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Well Shut My Mouth

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My favorite local news site to comment on has been The Tennessean. Until today.

Corporate parent Gannett has partnered with Facebook and has mandated on all their newspaper web sites that you must have a FB account to comment.

The article that announced the change had this title and byline:

More media outlets ban anonymous Web comments
Media outlets aim to tame discourse.

As of last night there were almost 500 comments at the article with at least 90% blasting The Tennessean and Gannett for their corporate big brother/sis move. They are all gone/deleted now with only a few facebookers leaving remarks.

As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in 2010:

“Facebook is only reflecting the changes that society is undergoing and the loss of privacy is part of that change.”

The ‘rumor’ that Facebook was seeded with CIA and NSA money and that they are in bed with them is apparently true despite the movie that conveniently left that part out as well as not identifying Zuckerberg as a jew and who actually controls the media, social and otherwise. No surprise there and it wasn’t as if we didn’t know.

The Gannett logo doesn’t even try to hide their mission. “It’s all within reach” is talking about data mining and of course censorship and social engineering.

Where the Gannett/Facebook merging has been implemented for awhile, comments have been reduced significantly, sometimes a hundredfold or more which obviously relates to much fewer page hits and you would think some loss of advertising revenue if it is based on the number of views. The financial incentives offered by Facebook to Gannett remain to be seen. We know our tax money is involved through this invasive spying network. We pay for the corporate government entities to gather our data which is sold for target marketing and to keep forever just in case it is ever needed.

We’re under no illusions that whatever we say on the ‘net can be traced back to who we really are but making it easier for the spooks is something we need to avoid if possible. Make them work for it, not just say “here I am, take me.”

For all the respect I have for bloggers and legitimate alternative media it is often preaching to the choir. We have our support group but trying to reach outside this limited area is going to get harder and harder. Comments on the Tennessean previously could be anonymous and if kept relatively civil would not get censored. Heck, my photo for my screen name was building 7. Being one of few who would ever mention 9/11 as a false flag or supporting Palestine and leaving related links may not have ever influenced a single person but I always thought it was worth a try. With an up or down comment rating system I took it as a badge of honor to get a lot of thumbs down when addressing certain issues and bringing out the hasbara trolls from their holes. I don’t have a Facebook account so that ends that. It’s all about shutting us up. The repression of free speech moves on down the line. A question is just how far will the tentacles of Facebook eventually go?

The passing of Senate bill 1867 is another step to try and shut us up. The ambiguity in interpreting it is by design. Whether or not there will be detaining of citizens by the military is the subject of much talk but the initial purpose of the bill is to more firmly plant the seed of fear that what we say may be used against us.

This will work to silence more than a few. For the rest of us, we’ll continue to take our chances.
Shutting up is not our option or in our best interests …. for now.


Shocking and disgusting is in the eye of the beholder … and the controller

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I see that  IranContraScumDid911’s main youtube channel has been suspended for 2 weeks for a 9/11 video deemed too shocking and disgusting.

Shocking is a now relative reaction that’s being genetically modified out of our consciousness  but disgusting still holds some sway in our collective semi-awareness.

What little disgust there still is about 9/11 is misdirected by the 10th anniversary media blitz toward everything but the truth.

Surprising, almost shocking, is that Fox News is airing live the boss’s corruption hearing apparently without commercial interruption. Good for a ratings jump the Murdochs (Morlocks?) must have decided.  The first words scrolling across the screen was from Sir Rupert, “I was misled.” That’s pretty funny coming from someone whose sole purpose is to mislead people. I think I read son James’ lips whispering to daddy “if Casey can walk, so can we.”

The houses of prostitution in competition with the News Corpse empire must be salivating. Disgusting behavior they’ll be saying although I would think they are somewhat worried about their own skeletons in the closet that are rattling around  and making too much noise for comfort. The Murdochs may be the worst of the worst but only by a few degrees.

It’s probably too much to ask to turn off their channels. We’re too titillated by what disgusts but there is one thing we can do. Don’t buy anything they advertise. Cut off the income.We don’t need a thing they have to sell … including the lies they call ‘the news.’

