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This is a Street Brawl for Truth and Freedom

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excerpt from Climategate: A Crime Against Humanity

by Mike Rivero

It is clear that government, the media, corporatized science, have quite literally bet the farm on selling the illusion of human cause global warming as justification for global taxes and global government. In order to bring about global government simultaneous with creating the illusion of a need they have to destroy the credibility of the regional governments and we have seen a great deal of this lately. Now the oligarchs face an awkward choice. They have set the stage for a collapse of the national governments and the global government they wish to install in its place may be collapsing right along with the myth of global government.

Various governments and the media are so heavily invested in selling the illusion of human cause global warming, that if that hoax is exposed, if the public becomes aware of the monstrous fraud involved, those institutions of government and media could very well be destroyed and by their own hands.

Already we are seeing the organizers and perpetrators of this fraud trying to limit the damage from this exposure in several ways. The media is already hard at work attempting to dump the blame and scandal solely on the climate scientists, who after all were only doing what they were paid to do. This is not to say the scientists are not guilty. Quite the contrary, they deserve to be pilloried publicly and humiliated for their betrayal of the public trust. To say that their careers should be ended is an understatement. But in our haste to punish the scientists who assisted in the lies to the world, we must not forget that the scientists were working for somebody; for politicians such as Al Gore, for an agenda called global government, and for those who wanted to get rich by selling is a fictitious product called carbon credit.

Yet another tactic being employed to limit the damage from climate gate, is to insist that even though the scientist responsible for the climate warming data have been exposed as holsters that the validity of the data itself must remain above question above reproach. This of course is nonsense. If you hire a contractor to build a home, and discover afterwards that the contractor has a history of using substandard materials and sloppy workmanship, do you continue to believe the home he has billed shoe is solid and durable and safe? Of course not. And yet the global warming cultists, are demanding exactly this kind of naïveté from the public at large.

So is climate gate a fraud? Is climate gate a scientific scandal? No. Climate gate is first and foremost a political scandal. More than that it is a global political scandal, that involves governments, media, institutionalize science, the banks, universities, indeed a vast cross-section of our ruling classes. It is more than a scandal; climate gate is a crime against humanity. And this is not an exaggeration. The goal of climategate was to extract money from every human being on planet Earth in exchange for a nonexistent salvation from a nonexistent threat. The goal of climate gate was to trick every human being on planet Earth into accepting the yoke of a global oligarchy with no more legitimate claim to power than those who ruled by divine right.

We are at a watershed moment. We may well see a transition to a new and better political structure for the entire world. But it will not be the one that has been designed for us. If nothing else the ability for government and media to lie to the population of the world on such a vast scale is forever destroyed. Climate gate will relegate all of the official stories of the governments of the United States and Great Britain and indeed every government that took part in the human cause global warming hoax to the same level of credibility as Ramses carvings showing his victory over the Hittites. It will be seen as an historic joke by future generations.

But we are not there yet. The forces that have enslaved us with deception and fraud and hoax are desperate to hang onto their power and authority. They are busy coming up with new hoaxes and frauds to scare us back into obedience. And the media well aware that they cannot report on the lies of climate gate without reporting their own complicity are working hand in glove with government to reassert their ability to control what you think and when you think it.

So, what we the free people of planet Earth need to do in the coming weeks is become the new mainstream media. The TV networks and other corporate media have been handed their marching orders to resell the illusion of human cause climate change in any way shape or form that will convince you to accept new taxes and the loss of your freedoms. The only way the rest of the world is going to find out about climate gate is if you tell them. Because the TV and news magazines won’t. If it’s mentioned at all, it will be to trivialize and dismiss it and assure the world it really doesn’t matter. BBC is still reporting climate gate as just another computer crime. This is like reporting Watergate as just another burglary!

We have collected together a vast body of evidence calling into question the legitimacy of the claims of human cause global warming. We have collected together a vast body of evidence proving fraud and deception on the part of the global warming cult. Please for this information to everybody you know in times of the essence. Barack Obama as already indicated that he will not be swayed by the exposure of the fraud in the CRU/NWIA data, and fully intends to go to Copenhagen to sign away our national sovereignty as “penance” for our contribution to global warming.

