A Stooge Could Do Better

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Obama announces his newest team of Bank Bailout Advisors
Secretary Larry comments on the current crisis: “Our genius ain’t appreciated around here… let’s scram!”

Secretary Moe, what is your opinion of this mess?” “Where are those three loafers?” “They’re in there, talking politics. I just heard one of them say, ‘Let’s have a New Deal’.”

Secretary Curly chimes in with: “Five hundred dollars!? Hmmm… that’s almost a million!”

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Speaking of Stooges…

This is the dumbest idea ever

Nyuk Nyuk…Huh? Sean Penn Joins ‘Three Stooges’ Movie

Sean Penn

To his allies, Sean Penn is a wise guy; to his adversaries, he’s a stooge. Now they’re both correct: the actor has joined the cast of “The Three Stooges,” a new MGM comedy based on the vintage film shorts of that knockaround trio, Variety reported. Mr. Penn, who recently won his second Academy Award, for playing the title role in Gus Van Sant’s “Milk,” is set to play Larry, the wire-haired, Stradivarius-wielding Stooge. The studio is also said to be in final negotiations with Jim Carrey, who will gain weight to play the rotund Curly, and is pursuing Benicio Del Toro (“Che”) to play the irritable Moe. The film is to be written and directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly (of “There’s Something About Mary” and “Kingpin” fame), and is planned for a 2010 release.

Watch video of the classic Three Stooges (and try to imagine them replaced by Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro) here:

source: News From The West

Also see: The Three Stooges View of Jewish History by Patrick Grimm


Natual News ComicSense User Created Dialog Winners

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Mike Adams
– Feb. 10, 2009

(NaturalNews) The winners of the CounterThink ComicSense user-generated dialog contest have been announced. This contest challenged NaturalNews readers to write character dialog for a CounterThink cartoon featuring aliens in a UFO overlooking planet Earth. You can view that cartoon here:

Readers were asked to submit dialog for the alien character in the cartoon. Responses ranged from commentary on global warming and politics to nuclear weapons and the failure of human civilization. Here are the winning dialog ideas submitted by users. (I was the judge of which quotes were the funniest…)

The Funniest ComicSense Quotes

Michael Phelps must be on his cross-country tour!
– jrocket77

STOP FIRING! We will be fined by the Federation for damaging the Soylent Green Crop!
– 0jeMB6EVvpuT7

I’m so sorry, Zogelina. I know I promised you a relaxing cattle -mutilation get-away — but would you settle for a soul-soothing nuclear holocaust instead?
– Ron Strauss

I didn’t know processed foods caused this much gas!
– Elizabeth Donnelly

I knew we shouldn’t have given them the Chem-Trail recipe in METRICS!!!
– i811st

This isn’t half as bad as their healthcare.
– Cartah

I think we can take off our masks Mr. President, no one is going to see us from here.
– Vansing

We probably shouldn’t show them the particle accelerator free energy technology just yet…
– Joby

Honorable Mention:

Since the crop circles weren’t working I decided to be a little more obvious and use smoke signals!
– K9E5r5xuuMM8aw7X2NmvZA0obbvq

At least we know where NOT to land to collect decent life form samples.
– fF4eqWsP0vsP3RKB7MAfpsYYTcY

Apparently, THAT’S what he meant by “change.”
– EntoMan

Intergalactic Real-Estate Agent: “Sure, it needs a little work but that’s why it’s such a bargain!”
– Wendie Webber CHT

Well, I guess the search for intelligent life goes on…
robsanbo 2/6

I told you these earthlings have the hotest chili in the galaxy.
Bruno 2/6

“On second thought, let’s try SOUTH America for our vacation!”
leoscone 2/6

“Okay Ralph, you want to run your definition of “intelligent life” by me again?”
– Robert Pesavento

The lesson for today son is that population control works best in large doses.
– kenny

We leave them unattended for a few centuries and look what happens!
– Jeremiah

And the search for ‘intelligent life’ continues…
– Ryan

source: Natural News

Bub Bye

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Tina Fey’s great gig is history.

Palin can now go back to Alaska and the obscurity she so well deserves.

Take care ‘moose & squirrel’

‘SNL’ Finance Skit Raises ‘Blame the Jews’ Issue

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Oct. 9, 2008

Interesting JTA piece about fears that the financial meltdown will lead to attacks on Jews. It cites “Saturday Night Live”‘s attack on bankers Herbert and Marion Sandler and on George Soros. Included this:

“There is definitely a fear among certain Jews in this industry,” said a Jewish employee with a top New York investment bank who asked that his name be withheld. “And it’s because it’s spreading past Wall Street now. There’s a growing animosity towards the wealthy, and especially the wealthy that have made money on Wall Street and real estate and finance, as so many Jews have—some legitimately, some not so. It’s very easy to generalize that it must be the entire Jewish people.”

The piece also said that a lot of commenters on the web reacted to the fact that the Congress took off Rosh Hashanah when the financial system was falling apart. Something this website also went into. I still don’t get that one, whether Jews weren’t compelled to put New Year’s celebration aside. Today of course is Yom Kippur. Thanks to monotheism, the one god in heaven made sure that there would be no playoff games today or last night, thus sparing us the Koufax story redux: Will Kevin Youkilis suit up or not? (Well he did suit up once, sat in the dugout.)


Also see: Saturday Night Live Blames the Jews

SNL 10-4-08

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“I’m going to ignore that question and talk about Israel”

It seems that NBC has a problem with youtube videos of SNL.
The above link is for NBC’s site.