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I woke up this morning with a slight feeling of negative anticipation but the day turned out to be very interesting and even what I tentatively might call fun in a learning experience kind of way.

I had been summoned to court for grand jury selection like I have had to do about every three years for more times than I can remember. Living in a small county and having a drivers license and a voting record makes it a fairly frequent occurrence.

But I had never had my name drawn out of the can until today when I won the grand jury lottery and got to walk to the jury box. Out of maybe 125 called for potential selection I was one of 2 guys and 10 ladies chosen by the random method of civic duty. My first thought was that maybe the luck of the draw is turning my way and that I should buy a powerball ticket.

The judge gave us the history of the grand jury dating back to at least the 12th century. Created for the protection of individuals from false accusations and oppressive governments. Instructions were given and we had the chance to try and opt out by declaring that we were of unsound mind or a habitual drunkard or drug abuser. Nope, not going there but for weeks I had thought of how I could honestly get dismissed if I wanted to when the judge asked if there’s any other reason that might disqualify us from serving. I had always remembered the statement a Quaker man gave to the judge many years ago in a jury selection .   He said:

“Your honor, my personal beliefs allow me to stand in judgement of my fellow man when they are accused of breaking the rule of law. But that duty also extends to my right and duty to also judge the law itself if I believe it is necessary. The concept of jury nullification of an unjust law must sometimes be taken into consideration.”

The judge said that was unacceptable and that a jury must strictly follow the law as it is. The old Quaker was dismissed but he made an impression on me with his words of truth. The judge was wrong. Jury nullification is a valid concept and should always be an option for keeping the justice and legislative system in check.

I decided to save this argument for another time if need be and kept silent.

I’m sworn to secrecy but in general the cases were typical rural south dumb redneck offenses. They ranged from attempted murder and arson to theft to child abuse to several for driving around with a ‘shake and bake’ meth lab in their car. Really dumb, really sad.

Grand jury members get to ask all the questions they want. Me being me, I did exactly that. The other guy did also. The ladies only had a few but I think most everyone felt a little sense of empowerment. How often does one get to question cops, investigators and accusers and bring up issues of law and enforcement? It all was very civil.

Of the 23 cases we unanimously returned 22 true bills with one thrown out because it seemed obviously bogus.

We were told that grand jury could initiate their own investigations if they so wished but no details were given. We were also given the opportunity to tour the county jail and the court house for the purpose of making recommendations for improvement but everyone passed on that so we could go on home.

At the ‘closing ceremony’ we were thanked for our service and given our pay for the day … $11 …

Anyway, this brings me around to the old idea that local grand juries do have the right to bring forth indictments against people outside of their locality if crimes have been committed that affect them. I’ve heard it argued that any District Attorney could present to a grand jury evidence of, for example, the false flag of 9/11 and a true bill could be issued against probable perpetrators along with required arrest warrants. That idea is only limited by the courage or lack thereof or the whims or the bought and paid for agenda of the DA but could involve a great number of infamous crimes and criminals from bankers to congressmen and presidents. In constitutional and common law a grand jury could even bypass the prosecutor and investigate and indict any number of criminal government officials and their financial handlers.  Not likely to happen.  The rigged judicial system tells us we can’t do that and will use force if necessary to keep the lies intact.  

We lock up more people than any country in the world. Our jails are overflowing and yet at the highest levels the indictments rarely if ever come. We have the names, we know the crimes. We just need the ability to stop them using the power of a people’s grand jury.

See “If it’s not a runaway, it’s not a real grand jury” for the background story of how it’s supposed to work and how it got corrupted.

I think many of us would welcome the opportunity to serve on a truly independent ‘runaway’ grand jury. I know I would.  You won’t even have to pay me.


The Bush Administration Crimes Must Not Go Unpunished

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Many people pull no punches when it comes to the prosecution of Bush and other members of his administration for numerous crimes and murder. The new administration and congress will do nothing. It’s up to civilian groups and perhaps an international tribunal to bring justice to the more than 1 million who have died because of the lies and the war profiteering.

Bush Could be Executed For War Crimes

Len Hart
Members of the Bush administration and George W. Bush personally conspired to violate the Geneva Convention, US obligations to it as well as US criminal codes! When it became apparent to Bush that he and high ranking members of his administration were culpable and could be put to death upon conviction, Bush tried to make his crimes legal –but only after he had committed them.Clearly –the Bush administration itself is aware that it is in deep, deep trouble.

…there is one group of people that has always taken the war crimes charges seriously–the members of the Bush administration themselves. They have good reason for doing so, because they have exposed hundreds of Americans to possible prosecution for violating US law.As long as George Bush is president and controls the Department of Justice, there will no prosecutions for war crimes, but after Bush is gone, anything could happen and hundreds of Americans could be charged with war crimes.–David Wallechinsky, Is George Bush Guilty of War Crimes…and Who Cares?

I would urge that a federal grand jury be convened immediately to consider upon the probable cause and the evidence whether or not George W. Bush is guilty of capital crimes and whether or not he should be put to death!

See the rest here.

by PeterJ www.opednews.com

It’s time to start mending this nation and the first step in doing that is making damn sure that we send out a message to future would-be traitors to give a massive amount of serious thought before they ever try to overthrow our government by coup d’état, use our government and military for their own private use and that of their corporate cronies, manipulate terrorist attacks on our nation which kills over four thousand souls as a means to instigate a military attack on an innocent country and murder its’ leader, enact laws for the sake of altering or diminishing our constitutional rights, placing our nation in jeopardy by failing to mediate with world leaders and on and on. Do you want to really support our troops? Bring to justice those who put them in harms way for frivolous and personal reasons. How many of their brothers and sisters have already sacrificed life and limb for these fascist maniacs? Should they not get justice now because we’re tired of dealing with this mess? No.

Forgive and forget? No way, absolutely not!

Congress can get on with the indictments and trials, and there will be many as there were many people involved and no one gets a pass. No one.

