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States Rights Hypocrisy

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In an email to supporters sent right after his interview where he came out in favor of gay marriage, Obama wrote:

I believe that in the eyes of the law, all Americans should be treated equally. And where states enact same-sex marriage, no federal act should invalidate them.”

In the interview he seems to embrace the position that “states should decide” and he hopes that they will all eventually come around to seeing things his way.

Contrary to Obama’s early position to leave medical marijuana dispensaries alone, which is a classic states rights issue, his administration has conducted over 200 raids on medical marijuana facilities in states where they are legal. Even one of the most despicable members of Congress and of his own party, Nancy Pelosi, has condemned the raids. It was just to appease her constituents but still it was a rare moment.

So it seems that Barry is going to pick and choose the issues that are states rights whenever and however it suits his fancy. Didn’t he tell us he was a constitutional lawyer?

It would be the same with Romney. On marijuana he said  “Marijuana should not be legal in this country,”  calling pot a “gateway drug.”

Along the same line, a bipartisan coalition of house members tried to defund Obama’s medical marijuana raids by attaching an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2013 Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations bill. It failed due to overwhelming Republican opposition. 

Most of those Republicans would be the first to tell you they are all for constitutional states rights on all issues but they would be lying.

For example, my own rep, Diane Black, said before her election in 2010 “We’ve got to give back to states the 10th amendment rights for them to be sovereign.” She voted no on the amendment to defund the raids. Doesn’t that make her a liar and a hypocrite? She wouldn’t be in congress if she wasn’t.


A Con Game

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My ‘con‘ Diane Black is not only an Israel firster but has a husband who claims to be a doctor and has made millions in the drug testing industry through his company Aegis Sciences Corporation. This pseudo-doctor is now making the rounds at Tennessee’s capital hill trying to influence the legislature to derail the “Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act.” Of course he stands to lose a sizable chunk of his income from this sensible bill especially if one day full legalization comes to be. He and his wife, who needs to be ousted from Congress, might have to actually work for a living if the fraud of the ‘war on drugs’ ends.

The letter Mr. Black is passing around is here.   Lobbying to maintain one’s position in a con game is nothing new, in fact, it’s how the legal system works. According to the illegal meanderings of the Supreme Court, Aegis is a person who can give bribes and influence people to maintain their positions of power and profit.

Even the Tennessean is publishing what most likely is a lobbyist screed posing as an ‘editorial.’

The fix is in. A couple of things the Tennessee legislature cannot be accused of is having common sense and compassion. Honest representation at all levels of government without the taint of blood money is a broken concept.

Day of Insanity

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In Oakland there was insanity today.

Mass fatalities” are reported in a shooting at an Oakland religious nursing college.

A sick SOB enters the campus and kills 7. Cops may have caught the shooter but it’s after the fact. The victims in the shooting gallery were unarmed and helpless.

Meanwhile across town, the feds, also being the sick SOB’s that they are, raided Oaksterdam University, California’s first cannabis industry training school. The victims in this were also unarmed and helpless. No casualties except for the Constitution and some green plant material.

This is a calculated attack across the state on everyone who is trying to bring the cannabis industry out of the darkness and into the light,” said Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones. “They’re going after industry leaders one at a time.”

Travesty at two campuses.  Both schools are very similar. They both taught people how to help others and become an integral part of the economy.

You can’t blame the local and state law enforcement for the killings with the information we now have, although it is convenient the shooting story buried the illegal fed raid one. The cops can’t be everywhere. But where are they for the federal medical marijuana ‘Stalinist’ purges?  Jerry Brown could send in the state cops and tell the plutocrat goons they have no jurisdiction and to get the hell out of there and never come back. Oh yeah, the top boys are laying back and counting their federal bribes and putting a spit shine on their toys.

Speaking of toys and insanity, the Pentagon and one day the local arm of the police state are wanting nuclear powered drones that can stay up for months without refueling.

Sandia National Laboratories is often asked to look at a wide range of solutions to the toughest technical challenges. The research on this topic was highly theoretical and very conceptual. The work only resulted in a preliminary feasibility study and no hardware was ever built or tested. The project has ended.”

