CIA Officer- Robert Steele stresses the importance of Blogging

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The Hidden Hand of the Internet

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NSA’s Internet surveillance program builds up

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The new NSA Citizen Data Warehouse System (CDWS) in San Antonio

It takes a lot of electricity to spy on Americans. Will the NSA need to buy carbon credits as a major ‘polluter?’ Or better yet, save the coal, just shut down the NSA.

NSA To Build 1 million-square-foot Data Center In Utah

Hoping to protect its top-secret operations by decentralizing its massive computer hubs, the National Security Agency will build a 1-million-square-foot data center at Utah’s Camp Williams.

The years-in-the-making project, which may cost billions over time, got a $181 million start last week when President Obama signed a war spending bill in which Congress agreed to pay for primary construction, power access and security infrastructure. The enormous building, which will have a footprint about three times the size of the Utah State Capitol building, will be constructed on a 200-acre site near the Utah National Guard facility’s runway.

Congressional records show that initial construction — which may begin this year — will include tens of millions in electrical work and utility construction, a $9.3 million vehicle inspection facility, and $6.8 million in perimeter security fencing. The budget also allots $6.5 million for the relocation of an existing access road, communications building and training area.

Officials familiar with the project say it may bring as many as 1,200 high-tech jobs to Camp Williams, which borders Salt Lake, Utah and Tooele counties.

It will also require at least 65 megawatts of power — about the same amount used by every home in Salt Lake City combined. A separate power substation will have to be built at Camp Williams to sustain that demand, said Col. Scott Olson, the Utah National Guard’s legislative liaison.

He noted that there were two significant power corridors that ran though Camp Williams — a chief factor in the NSA’s desire to build there.

The NSA bills itself as the home of America’s codemakers and codebreakers, but the Department of Defense agency is perhaps better known for its signals intelligence program, which is reported to have the capacity to tap into a significant amount of the world’s communications. The agency also has been the subject of significant criticism by civil libertarians, who have accused it of unwarranted monitoring of the communications of U.S. citizens.

The NSA’s heavily automated computerized operations have for years been based at Fort Meade, Maryland, but the agency began looking to decentralize its efforts following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Propelling that desire was the insatiable energy appetite of the agency’s computers. In 2006, the Baltimore Sun reported that the NSA — Baltimore Gas & Electric’s biggest customer — had maxed out the local grid and could not bring online several supercomputers it needed to expand its operations.

About the same time, NSA officials, who have a long-standing relationship with Utah based on the state Guard’s unique linguist units, approached state officials about finding land in the state on which to build an additional data center.

Olson said NSA officials also seemed drawn to Utah’s increasing reputation as a center of technical industry and the area’s more traditional role as a transportation hub.

“They were looking at secure sites, where there could be a natural nexus between organizations and where space was available,” he said. “The stars just kind of came into alignment. We could provide them everything they need.”

The agency is building a similar center in San Antonio at the site of a former Sony microchip plant.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, the longest-serving member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, refused to answer questions about the project. Officials from Hatch’s office said they were not at liberty to discuss a classified matter, though it is referenced in several public documents and has been spoken about openly by state officials for the past week.

NSA officials also declined to comment immediately on the project, but pledged to answer questions later this week. {source}

US Internet users fear that the US National Security Agency is going to conduct fishnet-type surveillance without any predicate, says investigative journalist and RT contributor Wayne Madsen from Washington D.C.
July 2, 2009

"Cyber Czar" – To Protect You From Harm

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In a sobering holiday interview with C-SPAN, President Obama boldly told Americans: “We are out of money.”

But obviously not sober enough to pass up on a new ‘czar.’ This time an internet security head with ‘powers’ yet unknown. For the Looming Cybersecurity Emergency Reaction that may be soon needed?

Surveillance and censorship wouldn’t be a big part of the this ‘cyber superman’ scheme, now would it? Nah, it’s to protect government and business as usual.

Who might lead this charge against the hackers?