It wasn’t an act configured by Bush alone, and Bush alone should not be charged. Everyone from Carl Rove, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and dozens upon dozens of others, every corporate head and CEO who had their hands out waiting for their contracts, their assignments, their stipends should be included in charges of conspiracy. I’m sure it will involve hundreds on down the ladder but no one should be exempted, no one would be under any other circumstances. This was the gravest crime, the most brazen act of greed, the most despicable offense which has ever been committed on our soil, bar none. How can we, people who live by the constitution, possibly ignore the brazen disregard for its’ laws by the people sworn to uphold it, the very people elected (by duplicity) to uphold it.

Read the rest.


Holding murderers accountable:

The case against Bush, Cheney et al.

By William John Cox

Recently, there has been a flood of new evidence clearly proving beyond any reasonable doubt that our president and vice president, along with others, conspired to engage the United States in an unnecessary and illegal war and repeatedly and deliberately lied to the American people about the true facts of the matter. Most specifically, the president committed felonies when he lied to Congress about his justification for ordering the attack on Iraq which resulted in the murder of all who have died in his fraudulent “War on Terrorism.”


Protesters ‘willing to risk jail’ to urge Bush, Cheney indictment

There is a well-established law in our jurisprudence which places an affirmative duty on all of us to expose any treasonous or criminal act which comes to our attention. Failure to do so is defined as “misprision.” As good citizens, we are writing to you out of duty, knowing that if felonies have been committed we are to inform a magistrate. Silently to observe the commission of a felony, without endeavoring to apprehend the offender, is a misprision.


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By Tom DeWeese
August 5, 2008


Gun Control

And there’s more good news. June was a very good month for us.

The Supreme Court ruled that individual Americans have a right to own guns. They struck down the age-old DC gun ban. We won the most important Second Amendment Constitutional case in American history.

And the other side is beside themselves. The Washington, DC news media reported the Courts ruling like a disaster was about to come down on the poor folks of DC.

Every single local news broadcast in DC that night actually combined the report of the Court’s ruling with a memorial service that was being held for a young kid who had been gunned down in the streets – a common occurrence in DC. The obvious message was that DC residents could now expect more of these killings now that guns were legal!

No wonder they were so distraught. They need gun bans in order to impose global governance. But we won!

And that’s not all the good news on the Supreme Court front.

UN Criminal Court

You may remember that in 2005 the UN Criminal Court ruled that the state of Texas must reopen the case of a Mexican death-row inmate. The reason was that the death penalty awarded in the case violated the 1963 Vienna Convention which said he should have had council from his home country. Never mind that he confessed to the crime.

Incredibly, the Bush Administration stepped in, basically acting as an agent for the UN Court. President Bush actually issued a memorandum to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ordering the Texas court to reopen the case.

But in a 6-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court said President Bush lacked the legal authority to tell the Texas Court how to act.

However, that ruling has much more impact than just this case. It limits presidential power and the reach of international treaties, saying neither President Bush nor the World Court has the authority to order a Texas court to reopen a case. It says the UN World Court does not govern over U.S. Courts. States’ rights, said the court, are preeminent.

The doom and gloom crowd have written volumes about how the Court has abandoned the Constitution in favor of international agreements and foreign laws. And that has certainly happened.

The Globalists need the Supreme Court to be a lackey to their agenda in order to impose global governance. But here are two cases where the Constitution was upheld. Those are victories for our side.

Upholding the 10th Amendment

In that same spirit, in June 2008, the legislature of Oklahoma passed a joint resolution claiming its state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, outlining its powers and serving notice to the federal government to back off from overreaching its Constitutionally delegated powers.

In Oklahoma, the revolutionary slogan of “Don’t tread on me” is alive and well.

This is great news. It is a huge start for a nationwide trend. It paves the way for us to pressure other states to follow. It is the worst news for the global governance crowd – a huge step backwards.

But the message that was attached to the e-mail I received with this news said, “yeah, this will last until the feds start taking away their highway funds.” How do people live in such a black hole? Nothing is good enough for them. We are all doomed. Well, I think some people fail to understand how hot the fire of freedom burns in Oklahoma.

And still more good news in the courts.

Upholding the 5th Amendment

Again in June, after 17 years of war in the courts, the Wayne Hage 5th amendment property rights takings case was finally won. This is a major, precedent-setting case that recognizes rancher’s grazing and water rights as equal to property rights.

The case validates the 5th Amendment takings clause that just compensation must be made in any takings and that private property is fundamental to the existence of our nation. The case can now be used to help save thousands of ranches across the west.

Stopping Martial Law

Here’s another victory you may not have heard about. For years the Internet has been full of fear mongering about how Martial Law will be declared for some unstated reason; and that we freedom fighters will be transported by train to concentration camps and elections will be suspended.

There have been claims that George Bush is planning to do all of this as well as abolish this year’s election so he can stay in office as a dictator.

You know, I watched a recent interview with President Bush and got the distinct feeling that no one is looking forward to the election and his last day in office more than George W. Bush.

But there was much ado about a revision Congress made in 2006 to the Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act to make it easier for the president to declare Martial Law. Yep, that did happen. And hence the fear.

But what you may not have heard was that the Congress repealed those changes at the end of January 2008 as part of Public Law 110-181 (HR4986). It was done very quietly and was hardly reported in the media.

And while we rightly attack the media for not telling both sides of the story, those who daily feed the Internet jungle drums with doom and gloom, didn’t bother to report that one – perhaps because it didn’t supply the accepted premise that nothing good is happening.

Enforcing English First

Here’s a small, but important victory concerning protecting English as our national language. In March of this year the Senate voted 54-44 to pass the Alexander Amendment.

That Amendment recommends removing $670,000 from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission budget – money the agency planned to spend filing law suits against employers that have English-only rules for all employees. Instead the Senate recommended that the money be used to teach English. As I said, it’s a small item, but significant.

In another development on the English First front, Lou Dobbs just conducted a poll in which 94% of responders said they favored English as America’s language.

