A New Surgeon General Joins the Scam

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Obama’s pick for Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin, may be a good doctor and a decent person but she wasn’t picked to bring individuality or any opposing views to the administration. She will be a cheerleader for the new national health ‘care’ initiatives and she will know her place.

It won’t be long before we see her on TV setting the stage for the H1N1 vaccinations and reading from the script.

I hate to say this but shouldn’t the Surgeon General be height/weight proportionate to set an example for the American population?
Before introducing Dr. Benjamin, the president issued a stern warning about the speed of the health care overhaul.
“I just want to put everybody on notice, because there was a lot of chatter during the week that I was gone,’’ the president said. “We are going to get this done. Inaction is not an option. For those naysayers, cynics who think that this is not going to happen: Don’t bet against us, we are going to make this thing happen because the American people desperately need it.’’

Calling the surgeon general’s post “a physician’s dream,” Benjamin pledged to be “America’s doctor” and to help guide the nation through whatever health care changes are approved by Congress and the White House. {more}

Will Benjamin push for mandatory vaccinations and setting up the jab stations in public schools all over the country?

Let’s take another look at what she may become the main spokesperson for.

Swine Flu Outbreak or Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder?
Bill Lindner

Citizens are advised not to take the supposed vaccine for the Swine flu: Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian Investigative journalist, reportedly filed charges with the FBI in Austria on June 10, 2009 against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking members of the U.S. Federal government, including President Obama and corporate officials, concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder, just in time for the anticipated July release of Baxter’s A/H1N1 flu vaccine — though it remains to be seen whether the FBI will conduct an investigation or reveal more complicity in keeping heinous crimes covered up.

Burgermeister prepared an injunction against forced vaccination that is being filed in America. In April she filed charges against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, with allegations that this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a worldwide pandemic.

Burgermeister has presented evidence of acts of bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law, committed by a group that is operating in the U.S. under the direction of International bankers who control the Federal Reserve, WHO, the UN and NATO for the purpose of carrying out mass genocide against the U.S. population by using a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intention of causing a massive amount of deaths. Unsurprisingly, this group involves officials holding high U.S. government offices. Leaders in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) also allegedly know that the vaccine is not safe.

Once again the U.S. state-sponsored major media has made no mention of this, which isn’t surprising when you look at the way they have purposely and repeatedly misled this country — look at the attacks of 9/11 and all that has happened since the U.S. began the fraudulent ‘War on Terror’ under the Bush cabal. Illegal propaganda is a powerful — and dangerous — weapon the Federal Government has utilized for decades.

Mountains of Evidence Against High-Ranking Public Officials

Evidence indicating that an international corporate criminal syndicate has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain has been presented.

Members of this criminal syndicate allegedly include: U.S. President Barack Obama, UN System Coordinator for Influenza David Nabarro, Director-General of WHO Margaret Chan, U.S. Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius, U.S. Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, bankers David de Rotschild, David Rockefeller and George Soros, Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann and Austrian Health Minister Alois Stoger among others.

The charges filed by Burgermeister contend that the defendants mentioned above conspired with each other and others to develop, fund and participate in the final phase of implementing a covert international bioweapons program that also involves Pharmaceutical giants Baxter and Novartis.

By bioengineering and releasing lethal biological agents — the ‘bird flu’ virus and the ‘swine flu virus’ — as a pretext for implementing a forced mass vaccination program, the syndicate would be able to administer a toxic biological agent that causes death and injury to the people of the U.S. in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act.

72 Kilos of Live Bird Flu Virus Supplied to Baxter AG by the WHO

Burgermeister also presented evidence that Baxter AG, the Austrian subsidiary of Baxter International, deliberately sent 72 kilos of live bird flu virus that was supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2008 to 16 laboratories in 4 countries, offering clear proof that the pharmaceutical companies and International Government agencies have been actively engaging in producing, developing, manufacturing and distributing deadly biological weapons in order to trigger a pandemic and cause a large amount of civilian deaths.

Baxter’s lab in Austria, supposedly one of the most secure biosecurity labs in the world, disregarded the most basic and essential procedures to keep 72 kilos of a classified pathogenic bioweapon secure and seperated from all other substances, instead allowing it to be mixed with the ordinary human flu virus and sent out to the rest of the world from its facilities in Orth and Donau.