US Cyber Czar frontrunners revealed

Melissa Hathaway, Rod Beckstrom and Paul Kurtz are the front runners in the race to be the US government’s first ‘Cyber Czar’. So tips Don Adams, the Palo Alto-based Chief Technology Officer, Worldwide, Public Sector for tech giant Tibco.

The Obama administration’s information security chief (a job title has yet to be confirmed) will be tasked to protect the nation’s government-run and private computer networks. He or she will report directly to the President, and possibly to the economic and national security departments.

Melissa Hathaway is the interim White House Cyber Security Adviser and a former intelligence official. Rod Beckstrom served as the former director of the National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) at the US Department of Homeland Security. Paul Kurtz is the former Senior Director for National Security of the Office of Cyberspace Security in the White House’s National Security Council (NSC). {more}

Everyone hates the criminal hackers, scammers, virus and malware spreaders but is this the reason to put the ability to shut down the internet into the hands of the few.

No, the ultimate use would be to keep information, except from government sanctioned sources, from being spread in case of a national ’emergency.’

Like maybe a false flag attack used to manipulate the population into fear and insecurity. We can’t have truthful information and discussion get in the way of new wars and enslavement, now can we. The internet without censorship is a threat to those in power and the lies they tell.

From Michael Gaddy:

Three incidents that created enormous fear of the boogeyman du jour were the Oklahoma City Bombing, TWA 800, and of course, 9/11. I will not discuss the issue of whether the government was involved in either of the above, but there is credible evidence here, here, and here that the government’s version of the events are highly suspect and certainly would not hold up under the scrutiny of a totally independent (non-governmental) investigation.

Many believe the government incapable of conducting, or being involved in, any false-flag operation involving the possible deaths of American citizens. I offer as exhibit (A) Operation Northwoods, and Exhibit (B) evidence from the 1993 WTC bombing.

The state has one powerful tool at its disposal to control the masses: fear. A minority can control and enslave a majority only as long as the majority fears the minority. The state will do whatever it takes to maintain that control. The state lied about the circumstances of the attack on Pearl Harbor; they lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident; they lied about the Oklahoma City bombing; they lied about TWA 800; they lied about Ruby Ridge; they lied about Waco and they lied about 9/11. The very essence of government is fear and the lie.

There will be another event such as those mentioned above when the state feels it is beginning to loose control of Boobus, it needs the premise for a new war, or reason to expand the ones it now has. When it happens, will you run their lies up the flagpole, or demand the truth, refute the lies, and expose the liars? {more}

The Censorship of the ‘Net, Coming Soon to an IP near you

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Greg Bacon’s blog

First, create the problem by having your thugs attack America. They can attack the physical, like the WTC and the Pentagon on 9/11 or attack cyberspace, creating a need to be saved from those “evildoers.”

Deliberately postpone computer and software anti-virus updates at various US agencies, like the FBI and DHS, so hackers and crackers from China and Israel can play hell with our cyber infrastructure.

Then, have your media shills at CNN and FOX repeat ad nauseam that the problem is coming from Muslim types who are intent on destroying America, because they hate our freedoms or some other BS.

Next, drive your message home, like the thugs did when they put military grade Anthrax into the mail, scaring the hell out of millions and sickening and killing some Americans.

Propose to fix the problem you created by shredding the Bill of Rights and turning America into a quasi-police state.

Get ready to take out the last pure form of unadulterated news available, the Internet.

One more 9/11 on American soil, either a physical attack or one on cyberspace, brought to you by the same homicidal maniacs that pulled off 9/11 and we can say goodbye to the Internet.
We’ll be saved by the “Thought Crime Act,” now sitting on Senator Joe Lieberman’s (Likud Party-Israel) desk. The act will be put forth to save us the same way the liberty shredding Patriot Act saved us from ourselves, by declaring war on Americans.

We all know who’s really behind 9/11 and it wasn’t some aging and feeble Muslim, sitting in a cave in Afghanistan, waiting for his dialysis machine.

Problems at the Carnival

The CSIS report on cyber security has hit the ground running. We have problems, people. Serious, serious problems. Just ask CNN. Every day our national security gets compromised by cyber criminals, foreign intelligence operatives, and who knows who else.