Stopping the SAVE Act

And here’s more important progress in the fight to stop Big Brother.

We are still holding off passage of The Secure America through Verification and Enforcement Act (the SAVE Act). This bill is being sold to our people as a “get tough” policy on illegal immigration.

Now, many of you may actually be helping Numbers USA push this dangerous legislation by making phone calls to your congressmen urging them to support the SAVE Act. Please learn more about this bad bill. You are being misled and used by some bad people to help take away your freedoms.

In truth, the SAVE Act would give the federal government powerful control over private business it shouldn’t have, and would establish more massive data banks for Big Brother.

The SAVE Act would create databases on birth certificates and death certificates. Both of these government databases are necessary for compliance to REAL ID.

The SAVE Act would force private businesses to run all applications for employment through a federal data bank – one that is not equipped to handle the massive traffic of every business in the nation accessing it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So when a name is tossed out as illegal, no matter the reason, a private, law abiding citizen then has to take personal time to go the government agency and try to prove who they are – meanwhile losing the job. Yet, it would catch very few illegals in its net.

This is not how the United States of America is supposed to operate. Americans aren’t to be treated guilty until proven innocent.

The SAVE Act is really just a companion bill to the REAL ID, again under the guise of “getting tough in enforcing laws” against illegal aliens and terrorists. Instead it puts all Americans in a straight jacket, using the politics of fear.

It was put on a fast track in both the House and the Senate, quickly gathering hoards of co-sponsors from both Republicans and Democrats who hoped to use it to make their constituents think they are tough on illegal immigration – that is until they learned the truth about the bill. That’s when the fast track stopped.

I’m proud to say that the American Policy Center has been the main opposition and we were able to recruit others to our side to bottle it up – where it is today. Fascism is fascism no matter what you call it or how pleasant you try to make it smell. This bill too must end up on the trash heap. And that will be a victory.

European Union

Some say it’s over in Europe as the European Union solidifies its stranglehold on the Continent. Really? Someone better tell that to the Irish.

Ireland just rejected the European Union’s attempt to establish a new EU Constitution by voting against the Treaty. This is the third time there has been a public vote on acceptance of the EU and the third time it has been soundly defeated. First by France. Then by the Netherlands. Now by the Irish.

The EU can’t continue to ignore this opposition without facing a revolution. The Irish vote may be the first crack in the coming destruction of the European Union.

North American Union, TTC and Mexican Trucks

And here at home, on our own front in fighting the North American Union…

You’ve just heard an incredible presentation by Dan Byfield on the amazing progress they and local leaders are having in stopping the Trans Texas Corridor through the use of local commissions which force the state government to deal with them. So far they have organized nine of these commissions along the TTC route and all have said they will not let the corridor pass through their counties. The Texas Department of Texas is getting desperate – there is no way around these commissions. The people are again in charge of their own property and policy.

We’ve also heard from Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon and his effective fight to stop the TTC from crossing Oklahoma’s border.

And there’s more.

In September of 2007, The Bush Administration began a major project needed to implement the NAU and the TTC. The project was a test to allow Mexican trucks to cross our borders and transport goods throughout the nation.

Immediately, both houses of Congress passed legislation to block the project and remove any funding for it. Senator Byron Dorgan, a Democrat from North Dakota got an amendment passed 74-24 to the Transportation Departments appropriations bill to de-fund the project. It passed and was signed into law by President Bush last December.

Yet, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters just decided to ignore the law and do it anyway. She just recently endured a hearing by a hopping mad Senator Dorgan.

Now there are calls by many, including the Teamsters Union, that Mary Peters be fired. What a message that firing would send to the SPP perpetrators. It’s something we should all help bring about.

Fire Mary Peters and stop the Mexican truck invasion – and thereby put a major pothole in the center of the Trans Texas Corridor.

These efforts and those by thousands around the nation are getting the message out about the North American Union. The perpetrators of this treason did not want the general public to know of their plans. They wanted to operate in secret.

But we have blown the whistle on them. We have alerted Americans. And we are throwing a massive monkey wrench into their well-laid plans. And it is having an effect.

They started with denials and escalated to calling us names – lunatic fringe; liars; scaremongers. They refuse to debate the issue. They hide behind a curtain of secrecy. But it’s not working.

And that fact is having an effect on their plans. There is a feeling of despair growing in the ranks of the SPP.

Back in January, Jerome Corsi reported on an article written by a reporter for the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail. The reporter, John Ibbitson was actually participating in an SPP meeting, presenting a paper. So he was on the inside.

He was basically shocked by the attitudes of the participants. Here are the people who seem to have everything under control. The people you and I fear the most. Yet, he found them exhibiting an overwhelming feeling of despair that their well-laid plans for a North American Union were in trouble.

Said Ibbitson, “public exposure has stalled SPP efforts.” He concluded that the Security and Prosperity Partnership is “DEAD.” Other SPP leaders, while disagreeing with Ibbitson about that, admit that the “public awareness” of the SPP and some of its features will trigger changes.

Stuart Trew, a researcher and writer for the Council of Canadians wrote, “The opposition in all three countries has exposed the SPP North American Integration agenda.” Several other attendees to an SPP meeting in Mexico confirmed that public exposure has been a hindrance to the progress of the SPP program.

Ibbitson hinted that Bush and Canadian Prime Minster Harper were reluctant to spend any more political capital in the SPP effort. And that was one reason why the SPP meeting in New Orleans in April was more about public relations than substance. They are trying to regain ground that they’ve lost to us.

Now, I don’t believe for a second that this fight is anywhere near over. But, I tell you this because I want you to understand that your fight is having an effect. Notice how many times they used the word “exposure.”

The fact is this. We do not live in a vacuum. Things don’t just happen. Actions have consequences. Our actions have an effect.

For you to believe that all is doomed means that nothing we do counts. None of our articles, none of our speeches, none of our rallies or protests or even this conference mean a thing. We are helpless.