When a staff member at BioTest in the Czech Republic tested material meant for candidate vaccines on ferrets, the ferrets died. There was no investigation or follow up from the WHO, the EU or the Austrian health authorities into the content of the virus material, and there is no data on the genetic sequence of the virus that has been released.

Burgermeister’s dossier reportedly reveals that the release of the virus was supposed to be an essential step for triggering a pandemic that would allow the WHO to declare a Level 6 Pandemic. She lists the laws and decrees that would allow the Un and WHO to take over the U.S. should a pandemic occur and the legislation that would require compliance with mandatory vaccinations in the U.S. once a pandemic was declared.

Manufactured ‘Swine Flu’ Could Only be Created in a Laboratory

She presented evidence revealing that the bird flu and the swine flu viruses were in fact bioengineered in laboratories using funding that was supplied by WHO and other government agencies among others, charges that the entire ‘swine flu’ pandemic business is a massive lie and that there is no natural virus that poses a threat to the population. According to many experts, the ‘swine flu’ is part swine flu, part human flu and part bird flu, a hybrid that can only come from laboratories.

Claims from WHO that this ‘swine flu’ is a pandemic are intentionally misleading, probably because the viruses that were released were created and released with the help of WHO, making them responsible for the ‘pandemic’ in the first place. Also noted by Burgermeister is the fact that the death figures reported as ‘swine flu’ are inconsistent and there is no clarity as to how the number of ‘deaths’ are documented.

A pandemic could occur if mass vaccinations of the tainted vaccine are carried out under the guise of protecting populations since there is evidence showing that mandatory vaccines have been intentionally contaminated to cause death.

Novartis bird flu vaccine killed 21 homeless people in Poland during the summer of 2008. The same International Pharmaceutical companies and International Government agencies who developed the contaminated vaccines are set to profit greatly from contracts to supply the contaminated vaccines while state-sponsored media purposely spreads misinformation designed to entice people of the U.S. into getting the contaminated vaccine.

Using Terror to Force People to Give up Their Rights

The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, the National Emergency Act, National Security Presidential Directive 51, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20 and the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza were designed in part to require vaccinations in the event of ‘National Emergencies’ or ‘pandemics.’

Burgermeister charges that those named in her allegations (mentioned above) implemented and/or accelerated implementation of ‘laws’ and regulations — in the U.S. since 2008 — aimed at stripping citizens of the U.S. of lawful Constitutional rights to refuse an injection. These same people have made it a crime to refuse to take injections against pandemic viruses and imposed other excessive and cruel penalties such as imprisonment and/or quarantine in FEMA camps while barring victims of the injections in the U.S. from claiming compensation from deaths or injuries that result from being forcefully injected — just more proof that it’s long past time to repeal all of the illegal, unconstitutional ‘legislation’ that our corrupted Republicans and Democrats in Congress have egregiously passed these past eight and a half years and it’s time to lock up those in Congress who have enabled these treasonous actions. Everything that has happened since the Bush cabal allowed the attacks of 9/11 has been intentionally designed to destroy rights, liberties, and to control populations.

As with Iraq, mass murder was preplanned. Revelations of the FEMA concentration camps and the mass coffins/coffin liners that were revealed suddenly seem to have a little more meaning. Some claim that the DHS wasn’t created to make Americans safe. It was created to make it easier to create mass murder. Many in our Federal government, from Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive branch have repeatedly committed treason against the American people, which also helps explain why the government aided in the attacks of 9/11 — recently it was revealed that the NSA has a special unit set up to help squash leaks regarding government involvement in the attacks of 9/11. It also helps explain why nothing has been done to the Bush administration for all the crimes they committed with the help of their enablers in Congress and the Judiciary.

Burgermeister further charges that Pharmaceutical companies consisting of Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi Aventis are part of the dual purpose bioweapons program financed by the crime syndicate with the intentions of reducing the world’s population by more than 5 billion people in the next ten years by committing mass murder and planning to spread terror to justify forcing people to give up their rights. Sound familiar? It should. The Bush administration did it for several years.

It appears that the North American Union, as well as the intentional destruction of the U.S. Constitution, were aimed at giving control over natural resources such as water and undeveloped oil lands to a group of international elites, as well as total control over North America.

‘Swine Flu’ Vaccines are Defined as Bioweapons

A 69-page document presented as evidence by Burgermeister in her June 10, 2009 filing to substantiate her charges is quite impressive. She appears to have thoroughly done her homework. Evidence includes a factual background delineating time lines and facts establishing probable cause, UN and WHO definitions and roles, and history and incidents from the April 2009 ‘swine flu’ outbreak as well as evidence that the ‘swine flu’ vaccines are defined as bioweapons. She also presented a lot of scientific evidence.