Uh… right, the project has ended. If you believe that then I’ve got a building that used to house a pot college to sell you, a blood splattered classroom you can clean up and I’ll give you an old original piece of paper that is now worthless except as a fire starter for the cold and homeless.

Tennessee’s "Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act."

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Finally the local media covers a proposed medical marijuana bill for our state.

WKRN Nashville 2-16-10

The bill is certainly not perfect, marijuana should be totally legal for everyone, but it is a great improvement over what we have now which is prohibition and criminalization. The proposed cost of $60 per ounce to patients sure beats the high cost in California and elsewhere.

The issue of legalizing medical marijuana is both progressive and conservative so there really should not be any heated debate between concerned citizens. Only those who have vested interests in the pharmaceutical industry and the police state prison system that bottom feeds in the ‘war on drugs’  would dare to make any attempt to deny relief to sick people, especially under the guise of ‘morality.’

All freedom minded Tennesseans should contact their representatives and firmly recommend that they pass this law.  HR 2562 and SB 2511.

Let’s not mince words here. Legalizing medical marijuana is the first step. Other steps will be the legalization of industrial hemp and cannabis for personal use including growing. It’s called states rights and the feds have no authority and need to stay out of it.

Bernie Ellis, one of those interviewed in the above video, has a story that is documented by Jim Ridley and the Nashville Scene. It’s a human interest tale of someone who valued principle and compassion over their own personal security.

A proposed medical marijuana bill considers both suffering patients and a sick economy

Bernie Ellis’s seven-year nightmare with the law is over – but his advocacy of medical marijuana burns hotter than ever

Marijuana Martyr

also: Sen. Marrero on Medical Marijuana Bill: “The Courage to Do the Right Thing”

Food so good, you need a license to eat it

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Having a holly jolly Christmas at the Ganja Gourmet.

Sounds like fun but this is only for the high end medical marijuana ‘patients.’ It’s just a place for some to profit from the sanctioned beginnings of a for profit industry.

Why should anyone have to pay a ‘doctor’ to issue them a license to use a plant, an herb that is simple for anyone to grow in their backyard garden and at little cost.

Why shouldn’t any do it yourselfer – home grower – self prescriber – chef not have the same rights in the privacy of their homes as those who play within the system and pay the price?

I don’t like the idea of having to ‘show your card’ in order to eat what you want.

Ganja chefs serve up medical pot for foodies.

At $89 per pizza, the munchies can get rather expensive.

first US marijuana cafe opens in portland, oregon

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No doctor or self-prescribed medicine of any kind should be delegated to a so called ‘legal cafe.’ Maybe it’s a start but no government has the right to infringe upon one’s personal preferences. Garden variety herbs have no place in the legal system.

That said, is the Obama administration relaxing of medical marijuana laws and state rights issues just a diversion from the more serious agenda….like war, economic decline and sanctioned theft?

“Smoke a joint, war is nothing you should concern yourself about. “

If that’s their thinking, maybe it will backfire on them.

Medical Marijuana: Feds to back down a little but the issue still rages on

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The only common sense answer is complete legalization of marijuana…period.

Federal drug agents won’t pursue pot-smoking patients or their sanctioned suppliers in states that allow medical marijuana, under new legal guidelines to be issued Monday by the Obama administration.

Two Justice Department officials described the new policy to The Associated Press, saying prosecutors will be told it is not a good use of their time to arrest people who use or provide medical marijuana in strict compliance with state law. {more}

At the same time LA proposes to crack down on dispensaries.

LOS ANGELES — There are more marijuana stores here than public schools. Signs emblazoned with cannabis plants or green crosses sit next to dry cleaners, gas stations and restaurants.

The dispensaries range from Hollywood-day-spa fabulous to shoddy-looking storefronts with hand-painted billboards. Absolute Herbal Pain Solutions, Grateful Meds, Farmacopeia Organica.

Cannabis advocates claim that more than 800 dispensaries have sprouted here since 2002; some law enforcement officials say it is closer to 1,000. Whatever the real number, everyone {?} agrees it is too high.

And so this, too, is taken for granted: Crackdowns on cannabis clubs will soon come in this city, which has more dispensaries than any other.{more}

also see: LA’s top prosecutor vows to target pot shops

Why is it so hard to come to a consensus that respects the rights of individuals?