Other observers have commented that the moment president Obama signs that Copenhagen Treaty his credibility as president of the United States will be destroyed. For him to sign away sovereignty of our nation on the basis of a known lie should enrage all Americans and make it clear that the federal government is not working in the interests of the American people any more, but in service to this emerging globalist socialistic empire. Remember; global government is what Hitler wanted. Global Government is what Napoleon wanted. Global Government is what Alexander the Great wanted. Global Government is what the Roman Caesars wanted.

Climategate may well prove to be the final fight in the war between those who would rule us with lies and those who wish to live with truth. Climategate makes it clear that yes, there really are massive conspiracies between government and the media to mislead the general public. You cannot pretend they don’t exist; one is right there before you staked out naked on the ground, exposed for all to marvel at! I leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide how many other such deceptions form what we think we know of the world and of history.

There are two paths into the future. Along one lies freedom and truth and prosperity for the people. Along the other lies a socialist dictatorship, born in deception, unable and unwilling to tolerate dissent, and dedicated to robbing the poor to give to the rich.

You need to decide which future you wish to live in.

And you need to decide what you will do about it.

see the entire article


The Mantra…"There Is Going To Have To Be Global Governance"

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One by one, ‘leaders’ are dropping the hint of ‘a one world government’ that is in your best interests.

The latest…Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the G8.

At about the 3:20 mark Harper throws in his global governance line but he stumbles over his words. Mediocre propagandist puppets sometimes have a bit of trouble getting their lines straight.

Harper’s words come right on the heels of the Pope’s “true world political authority” statements that he signed off on.

There’s a pattern here. The ‘rulers’ think that they can just talk us into submitting to their schemes through the incessant controlled media telling us this is the way it is.

If this controlling technique doesn’t work, I’m sure there are many other ‘tricks’ up their sleeve.

More war, pandemics, economic collapse and of course, the old tried and true ‘false flag’ come to mind. The backups in case the psyops of the media do not work.

A great number of people are aware of what is happening. A much greater number are numb to any semblance of truth.

So, what are we going to do about it?

Pope Endorses "World Political Authority" On Eve of G8

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The pope is now officially behind the globalist bankers desire for world domination. What role would he play in this?

Pope Endorses “World Political Authority”

By Cliff Kincaid
July 9, 2009

Some in the media are calling it just a statement about “economic justice.” But Pope Benedict XVI’s “Charity in Truth” statement, also known as an encyclical, is a radical document that puts the Roman Catholic Church firmly on the side of an emerging world government.

In explicit and direct language, the Pope calls for a “true world political authority” to manage the affairs of the world. At the same time, however, the Pope also warns that such an international order could “produce a dangerous universal power of a tyrannical nature” and must be guarded against somehow.

The New York Times got it right this time, noting the Pope’s call for a world political authority amounted to endorsement of a New World Economic Order, a long-time goal of the old Soviet-sponsored international communist movement. highlighted the Pope’s call for a new world order with “teeth.”

The Pope’s shocking endorsement of a “World Political Authority,” which has prophetic implications for some Christians who fear that a global dictatorship will take power in the “last days” of man’s reign on earth, comes shortly after the United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis issued a call for global taxes and more powerful global institutions. U.N. General Assembly President, Miguel D’Escoto, a Communist Catholic Priest, gave a speech at the event calling on the nations of the world to revere “Mother Earth” but concluded with words from the Pope blessing the conference participants.

The controversial Papal statement comes just before a meeting of the G-8 nations and a scheduled meeting between the Pope and President Obama at the Vatican on July 10.

Sounding like Obama himself, Pope Benedict says this new international order can be accomplished through “reform of the United Nations Organization, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth.”

The “teeth” may come in adopting the global environmental agenda, which the Pope warmly embraces.

Sounding like Al Gore, the Pope said that one pressing need is “a worldwide redistribution of energy resources, so that countries lacking those resources can have access to them.” He adds that “This responsibility is a global one, for it is concerned not just with energy but with the whole of creation, which must not be bequeathed to future generations depleted of its resources.”

“The Church has a responsibility towards creation and she must assert this responsibility in the public sphere,” he explains.

