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By Jon Christian Ryter
November 21, 2008

Canada and Mexico have long been tied to the US economy. In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement was crafted at the hands of the Democratically-controlled 104th Congress—and the newly-elected Clinton Administration as their quid pro quo to the international money mafia who financed their victory. Both Canada and Mexico thought NAFTA would make them as prosperous as the United States. Mexico, at least, should have known better.

While Canada has always prospered from its proximity to the United States, Mexico—which has traditionally been viewed as America’s “subprime neighbor”—has not. Mexico was invited to play an important role in the globalization of the western hemisphere only because it has an easily-corrupted government and an abundance of cheap labor. It was a second-world power sitting at the gateway of the greatest economic power in the world. It was also a second-world power that provided the merchant princes of the United States with an unnoticed gateway, through the tariff-free provisions of NAFTA, that would allow US industrialists to export their factories to the People’s Republic of China and then import products made in joint ventures between US corporations and the Chinese government through the tariff-free Mexican Port of Lazaro Cardenas. Chinese goods, masquerading as NAFTA goods from Mexico, traveled up the Trans-Texas Corridor to anxious, bargain-hunting, stupid American consumers who still fail to realize that the more Chinese or other third world products they buy the faster their job will be exported to the human capital-rich third world countries which are raising up a new generation of consumers. The discretionary income of these new consumers will come at the expense of US jobs.

Mexico, which doesn’t realize it yet, has suffered rather than prospered from its proximity to the United States. NAFTA originally appeared to be a godsend to the Mexicans who needed the jobs that relocated US factories promised. With those jobs would come all of the other economic benefits enjoyed by Americans. (Until the transnational industrialists and their friends in the liberal media began to refer to everyone in the western hemisphere as “Americans” simply because they lived in North America, Central America or South America, only US citizens were referred to as “Americans”—even by those who lived in the other 20 countries in the western hemisphere. Canadians refer to themselves as Canadians, Mexicans as Mexicans, Brazilians as Brazilians, and so on.) Those economic benefits included the ability to buy a home and all of the amenities that go with it.

Those amenities for the new Mexican consumers who are making your new Ford, GM or Chrysler cars and extended cab pickup trucks include department store revolving charge accounts and, of course, your typical bank card—Visa™ or MasterCard™. Only, bank cards issued to Mexican factory workers are not exactly “typical.” Mexicans workers who qualify for credit are paying an average 41.78% interest on their bank cards in order to share an illusion of the great American dream of prosperity. Store credit cards in Mexico carry interest rates as high as 69.6%.

Credit has always been fairly expensive in Mexico. Few members of the Mexico’s growing moderate working class use credit simply because it’s too expensive and too hard to get. Fewer banks in Mexico mean less competition. On top of that, since bank credit is relatively new, most Mexican consumers—even those who have used store credit in the past—are viewed as new, high risk subprime borrowers.

Bernardo Garza, marketing manager for GE Money Mexico (a division of General Electric, the company that owns NBC) said that credit is high in Mexico because “…banks are covering a little bit for a higher risk than in the US. But, on the other hand, I also believe…that banks and also financial institutions who offer cards see an opportunity there and are trying to get the most out of it.”

In reality, lending institutions in the United States are quietly grooming tomorrow’s credit markets for the time, very soon, when a jobless United States loses it Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card privileges, and American Express once again becomes the credit card of the elite.

The disemboweling of the Economic Titan—the United States of America—has been a deliberate plan, well-conceived by the transnationalist money barons, the kings of industry and the merchant princes since the end of World War II. The overlords of the world’s wealth believed that when economic parity existed throughout the world, nations would not rush to war with one another. But those who are not ideologically-driven fail to understand the passions of those who are. Money doesn’t drive them. Theology does.

What made the United States the unique, dominant nation in the world for over a century was not the strength of our military, it was our industrial strength. The United States was economically self-sustaining. Not only did we have the factories to produce all of consumer goods we needed, we had the factories to build the tools of war whenever this nation faced a military threat. In fact, in both World War I and World War II, not only did we produce all of the war machines, weapons and munitions we needed to fight a two-front war, we also supplied our allies with the war machines, weapons and munitions they needed to fight two-front wars as well. It was this fact about the United States that frightened then Soviet dictator Josef Stalin—and it was this fact about the United States that frightened the globalists behind the plan to create world government.

The United States has 22% of the world’s work force and 80% of its wealth. In the minds of the money barons for whom greed is life, all men are motivated by money first, and that they are driven by personal ideology only when they are not economically equal. Islam has proven this adage to be false, but those who are determined to erase all national borders in order to create a tariff-free global state controlled by politicians who are indebted to them, are blind to the realities of human nature. When they eventually wake up and discover their wealth is irrelevant, it will be too late. The nation which guaranteed the freedom of all men will have become a debtor nation that can no longer pay its own way in the world. America will become a pauper state, waiting in line with the debtor nations of Europe for its chance to get slave labor factory jobs from China, Mexico and India.