More disturbingly, she presents evidence of the deliberate release of the ‘swine flu’ in Mexico, conveniently timed to coincide with President Obama’s trip to Mexico as well as evidence connecting Baxter and WHO to producing and releasing pandemic virus material in Austria.

There is evidence implicating Baxter, Novartis, and WHO’s role in the bioweapons program, WHO’s manipulation of data in order to justify declaring a Pandemic Level 6 and evidence showing the FDA’s role in covering up the bioweapons program. Canada’s National Microbiology Labs, the UK’s NIBSC and the CDC all played roles too. There is evidence showing the intentional manipulation of the legal framework — surprise, surprise — to allow mass murder with impunity as well as various Constitutional issues.

There is allegedly evidence showing the existence of an international corporate crime syndicate, evidence to the existence of the ‘Illuminati’ as well as evidence of the depopulation agenda of the Illuminati/Bilderbergs and their involvement in engineering and releasing the artificial ‘swine flu’ virus. There is even evidence showing that the weaponized flu was discussed at the annual Bilderberg meeting in Athens this past May as part of their agenda of genocide, as well as a list of attendees who view themselves as genetically superior to the rest of humanity. More information can be found in the article from Natural News.

Swine Flu Outbreak or Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder?

Whistle-blowers have provided some evidence too. It’s no wonder the Federal government hates them so much! As I’ve said numerous times in the past, it’s time to clean house and throw away the trash that has permeated our Congress for so long. It’s time to get rid of the Federal judges — including those in the Supreme Court — that have been appointed by highly-corrupted presidents such as those we’ve had the displeasure of having in office for the past couple of decades, although the last one who just left this past January probably takes the cake as far as being the most corrupt so far.

Obama has proven many times over the past several months that he’s just an extension of our former president. Every single one of the enablers should be locked up. This isn’t something that happened overnight. This is something that, as noted by AARP, has been planned for a long time.

Earlier this year, in April, there was a report claiming that there is ample evidence proving that the Department of Homeland Security was transporting Bird Flu to Mexico to intentionally infect and kill some of the population and start the usual propaganda campaign to instill fear in everyone. The government has been creating disasters for years, it’s just become a lot more evident these past eight and a half years since the appointment of George W. Bush to the presidency that continues on under Barack Obama.

To date, 39 U.S. States have declared their sovereignty. It’s time for the U.S. Government to work for the people like it’s supposed to, not the large corporations. It’s time for the American people to take their Constitution and their country back. Everything that has happened since the Bush cabal allowed the attacks of 9/11 has been a global war on populations, not terror — terror is the one consistent factor illegally utilized by the Federal government over the past eight and a half years — and it all needs closer scrutinization and investigation. It’s long past time to end the illegal nsa spying, time to repeal all of the illegal, unconstitutional ‘legislation’ that our corrupted Republicans and Democrats in Congress have egregiously passed and it’s time to clean house, take out the trash and lock up those in Congress, Washington and elsewhere who have enabled these treasonous actions.

The question remains: Swine flu outbreak or Bioterrorism and intent to commit mass murder? You can draw your own conclusion but we need to know the truth and we need to know the answer.

Source: American Chronicle

Big money, bribes and blackmail are pulling the strings.

US to spend another $1 billion for flu vaccine

States Eligible to Receive $350 Million for H1N1 Preparedness Efforts

Britain: Swine Flu Vaccine Ordered for Entire Population

Trust the government, the new Surgeon General, drug companies and the mainstream media?

Heed Flu Vaccination Warnings and Bad Omens

Les Visible puts it plainly:

Don’t let the government give you any shots. Let me repeat that, don’t let the government give you any shots. It looks like they want to kill you; “let me count the ways.”


Feds loan billions for electric cars, GM left out of the circuit

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Middle Tennessee is reeling from the uncertainty of GM’s Spring Hill plant but the Smyrna Nissan assembly plant will get a $1.6 billion government loan for building an all electric car and possibly creating an additional 1,300 jobs as well as construction workers for a plant addition.