In a statement that sounds like an endorsement of a new global warming treaty, which will be negotiated at a U.N. conference in December, the Pope says, “The international community has an urgent duty to find institutional means of regulating the exploitation of non-renewable resources, involving poor countries in the process, in order to plan together for the future.”

“The technologically advanced societies can and must lower their domestic energy consumption, either through an evolution in manufacturing methods or through greater ecological sensitivity among their citizens.” he declares.

In terms of how this new “world political authority” should look, the Pope says that it, too, should have “teeth” in the form of “the authority to ensure compliance with its decisions from all parties, and also with the coordinated measures adopted in various international forums.” Pope Benedict declares that “such an authority would need to be universally recognized and to be vested with the effective power to ensure security for all, regard for justice, and respect for rights.”

But the document, which is more than 30,000 words long, is contradictory in that it pretends that a world government can co-exist with freedom and democracy. For example, the statement calls for “a greater degree of international ordering, marked by subsidiarity, for the management of globalization.” The term “subsidiarity” is usually defined as having matters handled by local authorities, not international bureaucrats.

In another example of double-speak, the Pope declares that “Globalization certainly requires authority, insofar as it poses the problem of a global common good that needs to be pursued. This authority, however, must be organized in a subsidiary and stratified way, if it is not to infringe upon freedom and if it is to yield effective results in practice.”

He doesn’t explain how it will be possible for citizens to influence or control this “world political authority” when they are under its bureaucratic control.

In the statement about how the New World Order could turn into a tyranny, the Pope is also contradictory, declaring that “…the principle of subsidiarity is particularly well-suited to managing globalization and directing it towards authentic human development. In order not to produce a dangerous universal power of a tyrannical nature, the governance of globalization must be marked by subsidiarity, articulated into several layers and involving different levels that can work together.”

Against, he doesn’t explain how people on the local or even national levels will be able to resist this tyranny.

In a strong endorsement of foreign aid, the Pope says that “In the search for solutions to the current economic crisis, development aid for poor countries must be considered a valid means of creating wealth for all.”

But there must be more. He says that “…more economically developed nations should do all they can to allocate larger portions of their gross domestic product to development aid, thus respecting the obligations that the international community has undertaken in this regard.”

This statement seems to be an urgent call for fulfilment of the U.N.’s Millennium Development Goals, which involve an estimated $845 billion from the U.S. over a ten-year period.

The Pope goes on to say that the social order should conform to the moral order, but the fact is that on moral issues such as abortion and homosexuality, the agenda of the United Nations is opposed to that of the Catholic Church. Even on capital punishment, there is disagreement. The U.N. opposes it while traditional church teaching (Section 2267 of the Catholic Catechism) allows it in certain cases.

In his statement, the Pope declares that “Some non-governmental Organizations work actively to spread abortion, at times promoting the practice of sterilization in poor countries, in some cases not even informing the women concerned. Moreover, there is reason to suspect that development aid is sometimes linked to specific health-care policies which de facto involve the imposition of strong birth control measures. Further grounds for concern are laws permitting euthanasia as well as pressure from lobby groups, nationally and internationally, in favour of its juridical recognition.”

What he doesn’t mention is that some of these groups operate through and with the support of the United Nations.

Source: News With Views

A brief diversion from the Pope’s latest message.

India also wants its due place in the New World Order.

New Delhi: Ahead of the G8 summit in Italy, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has made a vigorous pitch for reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and underlined that India will seek its due place in the emerging international order.

“The structure of United Nations Security Council must evolve to become true representative of the global community,” the Prime Minister argued in an article he has written for The Vision of Emerging Powers – India. It has been published in the compendium brought out by the G8 nations on the eve of its summit in Italy.

Berlusconi hosts G8.

Metaphors may not have been in the mind of Silvio Berlusconi when he summoned the leaders of the world’s most advanced states to survey the battered planet from the scene of an earthquake.

A field of ruins seems an apt venue, though, as presidents Obama, Sarkozy and Medvedev, along with Gordon Brown and the rest of the Group of Eight, gather today in the Italian town of L’Aquila to seek ways to rebuild, feed and clean a damaged world.