Yes, my friends. Woe. Woe! Obama must do something right away, like appoint a Cyber Czar and spend taxpayer money creating a new agency. STAT! It’s an e m e r g e n c y.
The 96-page “Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency” report was made public at the start of the week and offers numerous ideas and recommendations for government officials who are growing more concerned about the possibility of cyberwarfare.

“The United States must treat cybersecurity as one of the most important national security challenges it faces,” according to the report. It adds that the current Bush administration’s Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative “good but not sufficient” and the use of computers as attack tools creates “a strategic issue on par with weapons of mass destruction and global jihad.”

Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not been able to properly secure U.S. government computers from cyber attacks, and should no longer have the responsibility. DHS isn’t suited to handle technology issues, as the agency uses “archaic” methods that cannot keep up with new attacks.

At least five members of Obama’s transition team helped contribute to the report, and his staff is eager to see how they can better protect the United States from cyber attacks.

DHS will likely be strengthened once Obama takes office, but even so, it’s not recommended the agency continue to have the lead in cyber security, as it “is not the agency to lead in a conflict with foreign intelligence agencies or militaries, or even well organized international cyber criminals.”

In an ideal scenario, the new office would combine the Joint Inter-Agency Cyber Task Force and DHS National Center for Cybersecurity while recruiting cyber security experts to help create new levels of defense.

Now, just a small sampling of CSIS board of trustees members include some familiar names like Dick Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill Frist, Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft. This is clearly an arm of the octopus. These people know full well that our government has long since been infiltrated by foreign operatives, aka their friends and colleagues. They know full well that they at best ignored the problem they so shrilly wave their arms about today, now that it has grown massively out of control. They know that DHS, under the dual national Michael Chertoff, never had any intention of protection US national security. This is just Hegelian problem-reaction-solution stuff.

Anyone who seriously wants to help this country can start by weeding out all the dual nationals and foreign operatives who brazenly work to destroy America. And I would suggest that’s not about to happen, unfortunately, much as I would wish otherwise.

By polluting and compromising our national interest, our so called leaders have truly made a mess of the whole world; since no country can operate safely in an environment where other nations’ interests and motives remain hidden and entwined, unless of course they spy. Yes, spying has always existed, but securely lashing the US national interest to Israel’s has resulted in an escalation of security breaches because it destabilizes our position vis a vis the rest of the world. We must be like dealing with Sybil. And this has been going on for years and years, but now, all of a sudden, surprising us no end, practically inconceivable, you are to consider that it is an emergency that our security has been compromised. Yes! No shit! Thanks for the tip! And you can just imagine what sorts of fixes they have in mind, which of course will need to be rammed through as quickly as possible a la the Patriot Act, especially if we suffer some kind of terrorist attack, as has been forecast, and during which the ride will probably not withstand the tremendous spin forces.

Meanwhile, we’re just going to keep going around and around on this carnival ride until somebody down there throws some sand in the gear box or sticks a banana in the exhaust or tackles the operator, or something. God help us.


Tim Berners-Lee Wants Internet Conspiracy Control

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Tim Berners-Lee Wants Internet Conspiracy ControlAccording to the UK Telegraph, the Internet is a conspiracy that spreads disinformation, says Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with creating the web.

And you probably thought it was Al Gore, who invented the internet.

Al Gore got an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize for not contesting the US presidential election — but he did NOT get knighted like Sir Tim.

That’s why this arrogant blowhard can say that “a new system is needed to be put in place that would differentiate between reliable websites that use trusted sources and those that do not.”

(Trusted sources? Is that like AP Associated Propganda or another branch of the Government Media Cartel?)

“On the web, the thinking of cults can spread very rapidly and suddenly a cult which was 12 people who had some deep personal issues suddenly find a formula which is very believable,” he told the BBC.

(A cult with a formula? WTF)

“A sort of conspiracy theory of sorts and which you can imagine spreading to thousands of people and being deeply damaging.