Nissan prototype electric car

Nissan is expected to unveil the electric vehicle, or EV, in Japan on Aug. 2 and begin sales in the U.S. late next year. It plans to start building the zero-emission, electric-only vehicles in Japan initially but shift production to Smyrna by late 2012, said Susan Brennan, Nissan vice president for manufacturing at the Middle Tennessee plant.

On Tuesday, Nissan received a $1.6 billion conditional loan commitment from the U.S. Energy Department — one of three carmakers, including Ford and California-based Tesla Motors — to get such aid. Nissan will use its package and a $500 million investment of its own to build a new battery plant in Smyrna and make modifications to its existing plant.

At full production, the Smyrna plant will need an additional 300 workers to build an electric car plus 1,000 new employees for the battery shop, Brennan said. Advanced ion lithium batteries will be built from scratch and assembled into ready-to-install modules at a new 1 million-square-foot facility.

Construction on facilities will begin the end of this year after a government-required environmental assessment is completed.

Economists said the total investment, which is likely to top $2 billion, will end up creating more construction jobs in the state before auto production starts. “If they end up hiring local workers to do the concrete pouring and other construction, that will have an impact before production of the electric vehicle and batteries even occur.” {more}

GM, despite bailouts and now in bankruptcy, had its chance to become a leader in the electric car market but decided to side with the oil companies.

Who Killed The Electric Car?

GM did. The GM EV1 of the late 1990’s, a fine vehicle that ran on household current and had the people that GM had leased the car to raving about its performance and dependability.

What did GM do with all that positive customer feedback? They went and took back the leased vehicles, despite the customers pleading with GM to let them buy the and took the cars to a remote SW desert location and crushed them into scrap metal.

GM said to hell with electric cars and bought Hummer. Honda and Toyota went ahead with electric car hybrids.

If GM had foresight and kept the EV1, would they be in bankruptcy today? {more}

Ford also gets a $5.9 billon loan to help the company upgrade factories to produce 13 fuel-efficient vehicles. Tesla will receive $465 million in loans to build electric vehicles and electric drive powertrains in California.

But who will buy these vehicles? Limited drive range and steep prices in a market that is shrinking as American wages continue to go down could be a problem.

The Tesla sports cars will be out of reach for most buyers. Perhaps the government thinks the rich will flock to them as an ‘environmental’ status symbol and justifying the loan.

Tesla is selling the Roadster, an electric sports car that starts at $109,000 and can travel 244 miles on a 3.5-hour charge. The California automaker is developing an all-electric Model S sedan, which is expected to sell for $60,000 by mid-2011. {more}

The wild card in the electric car momentum will be the cap and trade/climate change bill that Nancy Pelosi said she wanted a vote on before the Congress breaks next week for its July 4 holiday.

At nearly 1,000 pages and probably not understood by most in Congress and most likely not even read by them, what would be the cost increases for electricity? Estimates range from a few hundred dollars a year to several thousand per family.

So we don’t even know the cost to charge an electric car but it’s full steam ahead with loans to get them going.

In theory, electric cars are the future but when the government gets involved, who knows what the outcome will be.

We are soon to find out.

WKRN Nashville video on the government loans

GM’s extortion racket to keep the Saturn plant open in Tennessee

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We should have known that when the federal government gets into the auto business, they would resort to their old tactic…extortion. As with the federal income tax, it’s pay up or suffer the consequences.
In 1990 at the Saturn opening, local officials praised GM’s investment. Government Motors now tells them “pony up or we’ll take our ball and go home.” Pay for play.

GM wants cash up front to bring small car to Tennessee

SPRING HILL, Tenn. – The news that General Motors wants hundreds of millions of dollars from the state up front to bring production of its new small car to Spring Hill has only further increased anxiety among the plant’s 2,500 workers.

Workers at the plant they’re hopeful the automaker will select its plant to build the new small car, but it’s looking less likely.

Governor Phil Bredesen on Thursday, upon returned from a meeting with GM officials in Washington, said the automaker requested cash upfront to utilize Spring Hill’s plant to build the new small car.

He said GM doesn’t care about tax credits and only wants to know how large a check the state is willing to write upfront.

“This is for them right now,” he said. “[It’s] all about frontend money.”

The governor has said this is not a year the state can “spare” a couple hundred million dollars.

On Friday, Jim Smith, interim city administer for the city of Spring Hill, said while the news is “discouraging”, “it’s part of the process and we have to wade through it.”

The GM plant is an economic engine in the Spring Hill community and helps support Maury County through property taxes and spending at local businesses.