Mr Obama, reversing recent US policy, wants a framework to succeed the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which will expire in 2012. Mr Brown and Mr Sarkozy also agreed this week on the need for firm pollution targets in the medium term, which should be set at a UN climate change conference in Copenhagen in December.

The Americans are also making the running over efforts to secure food for poor countries: Washington wants the G8 to commit $15 billion (£9 billion) for agricultural development. Robert Zoellick, the President of the World Bank, {Zoellick praises war criminal Robert McNamara} has written to the G8 warning of growing hunger if they let up in efforts to restart the economy. {more}

36 arrested at anti-G8 protest in Italy

Besides ‘climate change’ and the world economic situation, G8 leaders will also discuss Iran.
Iran on the menu at G8 summit dinner

Iran’s defiant stance over its nuclear programme will dominate dinner table talk on the first night of the G8 summit of the world’s most powerful leaders, diplomats said Tuesday.

Presidents and heads of government from the Group of Eight industrialized powers will hold a working dinner late Wednesday after talks in the Italian mountain town of L’Aquila, and relations with Tehran will top the agenda. {more}

No word on whether the G8 talks will include the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, expansion of the killing in Pakistan and the crimes of Israel. More important ‘things’ to consider I suppose. War and land/resource theft is too large a money maker for the G8 nations.

The Illuminati – Myron C. Fagan vinyl recordings

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by Patrick Lafferty

In 1967, American Filmmaker and ONE WORLD conspiracy whistleblower Myron C. Fagan recorded three vinyl recording to warn America of the Illuminati’s plan to create the communist threat to control the world political figures, financial combine and corporate media.


Myron Coureval Fagan (31 October 1887 – 12 May 1972) was a Jewish American writer, producer and filmmaker. He arrived in New York in 1907, where he quickly became one of the youngest playwrights in American Theater. Over the years, Douglas Fairbanks, John Barrymore, Humphrey Bogart, Brian Donlevy and Robert Ryan were directed or appeared in his plays.

In 1916 Fagan took a break from the theater to served as Director of Public Relations for Republican Presidential candidate Charles Evans Hughes. When a similar offer was made in 1928 to him by Herbert Hoover he turned it down. He moved to Hollywood in 1930, where he served as a writer and director with Pathe Pictures, Inc., then owned by Joseph P. Kennedy, and also at 20th Century Fox, and other Hollywood Film Studios.

“Fifty men have run America, and that’s a high figure.” -Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, New York Times, July 1936 issue

In the mid 1940’s Fagan launched a one-man crusade against what he claimed was a “Red Conspiracy in Hollywood”. Out of this crusade would come the Cinema Educational Guild. The culmination of this crusade would be the 1947 congressional hearings where more than 300 famous stars, writers, and directors from Hollywood, Radio, and TV were investigated.

Fagan as a Jew was not privy at the time to what the real goal of Communism was all about. He soon came to know when in 1945, Fagan claimed he saw secret documents of the meetings in Yalta, shown to him by author John T. Flynn, that led him to write the plays ‘Red Rainbow’, and ‘Thieves Paradise.’ Written in 1945, ‘Red Rainbow’ portrays Roosevelt, Stalin and others in Malta plotting to deliver the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Berlin to Stalin. Left-wing groups in the New York opposed the production of the play and Fagan had difficulties getting financial backing to produce it. Fagan took the play to Hollywood were he encountered even more protests against it than he had in New York. “Red Rainbow” It was finally produced and ran for a short period of time at the Royal Theatre.

Written two years later, ‘Thieves Paradise’ portrays the same group plotting to create the United Nations as a Communist front for one world government. Despite opposition, ‘Thieves Paradise’ opened at the Las Palmas Theatre in Hollywood on December 26 1947. It starred actor Howard Johnson who was subject to a campaign of harassment so bitter and intense that it sent him to St. Vincent’s Hospital with a nervous breakdown after six performances. Johnson’s mother was also a subject of this campaign against him. These incidences were investigated and corroborated by both Actors’ Equity and the American Board of Arbitration. Johnson, who had appeared in three films, never made another movie in Hollywood. ‘Thieves Paradise’ was also produced and staged at the El Patio theatre in Hollywood in April, 1948. It opened on April 12th, and, despite protest against it, was able to complete its run. This is also mentioned in an anti-communist speech, Luxurious Hollywood made in the same theater, on December 9, 1948, by an unknown reputed Hollywood insider wearing a black mask and calling himself Mr. X.