Today, the emerging nations that possess 85% of all the world’s human capital are witnessing the birth of the free enterprise system—albeit an expensive counterfeit version of it. Walmart of Mexico now offers its customers a credit card (which is administered by the Spanish-owned bank, BBVA Bancomer). Walmart of Mexico spokesman Antonio Ocaranza refused to reveal how much the interest rate is, but the Mexican Walmart credit card is a variable-interest credit card with rates that can be 65% higher than Mexico’s prime rate, or 70%. Credit cards to Mexican customers issued by Walmart’s own internal bank offers a line of credit to is customers at 59% interest. Mexican Woolworth stores credit cards carry an interest rate of 61%. Costco’s interest rate in Mexico is 53.31%.

Those marketing credit to Mexico’s growing working class claim that the interest rates are hefty only because Mexico has a much smaller derivatives market (the investment instruments used to finance credit). However, Mexico, like most of the western hemisphere second world powers, has defaulted on World Bank and the International Monetary Fund loans. For that reason, Mexico is viewed as a subprime nation. It’s viewed as a credit risk. So are its people. The fad—buying on credit—is not just a novelty in Mexico. It’s a novelty in all of the emerging industrial nations whose factories came from your city and my town. China. Mexico. India. Pakistan. Indonesia. And, of course, the former Soviet Union (and I say “former” with tongue-in-cheek.) In a country where its people have not discovered the “personal check,” and where people purchase apartments or cars with suitcases of cash, Russian consumers whose jobs create products sold all over Europe and Asia, are discovering credit. Up until now, Russian workers paid for everything with cash. If they lacked the cash to buy their car outright, they didn’t have a car. That’s why home ownership in Soviet Russia was virtually nonexistent.

The Russian economy, like the economies of China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and even war torn Afghanistan are now flush with an infusion of transnational cash as the industrialists of the west meet the 21st century’s consumers from the east. Interest rates in those nations range from about 15% for a 10-year mortgage to double that for buyers of cars, household appliances, computers or other electronic devises. With the whole world as their oyster, the US-born industrialists no longer need the replacement market in the United States and western Europe where consumers have two-of-everything and virtually need nothing until one breaks. Instead, the wealth of the world has found the third world where consumers have virtually nothing and need everything—especially our jobs.

Thankfully the money barons, the kings of industry and the merchant princes were thoughtful enough to create the North American Union so when the US consumers—who are financing the economic globalization of the free enterprise system with their jobs—go bankrupt, the job-flush Mexicans and Canadians will be available to pick up the tab and keep our economy afloat for the globalists who fear another financial meltdown and a domino-affect global bank crash will destroy the artificial affluence of a cyber-world economy financed with virtual money.

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The Slow Death of Democracy in Canada

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Who won the election?

The people of Canada

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Quebec, for saving my country, for now at least. Without you, Harper would have his majority.

Harper did not get his majority, so Canada should be safe for the time being. It will be hard for him to push the NAU.

Dion did not win, so Canada won’t get hammered with a carbon tax.

May did not win her seat, so maybe she’ll shut up about the global warming fraud. Hell, maybe she’ll move back to her home country, the USA, and have Al Gore’s baby.

Layton never took the opportunity to speak out against the global warming fraud that was pushed by the Liberals and the Greens, nor did he take the opportunity to speak out against the NAU that Harper wants to institute. He remains a quiet traitor.

Just a quick note.

I just cast my vote.

Sad to see people at the polling center still not knowing who to vote for, or voting for someone while holding their nose.

I voted for none of the traitors of my country.

I didn’t vote for

  • Harper
  • Dion
  • Layton
  • May

I didn’t vote for any of the above because I still believe in Canada.

Oh Canada! Who stands on guard for thee?

Oh Canada! Who stands on guard for thee?

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of Healthcare?

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of Education?

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of Economy?

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of the Farmers.

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of anything that is important to Canadians?

Canadians have given up on themselves and their country. They feel they have no power to change things.

They have, as the late George Carlin said about Americans, “will likely remain willfully ignorant”.

Too tired, mentally lazy and over medicated to do anything.

Hell, most Canadians think global warming is real. They sit in front of their TV’s sucking up the propaganda without ever raising a question.

The political leaders in this country are traitors to both Canada and the Canadian people. They work for their masters, not Canada or it’s people. Same in the States.

Please read the Green Agenda via my site or google to understand what is going on.