The governor isn’t taking Tennessee out of the running for the new car he just has to figure out how to convince GM to build it here.

“I was real pleased with Governor Bredesen’s stance on it,” said local business owner Daniel Hartsfield. “He is trying to keep GM from holding the state hostage. The plant should be here.”

The Spring Hill plant will go idle in November when production of the Chevrolet Traverse shifts to a plant in Michigan.

It is not known how long it will remain that way.

source: WKRN Nashville



We Now Have A Total Gangster Government

Oops, That Should Have Been Kept Secret

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Santa encounters tight security during a wartime visit to Oak Ridge.

It’s hard to believe that a document so sensitive that it cannot be released to the public was put up on an official US website. But you know how scatterbrained some of their employees are. Or was it really a mistake?

Another good reason to control the internet? The new Cyber Czar will see to it.

And where is the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty IAEA report from Israel? Oh yeah, they are not a signatory.


US nuclear ‘treasure map for terrorists’ posted in error on government website {Guardian UK}

Wednesday 3 June 2009

An exhaustive list of America’s nuclear sites – including maps showing the location of fuel for nuclear weapons – has been accidentally posted on a government website, but the Obama administration denied that the leak had jeopardised national security.

The 266-page document, marked “highly confidential”, was removed from the website of the Government Printing Office last night following media inquiries.

Barack Obama had ordered the report for the International Atomic Energy Agency in the hopes of prodding other countries, such as Iran, to submit similar classified information nuclear activities to the agency.

In his accompanying letter to Congress, Obama described the information as “sensitive but unclassified”. Nearly every page is stamped “highly confidential safeguards sensitive”.

“The enclosed draft declaration lists each site, location, facility, and activity I intend to declare to the IAEA,” he wrote.

It was not immediately clear how the report, with details of hundreds of US nuclear facilities, including reactor sites and confidential sites at weapons labs, ended up on the website of the Government Printing Office.

Its publication was first noted on Monday by Steve Aftergood, who publishes a blog on government secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists.

The report contains information on America’s nuclear weapons labs at Los Alamos in New Mexico, Livermore and Sandia as well as scores of other nuclear sites.

In its potentially most serious breach, the report provides a map showing the exact location of a storage site for highly enriched weapons grade uranium at the heavily guarded Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

The Obama administration admitted the information should never have been released. But Damien LaVera, a spokesman for the National Nuclear Security Administration, said in a statement that the disclosure posed no risk to security.

“The departments of energy, defence and commerce and the [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] all thoroughly reviewed it to ensure that no information of direct national security significance would be compromised.”

Even so, some security analysts today raised concerns that thieves or terrorists could make use of the maps that show where the nuclear fuels are stored.

Kit Bond, the leading Republican on the Senate’s intelligence committee, told reporters it was a “virtual treasure map for terrorists.”

However, military and civilian experts concluded that the document – while offering an extensive account of the US nuclear complex – did not pose a serious danger as much of the information was already in the public realm.

“These screw-ups happen,” John Deutch, a former director of central intelligence and deputy secretary of defence told the New York Times. “It’s going further than I would have gone but doesn’t look like a serious breach.”


Obama IAEA nuclear sites declaration for the United States, draft, 267 pages, 5 May 2009

June 1, 2009
Summary {Wikileaks}

States that are signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty are required to confidentially provide the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with a description of the location and purpose of each of their nuclear sites.

The document presents a sensitive 5 May, 2009 draft of all US nuclear sites for Congressional review together with a covering note from President Barack Obama giving more detail on the restrictions.

It seems that by mistake, the entire document, including the sensitive portions–labeled as such on every page–was printed by the US Government Printing Office.

A day after its publication here, and on Secrecy News, the GPO removed the document from its website, according a story published in the New York Times two days later.

The document is likely to be of substantial interest to environmental activists.

From the pdf file:

111th Congress, 1st Session – – – – – – – – – – – – – House Document 111–37


MAY 6, 2009.—Message and accompanying papers referred to the
Committee on Foreign Affairs and ordered to be printed.