From this period onward Fagan did not produce any further work for stage or screen, instead he wrote anti-communist pamphlets, such as Hollywood Reds are On the Run, and bulletins for the remainder of his life.

The Eleventh Report of the Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities of the California Legislature said this of Fagan’s anti-Communist lists, “But those who realized their mistake and left the front organizations in disgust and disillusionment are often still carried as subversives on the Fagan lists, and therein lies the danger from any unofficial organization that undertakes to publish lists of alleged subversive organizations and individuals. They do not have the facilities, nor the authority, nor the experience to handle these matters in an expert fashion and therefore they produce an enormous amount of harm by falsely accusing individuals who are not only loyal but who have profited greatly by their unfortunate experiences in having been lured into Communist-front groups.”

Between 1967 and 1968 Fagan recorded ‘The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations’, three LP records documenting the activities of a secret society known as The Illuminati. Myron C. Fagan died on 12 May 1972 in Los Angeles, California, USA.


source: OpEdNews


Fagan also goes into the Zionist aspect in the recordings. The term Zionist is discouraged on OpEdNews and the above article doesn’t use it. Most of the information is from Wikipedia.
The recordings are an interesting historical perspective and worth downloading and burning to CD.

Embrace a world currency, or not

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It should be obvious to everyone by now that the manufactured world economic crisis has a pre-planned agenda, a one world currency controlled by a world central bank run by a handful of the world’s bankers. A cashless, micro-chipped way to further destroy sovereign nations, including our own US, and enslave those that happen to survive.

Bob Chapman at The International Forecaster says;

We are hearing more and more about digital gold as a private-bank solution to potential devaluation of fiat currencies. The May/June issue of the CFR’s, Foreign Affairs magazine, Brenn Steil a senior fellow and director of International Economics, who has been on loan from the parent Royal Institute in London since 1996, says digital gold, “although a niche business at present, gold banking has grown dramatically in recent years in tandem with the dollar’s decline.” Mr. Steil was the Illuminist who drew up the plans for the North American Union and the Amero. If there is digital gold out there somewhere we haven’t heard about it.

The new approach to a world currency obviously will be digital gold. This way they can introduce a one-world currency backed by gold to make it acceptable to the world public. The digital nature means government would know every aspect of your financial life and would control you and your country. The gold storage would, of course, be controlled by the Illuminists. The elitists have come to the conclusion another fiat currency is not going to be acceptable. This is why JP Morgan Chase, Citicorp and Goldman Sachs talk in terms of $2,000 gold and UBS projects $2,500. Historically such benchmarks are usually and normally exceeded by prices from $3,000 to $7,000.

Steil says countries should abandon monetary nationalism and embrace a world currency. more

Globalist shill Nobel prize winner backs world currency.

KAZAKH President Nursultan Nazarbayev has won backing for his plan for a single world currency from an intellectual architect of the euro currency, Nobel-prize winner Professor Robert Mundell.

Nazarbayev, speaking at an economic forum in the glitzy new capital he has built on the Kazakh steppe, defended his proposal for the “acmetal” world currency saying it might “look kind of funny” but was not.

And he received intellectual support from the Canadian economist Prof Mundell, who helped lay the intellectual groundwork for Europe’s single currency.

“I must say that I agree with President Nazarbayev on his statement and many of the things he said in his plan, the project he made for the world currency, and I believe I’m right on track with what he’s saying,” Prof Mundell said, adding the idea held “great promise”.

Mr Nazarbayev and Prof Mundell urged the Group of 20 leading developed and developing economies to form a working group on the proposal at their summit on the global economic crisis in London on April 2.

“We should deliver our thoughts and the thoughts of this conference to the leaders of those countries,” Mr Nazarbayev said, referring to the G8 and G20 nations.

According to N. Nazarbayev the current crisis is a result of imperfection of the world currency which does not correspond to changes in the world; it is not democratic and the world currency market is uncompetitive and uncivilized.

Russia is not so sure.