(Oh no. Hide the women and children. The conspiracy theories which are “deeply damaging” are coming)

“He said that he was especially concerned by the way the web had been used to stoke fears that the switching on of the Large Hadron Collider would destroy the earth, and to spread rumours that the combined MMR vaccine was causing harm to children.

(So now it turns out that “Sir” Tim is a Vaccine Holocaust Denier?)

“Sir Tim Berners-Lee is backing a new project, the World Wide Web Foundation, which aims to accelerate the progress of the internet and make it more easily available and accessible in developing nations.

(Accessible? In order to control the “developing nations” even more?)

“He said that the foundation’s three main objectives were to advance “one web” that is free and open, expand the capability and robustness of the internet, and extend its benefits to all people on the planet.

Sure. As long as Control Freak Assholes like Sir Tim Berners Lee are in charge…


The Four Horsemen of Digital Apocalypse

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Len Hart

I have just survived the worst and most insidious ‘virus/trojan’ attack since I got my first PC. Despite the fact that I was loaded to the gills with anti-malware, this one ran and survived the gauntlet, set up shop and had the nerve to threaten to shut me down. The ensuing epic struggle was a ‘virtual’ Armageddon, a final, desperate battle between me and the Four Horsemen of Digital Apocalypse.

The offending malware pretended to be a Windows alert informing me that my computer was ‘unprotected’ and demanding that I ‘download’ their latest whatever. To do so, I had to click on an “I AGREE’ button. I simply could not click that button in good conscience. I rarely agree with anything –let alone a ‘button’!

Never, ever click on a button unless you know where it comes from an trust it. Likewise, suspect any prompt that does not give you a ‘I DECLINE’ option. Given the deceptive nature of these programs, I am suspicious of ‘any’ label given a button. Many are indistinguishable from legitimate ‘windows’ buttons. In this case, no alternatives were given me. No ‘X’ in a corner; no ‘decline’ option; no ‘maybe later’; no way to get out! Even CTRL-ALT-DELETE had apparently been disabled. There seemed to be no way to get this piece of crap off my screen and out of my computer.

In the conditional logic of this rudimentary program, you are simply not given an exit from the loop. But, it is this fact that gives the game away. Only a crooked or incompetent (or both) programmer would write such a conundrum. It was deliberate. It was crooked.

I found in this experience a parable and a rule of thumb. Any proposition (save life itself) is an evil bargain if there is no escape save death itself. From a programmer’s standpoint, the ‘logic’ of this code was very simple to write, a matter of omitting a critical ‘else’ or ‘else/if’ statement here and there. If you click ‘agree’, you commit to allowing this ‘trojan’ free reign over your computer. But –there is no ‘decline’ or ‘later’ button of any kind. Doing nothing at all is, likewise, not an option.

This ‘spammer’ –whom I suspect resides in either China or Florida –has much in common with the mob. It’s an offer, you cannot refuse. It might have been worse. At least, I didn’t awaken with a dead horses’ head beside me. “Offers that cannot be refused” are commonly used not only by spammers but politicians and religions. The Christian religion, primarily, puts a ‘box’ on the computer screen of your mind (or soul) with a choice: hit the ‘accept’ button or lose the use of your ‘computer’, in this case, your ‘soul’.

Elsewhere in Christianity, however, it is said that such a choice must be made freely. But a coerced choice is anything BIT free! Thus –Christian theology by enforcing a decision through blackmail has ‘spammed’ your mind and denied you free will. Christianity, by violating its own principles, nullifies itself as valid religion, philosophy, or moral guide. As a theology, as a philosophy, as a ‘program’, it is, therefore, fallacious and, perhaps, deliberately misleading. Any ‘formal system’ in violation of its own premises is false! I daresay most religions are of this form. Most, if not all, theology is false.