To believe that all is doomed is to say our ideas – the ideas of Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and Madison – aren’t strong enough to stand up against the delusional ravings of Marx, Lenin, Hitler and Maurice Strong.

If that is true, then we may as well go home. All really is lost. But that is just not true. Our actions do count – in a big way. All of these things I mentioned indicate a trend that people are beginning to listen to our arguments and may well begin to accept our ideas. That is progress – and it can lead to victory.

There is no need to get apocalyptic just because the general public hasn’t accepted all of our ideas at once. We didn’t get into this mess in a day, and we won’t get out in a day. Rather than facing our doom, I believe we are facing magnificent opportunity. Even in defeat there is opportunity.

Opportunity for Victory

You know, during this election, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama attacked NAFTA. Does it matter why? Does it matter whether or not it was a sincere attack? Does it matter if it was attacked for the wrong reasons? It gives us an opportunity to jump on and carry the attack for the right reasons and that is exactly what we should do.

As Winston Churchill put it in 1941, during the darkest hours for the British in World War II, “Do not speak of darker days; let us speak of sterner days. These are not dark days; these are great days – the greatest days our country has ever lived; and we must all thank God that we have been allowed, each of us according to our station, to play a part in making these days memorable in the history of our race.”

There is opportunity for us now as never before. The economy is falling because of globalist polices.

People are seeing their life savings endangered as the dollar continues to fall and they will demand that something be done. We have the answer.

They are already suffering at the gas pump, and drilling American oil – taboo just a year ago – is becoming a demand. We have the answer.

We have never had a better opportunity to take steps to get rid of the Federal Reserve and restore our money to the gold standard.

In fact, my friend Ed Vieira, a monetary expert of the first order, offers a very simple plan to do that – and it won’t take a major upheaval to accomplish it.

Simply put, he suggests that we start using the gold and silver coins legally being minted by the government and begin to spend them. Stores already offer the option to use Federal Reserve notes, or credit or debit cards. He suggests that using the gold and silver coins as a fourth option would see a quick demise of the Federal Reserve notes, painlessly and in a free market.

Of course, I’ve stated that very simply, without a lot of detail, but you get the point. We can make things happen, we are not helpless. And getting us back to a standard of monetary worth will take care of the soaring gas prices. We have the answer.

Second, we need a plan to get the feds out of the public schools. This is where most of our future problems are breeding right now. Desperate parents are ready to listen – they just don’t know what to do – we have the answer.

Third, we must break the hold that the radical environmentalists have over all of our lives. Let those green Nazis freeze in the dark in their caves. The fact is, as I’ve pointed out, it’s already happening. A movement cannot live on lies forever.

And fourth, get the United States out of the United Nations. It is the greatest source of evil in the world. It is the breeding ground for every policy we fight. Accomplish that and every other issue we spend our lives fighting will melt away – the Republic restored.

Relieve yourself of the despair. Our fight isn’t over. It’s just begun. It is a time of great upheaval. And that makes it a time of great opportunity.

Ron Paul understood that his presidential campaign had little chance of sending him to the White House in 2008. His real goal was to start a revolution to get us there at another time. The incredible news is that his plan has worked beyond anything he could imagine. The revolution is truly under way.

Don’t despair over the economy. The truth is, the economy isn’t a captive of George Bush or Congress or some dark hand. The economy is in the hands of millions of hard working individuals.

As you drive home after this conference, look at all of the office buildings, the stores, the factories. Inside every single one of those buildings are people who depend on that business to earn their living. In every one of them, someone is taking steps to keep that business alive, no matter how dark the times.

I first made that observation during the uncertain times leading up to Y2K in 2000. As the doomsayers even had the exact date and time of economic Armageddon, they got it wrong because they misjudged the determination and independence of American ingenuity. Again, that is what will pull us all through this time.

There is no question that times are bad. No question that things will get worse before they get better. No question that we must be vigilant and we must fight with all we have. But, we are beginning to move the rock of freedom uphill. We are on the threshold of great change – our change – because we are right and we have the answers to the mess they have made. And people are beginning to see it.

Now is not the time to quit. Now is not the time to sit in despair. Rise up. Engage the fight. Every victory – large of small – has meaning – and consequences.

Winston Churchill said on that seemingly hopeless day in 1941 that those were not dark days – but the greatest days – because the forces of freedom understood the enemy and were fighting back. That gave hope.

But he also warned: “Never give in. Never give in. Never. Never. Never.” It’s time for us to live by those words again to take America back. For part one click below.

Click here for part —–> 1,

© 2008 Tom DeWeese – All Rights Reserved

source: http://www.newswithviews.com/DeWeese/tom116.htm

The International War Crimes Tribunal: a Sick Joke

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Thursday, July 31, 2008https://i1.wp.com/www.waidev2.com/php/IMAGES/HC_ThisDayInHistory/325---Image_large.jpg


There is no ostensible reason why war criminals who have engaged in mass murder and seriously breaking other stipulations of the Geneva Convention should not be brought to book, even if the offenses allegedly committed were half-a-century or more ago. The 20th century has known its fair share of infamous despots who should rightly have their foul deeds exposed for the world to see and consequently suffer an apposite punishment for their terrible crimes. I doubt very few of us inside or outside of the Truth Movement would raise any serious objections to that.

But it’s deeply worrying that those so far captured and brought before this process appear very strongly to be SELECTED according to two main criteria:

a) Who they are, in whose interests they were serving, and

b) Who their victims were.

We are constantly assured that everything is being done to ensure no war criminal, wherever they may be, ever escapes Justice and indeed, from time-to-time, some minor demagogue is captured, hauled before the Tribunal and given a show-trial in front of the blazing lights of the world’s media. It’s all very re-assuring to know that finally, there’s a ‘new sheriff in town’ that won’t let a case rest until the perpetrators are captured and see due process before a competent authority, with all the evidence on the table, out in the open, for all to see.