MOSCOW: Russia gave a cool reception on Saturday to a Kazakh proposal for a new global currency, saying it may be a topic for discussion among a loose, Russia-dominated economic grouping of just five former Soviet states.

Patrick Brown in Planting Seeds for One World Currency and New World Order says;

These articles and those alluding to a “new world order” seem to be in the papers daily these days.

For those who have not studied “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, this is exactly the same kind of propaganda campaign that was discreetly promulgated in the years leading up to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The campaign leading up to 1913 was instigated and paid for by the banks, discreetly, and in such a way that the public thought the banks were actually against such a plan.

The amount of coverage on this as of late smacks to me of the same thing – a carefully orchestrated plan to “float” the idea before presenting it formally to both flush out any obvious opposition and to get the public used to the idea.

From How the Financial Crisis Meltdown Will End

This is all The Hegelian Principle, being put into practice. First used by the Romans over 2000 years ago.

  • It is a simple principle. It has only three steps:
  • Step one: CREATE A “PROBLEM”: Create it or take one that does exist and build it up out of all proportion to its real importance; The Financial Crisis Meltdown.
  • Step Two: PUBLICIZE THE “PROBLEM”: Make sure a story about this problem appears in the news media each and every day, in newspapers, news magazines, radio, and television. Hit it again and again in a “steady drumbeat” that soon has people who don’t pay real attention to politics (which is the majority of them) clamoring for a “solution” to the problem; Things will get so bad that the sheepal will beg for a solution.
  • Step Three: OFFER A “SOLUTION”: A solution that takes away one or more of our rights and further undermines the constitutional protections we all are supposed to enjoy. One that involves higher taxes (to pay for this “solution,” of course), and one we would not have allowed them to do without this previous conditioning of the public; The new One World Currency.

After things have gotten so bad, then the sheepal will be begging for The One World Order with the One World Currency.

Check out the following for a good background. Must reads.

Goldsmiths – Archives

Watch the main stream media as they work to manipulate public opinion towards a one world currency. Sure, there will be controlled opposition to it but it’s all part of the game.

We can accept one currency and a one world government or we can resist.

Perhaps state sovereign rights is a start. Maybe secession from the US and the world order is our only hope. This would be difficult and violent. The bankers and their allies won’t go down easy.

When you can’t afford the ransom….

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Being kidnapped and held hostage without any money and no one to pay the ransom is a dilemma to be in.

The kidnappers must have known this when they took us.

An IOU from future generations will suffice for now but that doesn’t mean you are free to go back to your previous world.

In fact, a new world order is what awaits you, a global governance that will see to it that you pay. The price tag of what you owe will be attached to everything you think you own. Failure to pay will result in forfeiture of all assets and possibly death.

(from the ransom note)

Many working people have yet to give in to the ransom demands but they are being swiftly moved in that direction. How many times have you heard from someone close to you, “There’s nothing we can do?”

Economic collapse will be the big motivator for compliance.

The main stream media gives us hints of how the global community is reacting to the manufactured crisis.

CNN reports:

With overall global economic growth slowing to a near standstill this year, 2009 will be the most challenging year for economies across the globe since World War II, according to an International Monetary Fund report released Wednesday.

To help reverse the economy’s course, several nations around the world with advanced economies have enacted fiscal stimulus plans, which could cost as much as 1.5% of advanced economies’ GDP in 2009. The United States is currently considering a plan that would equal roughly 6% of its total economic output. The actions of those countries are expected to increase their debt levels to 7% of their GDP, up from 3.75% in 2008.

But the IMF said stimulus packages may not be enough. Countries around the globe should consider strong and complementary policy actions that help to fix the financial sector meltdown.

Globe and Mail reports:

“Against a background of mass job losses, collapsing house prices, plummeting stock markets [and] restrictions on credit, confidence may not yet have reached rock bottom,” said Paul Dales, U.S. economist at Capital Economics.

Economist Ian Shepherdson of High Frequency Economics estimates that adult Americans are losing an average of $370 (U.S.) a week.

A few have decided to take themselves and their families out of the storm by murder and suicide. Residents blame family’s murder-suicide on economy.

Police officers stood at the front of a crowded church on Tuesday night, offering what few answers they could to explain why a father would kill his wife and five children before turning the gun on himself.