The Canadian Healthcare system must be destroyed in order to bring into line with the American system, so that Canada can be integrated into the NAU. (North American Union)

Interesting times ahead for the people of Canada and the USA.


Plan Colombia Heads for Mexico

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Steve Lendman

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It’s called “Plan Mexico,” or more formally the “Merida Initiative,” and here’s the scheme. It’s to do for Mexicans what Plan Colombia has done to that nation since 1999, and, in fact, much earlier. Since then, billions have gone for the following:

— to establish a US military foothold in the country;

— mostly to fund US weapons, chemical and other corporate profiteers; it’s a long-standing practice; in fact, a 1997 Pentagon document affirms that America’s military will “protect US interests and investments;” in Colombia, it’s to control its valuable resources; most importantly oil and natural gas but also coal, iron ore, nickel, gold, silver, emeralds, copper and more; it’s also to crush worker resistance, eliminate unions, target human rights and peasant opposition groups, and make the country a “free market” paradise inhospitable to people;

— it funds a brutish military as well; already, over 10,000 of its soldiers have been trained at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) – aka the School of the Americas (SOA) at Fort Benning, Georgia; its graduates are infamous as human rights abusers, drugs traffickers, and death squad practitioners; they were well schooled in their “arts” by the nation most skilled in them;

— it lets Colombia arm and support paramilitary death squads; they’re known as the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC); for more than a decade, they’ve terrorized Colombians and are responsible for most killings and massacres in support of powerful western and local business interests;

— it funds drug eradication efforts, but only in FARC-EP and ELN areas; government-controlled ones are exempt; trafficking is big business; laundering drugs money reaps huge profits for major US and regional banks; the CIA has also been linked to the trade for decades, especially since the 1980s; after Afghanistan’s invasion and occupation, opium harvests set records – mostly from areas controlled by US-allied “warlords;” the Taliban’s drug eradication program was one reason it was targeted; Colombia’s drug eradication is horrific; it causes ecological devastation; crop and forest destruction; lives and livelihoods lost; large areas chemically contaminated; bottom line of the program – record amounts of Colombian cocaine reach US and world markets; trafficking is more profitable than ever; so is big business thanks to paramilitary terror;

— it’s to topple the FARC-EP and ELN resistance groups; Latin American expert James Petras calls the former the “longest standing (since 1964), largest peasant-based guerrilla (resistance) movement in the world;” it’s also to weaken Hugo Chavez, other regional populist leaders and groups, and destabilize their countries; and

— it supports the “Uribe doctrine;” it’s in lockstep with Washington; its policies are hard right, corporate-friendly and militarized for enforcement.

Plan Colombia turned the country into a dependable, profitable narco-state. Business is better than ever. Violence is out of control and human rights abuses are appalling.

It gets worse. Two-thirds of Columbians are impoverished. Over 2.5 million peasant and urban slum dwellers have been displaced. Thousands of trade unionists have been murdered (more than anywhere else in the world), and many more thousands of peasants, rural teachers, and peasant and indigenous leaders have as well. Paramilitary land seizures are commonplace. Colombian latifundistas profit hugely. Wealth concentration is extreme and growing. Corruption infests the government. Many thousands in desperation are leaving. Colombia’s “democracy” is a sham. So is Mexico’s. Plan Mexico will make it worse. That’s the whole idea, and it’s part of the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership – aka the North American Union.

It’s planned behind closed doors – to militarize and annex the continent. Corporate giants are in charge, mostly US ones. The idea is for an unregulated open field for profit. The Bush administration, Canada and Mexico support it. Things are moving toward implementation. Three nations will become one. National sovereignty eliminated. Worker rights as well. Opposition is building, but moves are planned to quash it. That’s the militarization part.

Business intends to win this one. People are to be exploited, not helped. That’s why it’s kept secret. The idea is to agree on plans, inform legislatures minimally about them, get SPP passed, then implement it with as few of its disturbing details known in hopes once they are they’ll be too late to reverse.

SPP is ugly, ominous and hugely people destructive. Hundreds of millions in three countries will be affected. Others in the region as well. Plan Mexico is a contribution to the scheme. Below is what we know about it.

Plan Mexico – Exploitation Writ Large

The plan was first announced in October 2007 as a “regional security cooperation initiative.” It’s to provide $1.4 billion in aid (over three years) for Mexico and Central America on the pretext of fighting drugs trafficking and organized crime linked to it. FY 2008 calls for $550 million for starters with about 10% of it for Central America.

In fact, Plan Mexico is part of SPP’s grand scheme to militarize the continent, let corporate predators exploit it, and keep people from three countries none the wiser. Most aid will go to Mexico’s military and police forces with its major portion earmarked back to US defense contractors for equipment, training and maintenance. It’s how these schemes always work.