But since the ICC has been up and running, it has become increasingly apparent that some of the world’s WORST war criminals are not even on its ‘wanted list’. These prosecutions appear not only politically-motivated, but also highly SELECTIVE in respect of those they hunt down and indict. This essay has been prompted by the arrest and arraignment of the Yugoslavian leader, Dr. Radovan Karadzic, who has been whisked to the Hague at lightning speed to answer for his alleged ‘crimes’ – which were basically just his attempts to prevent his Christian country from being over-run by militant Muslims and Gypsies.

The Bosnian Serbs (who were painted as the ‘bad guys’ during the 1990s civil war) view Dr. Karadzic, not surprisingly, as their hero – just as we would anyone who took a strong stand against mass immigration of undesirables in our own country. Sadly Karadzic’s noble cause to clean up his country was unacceptable to the Marxists in the New World Order who smeared him with all sorts of unpleasant epithets,simply for his pro-nationalist stance. He refused accept ‘multiculturalism being forced upon his beloved country and took a robust stand against it. To the henchmen of the NWO, this was enough to set a fuse to a train of events which has seen Karadzic placed in a cell in Holland to await his eventual fate.

Now whether or not we are sympathetic to Karadzic and the Nationalist movement in Serbia (Phaedrus naturally IS, of course) it is becoming increasingly obvious that the remit of this Court only seems to go as far as pursuing those prosecutions deemed desirable by International Jewry and its network of gentile collaborators in Holland and the UN. Which ever way you look at it, Karadzic is a very small fish. He is but a minnow in a sea of far more evil and destructive persons who are unlikely EVER to be brought before the Court to answer the FAR more serious charges outstanding against THEM. And the longer this kangaroo court is permitted to operate, the more glaring these disparities in the nature of its chosen defendants becomes.

Here are just a FEW, REAL, MURDEROUS tyrants for you to contemplate:

George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
Ehud Olmurt
Henry Kissinger
Ariel Sharon
Paul Wolfowitz
Richard Perl
Donald Rumsfeld

Just to cite a MERE HANDFUL of rodents who between them have slaughtered MILLIONS of innocent men, women and children. What interest have the Hague’s prosecutors shown in THEM? None whatsoever! How curious. Israel is the most despicable ‘country’ in the world when its political and religiously-motivated murders are expressed in terms of its tiny population. China is scarcely better. Where are the Chinese right now? “Most Favored Nation” for international trade, according to the US state department! And they’ve had the Olympics handed to them on a plate! Kissinger, who indulged in unspeakable barbarity whilst operating in South America during the 1960s. No sign of that Satan-worshiping monster, either. In fact the Jewish-controlled Nobel Committee even awarded the sick son-of-a bitch one of their Peace Prizes one year! That’s Jewish humor for you, I guess.

Will there EVER come a time when these vile, sub-human vermin are dragged to Holland to have their untold crimes exposed before the world to see? I wouldn’t bet on it. The International Criminal Court is just yet another arm of the United Nations, which controls it – and more importantly, WHO is on the wanted list for trial there. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us any more. Karadzic- a proud patriot beloved by his people – today commences his years rotting away in some dingy cell in Holland whilst awaiting a trial that may well outlive its defendant, just as the last one did for Karadzic’s fellow patriot: Slobodan Milosovic, who died from the stress of the process before the court could reach any verdict.

We are not seeing even-handedness in the choice of quarry this Tribunal SHOULD be going after. From behind this monitor, Phaedrus perceives BLATANT BIAS and undue FAVOR taking place which will continue to grow ever more obvious to more and more people for as long as this wretched series of show-trials continues. WHO THE HELL DO THESE CROOKS THINK THEY’RE KIDDING? We’re not stupid! Many of us can see with perfect clarity exactly what’s going on. AND IT STINKS!!!


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By: Devvy Kidd
July 28, 2008

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Relax, Comrade Chertoff. The Case for Hanging Errant Public Officials is the title of a book by James Farrell who also wrote, The Judas Syndrome. The Case for Hanging Errant Public Officials was published in 1988, decades before a Nazi law called the ‘The Patriot Act’ was rammed down our throats. Today, only rich kids of famous people are allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights; see Indict Michael Reagan, Applaud Senator Karen Johnson. This talk radio gas bag got away with soliciting murder over the public airwaves because his father was Ronald Reagan. He was given a pass under “political hyperbole.” Yours truly would already be in jail.

The title of Farrell’s little book is what a lot of Americans are thinking today about the U.S. Congress and their state legislatures. After almost two decades in the trenches full time, few things shock me coming out of Washington, DC, but recently a comment from U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, [D-WA] caused me to think of Farrell’s excellent little book. (Did I commit a thought crime?) What did this pusillanimous mush head say?

Why Democrats don’t want to lower gas prices
Senator lets cat out of the bag on Bloomberg TV show

“July 22, 2008. In an interview with Bloomberg TV’s “Money and Politics” last night, Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., explained Democrats don’t want to increase supplies of oil and gasoline because they want to wean Americans off of petroleum products.”

This female who has NO legal right to sit in the U.S. Senate wants Americans to go without food to pay higher gas prices to “wean” us out of our cars. Yes, Americans are being forced to give up food, forgo dental appointments, necessary clothing for their children and health care premium payments to put gas in the tank. Our people are suffering the failed policies of Congress (both parties) for decades in a land rich in human and natural resources.

Now we understand why the Democrats stubbornly refuse to drill responsibly: these Gods from the bowels of Hell are going to force Americans into further financial distress in order to push their lunatic “green” agenda (drilling in ANWR will “kill the environment”) and the big hoax known as global warming.

Let’s not forget: The Republicans held power for 12 years and they did nothing about the energy problem that would only get worse. Now, these craven hucksters are blaming the Democrats to get votes in a election year. See how you’re being played, America?

