This is Only a Test

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The first nationwide FEMA takeover of the airwaves is but one of the many tests that are going on every day of our lives. If you think about it, we are little more than test tube babies being experimented on from conception to the grave. It’s easy to feel as if we’re sitting on the shelf of the “lab rats ‘r us” store.

Being aware that we are living in the testing grounds for control of our bodies and minds may be a little consolation but it’s hard to run from the poking and prodding.

The date of the FEMA test, 11-9-11, was not chosen arbitrarily, it wasn’t randomly plucked from a hat. The dark forces, the testers, have a way with numbers that reinforce what they are trying to achieve. There is a whole ‘science’ of numbers that others much more knowledgeable than I have written volumes on. From my limited viewpoint I see two numbers that stand out in the mindset of the western world … 9-11 and 6,000,000. Seemingly unrelated, they are very much connected. These two test numbers are continually imprinted upon our consciousness to see if we will fall for whatever lies the controlling powers throw at us. As a whole we have.

It’s apparent why the government would potentially want to totally control TV and radio. They don’t want a repeat of what happened on September 11, 2011 when a number of reporters were off script and actually let a bit of the facts slip through. A few hours of centralized spin to get the media on message would save a lot of trouble in the long run especially if the internet is shut down for ‘security’ reasons.

Testing the waters and predictive programming is a big part of the media’s purpose. Just today I caught a glimpse of a ‘news’ story telling us to be prepared for $4.50 a gallon gas by next spring. That doesn’t make sense in the global economic climate but maybe they know something we don’t. For several years now we have been tested with the repetition of the need to bomb Iran and that meme has definitely picked up its pace here lately. Will the national emergency broadcast system’s first non-test be big brother Obama coming on and telling us that we or Israel or both are now at war with Iran and to expect the worst? Personally I don’t think it’s going to happen but I could be wrong and we’ll be in the midst of World War III tomorrow. At any rate, fear is a major goal in the testing process and that may be enough to give us higher gas prices and the continuation of the ungodly military spending, etc, etc, etc.

The testing takes on physical aspects, the vaccination and fluoride in our drinking water scams come immediately to mind, but those are not possible without the psychological operations in full play. Decades of practice and experimentation to control our very thoughts have been so successful that the powers that be think that they are invincible in their efforts. We’re not ready to give them that much credit.

Over at Twelfth Bough, Pez gives us a little education on how the social engineers work in her article “facilitate this.” My humble suggestion is to take a look at what is there and also expounded upon in a great number of other places in order to better understand our enemies, how we are under constant attack from them and how to fight back.  This one quote on what we are up against really caught my attention:

“The organizer is in a true sense reaching for the highest level for which man can reach — to create, to be a ‘great creator,’ to play God.”

Perhaps the most egregious attack on us today is the testing of our patience. We have shown a great deal of that so far, restraining ourselves from exploding back at the inhuman machine. Our ‘explosion’  may actually be what the machine wants to unleash their ‘final solution’ towards us. The answer to this test remains unknown.  


The Google Guide to the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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Isn’t Google great? There’s no need to do tedious searches looking for the latest 9/11 information. Just personalize and set up the Google ‘news’ page with some keywords and it’s one stop shopping. ‘September 11 2001,’ ‘9/11 Attacks’ and ‘9/11 Conspiracy’ are a few of my own categories on the page and Google never fails to deliver.

The anniversary, the memorials, the debunking, all rolled into one and you don’t have to bother with anything of substance. Mostly just straight up MSM stuff without even some of the fake truther sites like 9/11 blogger getting a link. I mean, why continue to waste our time with the Israel, CIA and pentagon angles to the story when we can have how Paul McCartney was in NYC that day and the fear he experienced. Heavy gripping stuff. Without the Google ‘news’ we may have missed the real reason why assassination of Americans is often needed as in the Anwar al-Awlaki could have played a role in the 9/11 attacks. Let’s not have to bother with that conspiracy about al-Awlaki being an intelligence service asset. We like the ‘keep it simple stupid’ aspect with the media saying “kiss this.”

Today’s 9/11 promotional feature from Google is a one-two punch from The Telegraph and The Daily Mail with reviews of the new book “The Eleventh Day.”  10 years of research from all across the globe but only now the bombshell that Iran and Saudi Arabia helped Al-Qaeda carry out the attacks. Who can argue with their impeccable sources?

the testimony of several experts, including a French investigative magistrate, former CIA agents, an Israeli intelligence analyst and former 9/11 Commission staff members … and three Iranian defectors.