This one includes a menu of security allocations, administrative functions, and special needs like software, forensics equipment, database compilations, plus plenty more for friendly pockets to keep our Mexican cohorts on board.

After failing on May 15, House passage will likely follow the Senate’s approval on May 22 – below the radar. It’s one of many appropriations tucked into the latest Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental funding request, and its purpose is just as outlandish. It will militarize Mexico without deploying US troops. It will also open the country for plunder, privatize everything including state-owned oil company PEMEX, give Washington a greater foothold there, and get around the touchy military issue by allowing in Blackwater paramilitaries instead to work with Mexican security forces.

Only privatizing PEMEX is in doubt thanks to immense citizen opposition. Thousands of “brigadistas” were in the streets, protesting outside the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, as lawmakers considered ending PEMEX state-control. They paralyzed debate and brought it to a halt – temporarily putting off a final resolution of this very contentious issue. Big Oil wants it. Most Mexicans don’t. The battle continues. Mexico’s military may get involved.

The US State Department describes them as follows:

— ….”impunity and corruption (in Mexico’s security forces are) problems, particularly at the state and local levels. The following human rights problems were reported: unlawful killings; kidnappings; physical abuse; poor and overcrowded prison conditions; arbitrary arrests and detention; corruption, inefficiency, and lack of transparency in the judicial system; (coerced) confessions….permitted as evidence in trials; criminal intimidation of journalists leading to self-censorship; corruption at all levels of government; domestic violence against women (often with impunity); violence, including killings, against women; trafficking in persons; social and economic discrimination against indigenous people; and child labor.”

Mexico’s military fares little better with promises Plan Mexico will worsen it. President Calderon now deploys troops around the country. People fear them when they come. They’re purportedly against drugs traffickers, but that’s mostly cover. Their real purpose may be sinister – a possible dress rehearsal for martial law when SPP is implemented.

Mexican soldiers are hard line. Their reputation is unsavory. People justifiably fear them. They commit flagrant human rights abuses and get away with them. The major media even report them. The New York Times, CNN, BBC, USA Today and others cite evidence of rape, torture, killings, other human rights abuses, corruption, extortion, and ties to drugs traffickers. Little is done to stop it. Government and military spokespersons often aren’t available for comment. They’re part of the problem, not the solution. Plan Mexico promises more of the same and then some. Billions from Washington back it.

Social protests in the country already are criminalized. Hundreds are filling prisons. Many languish there for years. Labor and social activists are most vulnerable. Injustice and grinding poverty motivate them. Plan Mexico ups the ante. Things are about to get worse.

Militarizing society is toxic. Police state enforcement follows. Accountability disappears. The rule of law no longer applies. Plan Mexico assures it. So does SPP for the continent. In classic doublespeak, the White House claims it will “advance the productivity and competitiveness of our nations and help to protect our health, safety and environment.” Its real purpose is to annex a continent, destroy its democratic remnants, lock in hard line enforcement, and secure it for capital.

SPP Backdrop of Plan Mexico

A detailed SPP explanation can be found on the 2007 article link. It’s titled The Militarization and Annexation of North America –

Plan Mexico is part of SPP. It will militarize and annex the continent. It was formerly launched at a March 23, 2005 meeting in Waco, Texas attended by George Bush, Mexico’s President Vincente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. They forged a tripartite partnership for greater US, Canadian and Mexican economic, political, social and security integration. Secretive working groups were formed to accomplish it – to devise non-negotiable agreements to be binding on all three nations.

Details are hidden. No public input is permitted. Pro forma legislative voting is approaching. It will try to avoid a NAFTA-type battle. Legislatures aren’t being fully informed. The worst of SPP is secret. It’s not a treaty, and the idea is to pass it below the radar and avoid a protracted public debate.

What’s known so far is disturbing, and considerable opposition has arisen but thus far too inadequate to matter. SPP, Plan Mexico, and a final continent-wide plan amount to a corporate coup d’etat against three sovereign states and hundreds of millions of people. It’s to erase national borders, merge three nations into one under US control, and remove all barriers to trade and capital flows. It’s also to militarize the continent, create a fortress-North America security zone, and have in place police state laws for enforcement. Billions will fund it. All for corporate gain. Nothing for public welfare.

SPP takes NAFTA and the “war on terrorism” to the next level en route to extending it further for more corporate plunder. It’s based on outlandish notions – that doing business, protecting national security, and securing “public welfare” require tough new measures in a very threatening world.