Murdoch and 7/7

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The sixth anniversary of the false flag of London, 7/7,  becomes the day that the Rupert Murdoch crime syndicate gets a slap in  face and shuts down one of their ‘flagship’ mind control rags for the masses to try and save themselves some trouble. Hacking the phones of the the ‘bereaved relatives of the victims of 7/7’  is only the tip of the iceberg.

Coincidence? Karma? Theater? Maybe the numbers have meaning?

Murdoch has said allegations News Of The World staff hacked phones and paid police were “deplorable and unacceptable”.

Note to Rupert: Deplorable is what you are.  It’s what you pay your employees to be. It’s what you are paid to be. They sad part is that some people actually buy your trash and call it news. But a few less buy it today than they did yesterday.

The empire of lies is falling … one piece at a time. That’s good news.

Reasonable Doubt

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The show’s main attraction is over. Only the psycho sideshow of the media remain. Roll up the big top … Cayce Anthony is not guilty of murder.

This very effective diversion  nears an end and the country waits for the next.

The rule of law requires that in any criminal case the burden of proof beyond any reasonable doubt is the responsibility of the prosecution. That’s our constitutional right. Our rights were set in stone for a reason. It gives the innocent a chance in an open honest court to not be unfairly convicted. Sometimes it allows the guilty to walk. The process will never be perfect. 

The Cacye/Caylee case seems to be a perfect example of a peer review that came to a logical conclusion in the absence of hard proof.  Innuendo and conjecture is not evidence. To paraphrase Johnnie Cochran, “if it’s not beyond reasonable doubt, you must let her out.” So they did.

Lawyers are often portrayed as snakes and yeah, some do leave a slime trail. It’s only when we personally know them or need a fighter on our side that we think otherwise. Sometimes they are necessary evils in this strange world.  It’s all about winning and the winners smile and celebrate.

As tragic as the death of this little girl is, Orange County said today they have 11 other child death cases they have to deal with. We’ll never hear about them. Those stories and trials won’t have good monetary and social engineering value, they won’t be sexy enough.

The media whores and their bobble head lawyer expert opinion talkers were made slobbering fools. Poor actors in their houses of ill repute.  The defense team had a press conference and attorney Cheney Mason blasted out at “the disgusting  lawyers, the incompetent talking heads who get on television and talk about cases they don’t know a damn thing about.” Go to around 1:06 in this video for his full statement. It’s good theater. 

It’s been reported that Orange County spent over $1 million on this case.  Roger Clemens goes on trial tomorrow for lying to Congress just in time for a new ratings sweep. This is where our ‘justice’ money goes.

Meanwhile a great number of criminals walk the street or hide in their homes without a dime of our taxpayer money being spent to investigate them. The 9/11 perps, the liars and murders who took us to war, the criminal bankers who are in the process of stealing everything we have are still on a free ride. So are their media enablers.

We’re waiting on those trials of treason and 1st degree murder and war crimes and we expect the honest execution of the rule of law. We’ll watch and be pulling for the prosecution and for them to prove beyond a responsible doubt.  We may even have a festival on the courthouse steps when they read the guilty verdicts and it’s our time to celebrate. No doubt.

When CNN Comes to Town

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CNN and Soledad O’Brien once again puts Murfreesboro Tennessee in the spotlight with more on the mosque debate/diversion/psyops with a Sunday night, March 27 showing of  “Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door.”  

“We focused on both sides,” said CNN’s Soledad. 

I doubt that Soledad will put very much focus on who funded the court action against building the mosque. Connecting the dots in this divide and conquer saga reveals zionist necon manipulations. Frank Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy played a role. ‘Christian’ zionist groups chipped in. I’m sure other zionist led organizations had a hidden hand in the money and maneuverings but kept a very low profile. The mosque opposition lawyers refused to talk about who is paying them.

CNN even has an “educator and student guide” with before and after viewing discussion questions. No questions though on how this story is a classic example of social engineering and manufactured enemies for neverending war.

