Anti-Vietnam War – Anti-Occupation Song

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An example in song of the parallels between Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Always…where there are occupiers…there will be resistance.

From the 1970’s by Knutna Nävar.


Desperate to meet its daily quotas, IDF starts arresting horses, next it will arrest donkeys

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30 04 2008

Israeli forces hold the reins of horse in the West Bank city of Qalqilia April 16, 2008. Three horses were taken from Qalqilia on Wednesday by Israeli troops for unknown reasons, witnesses said. MaanImages/Khaleel ReashIt seems the Israel and its army is so desperate in Jennin, it started to arrest horses. You got me right. MAAN news agency showed pictures of members of the Israeli Defense Forces arresting 3 horses in Jennin for unknown reasons.

That is not unusual for Israel and its army. Israel has gone beyond any sense of imaginations on doing what it does best. Murder and terrorism on national scales not seen since Nazi Germany and murderous Serbia in the Bosnia.

In over 41 years of military and armed Jewish occupation, Israel have arrested and jailed more than 700,000 Palestinians at one time or another, almost one third of all of Arab resident were guests of the Israeli jail system. Of course the majority never brought to trial. Israel simply arrest them, try to enlist them as traitors and informers, at times arrest them and jail them because some Jewish Settlers want their homes or land, other times simply to humiliate and simply punish just for the hell of it.

A horse tied in the back of an Israeli army jeep in the West Bank city of Qalqilia April 16, 2008. Three horses were taken from Qalqilia on Wednesday by Israeli troops for unknown reasons, witnesses said. MaanImages/Khaleel ReashNever in the history of an occupation where a country and people can commit such crimes. The crimes started some 100 years when the Zionist movement decided there is an urgent need to remove and transfer Jews from their native countries in Europe especially in Poland and Russia given their long history of Anti-Semitism and Programs. While the idea finding a safe haven for European Jewry is very understandable, and became more urgent with the Holocaust and the murder of some 6 million Jews and the expropriations of their properties, the Zionist movement went beyond simply having a need for a safe haven, it that massive expulsions of Palestinians from their native country a priority. Expulsion and massive exodus was necessity for the Zionist agenda even if that means initiating wars where Palestinians will have good reasons to escape war and Jewish terror and where Israel will use any means to make sure Palestinians have every reason to leave. Hundreds of villages where attacked and their population simply expelled and ethnically cleanses just like that we witness in Bosnia.

That strategy did succeed in 1946, 1947, and 1948 and to some extent in 67 when hundreds of thousands had no choice but leave and escape the Jewish terror surrounding them. However Israeli plans to force the expulsion of the rest of the Arabs did not work well either in Gaza or in the West Bank. Israel was able to ethnically cleans hundreds of thousands of Jerusalem Arabs. However and working closely with Arafat and the PLO, Israel was able to divide the West Bank into three areas, A, B and C with Israel having either total or partial control over two areas and as such was able to expropriate lands for Jewish Settlements, army posts, security zones, even going further by using ethnic cleansing to expel Palestinians from their homes and using security reasons to demolish Palestinian homes. Leaving the PA small areas to manage for and on behalf of the Israeli and Jewish Settlers Occupation.

Israeli forces hold the reins of horse in the West Bank city of Qalqilia April 16, 2008. Three horses were taken from Qalqilia on Wednesday by Israeli troops for unknown reasons, witnesses said. MaanImages/Khaleel ReashHowever to start arresting horses is a first in this occupation or any other occupation. Yes, it seems the Israeli army is so desperate to meet its daily quotas of arrests that it has to resort to arresting horses. Perhaps and with a very creative and imaginative legal system, the Israeli military and civilians courts will bring these horses to trial under its terrorism laws or perhaps jail them for aiding and abetting the enemy. Yes Israel, on your 60th anniversary we congratulate you on your sense of imagination. We know you did not like the hundreds of thousand of Olive Trees your bulldozers uprooted so you can make room for Jewish Settlements or simply to destroy whatever lively hood poor Palestinians have. We also know and appreciate your needs to steal water so that your swimming pools will be the play ground for your children and families and to keep your lawns green while Palestinians next doors are thirsty for water and their farms are dry dead. Yes, we do understand all the crazy and criminal things you do, but arresting horses is a first.

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We fight for freedom – or “What if someone else did it to us?”

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We fight for freedom – or “What if someone else did it to us?”


It’s been eight years now. Eight long years. Sure, initially I was glad when China toppled the Bush regime and executed the “retarded tyrant” as I love to call him. It wasn’t that bad at the start, but as time wore on and I realized they weren’t leaving, it started to gnaw at me.