SPP bolsters US control. It enhances corporate power, quashes civil liberties, erases public welfare, and creates an open field for plunder free from regulatory restraints. It’s being plotted behind closed doors. A series of summits and secret meetings continue with the latest one in New Orleans from April 22 to 24.

Three presidents attended and were met by vocal street protests. They convened a “People’s Summit” and also held workshops to:

— inform people how destructive SPP is;

— strengthen networking and organizational ties against it;

— maintain online information about their activities;

— promote their efforts and build added support; and

— affirm their determination to continue resisting a hugely repressive corporate-sponsored agenda. Opponents call it Nafta on steroids.

Business-friendly opposition also exists. Prominent is a “Coalition to Block the North American Union.” The Conservative Caucus backs it. It has a “NAU War Room.” It’s the “headquarters of THE national campaign to expose and halt America’s absorption into a ‘North American Union (NAU)’ with Canada and Mexico.” It opposes building “a massive, continental ‘NAFTA Superhighway.’ “

It has congressional allies, and on January 2007 Rep. Virgil Goode and six co-sponsors introduced House Concurrent Resolution 40. It expresses “the sense of Congress that the United States should not engage in (building a NAFTA) Superhighway System or enter into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada.”

The April summit reaffirmed SPP’s intentions – to create a borderless North America, dissolve national sovereignty, put corporate giants in control, and assure big US ones get most of it. Militarism is part of it. It’s the reason for fortress-North America under US command. The US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) was established in October 2002 to do it. It has air, land and sea responsibility for the continent regardless of Posse Comitatus limitations that no longer apply or sovereign borders easily erased.

Homeland Security (DHS) and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) also have a large role. So does the FBI, CIA, all US spy agencies, militarized state and local police, National Guard forces, and paramilitary mercenaries like Blackwater USA. They’re headed anywhere on the continent with license to operate as freely here as in Iraq and New Orleans post-Katrina. They’ll be able to turn hemispheric streets into versions of Baghdad and make them unfit to live on if things come to that.

SPP maintains a web site. It’s “key accomplishments” since August 2007 are updated on it as of April 22, 2008. Its details can be accessed from the following link:
It lists principles agreed to; bilateral deals struck; negotiations concluded; study assessments released; agreements on the “Free Flow of Information;” law enforcement activities; efforts related to intellectual property, border and long-haul trucking enforcement; import licensing procedures; food and product safety issues; energy (with special focus on oil); water as well; infrastructure development; emergency management; and much more. It’s all laid out in deceptively understated tones to hide its continental aim – enhanced corporate exploitation with as little public knowledge as possible.

Militarization will assure it, and consider one development up North. On February 14, 2008, the US and Canada agreed to allow American troops inside Canada. Canadians were told nothing or that the agreement was reached in 2002. Neither was it discussed in Congress or the Canadian House of Commons. It’s for “bilateral integration” of military command structures in areas of immigration, law enforcement, intelligence, or whatever else the Pentagon or Washington wishes. Overall, it’s part of the “war on terror” and militarizing the continent to make it “safer” for business and be prepared for any civilian opposition.

Congress may soon pass SPP, but with no knowledge of its worst provisions kept secret. It’s to assure enough congressional support makes it law. Nonetheless, federal, state and local opposition is building. It ranges from private activism to vocal lawmakers. In 2008, a dozen or more states passed resolutions against SPP. Around 20 others did it in 2007. Congress began debating it last year with opposition raised on various grounds – open borders, unchecked immigration, a NAFTA Superhighway System, and the idea of giving unregulated Mexican trucks free access to US roads and cities.

There’s also talk of replacing three national currencies with an “Amero.” Unfortunately, little is heard about trashing the Constitution or giving corporate bosses free reign. There’s even less talk about a militarized continent against dissent. SPP is a “new world order.” Companies are plotting to get it. People better hope they don’t. Disruptive opposition might derail them. It’s building but needs more resonance to matter. Time is short and slipping away. These schemers mean business. They want our future. We can’t afford to lose it.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

Also visit his blog site at and listen to The Global Research News Hour on Mondays from 11AM to 1PM US Central time for cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests. All programs are archived for easy listening any time.
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By Dr. Laurie Roth
May 23, 2008

We already know the global elites want control. For years now we have seen the manipulative and almost secretive meetings of the SPP moving forward on the North American union and the super highway plans. Naturally, the whole time talk radio and any conservative media has been slammed and insulted as pushing urban legends and make believe when this even comes up. Rest assured it has majorly been in the works for years. I remember on my show asking Rep. Duncan Hunter about it and he confirmed that indeed this push was going on with a super highway and North American Union.