The Lupoe family, whose seven bodies were discovered shot to death Tuesday morning in their home, represents the fifth mass death of a Southern California family by murder or suicide in a year.

“People are frustrated with their government,” resident Xavier Hermosillo told city officials. “This is a societal decline.”

Of course the whole state of California is actually bankrupt and reports of deadly frustration are likely to continue.

Halt to Tax Refund Payment to Conserve California’s Dwindling Funds

Sacramento, CA (AHN) – California controller John Chiang ordered on Tuesday the Franchise Tax Board to place on hold for 30 days the mailing of tax refunds beginning Feb. 1 due to low state funds.

Chiang warned in middle of January that beginning next month he will start issuing IOUs next month to service providers and give priority on existing money to pay bondholders and schools.

California’s governor and legislators have yet to agree to close the state’s expected $41 billion deficit in the next 18 months. The closest they got was to cut spending by $6 billion.

Part of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposal to help raise funds to close the budget gap is to tax golf games, auto repairs, veterinary care, amusement parks, admissions on sports events and appliance and furniture repairs. If approved, it would add to the list of services already taxed by California, including gift wrapping, tuxedo rental and video rental for personal use.

“At some point it becomes so huge,” said Michael Cohen, a top staffer at the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, “that the whole basic structure of the state begins breaking down.”

California’s budget morass also will ensnare local governments, which rely on state money to administer welfare payments and provide services to foster kids and the aged. Payments for those programs are among the first that would be postponed, putting the onus on counties to keep the services running.

Santa Clara County’s director of social services, Will Lightbourne, said the county will do everything it can to protect its 35,000 to 40,000 aid recipients and foster kids next month.

“But beyond February I have little confidence,” he said. “I have no idea what we will do. The county is looking at its cash position very closely.

“It’s a scenario that’s never happened before, so it’s hard to visualize,” Lightbourne said, a sentiment shared by many others following the mess in Sacramento. “If there comes a point where there’s no money in the bank to back the check, we can’t issue the check.”

There’s an old saying that as California goes so goes the rest of the nation.
More pain, taxes, unemployment and then a willingness to go along with proposals that may improve the situation.

That’s where the globalists come in with a remedy.

They are working on it as we speak.

World Economic Forum.

Annual Meeting 2009
Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 28 January – 1 February 2009
“Shaping the Post-Crisis World”

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic ForumThe World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009 promises to be one of the most important events in the Forum’s history. The significance of the Meeting is such that more than 40 heads of state and government have already confirmed their participation in Davos-Klosters where they will join business leaders as well as NGOs, Trade Unions and experts from a wide range of fields. The Meeting will be focused on managing the current crisis and shaping the entire post-crisis agenda, from economic reform to climate change.

The main long term objective will be to convince us that a world government with a global central bank will be the answer and if not…..

Chuck Baldwin quotes Walter Cronkite:

In his book, “A Reporter’s Life,” Walter Cronkite said, “A system of world order–preferably a system of world government–is mandatory. The proud nations someday will see the light and, for the common good and their own survival, yield up their precious sovereignty . . .” Cronkite told BBC newsman Tim Sebastian, “I think we are realizing that we are going to have to have an international rule of law.” He added, “We need not only an executive to make international law, but we need the military forces to enforce that law.” Cronkite also said, “American people are going to begin to realize that perhaps they are going to have to yield some sovereignty to an international body to enforce world law.”

Baldwin continues:

It does not matter to a tinker’s dam whether it is a Republican or Democrat who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? For the most part, both major parties in Washington, D.C., have been under the dominating influence of the international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, the CFR, and the Trilateral Commission. And this is also why it does not matter whether one calls himself conservative or liberal. For the most part, both conservatives and liberals in Washington, D.C., are facilitating the emerging New World Order.

Presidents Bush, Sr., Bill Clinton, and Bush, Jr. have thoroughly set the table for the implementation of the NWO, as surely as the sun rises in the east. All Obama has to do is put the food on the table–and you can count on this: Barack Obama will serve up a New World Order feast like you cannot believe!

The ransom money will not be forgiven.

The only question is, “What will freedom-loving Americans do about it?”