The Democrats, with the cooperation of Republicans like Juan McCain, want you to suffer. They want parents across this country to sacrifice healthy food for their children in favor of cheap, unhealthy food to fill those little bellies so they can buy gas to go to work. They want you immobile for “conservation” and on your knees begging these false gods to ease the pain at the pump. They revel in power, in making the common man grovel at their feet. While I am seldom at a loss for words, this disclosure, so brazen, so callous, literally took my breath away. Cranial damaged Cantwell and her coconspirators in Congress are playing with the lives of all Americans and it must stop.

Consider this as you fill up your tank and wonder where you’re going to get the money to pay just the basic essentials of survival out of this week’s shrinking cash flow. I caught this segment on Lou Dobbs, July 24, 2008:

“Well, Senator Jim DeMint is strongly opposed to the practice of passing critical legislation without public debate. Senator DeMint joins me tonight from Capitol Hill…

“This is called hot lining. You push the bills through without debate, but these cost the taxpayer $9 billion. It’s outrageous, isn’t it?

“Sen. Jim DeMint [R-SC]: Well, if Americans ever wonder why so much bad stuff comes out of Congress, this is one of the reasons. And the Democrat majority has taken this to a new level. 94 percent of the bills that have passed in this Congress have been by unanimous consent. And some of them were really big bills. And they’ve gotten to the point where they expect us to give consent to huge bills like the $50 billion foreign aid bill that passed last week…

“They did the same thing with this huge housing bailout. They wanted it unanimous consent without a vote. And so what Senator Reid, the Democrat leader, is doing now, is taking a number of these bills that Senator Coburn has been asking for an open debate on, and packaging them up and they’re going to try to ram them through without debate….

Pilgrem: “Well, you know, we have some statistics on how many of these bills are going through. It’s an enormous amount. Six percent were passed by a vote, but 94 percent passed without debate or vote, and they were — 388 were introduced and passed on the same day, which certainly does not give you time to read a 500 to 800-page bill. Why is everything getting pushed to the end, getting slammed through? What’s so dysfunctional about this Congress? It can’t possibly continue like this.”

$5 MILLION dollars for a museum in Poland. Up your bucket, Harry Reid. Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution forbids stealing from the people’s purse for this type of larceny. The people’s purse is empty. For the past sixty years, these poltroons in Congress (both parties) have looted the public treasury and it’s now over drawn $9.5 TRILLION dollars. The Democrats – with votes from Republicans, without a care in the world, are going to rob you to BORROW that $5 MILLION dollars to send to Poland for a museum. This is lunacy on the grandest scale.

$50 BILLION dollars in foreign welfare? Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution forbids stealing from the people’s purse to give one penny to ANY foreign country for humanitarian aid, to build weapons of mass destruction or fund some potentate’s week long spending spree in London ($1.5 million US dollars), riding around in a limousine buying whores and champagne. That $50 BILLION dollars doesn’t exist. Like the $5 million to Poland, these craven crooks in Congress will borrow the “money” from the central bank and the interest will turn the tab into $100 BILLION dollars. Is this what you voted for last November? Change? What change? The buzz is Democrats will take a couple dozen more seats from the Republicans in November. The people allegedly gave the Democrats control in November 2006 for “change.” Look what we have almost two years down the road and now the people want to put more of these changelings into Congress? This is nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Taxation without representation. The colonials went to war over far less.

The Democrats have been looting this country since LBJ and his destructive, “Great Society.” Not to be outdone, the Republicans took control in 1995 and outspent the Democrats during their reign of terror (1995-2006). The American people said they wanted change. In 2006, with the exception of changing 31 seats in House of Representatives, the people allegedly voted back the same incumbents, many of them leftovers from the phony “Republican Revolution” of 1994, many of them left over progessives and liberals who were ousted in 1994. Brought them all back for change!

How can you expect change when you put the same liars and crooks back in office? To vote against the “other side”? There is no logic in that justification because all you’re doing is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Over the years I have written many columns about the sacking of this country. The unconstitutional mortgage bail out is another example of these rats in Congress violating the supreme law of the land to protect Wall Street and their big money donors. It will do NOTHING to stop the hemorrhaging except add more debt onto the backs of the we the people and our children. Tragically, a hundred million voters didn’t get the message back in 2004:

Speeches Ignore Impending U.S. Debt Disaster by Carolyn Lochhead, September 12, 2004: “Laurence Kotlikoff, Economics Chairman at Boston University, who has written abundantly on this subject, offers up a shocking response on how to close a $51 trillion dollar fiscal gap: “To give you idea how big the problem is, you’d have to have an immediate and permanent 78 percent hike in the federal income tax.” More than double the payroll tax, immediately and forever, from 15.3 percent of wages to nearly 32 percent; Raise income taxes by two thirds (roughly 78%), immediately and forever; Cut Social Security and Medicare benefits by 45 percent, immediately and forever;”

As I said in my column highlighting Ms. Lochhead’s warning, “That’s not the end of it: “…borrowing by Congress to fund their immoral and unconstitutional wars, UN dues, 18% of the IMFs budget, billions in corporate welfare, trillions in foreign “aid,” all these social welfare programs and basic government functions continues to rack up debt at a rate of $1.69 BILLION dollars a day from an empty treasury.” I wrote those words September 28, 2004. Now the daily rape is $2.27 BILLION dollars per day – borrowed from foreign governments and banks. What you have is a financial disaster coming that will drown every American whose last name isn’t Rockefeller, Sensenbrenner, Kennedy, Feinstein, McCain, Bush, Clinton or Frist.”

The big bang isn’t even here yet. The federal take over of banks is increasing and there will be a blood letting of epic proportions. The people of Washington State are stuck with Maria Cantwell as she was allegedly re-elected in 2006. This foolish female will continue to hurt the people of Washington State with her insane agenda to “save the environment.” Is anyone interested yet in challenging the fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment so the states can get rid of lunatics like Cantwell and Reid [D-NV]?