Bush declared martial law in June of 2008. This was after going nuclear on Iran and the chaos surrounding the oil shock that followed soon after. People had said he’d been planning the Iran move for a while, but the media kept pointing out how much of a threat Iran was so I guess we needed to act. He didn’t have any conventional forces or weaponry because we’d become over-extended in Iraq and Afghanistan so he went nuclear. What came next wasn’t clear for many years and is still disputed today. All I know for sure is that oil become scarce in a real hurry. China removed the Yuan/dollar peg, called in its massive store of US Treasury bonds and sent the greenback into freefall. Americans didn’t realize that China was trading more with Europe than the US, and while the move stung China, it crippled the US. They then started paying the Saudis and other Persian Gulf countries in Yuan, the new global currency. The greenback was shunned like a redheaded stepchild. The same thing worked on Venezuela and Mexico. It is rumored that the Chinese then, using covert ops, disabled much of the Canadian oil infrastructure and America was oil dry within weeks. Everything ground to a halt.

Bush declared martial law soon after and the Chinese invaded to “remove a tyrant that the rest of the world considers an unnacceptable risk”. Of course the US military went nuclear with the Chinese but didn’t realize that the 15+ satellite launches a year the Chinese had been grinding out were all part of an ICBM defense system. None of the nukes got through. It was over quickly. The famed military-industrial complex of the US was an amazing powerhouse. It’s just that without oil, the powerhouse didn’t have all that much power. Unlike previous wars where the might of American production pushed us over the top militarily, this war was lost without so much as a whimper.

The Chinese instituted some changes. They said that the only truly free society was one in which everyone worked for the common good. The imposed their political system on us without asking. I think they believe they’re doing us a favor.

Then there’s the checkpoints they introduced. There are sickeningly frequent reports of US citizens being killed at these checkpoints throughout the country. Apparently what happens is that a carload of civilians gets shouted at (in Chinese) to slow down or stop. Not understanding, they fail to comply. Result: bullet riddled civilians with confused and terrified looks on their faces. Just last week the Chinese killed a busload of 17 civilians. Most of them were school children on a class trip. There were three teachers too.

While the Chinese have deployed much of their national army on US soil, they’ve also used a lot of civilian contractors to enforce curfews and protect foreign diplomats. These contractors and the company they work for (Redwater) are beyond the reach of the US judicial system. The Chinese have given them immunity for their actions on US soil and the company spirits away any individuals accused of wrongdoing before an investigation can get underway, even if there was a point to conducting one.

The eight years they’ve been here on US soil have produced some heartbreaking statistics. Over 4,500,000 “excess deaths”. I like that. Excess deaths. Basically, that’s people either killed violently during uprisings (ruthlessly crushed by our benevolent occupiers) or those that have died since the Chinese destroyed many of our factories, roads and infrastructure. Of those 4,500,000, about 1,800,000 have been violent or combat related deaths of Americans. Canada, in a stunning act of humanitarianism has opened its borders to refugees and 12,000,000 Americans have fled our home to reside with our now beloved northern neighbors.

Initially, people seemed to accept the fact that we needed help getting rid of Bush’s dictatorship. Lately, I think people have come to understand that the Chinese are really here for our natural resources. In the fusion driven, post-oil world, apparently American soil contains a lot of the minerals that drive the fusion process. I don’t really understand it but apparently the largest supply of “whatever it is” (some sort of helium?) was found in Iowa. The Chinese have set up camp there and apparently haven’t left. They can talk all they want about giving us our freedom but with 4,500,000 dead, 21,000,000 Americans who’ve fled and are now living as refugees elsewhere (12,000,000 in Canada alone) and another 1,100,000 fleeing each month, I gotta tell ya, it doesn’t feel all that free.

There is hope however, apparently the Chairman of the Chinese Communist party and thus the leader of China is frail. It’s said that health-wise he’s on his last legs. All we can do is hope that China’s next leader will curtail China’s empire. China has to realize the futility of trying to police the world. China’s political, social and moral systems are great … for China, but to impose them elsewhere at the barrel of a gun is wrong. I just hope the Chinese leadership realizes that. I’d say that I hope the Chinese people realize it but we all know that the Chinese don’t have any say in how their country is run or what wars it wages. It certainly feels a bit strange to have our future depend on the whims of political leaders far away, but that’s our new reality.

It’s hard for me to get too excited about the possibility of Chinese regime change. Regardless of what happens, the Chinese can’t give me my sons back. I won’t ever hold them again or see their cheeky smiles. So while other people hope that confusing political changes in foreign lands will help us, I apply slightly more direct methods.

Yes, I know they call me a terrorist and an insurgent. I like to think of myself as a freedom fighter. If someone invaded your country and killed your people, I’d like to think you’d fight too. I don’t expect to win but if I don’t fight, if we don’t fight, then all Americans lose.