As I pause for a moment to contemplate how I and a few others doing shows have been hallucinating and making all this up, I wonder how with a non existent push for a super highway how this headline has jumped up recently. The Philadelphia Daily News has Gov. Ed Rendell announcing that Abertis Infraestracturas of Barcelona has offered the top bid of $12.8 billion to the state of Pennsylvania with a 75-year lease to manage the toll road. Of course, you didn’t know did you that already Cintra, another Spanish company had been managing the Chicago Skyway, another road connecting I-90 and I-94 but they had lost the recent bidding process to Abertis.

See, our President and authorities have been right all along. There is no superhighway. There is no selling of our sovereignty and management infrastructure to other countries and corporate whores. Its all urban legends created by talk radio people like me. Of course, it must also be true that there is no country called Spain who just won the bid to control this humongous highway from hell that isn’t unfolding before our eyes.

The question I have as I continue to hallucinate is who owns the white house and congress? Is this the United States of China now? What about the rising and out of control oil and food prices? Have other big chunks of our infrastructure been submitted to Saudi Arabia or Egypt? We certainly remember Dubai buying up management and infrastructure at some of our nations ports.

I understand trade and relationships with other countries but it is an acute betrayal to our country to start parsing out control, management or big land and business deals to other countries! We have already seen the manipulation we gladly allow by the screaming Mexican consulate regarding border patrol agent encounters, namely our political prisoners, agent Ramos and Compian. We have also seen the Chinese Government try to weigh in when one of their own illegal thugs tries to get across our border and a skirmish happens. We just take it.

Shame on our leadership for allowing the Super Highway and North American Union to be manipulated forward without the consent or willingness of the American people or constitution! Shame on our leadership for not only allowing a Super Highway which will cut up our heartland, but to even consider allowing this albitros to be controlled by a foreign country! Shame on our media for allowing the continued sell out and betrayal of our country to occur and not telling the American people the truth so they can fight properly the right demons.

As energy prices continue soar, affecting food prices and world markets, expect there to be other back door deals and offerings we find out about much later. Since we are in bed with the big oil and banking corporations, don’t expect to see the obvious, new drilling of our own oil refineries, development to get nuclear plants up and running for energy, or alternative research to get cars running cheaply. You wouldn’t dream of stealing billions from the corporate elites and money cartels. They might have to sell off one of their 1200 mansions or yachts.

Look up for your own information, water and gasoline as a mix, electric cars, hybrid cars and alternative energy and get plugged in with what already is here and being refined. With very little more folks we could run our cars now on other things than gas. We just don’t here about it.

Keep praying for and believing in your country but understand we are in a fight to save it, its core, real history and resources. There really are globalists who want control and internationalism more than any sovereignty or desires we may have. Keep faxing your leaders, calling and emailing. Keep talking amongst yourselves and form groups to protect your country. Join groups like to put pressure on congress to do the right thing and not manipulate more amnesty for illegal aliens. Congress apparently forgot the message we sent them last year about slamming amnesty for illegal aliens through. Stand your ground America. The U.S.A. is worth it.

© 2008 Dr. Laurie Roth – All Rights Reserved

How they´ll sucker us into a North American Union

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Monday, May 12, 2008

I’m sure the agents behind the Jewish Agenda don’t need any suggestions from a humble goy like Phaedrus to help them turn Americans on to the concept of the North American Union, so here’s a guide for the rest of us (the plebs, the proles, the sheeple) as to how we can expect them to try to sell us on the idea. In order to do this, they’ll have to contrive a macro-scale scenario in which such a move appears to be clearly and unquestionably the only sensible option open.

So It will be consequently necessary to provide some powerful impetus for economic, monetary and political union between Mexico, the US and Canada. This is being strategically engineered even as I write, by collapsing the value of the US dollar. First we had a methodically-engineered era of all-too-cheap credit. This was followed by the inevitable house-price boom and consequent bust. Then the resulting credit crunch. Phase 1 thereby completed successfully. Full marks to the banksters.

Next, something had to be done about the dire liquidity shortage in the markets and of course – ensuring that the banking system didn’t fail no matter what the cost to the American people might be. Massive reflationary measures were undertaken: massive cuts in interest rates, huge public spending announcements and bank-bailouts financed by printing more dollars – and a tax hand-back on top! Note this is all at a time when commodity prices around the world have been soaring – and therein lies the smoking gun of economic sabotage for all to see: vigorous reflation whilst prices are ALREADY rising is economic madness of a scale we have never seen before.

Now ‘they’ are telling us the worst is over! Unfortunately it isn’t, however – and ‘they’ know it! We now commence the super-inflationary stage, dear friends. Inflation is caused by ‘too much money chasing too few goods’ according to the classic definition. It boils down to paper money becoming worth less and losing its spending power as a consequence of too much of it being in circulation. In essence, the amount of food, clothing, fuel etc., which we can buy with our bucks grows less and less. As this process continues, the value of the US Dollar will increasingly approach that of the Peso.