I’ve been trying to get one state to do this for more than a decade. Hasn’t the unlawfully seated U.S. Senate done enough to destroy this country where one state legislature will finally stand up and say NO MORE? Will one state legislature finally stand together to save their own state and citizens? It won’t happen until YOU contact your incumbent in your legislature and tell them you will work to throw them out in November unless they promise to challenge the fraud of the Seventeenth Amendment. It must happen or the states will not exist as sovereign entities five years from now.

The frustration and anger is growing in this country, but we need to reach out to every American regardless of party. Forget those whose blind loyalty to their political party is so ingrained, they will die by the actions of their party. So be it. Great things in history have never been done by the majority, but by a core group of dedicated people. As the situation deteriorates, more Americans will begin asking questions and want to become part of the solution.

There are those who say voting won’t change a thing. Well, there’s voting and then there’s voting. How many of you remember Linda Smith?

From the Hoover Institute: “Ten days before the primary in her congressional district in southwest Washington, the leading GOP candidate suddenly withdrew. Smith, a state legislator, was persuaded to run as a write-in candidate because she had organized a strong grass-roots base of more than 10,000 volunteers. Smith’s volunteers hit the streets and got out the vote. She won the primary as the first successful write-in candidate in state history, and then won the general election with 51 percent of the vote.” This great lioness went to battle. She sent out 150,000 mailings explaining to voters how to cast a write-in ballot. Linda won the hearts and minds of a large grass roots base and together, they won.

Can this be done in November at all levels of government? We know vote fraud is rampant; I’ve written dozens of detailed columns on it, just use a search engine. Every column provides links with proof our elections are being stolen from us by high technology with the assistance of rotten “Americans” who think it’s okay to cheat their fellow Americans to further their agenda or candidate. Read your state constitution. If there is no candidate running for your state legislature or CON-gress who will uphold their oath of office – jackals like U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham – then find a qualified individual to run on a write in and get busy. If the Constitution Party couldn’t get on the ballot in your state, get the candidate who wanted to run and run him/her as a write in if your constitution allows it and audit the vote the next day. That means a hand count. It’s the only way.

Come on, folks, this isn’t that difficult. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Use local talk radio. Get out to the town hall meetings, the debates and push your write in candidate. Put a flyer on every doors step possible. On the ground effort brings success. Don’t get trapped by this BS about “experience.” We don’t need any more of the kind of experience the U.S. Congress has shoved down our throats for the past sixty years. The same applies to the state legislatures, city council, county board of supervisors, mayors and sheriffs.

I will be on the road the next two weeks, so no new columns. I hope you will book mark this one and take the time to read the links provided below. Knowledge is power, but only applied knowledge will make the revolution effective. Time is an issue with everyone, I know. However, we are fighting right now – right now – for our very survival and anyone who thinks that’s just blarney is in denial. We are living through history. Will you be part of it or a victim of it?

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Law School Organizing Bush War Crimes Trial

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Law School Organizing Bush War Crimes Trial

(6-16-08) A conference to plan the prosecution of President Bush and other high administration officials for war crimes will be held September 13-14 at the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover .

“This is not intended to be a mere discussion of violations of law that have occurred,” said convener Lawrence Velvel, dean and cofounder of the school. “It is, rather, intended to be a planning conference at which plans will be laid and necessary organizational structures set up, to pursue the guilty as long as necessary and, if need be, to the ends of the Earth.”

“We must try to hold Bush administration leaders accountable in courts of justice,” Velvel said. “And we must insist on appropriate punishments, including, if guilt is found, the hangings visited upon top German and Japanese war-criminals in the 1940s.”

Velvel said past practice has been to allow U.S. officials responsible for war crimes in Viet Nam and elsewhere to enjoy immunity from prosecution upon leaving office.President Johnson retired to his Texas ranch and his Defense Secretary Robert McNamara was named to head the World Bank; Richard Nixon retired to San Clemente and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was allowed to grow richer and richer,” Velvel said.

He noted in the years since the prosecution and punishment of German and Japanese leaders after World War Two those nation’s leaders changed their countries’ aggressor cultures. One cannot discount contributory cause and effect here, he said.

“For Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Yoo to spend years in jail or go to the gallows for their crimes would be a powerful lesson to future American leaders,” Velvel said.

The conference will take up such issues as the nature of domestic and international crimes committed; which high-level Bush officials, including Federal judges and Members of Congress, are chargeable with war crimes; which foreign and domestic tribunals can be used to prosecute them; and the setting up of an umbrella coordinating committee with representatives of legal groups concerned about the war crimes such as the Center for Constitutional Rights, ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, among others.

The Massachusetts School of Law at Andover was established in 1988 to provide an affordable, quality legal education to minorities, immigrants and students from low-income households that might otherwise be denied the opportunity to obtain a legal education and practice law. Its founder, Dean Velvel, has been honored by the National Law Journal and cited in various publications for his contributions to the reform of legal education. #

#(To attend or for further information Jeff Demers at demers@msl.edu (978) 681-0800; or Sherwood Ross, media consultant to MSL, at sherwoodr1@yahoo.com)

*** Sherwood Ross has worked as a publicist for the City of Chicago and public relations consultant to New York City. He served as news director for the National Urban League; and worked as a reporter for the Chicago Daily News and workplace columnist for Reuters. He has also been a media consultant to colleges, universities, law schools and more than 100 national magazines including The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Business Week, and Foreign Policy; as a speechwriter for mayors, governors and presidential candidates, and as a radio news reporter and talk show host at WOL, Washington, D.C. He holds an award for “best spot news coverage” for Chicago radio stations in 1963. His degree from the University of Miami was in race relations and he has written a book, “Gruening of Alaska,” a number of national magazine articles and several plays, including “Baron Jiro,” produced at Live Arts Theatre, Charlottesville, Va., and “Yamamoto’s Decision,” read at the National Press Club, where he is a member. His favorite quotations are from the Sermon on The Mount.