The authors of ‘The Eleventh Day,’ husband and wife team Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan, also promote the ‘plane at the pentagon’ story as well as WTC7 fell from debris damage and fire so it is no big surprise that they would add Iran and Saudi Arabia as co-perps to the official narrative. The successful balkanization of the entire middle east and beyond depends on the inclusion of these two countries with the destruction of Iran as the big prize for Israel. Summers and Swan not only want to sell books with their ‘ultimate account’ but work to be a part of this scenario as the good little disinfo agents they are.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has labelled internet anonymity a ‘dangerous’ precedent, along with the same from Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg, but neither has much of a problem with censorship, manipulation of search results and promotion of lies. They prefer the old ways of  “it’s only news if we say it is.”  9/11 Google ‘news’ proves the point.

"That is what we do – we go out and destroy other people’s lives."

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The Sphere of Corrupt Globalism

The title is a quote from a News of the World editor in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Taken out of that context and it could be used to sum up  the psychopaths that control or attempt to control every aspect of our lives and the world. It’s what they do.

We know this intuitively. There’s no mystery.

Takin’ some notes …

The US budget seems as though it has been put together, based on the whims of a thousand drunken sailors–there is something for everybody in there.

To save America from these Bozos, we have to let their “Amerika” fall away. We cannot preserve a militaristic, parasitic economic system, which perpetuates the absolute unfairness of penalizing the poor and the “Middle Class,” in order to further the enrichment of the rich. Their pirate politics of plundering the Nation, have destroyed our “way of life,” even though the claim is that our many wars are being fought against people who have done us no wrong, in order to protect us.

It is high time we got our house into order. It is time to find-out if there really is “Life after capitalism.”   Peter Chamberlin   

Videos of cops beating and tasering handcuffed ‘suspects’ are common but how many catch one cop saying to another …

Let’s f… him up.”

Leon Panetta has told so many lies and been involved in so many lying schemes in his career that he can’t keep them straight. More to come. His handlers will stay close to correct his ‘missteps.’  Leon has about 7,000 aerial drones to get those last 10 to 20 Al Qaeda types he says are left hanging around. Then we win and bring everyone home. Right Leon? 

Israel becomes one of the first to recognize South Sudan. They smell the money. Cheap manufacturing slave labor, oil, gold, uranium.  Beat the Chinese and Europeans to the punch. Be the first in line for the theft. 

Obama puts Social Security ‘on the table.’  Was there any doubt?  The sacred defense budget won’t go anywhere but up. Same with the free money and perks for Israel. “Eat your peas” and shut up.

Industrial hemp farming in California? Will Jerry Brown sign on to this or bow down to the feds and hemp’s big corporate competitors as Schwarzenegger did in vetoing similar bills? 

Most people I know are concerned about how they’re going to pay the electric bill every month and if they’re going to have a job tomorrow but we should take some consolation in the fact that our congress folks are fighting for our right to buy a 25 cent Chinese light bulb from the dollar store.  Yep, they always have our best interests in mind. After all, they are the best and the ‘brightest.’

Deception is the Rule

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Not just bottle rockets anymore but a sophisticated missile from Iran or Syria says Israel as it  retaliates and ups the ante for more Gaza carnage.

Lucky for the schoolkids as all of them but one had just been unloaded as the ‘missile’ hit the bus.

Supposedly 16 other mortar shells fired from inside Gaza at about the same time fell into open areas, as they usually do. No reports on anyone taking credit but the typical suspect comes to mind and it’s not Hamas. With more and more in the “civilized world” supporting the Palestinian cause, Israel’s victim status must be ever enhanced which of course will lead to the next war.

Isn’t everyone sick and tired of this government ‘shutdown’ puppet show? Every excuse under the sun is being used for the stalemate … except for one. $1.5 trillion annually on unbridled militarism and imperial wars. That  is off limits for almost all of the congressional traitors.  11 of the 13 freshman GOP senators just declared their allegiance to Israel while vowing to never cut off the free money and although left unsaid they also mean to never stop fighting wars for them. Israel and the 1%’ers have these clowns under their thumb. Bankers love war. It’s their big money maker.

It’s not just the Obama administration and Congress that are subverting the country. The judicial branch plays its part too.

The  April Gallop lawsuit against Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Myers for attempting to kill her in the false flag at the Pentagon gets Bush’s cousin John Walker as one of the judges on the appeals court panel. The motion to dismiss Walker for conflict of his cousin’s interest was denied.

