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Theatre of Democracy

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“One of the points about distractions is 
that everything that they do is destabilizing.
                            Bruce Sterling

The main point about the current distractions is that as we are caught up in them there are dozens of other things going on that we are missing. I think that’s by design and even when it’s not, opportunists are quick to pounce. 

In my own locale there are a couple of examples that due to distractions few are taking heed of the creeping fascism soon to overwhelm us. This time it’s a Republican dirty dance but only because they have the majority. The Dems will betray us next time if they get the chance.

Voting is kabuki theatre but should we just give up and let the fix be in without even putting up a fight? Some will say we ought to just walk away and not feed the false system but that’s a debate for another time.

The Tennessee legislature voted in 2008 to use paper ballots, got it delayed for the 2010 elections and now …

State representatives are trying to reverse most of a 2008 law that called for the replacement of electronic voting machines across the state with paper ballots read by computerized scanners. The move would kill off a plan that supporters say would create a verifiable record of votes but opponents say will be costly and open to tampering. more

Paper ballots can be scammed too, there’s a long history of it but I would rather take a chance on my neighbor counting and recounting the votes than Diebold or ES&S and their ‘friends.’ It’s not about the costs. It’s about ease of fraud.

Running for office is about to become even more of a corporate adulterous affair than it is now.

In the wake of the 2010 Citizens United v Federal Election Commission decision by the US Supreme Court, which ruled that corporations have the same right to free speech as citizens and should be able to directly fund independent political broadcasts, the Tennessee legislature has gone one step further and decided that companies should be able to give money directly to candidates – and that includes foreign companies! more

Politicians may as well get corporate logos and foreign flags tattooed on their ass so that they can just drop their pants, bend over and show us what to kiss. No words needed. For some of them it would be the most honest thing they’ve ever done.

When Obama visits ‘ground zero’ in New York this Thursday, the theatre of the absurd will go from bad to worse. He couldn’t get Bush to join him in this perverted orgy of the success of death and lies but possibly Giuliani will be there to silently smile about his role in mass murder and cover up.

Maybe Obama will finally explain to the 9/11 families just how Bin Laden blew up the towers?

Nah … now I’m being absurd.


CPAC Civil War: Screaming "War Criminal" At Dick Cheney

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Things should have been nice and chummy at CPAC an hour ago. Dick Cheney strolled on stage to cheers and the inspirational tune of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” and got began to present the “Defender Of The Constitution” award to Donald Rumsfeld. However, as the chants of “USA! USA!” died down, a voice screaming “War criminal!” could be heard. And then, as Cheney continued to talk up his former colleague, a shouting match began between supporters of Ron Paul and the rest of the convention hall.

The Paul supporters eventually walked out in the middle of Rumsfeld’s speech as way of protest. {more}

CPAC Audience Rejects Donald Rumsfeld

2 Truth Screamers Get Chucked From CPAC For Heckling Rumsfeld while blood thirsty war loving zombies shout USA, USA, USA.

As we all know, Cheney and Rumsfeld were also co-criminal conspirators in the false flag of 9/11.
Traitors, liars, murderers and thieves.

The CPAC Circus featuring crazed Israel firster 
Michele Bachmann.

The Donald and Sarah Palin hair: a CPAC carnival of conservatism

Trump Receives Cheers, Boos After Declaring Ron Paul Can Not Get Elected

Rand Paul on Donald Trump: ‘his chances are less than my father’s’

Gay Wars: What We Saw at CPAC

CPAC Daily Paul thread 

Anti-Muslim extremist freak and Israel lackey Allen West to give CPAC keynote speech.

While we were at the circus …

House passes Patriot Act rule, clears way for passage

Can we just neuter Lindsey Graham?

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Lindsey Graham takes his role as a war whore seriously. His kind of talk is what we have to look forward to as the Republicans and the Democrats merge ever closer together in their dance to more banker and corporate war profits and their subservience to the psychopaths of Israel   Iran is definitely on the table if the traitorous sock puppets like Graham have their way.

Unless we can neuter the entire war machine, I think we’re in for some deep trouble. Who’s going to stop them … and how? The game will pick up its pace even more very soon.

We Should Sink Iran’s Navy & Destroy Their Air Force! Neuter That Regime! Senator Lindsey Graham – Nov. 7, 2010

They Live

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I finally saw the 1988 movie “They Live” today and realized what Peter Chamberlin is saying with his blog title “There Are No Sunglasses.”

