selections’ are over the real changes will begin because there will technically no longer be any reason at all to fear this public: A public that has proven itself over and over and over again to be more than compliant – with whatever these overpaid traitors have directed them “to do!” As an example, the only reference to the public, given in any of the government’s explanations for this crisis has never included the word citizen. “We” are always referred to as “consumers,” because under the constitution consumers have no standing at all, whereas “citizens” have rights!

It was your money that they’re using now: and if you continue to do nothing the rest of everything you have will end up in their coffers. I live hand-to-mouth now, but when I was younger those who lived as most do now were targets for every kind of con, because they did not pay attention: None of that has changed America, because “a Mark is still a Mark, just as “a Con is still a Con.” What happened to that pride that you used to have about being so aware, especially when it came to business?

Talk to your friends; take another long, hard look at your business associates, at your relationships and, god forbid, at what passes for your life! There have to be a number of things that you can do now, to begin to take back control over your own life, and reassert yourself. We must break our chains to this addiction to illicit profits and Outlaw control over our government because failure to do this now is unthinkable!

Jim Kirwan