Cage Match: Criminal Complicity on the Campaign Trail

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Written by Chris Floyd
Friday, 02 May 2008

The Visitor
art by Otto Rapp

We’ve examined various aspects of America’s Torture State many times at this site (most recently here), but in his latest column, Ted Rall pulls it all together and provides a succinct and powerful bill of indictment (excerpts below), drawing the only conclusion that anyone not corrupted or cowed into servility can possibly draw: George W. Bush and his chief advisers should be arrested and tried on charges of torture and murder.

Anyone who actually believed in democracy and the rule of law — anyone who actually believed that the constitutional republic of the United States was worth preserving and strengthening — anyone who had even a vestigial sense of morality or the most flickering commitment to the idea of justice — would already be calling for the prosecution of Bush and his minions for these capital crimes. This goes double for anyone in public life, holding public office, with a national platform to speak from, and institutional tools at their disposal for investigating these crimes.

So where are these voices in the citadel of power calling for justice to be done? They are silent. In both houses of Congress, in both major parties, they are silent. On the campaign trail, preening before the public as wise and virtuous leaders worthy to lead a nation, they are silent.

It is clear — clear beyond all doubt or dispute — that our public officials do not believe in democracy and law. They don’t want to preserve the constitutional republic. They have no sense of morality or the slightest commitment to justice. If they did, they would already be taking action, standing up, leading the nation out of this blood-drenched cesspit.

Barack Obama — whom we are told is performing a transcendent miracle by “changing the very nature of politics” — doesn’t believe in law, or justice, or the republic; he won’t fight for them, he won’t stand up for them. Neither will Hillary Clinton. Neither will John McCain. Like all of our “leaders,” they will talk of such things; they will extol law and justice and the Constitution in the loftiest terms. But when it’s time to lay it on the line, to put their professed beliefs into action — they fold. They shift. They dissemble. When they are confronted with overwhelming evidence of high crimes by the president and his henchmen, they “take impeachment off the table.” For as Obama says, impeachment should be reserved for “exceptional circumstances.” And outright violations of United States law against torture and murder are not, in Obama’s eyes, exceptional circumstances.

This is why I don’t take the presidential election seriously. None of the candidates believe in or support the constitutional republic that I believe in. They are vying for the leadership of a different country altogether; or rather, they are fighting, like vicious weasels in a cage, to gain temporary ascendancy over a savage and monstrous power system imposed on the country — a system unconcerned with democracy or the common good, and rigged to serve a rapacious elite.

Yes, as we’ve noted here many times, there could be some not insignificant differences, on the ground, in the lives of many people, depending on which of these amoral power-seekers emerges, ripped and bleeding, from the cage. So the contest is meaningful in that respect — just as intramural squabbles among the elite always have meaningful impacts on the lives of the people they dominate. Naturally, one takes an interest in who the new tsar will be, or which faction at court is on the rise — “the packs and sects of great ones, that ebb and flow by the moon.”

But the current cage match is not a serious campaign for the presidency of a law-abiding republic, because none of the candidates believe in such a thing. If they did, they would be bending all their strength toward addressing the crimes that Rall outlines below.

From “Arrest Bush” (via CommonDreams.org):

“According to a former CIA official involved in the process,” ABC reported, “CIA headquarters would receive cables from operatives in the field asking for authorization for specific techniques.” Can we beat up this guy? Can we waterboard him?

The Bushies weren’t otherwise known for dwelling on details. Osama was in Pakistan; they invaded Afghanistan instead. Two years later, he was still in Pakistan. They invaded Iraq. Bush and his top officials still found time to walk through every step of torment a detainee would suffer in some CIA dungeon halfway around the world.

“The high-level discussions about these ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ were so detailed, [Bush Administration] sources said, some of the interrogation sessions were almost choreographed — down to the number of times CIA agents could use a specific tactic. These top advisers signed off on how the CIA would interrogate top Al Qaeda suspects — whether they would be slapped, pushed, deprived of sleep or subjected to simulated drowning, called waterboarding, sources told ABC news.”

Bush knew. Not only did he know, he personally approved it. He likes torture.

“Yes, I’m aware our national security team met on this issue,” he confirmed. “And I approved.”

When the U.S. signs a treaty, its provisions carry the full force of U.S. law. One such treaty is the U.N. Convention Against Torture, of which the U.S. is a core signatory. As Philippe Sands writes in his new book “Torture Team:” Parties to the… Convention are required to investigate any person who is alleged to have committed torture. If appropriate, they must then prosecute — or extradite the person to a place where he will be prosecuted. The Torture Convention… criminalizes any act that constitutes complicity or participation in torture. Complicity or participation could certainly be extended not only to the politicians and but also the lawyers involved…”

George W. Bush has publicly confessed that he ordered torture, thus violating the Convention Against Torture. He, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and the other Principals must therefore be arrested and, unlike the thousands of detainees kidnapped by the U.S. since 9/11, arraigned and placed on trial.

Because the torture ordered by Bush and his cabinet directly resulted in death, they must additionally be charged with several counts of murder. Fifteen U.S. soldiers have been charged with the murders of two detainees at the U.S. airbase at Bagram, Afghanistan in 2002. They were following orders issued by their Commander-in-Chief and his Principals….

If George W. Bush were an ordinary citizen, there can be little doubt that he would face a long prison sentence for the scores of acts of torture he authorized both specifically and generally….If Bush weren’t president, he would face murder charges. The maximum sentence in a federal murder case is death.

If Bush and his co-conspirators are not above the law, if the United States remains a nation where all citizens are equal, they must be arrested and indicted.

…Congress could ask a U.S. Marshal to arrest Bush as part of impeachment charges. But the ultimate outcome — removing him from office a few months before the end of his term — seems woefully inadequate given the nature of the charges. In any case, Democrats have already said that impeachment is “off the table.”

…There is, however, a person who could begin holding Bush and the others accountable for their crimes.

She is Cathy L. Lanier, the 39-year-old chief of D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department. Chief Lanier, take note: you have probable cause to arrest a self-confessed serial torturer and mass murderer within the borders of the District of Columbia. He resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Go get him.