Now it’s important to know that the Dollar and the Peso needn’t reach a 1:1 parity for a currency union to work. This is a popular misconception. When corporation A merges with corporation X of equal capital valuation, it is highly likely that their valuations will APPEAR totally different at first sight due to their respective share prices. The cover price is illusory and only gives an idea of the corporation’s underlying value when multiplied by the number of shares in circulation and debt is then subtracted from the resulting product.

We could see the Peso declared suitable to merge with the Canadian and US dollars at 1:5, 1:10, or 1:1000 WE simply have no way of knowing what the TRUE value of the Peso actually IS, any more than we know what the greenback is really worth. Thank God we have super-smart Jewish bankers to do the sums for us or we’d be completely lost! Without them out there, batting for us, such a MASSIVE merger between three large countries could cost us all TRILLIONS!

On the other hand, considering what happened with Europe’s single currency, precise valuation might not be so critical at all. Europe’s leaders abandoned TRUE economic and monetary convergence in the interests of political expediency. The pressure ‘from above’ for a political Union in Europe was so intense that the economies involved in the project were not properly harmonized. This singular failure provides proof positive that the whole business of political union has NOTHING to do with economic prosperity for the people, but rather EVERYTHING to do with TOTAL CONTROL of more and more of the world’s territory.

So how will they pitch the idea to us? It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out. It´ll be a combination of fear and inducement – but overwhelmingly FEAR. For a bit of humor, here’s a quirky look at how Bush or his successor might go about it:

“My fellow north Armenians,

“The recent economic turmoil and our embarrassing, abject failure to ride it out as we were once able to do before I took office, constitute a harsh wake-up call to us all that we can no longer survive as independent nations any longer in a world increasingly dominated by vast trading blocks like the EU, the AU, ASEAN and those slit-eyed yellow bastards in China and Taiwan.

“This world moves fast and we are being increasingly left behind due to our inherently insular nature; marginalized in fact, by international events. All around the planet, smaller nations are forging pacts with one another and by so doing, are enjoying an increasingly dominant position in world markets and along with that, enhanced clout politically, too. Ladies and Gennulm’n! We on this continent are losing our voice in this world and there’s only one way to regain it!

“We simply MUST remain competitive or die. If we do not take similar steps here in our part of the world; if we do not immediately form a similar Union here in north America between the US, Canada and Mexico to defend our industries and our jobs and our standard of living, we stand to slip to 3rd world status in terms of economic power in as little as 20 years from now. Yes, my friends, the situation really is that grave.

“I plead with you to share my vision of a North American Union: a place in which jobs, prosperity and a golden future for EVERYONE will replace the old chaos, decline and decay of the past 20 years for which Bill Clinton and my dad can justifiably be blamed! By mutually embracing our three, great, not-so-very-different cultures, we can assert our position as top dog in the world! No longer will our elderly have to dissipate their life savings just in staying alive! Everything will be cheaper! Wages will be higher!

“No longer will you have to queue to see a doctor – and worse yet, pay good money to see him/her! No longer will our black folks have to suffer the indignity of trying to pay for liquor, lottery tickets and cigarettes at gas stations with food stamps! The highest quality public schooling for ALL – and NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND TO LOOK STUPID even if it means keeping the rest in school for 40 years! As a strong, forward-looking Union of ONE people, we WILL be able to afford these programs! Ladies and Gennulm’n, I urge you from the bottom of my heart to vote YES to Proposition 666 and set in motion the steps needed to begin formalizing the NAU as a matter of the very greatest urgency!”

Buddy, can you spare an Amero?

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Firstly, I’m not saying the intentional and pre-planned depreciation of the dollar is NECESSARILY being carried out to facilitate the creation of a North American Union, but it sure is a useful policy plank that could WELL be being pursued for this very reason! Phaedrus feels it’s entirely apposite to point out that what has been going on in the Treasury recently COULD certainly have its roots in the NWO’s quest for a new Union (on the path to eventual World Union) in which three separate and distinct countries become one, with all that entails for us.

We now know without doubt that Bush wants us to submerge our sovereignty with Canada and Mexico and that the resulting political, economic and monetary union will require some significant re-alignment in the values of the three currencies currently in existence. Now, no three separate countries have identical economies, so ‘harmonization’ (nice sounding word for something very unpleasant)in the values of the US and Canadian dollar with the Mexican Peso is something we WILL see starting to occur if we ARE heading down the road to such a full-blown marriage.