Decisions made under threat of death are not morally valid. Even ‘confessions’ made under the threat of death is not admissible in court. In the case of the Christian religion, the threat is not merely one of death, but everlasting hell fire the existence of which no one can prove. No wonder much of the history of the human race is largely a record of bad decisions and equally bad consequences. I am no expert on the fine points of every religion on earth but will venture this: of the world’s major religions, only Buddhism seems free of indefensible and unsupportable dogma.Of a slightly different logical structure was the ‘indulgence’ scam perpetrated by the Catholic Church, nothing more than Pope Leo’s scheme to raise enough money to pay off his debts, finance his orgies, underwrite the art. Life is always a mixed bag. Amid the waste, evil, and debauchery, the monies raised by this criminal fraud paid for the lasting works of Michelangelo and Raphael.

Historically, ‘religion’, in general, purports to explain everything. Those observed phenomena not explained by science or common sense are ‘explained’ theologically, in terms of the supernatural. In other words, something is unexplainable if it cannot be explained in terms of ‘natural’ phenomena. There are, therefore, by definition, no ‘super natural’ explanations, only natural ones. Thus religion is tautological in its inception. Scientific explanations are only ‘natural’, by definition, not ‘super’! Put yet another way: ‘supernatural’ is an oxymoron.

Interestingly, there is salvation of sorts to be found in the limits of logic itself. Rudy Rucker, a mathematician gifted with a redeeming sense of humor, wrote of Kurt Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem that it was ‘… so simple, and so sneaky, that it is almost embarrassing to relate.’

His basic procedure is as follows:

  1. Someone introduces Gödel to a UTM, a machine that is supposed to be a Universal Truth Machine, capable of correctly answering any question at all.
  2. Gödel asks for the program and the circuit design of the UTM. The program may be complicated, but it can only be finitely long. Call the program P(UTM) for Program of the Universal Truth Machine.
  3. Smiling a little, Gödel writes out the following sentence:”The machine constructed on the basis of the program P(UTM) will neversay that this sentence is true.” Call this sentence G for Gödel.Note that G is equivalent to: “UTM will never say G is true.”
  4. Now Gödel laughs his high laugh and asks UTM whether G is true or not.
  5. If UTM says G is true, then “UTM will never say G is true” is false. If “UTM will never say G is true” is false, then G is false (since G = “UTM will never say G is true”). So if UTM says G is true, then G is in fact false, and UTM has made a false statement. So UTM will never say that G is true, since UTM makes only true statements.
  6. We have established that UTM will never say G is true. So “UTM will never say G is true” is in fact a true statement. So G is true (since G = “UTM will never say G is true”).
  7. “I know a truth that UTM can never utter,” Gödel says. “I know that G is true. UTM is not truly universal.”
  8. With his great mathematical and logical genius, Gödel was able to find a way (for any given P(UTM)) actually to write down a complicated polynomial equation that has a solution if and only if G is true. So G is not at all some vague or non-mathematical sentence. G is a specific mathematical problem that we know the answer to, even though UTM does not! So UTM does not, and cannot, embody a best and final theory of mathematics ..Although this theorem can be stated and proved in a rigorously mathematical way, what it seems to say is that rational thought can never penetrate to the final ultimate truth … But, paradoxically, to understand Gödel’s proof is to find a sort of liberation. For many logic students, the final breakthrough to full understanding of the Incompleteness Theorem is practically a conversion experience. This is partly a by-product of the potent mystique Gödel’s name carries. But, more profoundly, to understand the essentially labyrinthine nature of the castleis, somehow, to be free of it.–Rudy Rucker, Infinity and the Mind

The work of Alan Turing proving that certain propositions in a ‘closed logical system cannot be proved within that system’ is, of course, a corollary to Kurt Gödel’s famous proof. Both have had enormous consequences in the fields of computing, philosophy. It is hoped that one day, the impact of this work will be felt in the field of politics.

Chess is a game of guile and strategy. Chess means putting your emotional engines out of sight and choosing moves with cold calculation. In the end, Kasparov’s cool cracked. He angrily resigned — charging, at first, that IBM had let a human call the moves. I doubt anything of the kind, just because the computer’s eventual victory was predictable. Two generations ago, Alan Turing gave us an important thought model for all this. Turing said, suppose you go into a room with a keyboard and a monitor. You type in questions and receive answers. Then you try to determine whether the answers are being given by a human or by a machine. Ever since then, we’ve said that a computer which can’t be told from a human passes the Turing test.