9/11 Blogger has the story but it’s buried in their blog section. To them it’s not worthy of the front page as Gallop’s assertion that there was no plane that hit the Pentagon section she was in doesn’t fit with their LIHOP narrative. Otherwise there seems to be a main stream media blackout. April is an unsung hero for bringing this case but heroes for truth are treated as pariahs in our media and government deceptive world.

Fukushima remains a big deception and will be for a long long time but the curtain is being pulled back. We here in Tennessee are now seeing radioactive fallout in our air and rainwater. Safe for the babies as they always say.

Fake terror alerts, only two levels — elevated and imminent,  may soon be issued by the government through Facebook and Twitter. I guess that means the ‘terrorists’ may get me. I don’t have accounts.

The big deception of what we call the presidential election is soon to become a major distraction unless something big hits us in the meantime. The background singers will choose for us a designated winner and loser and we all know that voting for those who are chosen is a rigged game.

So maybe we have some fun with it. Just for shits and giggles I’m leaning towards a Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura ticket. No illusions that they could win in our Diebold world. Heck, they may even be in on the game. Neither goes far enough in truly naming the enemy but at least some of our messages would get out and the debates would be more interesting. Who cares how the media whores would portray it? The circus needs spicing up.

Poor Julian, he’s not Time’s Person of the Year

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He tried so hard but was only a runner up, just like the ‘Tea Party’ and Hamid Karzai

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the big winner. That should help solidify Facebook’s place as a ‘legitimate’ social phenomenon. It should also make the CIA happy.

Assange, Zukerberg and the ‘Tea Party’ are also considered by many to be at least partly controlled or used by the intelligence services and/or big money political interests. We know Karzai is a tool.

We also know that Time is a tool for the bankers and wars and most of what is taking this country to ruin. Does anyone except for doctor’s offices actually still subscribe to this rag?

The tribe always takes care of its own.   No surprises here.

Goes the Dark Leader? …

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 Fiction and truth merge?

“Remember right here we talked about finding a guy and turning him into a star years ago,” the junior man said, adding too much sugar. “He’s sure blown up since then. Makes me nostalgic.”

“He’s the biggest thing in the world right,” the senior man said, ladling a little honey. “That was one sweet concept.”

“Lucky I had a brainstorm,” the junior man needled.

“Sure, you were on the verge of washing out,” the senior man teased back. “I gave you the credit because you needed a boost and you came up with a real humdinger, my son.” His smile ended up as a grimace. Out of practice.

The junior man took a cautious sip. “And now he’s everywhere. He’s all over the news just about twenty-four-seven.”

“Well, we own the goddamn mainstream media,” the senior man said, trying his own latte. “Are you surprised?”

“It’s strange to watch,” the junior man said. “I know it’s all an act, but the left wing wants him deified and the right wants him shot.”

“That’s part of the dialectic. We need to control both sides of the argument. Our guys need to capture the most radical sentiments in order to control them. Has to do with credibility.”

more – The Daily Bell

What a tangled web the media weaves.

Amazon Tales

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If you need a couple more examples of the degradation of America, just check out Amazon.

The number one bestseller is from a lying war criminal traitor. ‘Nuff said.

Another is that Amazon decides to quit selling “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct,” by Philip R. Greaves after receiving thousands of complaints …  but not without putting up a fight.

“Amazon believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable. Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts; however, we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions.”

Yep, Amazon will sell anything to make a buck. All in the name of the 1st amendment of course.

At the risk of the wrath of Abe FoxmanJeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is who Forbes listed as no. 66 of the world’s most powerful people. Via the Jewish Ledger 

“The people on this list were chosen because, in various ways, they bend the world to their will.” 

Bending the “world to their will” means sending a pedophilia guide to your Kindle?  It was number 96 in  the top 100 when it was ‘pulled.’ Poor Jeff, self-censorship due to complaints is costing him money.

Speaking of Abe Foxman, his new book Jews and Money: The Story of a Stereotype, also released the same day as Bush’s, is being upstaged. Only one Amazon star, no glowing reviews and few takers. Poor Abe. He tries so hard.

Just a coincidence I’m sure but the release date for both the Bush and Foxman books was 11-9-10. If you rearrange those dates a little you can come up with 9-11-01. They wouldn’t be rubbing it in our face would they? Nah, they wouldn’t do that.      Hat tip to Greg Bacon for pointing that out.