How do we know this? From the recent experience of our friends in Europe, of course! The same forces are in the driving seat there as well as here. The bulk of European countries since 2001 have adopted the Euro, which is a complex composite of the various former currencies of those participating countries. In order for them all to be assimilated into one unitary currency, Europe had to go through a lengthy period of economic convergence – as we shall have to here, too, for the plan to work across north America.

It’ll be a simpler matter here, though. Only 3 economies to converge rather than over 20 as was the case of Europe. It can be achieved very much more quickly. It is Mexico’s Peso that is the main problem for Bush & Co. It’s quite far away in terms of value from both the other Dollars. For currency and economic convergence to succeed, one could either somehow strengthen the Peso, or else weaken the other two. Or more subtly perhaps, a bit of both by means of capital transfer payments to Mexico under some pretext or other.

It is manifestly clear that the Fed is sinking the Dollar on purpose, and eventual political Union would be my personal hunch as to the underlying reason. I don’t believe Greenspan’s attempt to get the Arab states to ditch the Dollar recently was him turning traitor against his former masters. He’s still 100% committed to a One World Government just like the rest of his Illuminati brethren. Breaking the Dollar peg with oil and other commodities leading to a crash in the value of our currency is a ‘great strategy’ towards this goal which can hardly fail.

I imagine Americans will be far less opposed to kissing the Dollar goodbye once it’s no longer considered a reserve currency and it becomes worth Jack. That will make pushing through the Union very much easier. And of course this new Superstate will require a new Constitution! It MUST do. Can you take a guess at who’ll be drafting it, my friends? What do you imagine it’s going to say about freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms? Do you think your rights and freedoms as a citizen of this brave new land and your family’s quality of life will be enhanced as a result? Well…?

Next week there’ll be a sequel to this item and, we’ll be exploring the ways in which ‘our leaders’ will most likely try to persuade us a Union with Canada and Mexico is not only in our best interest, but absolutely essential for our very survival. Stay tuned to World Peace!

Military Integration Another Step Toward the North American Union

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Monday, April 07, 2008 by: Barbara L. Minton
(NaturalNews) An article titled “Canada, U.S. Agree To Use Each Other’s Troops In Civil Emergencies” appeared on CanwestNews Service on February 22, 2008. According to the report, Canada and the U.S. have signed an agreement that paves the way for the militaries of either nation to send troops across their borders during emergencies. This agreement was signed in Texas on February 14th, but neither the Canadian government nor the Canadian Forces announced it.

The U.S. military’s Northern Command did announce the agreement with a statement outlining how its top officer, Gen. Gene Renaurt, and Canadian Lt.-Gen. Marc Dumais, head of Canada Command, were signers of the plan, which calls for the military from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during periods of civil emergency.

According to the Canwest article, this agreement has been greeted with suspicion by Canada’s politically left wing, and America’s politically right wing. The liberal leaning Council of Canadians is campaigning against what it refers to as the increasing integration of the U.S. and Canadian militaries.

According to Stuart Tew, a researcher with the Council of Canada, “It’s kind of a trend when it comes to issues of Canada-U.S. relations and contentious issues like military integration. We see that this government is reluctant to disclose information to Canadians that is readily available on American and Mexican websites.” There is potential for the agreement to militarize civilian responses to emergency incidents.

Tew noted that work is also underway for the two nations to put in place a joint plan to protect common infrastructures such as roadways and pipelines. He questions whether U.S. troops will be seen on Canadian soil for minor potential threats to these infrastructures.

Tew also noted that since the U.S. military does not allow its soldiers to operate under a foreign command, there are questions about who would control the American forces if they are mobilized for service in Canada. “We don’t know the answers because the government doesn’t want to even announce the plan”, Tew said.

A Canadian Command spokesman, Commander David Scanlon, said it will be up to civilian authorities in both countries to determine whether military assistance will be requested or used. The agreement simply sets up the stage for military co-operation, planning and co-ordination. According to Scanlon, if U.S. forces come into Canada they would be under tactical control of the Canadian Forces, but still under the command of the U.S. military.

News of the deal and allegations of it being kept secret are hot topics on blogs and internet sites as examples of the dangers of the growing integration between the two countries and their militaries. It is believed that under the North American Union, foreign troops, not bound by U.S. laws, could be used by the American federal government to override local authorities. People are being warned that the next time their town has an emergency, they may expect Canadian soldiers to respond. Canadian soldiers are not bound by posse comitatus, a U.S. law that prohibits the use of federal troops from conducting law enforcement duties on domestic soil unless approved by Congress.

According to Scanlon, the reason there has been no announcement of the agreement to the public is that it requires approval from both nations, and that decision has not yet been taken, he said.

Of course, one must question how national approval of such an agreement could be achieved without public scrutiny.

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