To the Congress of the United States:

I transmit herewith a list of the sites, locations, facilities, and activities in the United States that I intend to declare to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), under the Protocol Additional to the Agreement between the United States of America and the International Atomic Energy Agency for the Application of Safeguards in the United States of America, with Annexes, signed at Vienna on June 12, 1998 (the ‘‘U.S.-IAEA Additional Protocol’’), and constitutes a report thereon, as required by section 271 of Public Law 109–401. In accordance with section 273 of Public Law 109–401, I hereby certify that:

(1) each site, location, facility, and activity included in the list has been examined by each department and agency with national security equities with respect to such site, location, facility, or activity; and
(2) appropriate measures have been taken to ensure that information of direct national security significance will not be compromised at any such site, location, facility, or activity in connection with an IAEA inspection.

The enclosed draft declaration lists each site, location, facility, and activity I intend to declare to the IAEA, and provides a detailed description of such sites, locations, facilities, and activities, and the provisions of the U.S.-IAEA Additional Protocol under which they would be declared. Each site, location, facility, and activity would be declared in order to meet the obligations of the United States of America with respect to these provisions. The IAEA classification of the enclosed declaration is ‘‘Highly Confidential Safeguards Sensitive’’; however, the United States regards this information as ‘‘Sensitive but Unclassified.’’

Nonetheless, under Public Law 109–401, information reported to, or otherwise acquired by, the United States Government under this title or under the U.S.-IAEA Additional Protocol shall be exempt from disclosure under section 552 of title 5, United States Code.

THE WHITE HOUSE, May 5, 2009.

Thanks to Greg Bacon for the tip.

What did he say?

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Somehow I just didn’t hear anything new or encouraging in Obama’s latest speech given to Congress last night.

Maybe it was the distracting jumping up and down of the freaks behind him. Pelosi was especially cartoonish with her clapping and that Joker/Joan Rivers like distorted smile.

The whole ceremony was surreal. It was more like a king and his court, all worshiping themselves for being the benevolent saviors of the common folk who are too dumb to understand what is needed for their own good.

I even lost a bet with my wife. I was sure Obama would once again evoke the ghost of bin Laden to scare us into getting behind his ‘surges’ in Afganistan and Pakistan. He did mention the ever elusive al qaeda but the old tactic of raising the dead man for support of our killing innocents was conspicuous by its absence.

Patrick Martin fought through the distractions to give us an analysis of Obama’s words if you are interested – Obama pledges bigger Wall Street bailout.

The whole royalty aspect of the American political elite gathering together to persuade the public that their crimes are not really crimes but actions of a higher calling reminded me of some words from In the Court of the Crimson King……

On soft gray mornings widows cry
The wise men share a joke;
I run to grasp divining signs
To satisfy the hoax.
The yellow jester does not play
But gentle pulls the strings
And smiles as the puppets dance
In the court of the crimson king.

Rahm’s Inaugural Message

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I sometimes joke, Paula, even paranoid people have enemies.

“What is more comforting to the terrorists around the world: the failure to pass the 9/11 legislation because we lacked ‘a majority of the majority,’ or putting aside partisan politics to enact tough new legislation with America’s security foremost in mind?

“When people told me ‘It’s great to be here’, they meant at the house, not with me.

“We’re bending the law as far as we can to ban an entirely new class of guns.”

‘We’ve got to put points on the board.”

“The fact is, we just recently sent troops over to Afghanistan that had prior to that been in Iraq and tied down. That is a dedication of resources.”

“This goes larger than the economy. It goes to a, a values system that, that has held us well for 200-plus years, a values system that’s about responsibility, about being held accountable, and that all of us have an obligation. So it’s beyond just–although sacrifice is important in restoring the greatness of the economy, it’s to a values system that is so much a definition of who we are as a country.”

“Well, we can debate about both the war–the decision to go to war in Iraq. I have my views. The president–I, I’m here to reflect the president-elect’s views, who said at the time that’s not the center on the war on terror, the people that attacked us are in Afghanistan.”

“I wake up some mornings hating me too.”

Rahm Emanuel quotes from here, here, here, here

What $150 million would buy

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Assuming the cost of the inauguration is $150 million and buying in quantity we could purchase around 50 million of these Obama bobble heads. One for almost every family in America?

Perhaps the money could be more well spent.

Some estimates are that the homeless and hungry can be fed for $1 a meal.
150 million meals would be a bargain.

We could go on and on about what this kind of money would buy in an effort to actually do something for the common people of this country but you get the picture.

In my opinion this is not a very good way to start the new administration but what’s a $150 million party when deficits for the foreseeable future are to be in the trillions.

Our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren……….. will pay for it.

And that’s OK with Obama.