I also saw a little of the Stewart and Colbert sanity/fear rally and you don’t need the sunglasses to see through it.

The lefty counterpoint to the righty Glenn Beck hijacked Tea Party types. The lefties may be a little more fun but no less propagandizing.

It’s breaking us down into two groups that oppose each other as if that’s all there is.

But most of us don’t actually fit into this false duplicity. We’re the ones who don’t like Stewart and Obama, Beck and Palin. Using conventional terms we as individuals are a mix of conservative, liberal, moderate, radical or what ever you want to call it. Sort of ‘mongrels’ that don’t fit what the media wants us to be.

A real rally for America would be anti-war, anti-imperialism and most definitely anti-criminal government and anti-wall street/banker syndicate. Basically it would be looking for the truth wherever it leads us. We haven’t seen much of that in these controlled for TV gatherings.

Rallies have always been used to manipulate the masses. The crowd cheers “hooray for us” and goes home satiated. A lot of good people want to be involved, a lot of good people fall for the deceptions.

Some of the signs at the insanity rally were witty and funny and the Huffington Press had a ton of reader submitted entries but one sign stuck out. Stewart’s already used it but Arianna’s bunch just had to get it in there one more time.

‘There are no sunglasses’ but we still can see behind the mask and we know what the monsters fear the most … that crazy little thing called truth.

Joe the Plumber Heads for the Hills

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In today’s world being an irrelevant hack doesn’t mean that someone or something won’t fund you to travel the country endorsing GOP candidates. Who exactly is paying Joe to do this?

Joe literally ‘heads for the hills’ this Fri. for a meet and greet with sixth district congressional candidate Lou Ann  Zelenik at the appropriately named Joe’s Place in Woodbury TN.

But in his overzealous attempt to earn his paycheck, it appears that Joe has endorsed two candidates  in the same race. Heck Joe, just endorse them all and you’re bound to pick a winner.

I can understand his confusion. Leaky faucets all look and sound essentially the same.

One candidate in the district that Joe hasn’t endorsed yet is Gary Mann who had this to say a couple of months ago.

“Our system of government is based on the Old Testament Israelite system of government.”

Sounds also like someone you can relate to Joe.

Criminal Traitor Alexander Haig Finally Dies

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Former teammates Haig and Kissinger discuss old times in 2006.

In America corrupt military and political figures like Haig get to live out their lives in freedom instead of paying for their crimes in a prison cell.

The bottom line is that Haig helped orchestrate the killing of an untold number of people across the world including tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam. He played key roles in the Nixon, Ford and Reagen administrations that contributed greatly to the decline of America.

Good riddance.

Palin Coming to Nashville to Charge Up the ‘Tea Party’ Troops

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Charge them up to the tune of maybe $100,000.

Daily Paul today reminds us of the upcoming National Tea Party Convention.

If you think this is a grassroots political movement of the working class, think again. This is mainly a ploy from the Republicans, neocons and their warmongering media buddies to extort big bucks from some who may actually think these people and groups are trying to create change for the better. Mostly it’s a bunch of shills out for money, political power and self promotion.

The Tea Party Nation’s list of speakers, besides headliner Sara, include World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah, Fox News Contributor Angela McGlowan and Republican reps Michele Bachman and Marsha Blackburn. Nashville’s own ‘lover of all things war’ WWTN Talk 99.7 is also a contributor.

First let’s check the cost to get in. A ticket for everything is $558.95, skip the banquet and it’s only $358.71. Opryland Hotel is very nice and you can get a room for $110 or $175 with an atrium view (plus charges and taxes). Definitely not for the common folks.

The organizers have stated this is not about the creation of a third party … surprise surprise. Anyone looking for an alternative to the two party crime syndicate had best try and figure out something else. Most people I know are tired of this flipping of power between Dems and Repubs with essentially the same results; more taxes, more war, more laws, less freedom.

The co-opting of the tea party movement by moneyed interests is a deception and a recipe for failure. True constitutionalists and criminal government and media observers see through it. Perhaps the rest of the folks who once saw the potential for a grassroots movement will also see this faction for what it is and let it die.

Instead of expensive conventions we need to take to the streets against the power structure … peacefully and by the millions. That’s a message the oligarchy may understand.