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Tennessee Mandates More Vaccinations for Kids

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Big Pharma picks up a few more bucks. The 27 vaccinations per child will only increase over time.

Tennessee children should be ready to bare their arms and thighs for a bevy of needle sticks — like it or not — before they can go to school next year.

That’s because the state passed new rules that require school-age children to get vaccinated against chicken pox, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, whooping cough and pneumococcal disease — on top of the vaccines they already get.By the seventh grade, a child will have had 27 doses of immunizations to protect against diseases, many now eradicated. Some parents wonder if children are being over-vaccinated.

Tennesseans do a good job of getting children immunized. The state ranks fourth in the nation. About 98 percent of children get shots as required, and about 1 percent have a religious or health exemption.

But one in four parents believe a link exists between autism and vaccines, {more – The Tennesseean}

Court Rules Mercury-Containing Immunizations are Good for You … so go back to sleep


Lobbyists distort all issues. Follow the money.

Number of Special Interests Vying to Influence Health Reform Legislation Swelled As Debate Dragged On

From Open Secrets. Buying votes in Congress and influencing federal agencies.


Riff-raff not wanted – mall won’t get health clinic for low-income women, children

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A declining 1.1 million square feet mall with empty spaces at bargain rents seemed like a good place for Metro Nashville to put in in a federal Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children health clinic. After all, it is in the area where 40% of all the city’s WIC recipients live.

A community meeting of local residents thought otherwise and shot it down. It might cause a decline in property values and be seen as a ‘stigma’ was the reason given.

Antioch is the south Nashville neighborhood lovingly called ‘Hispanioch’ and LA (lower Antioch) by the locals who have been there a while. As in many cities, it’s the area where immigrants have flocked, driving down property values in a cycle of decline.

The ruling folks have no problem with the health clinic somewhere else in the area. It just needs to be ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ A lady I know who works as a public clinic nurse in a city close by says approximately 70% of their ‘clients’ are illegals. They even have 5 full time translators. They stay busy.

I certainly don’t want little babies and kids going hungry and sick. It’s not their fault and as long as we have the system we do, those that come here via the sanctioned but illegal routes are going to use the system as it is handed to them. Some residents just think it’s best not to have them coming into a mall for all to see. It might get people taking about ‘what’s going on.’

Of course there’s always a double standard. A couple of years ago, Vanderbilt Hospital opened a clinic in a near ghost mall in another part of Nashville. It’s a for profit health clinic aimed at those with insurance or plenty of cash and is being touted as a model for cities all over the country. Patients even get pagers so they can eat or shop while waiting for their turn. The clinic and mall are thriving.

The below is satire but it says a lot about health care in this country and those that are paid to control it.

Joe Lieberman’s Health Care Memo Leaked to the Press

“The people who matter already have health care.”

The Swine Flu Hits Close to Home

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Playing for the ‘Piggly Wiggly’ team.

My daughter just took my 10 year old grandson to the doctor and guess what the doc said he has…. Yep, the swine flu. No testing required, just a quick in and out of the office with a ‘script for Tamiflu and orders to get it in him fast. I suppose this adds him to the ever growing H1N1 statistics and the bottom line profits of Roche.

I called him and gave a few oink-oinks when he answered but I don’t think he was in the mood for humor.  He sounded OK and I asked him to be sure and tell if he thinks he has any side effects from the drug. He’ll be quarantined until he’s over it.  Hopefully he’ll be fine soon and at least he didn’t take the vaccine.

Denied the rehab the doctors thought best and approved

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An older friend of mine had knee replacement surgery Friday and came home today. He has medicare and also pays dearly each month for supplemental insurance from Healthspring.

The doctors thought that he wasn’t progressing as well as expected and approved a short stay in a local rehab facility to speed up his getting back on his feet and to keep an eye on him. The hospital social worker go between also initially got the rehab OK’ed but at the last minute the word came that a Healthspring ‘board’ denied it.

So once again a ‘board’ of insurance profiteers makes an impersonal decision in direct contradiction of ‘doctor’s orders.’ And everyday we hear the protests of those who want to keep these decisions in the hands of bureaucrats whose only motive is making more money. That’s called free market.

I helped him get from the car into the house and volunteered to be on call for when he needs help getting up and down and I’m glad to do it but wonder what might happen if family and friends were not around to lend a hand.

Oh, but he did get a ‘free’ walker.


Lobbying efforts heat up on health care

10/19/09 – All sorts of special interest groups are stepping up lobbying efforts and spending millions to shape health legislation.

CNN reports: “The amount of money lobbyists are spending on health care reform could break records, and now that the five bills before Congress have cleared committee, that spending is expected to go into overdrive. ‘It is sort of a Super Bowl of lobbying for health care reform. The lobbyists are winning so far. But the game’s not over yet,’ said Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tennessee.”

“Members of Congress feel they’re getting slimed. … The health care sector has spent $263 million this year lobbying Congress for changes to reform plans, a government watchdog group estimates. … There are more than 3,000 people registered to lobby about health care, almost six lobbyists for every member of Congress. {more}

Volunteering to Kill and Die for Health Insurance

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CNN is running this story and it’s being passed along to local stations for national coverage. The title, A Soldier’s Sacrifice, is misleading. Unemployed and thinking the only way to get health insurance is by re-enlisting in the army as a potential killer and then getting killed in a criminal war only one month after being deployed to Afghanistan and leaving behind a four year son is a sacrifice?

For whom?

A father dies in vain, brainwashed by propaganda lies, his kid  will never know him and CNN spins the health care angle with ‘sacrifice’ for the American people. This is a sick society. Health care reform won’t fix that.

Back in July, Army Specialist Greg Missman was killed in Afghanistan when his convoy was hit by an IED. The explosion cut short what was Missman’s second stint in the Army. He had left the military 11 years ago but came back for one reason: health insurance.
Last year, Missman lost his job as a computer consultant. And Missman’s father Jim says his son was worried about providing health insurance for his family. Specialist Missman had a four-year-old son, Jack.