In her interviews with the duped and disturbed mosque and Muslim opponents, Soledad  passed on the opportunity to ask them these questions …

Don’t you folks know that 9/11 was a false flag orchestrated by criminal elements of the U.S. government and the Israeli Mossad with great assistance from all of the main stream media in the deception and cover-up, including my very own CNN? Why can’t you understand that it wasn’t Muslims that attacked us, that it was an ‘inside job?’ Doesn’t that make your Islamophobia and mosque opposition a moot point?

Soledad likes her job so she won’t deviate from the official line  Contrived sensationalism sells. It’s what Soledad and CNN do.

More background on the Murfreesboro mosque story.


The complete CNN video … part 1234

Kill Teams and Anti-War Kooks

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Spiegel Online report on “The Kill Team”

‘Trophy’ photos from Afghanistan are very similar to those the redneck hunters take to show off their deer kill.

No surprises here. Soldiers brainwashed to see their ‘kills’ as sub-human or animals will continue the war crimes as long as we send them to criminal wars.

Apologists are already saying that the release of 3 photos out of close to 4,000 photos and videos that Spiegel ‘obtained’ will harm the war cause. All we can say is “we hope so.”

Spiegel is a partner with Wikileaks so no telling what kind of psyops game is going on. Who benefits from these photo leaks? Spiegel is certainly not doing this as an anti-war statement.

Speaking of anti-war, I was going through the radio channels today seeing what was being said about Libya and ran into one of our local neocon war whore talking heads who used the words “anti-war kooks” a least 10 times in about a 20 minute segment. That would many of us he’s talking about. Those who don’t go along with the program of kill them over there before they kill us here.

I’m sort of proud to be a kook.

And now back to our regularly scheduled dangerous vitriolic rhetoric

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It seems like the terms vitriol and vitriolic have been used more in the last 3 days than in the rest of history combined. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration but you know the media, once a word catches on it is used repetitively until we’re sick of it. Sort of like anti-semetism.

Everyone with a political axe to grind or a propaganda angle to push is trying to make use of the Gabrielle Giffords mass shooting. Blame this one or that, words incite, words can kill. We’ve heard it all before but this event really gives an opportunity to push the envelope for censorship and more. In the end this is not about quieting the controlled left/right politicians, their media shills and misguided followers. It is about shutting us up … you and I.

Already there’s a call to introduce legislation that would make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a federal official or member of Congress.

Just how specific would that law be and who would have the say so on what inciting violence is? Would violence actually have to occur or would this be more in the realm of ‘thought crime?’

Would calling Joe Lieberman a traitor, Lindsey Graham a war whore or questioning that a majority of Congress are controlled or blackmailed by AIPAC, Wall Street and the mega-corporations be inciting? How about saying that the entire Congress and many federal officials are complicit in covering up the 9/11 black op? It could be dangerous just talking about how the Congress and federal officials have blood on their hands for allowing the lying wars to continue or how they get on their knees waving tons of money before Israel and supporting the genocide and land theft of Palestine. Words could trigger loons to act and it would be all your fault.

Mostly it’s about inciting fear. Fear to speak out. Fear to call those in power the applicable names they so well deserve. Fear to try and expose the criminal activities in government.

It’s not about the “in the crosshairs” symbols of Sara Palin. It’s about the symbolism of “we” who are dangerous because we ask the questions.

The traitor of the day award goes to Glenn Beck who amazingly uses the Giffords incident to lead into how he’s always been right and who is number one on his list of people with dangerous thoughts … truthers.

Yes, number 1 in his “A Recipe for Danger.”

“I have told you on this program that we are facing a danger and I, on this program, have highlighted certain things. I’ve told you that there are people out there that I think are dangerous that actually believe that 9/11 was an inside job and that George Bush was responsible for wiring it up and blowing up the world trade center. I think some of those people are nuts.

I think some of them are dangerous.

I have told you that the government would so discredit themselves that those things would start to make more and more sense and people would say, you know what, I don’t even know if I believe in the moon landing anymore.”

I was surprised that Beck didn’t equate truthers with holocaust deniers but he did throw in these other gems; “He {Jared Loughner} thinks George Bush was behind 9/11,”   “19 hijackers who took down the world trade center in the name of Allah,”   “My agenda is the truth.”

transparent bullshit …

vitriolic rhetoric …

It makes you want to get up and smack the TV.