Most of us have assumed that no one could ever create a Turing Machine because that veers close to creating sentient intelligence. Here the argument over Deep Blue heats up because of Kasparov’s initial belief that he was dealing with humans. Deep Blue really did pass the Turning Test as far as Kasparov was concerned.

That’s why I think this strange little chess game was significant — not because the outcome was a surprise, but because Kasparov thought Deep Blue might be human.

Dr. John Lienhard: Kasparov and Deep Blue

It does not follow, however, that because Big Blue defeated Kasparov, that computers will eventually rendered the human being obselte, that eventually there may be no defense against a computer generated ‘virus’ or trojan by which a ‘federation’ of networked computers will assume complete and total dictatorial control and thus rule the world.

I love Gödel’s proof and as well the related work of Alan Turing. The very language of computers is like that of human beings –‘flawed’ or, more precisely, incomplete. We need never fear computers taking over. But it is not only because Gödel’s Proof is ‘logical’ that it is compelling. It is positively liberating. ‘Incompleteness’, itself, is liberating. ‘Incompleteness’ should be celebrated. In ‘incompleteness’ is our salvation from a dictatorship imposed upon us by computers themselves.

Whenever a fundie, or a Nazi, or a Republican comes peddling an all-embracing system or purports to have all the answers, a complete and unassailable ideology, system or weltanshauung, or tries to blackmail me into swallowing it, I have Gödel’s proof that NO system is complete, that NO one person or organization has all the answers. There is no holy writ! There is no voice high or low that will replace my own conscience and my own abilities to work out the truth as best I can. There is no way that I may be blackmailed with offers I dare not refuse for fear of either hell fire or, worse, the loss of my computer forever!

There is no leveraging me into any system or cult that, like the GOP, presumes to have all the answers but is, in fact, wrong about just about everything! I am a free man! I make my own choices and live with the consequences. I am immune to coercion.

For those interested in avoiding ‘armegeddon’ with Trojans:

As that very real war goes on in the Middle East, back here at home we continue to wage a virtual war against a different kind of spam. And of course, it’s not just in the U.S. Just a few days ago, the French government announced a new project by which Internet users could alert their ISPs when they receive spam messages:

And we’re hearing that Japanese users are getting an increasing amount of spam mail from Chinese servers, most of it advertising online dating services and adult-oriented web sites:

Spam web sites are causing trouble for Google, as many of these sites are coming up in search results and some of them are downloading malware onto users’ computers when they follow the links.

Meanwhile, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is cracking down on the recent deluge of “pump and dump” spam messages that attempt to inflate the prices of stocks issued by small companies. Recently this has become the second largest category of spam, with as many as 100 million of these messages being sent every week, many of them in the form of PDF attachments. The SEC has reported a 30 percent drop, however, since they initiated an aggressive program that includes freezing the trading on some of these companies

Another, more malicious variety of spam that has popped up in the last few months exploits the popularity of social networking. These messages claim to be from an “old school friend” or a “childhood friend” and contain a link that’s supposedly for the sender’s MySpace (or other social networking) homepage. However, clicking the link takes you to a site that downloads a Trojan which can gather personal information such as account numbers and passwords and send them back to the spammer:

Spammers and email scammers are great at taking advantage of whatever’s currently in the news and trends in public opinion. Shortly after September 11, there was a spate of spam messages appealing to Americans’ patriotic feelings. As the public tide turned, we now see spam messages that hook into anti-war sentiments. The recent downturn in the housing market and the subprime loan scandals have resulted in a new flood of spam messages pertaining to home financing.

You might even be a spammer yourself and not know it. Thousands of computers are infected with malicious software called ‘bots that turn them into “zombies” that can be controlled by spammers and used to send spam messages (and hide the true origins of the spam).–War Against Spammers Goes On