Working the Crowd

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Well, that didn’t take long. The ground zero of the mid-south, the Murfreesboro Mosque, once again hits the news as phone threats including one with no words, just the sound of a bomb exploding, come in to the mosque.

We just so happened to drive by the mosque today on our way to somewhere else and saw the cop car there. My only thought was ‘uh oh.’

The staged ‘event’ in Libya  is having its desired effect. Work the crowd, stir ’em up. Get ’em ready for more killing, more wars, more thievery and not just over there but right here in our back pocket.  Whether the calls to the mosque were from real redneck bigots who can’t see the psyops for the blinders they choose to wear or they too were staged I don’t know. Let’s just say that divide and conquer is the dish of the day and it tastes very bad.

a possible scenario

Man I Was Mean But I’m Changing My Scene…

The Road to World War 3


Riot Grrrls and Followers Ride the Bernays Highway

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Haven’t we had about enough of this? In the words of some tv writers, this whole Pussy Riot episode is fake, fake, fake, fake and useful idiots all over the world fall for the script. When so called ‘celebrities’  like Madonna and Paul McCartney show their support, well, you know you’ve been had.

Overall, even the alternative media has failed to expose this blatant psyops. Check out Noor’s posts on this, here and here. Not everyone is fooled.

A fairly good summary comes from someone on the girl’s facebook page:

Freedom of speech is going into a Russian Orthodox Christian Church wearing KKK masks and denouncing Putin and Christianity? Really? What if some women went into a Synagogue in this country and sang some anti-semitic epithets? You better bet your Zionist owned ass that they would be tried as terrorists and disappeared into a Luciferian dungeon for the rest of their lives. This Pussy Riot stunt and the naked Ukrainian girl that chainsawed a Cross to the ground, is just Western backed agitation and BS propaganda. I’m all for free speech and women’s rights but this ain’t it. Ever since Putin kicked out the Jewish Oligarchs from Russia, the CIA/Mossad have been backing stunts like this. Don’t believe the hype. And Kasparov’s real name is Garik Weinstein, Zionist agent. And no culture that bases itself in a cesspit of Luciferianism, Propaganda, Pedophilia, Immorality and Insanity – all designed by Zionists who enjoy dumb goyim fighting amongst each other, will ever lead to a revolution that means anything. Only thing thing Pussy Riot will be good for is the headlining act at a FEMA Camp near you.

And from a comment here:

So obvious. The endless media coverage is of course the first tip off. Russia is standing in the way of certain designated “enemies”(Syria and Iran) and Israel and the US don’t appreciate it. Pussy Riot=obvious psy op.

And here:

The heavy sentence they received is probably the Russian’s way of sending a message to the people that they are not going to tolerate them siding with the US state department in an effort to destabilize the country. This is Putin after all. He’s making a point. And it’s probably not going to the missed by the others in Russia who are trying to help neo-liberalize the country and take them back to the Yeltsin years of corruption and pillaging the nation.

What really topped it off for me was the topless chain saw wielding Ukrainian girl cutting down a cross that was a memorial for those murdered and starved by Stalin’s bolshevik killers. One doesn’t have to be traditionally religious in the least to see it for what it is…an attack on true history that some would want us to forget.

We can understand the paid provocateurs.  They do it for the money and the little fame it brings them. It’s the blind followers that are worrisome.

From Propaganda by Edward Bernays

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. 

Small groups of persons can, and do, make the rest of us think what they please about a given subject.

There are invisible rulers  who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.

Nor, what is still more important, the extent to which our thoughts and habits are modified by authorities.

Women are just as subject to the commands of invisible government as are men.

Dancing Around the Maypole

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May 1st, or May Day, was considered by several cultures to be an important holiday, especially in occult circles due to celestial alignments.
The Beltane festival, an ancient Gaelic celebration of sexuality, fertility…and blood sacrifices.
The origins of the Beltane festival can be traced back to the celebration of the Sumerian God Enlil – who is known to us as Baal.  more

Dances of deception…..

Obama makes a secret trip to Afghanistan, meets with Karzai and signs a long term agreement to never leave as long as there are profits to be made.  He gave an address to the nation from there saying basically… 9/11, al Qaeda, bin Laden, Taliban, “God bless our troops, God bless the U.S..”

Reinforcing the myth of bin laden’s death … hereherehere … ad nauseum.

Occupy has violence up its sleeve? The police certainly do. 

Watch out for the homegrown terrorists. Dupes never learn.

Provocateurs? What provocateurs?

White powder sent to banks is hinted at to be from occupiers and turns out to be corn starch. Bankers said “oh heck,” we thought it might be our coke shipment.

Don’t forget the old time psyops with new techniques. The greatest threat to the US … al Qaeda in Yemen! They’re cranking up the radiation on the x-ray machines at the airport checkpoints it was reported.

What???  RT says with a straight face “Porn files reveal Al-Qaeda master plan to terrorize Europe.”

What???   Tzipi doesn’t want war and says that Netanyahu’s government is putting the existence of the jewish state “in mortal danger.”  Pat Robertson’s peeps interview an Israeli pilot who says “we’re getting ready.”  Last chance to send Pat some mo’ money before the rapture. Let’s hope he’s one of the first to ‘disappear.’ And that he takes several of his ‘friends’ with him.

An oldie but goodie. Suitable for the new order maypole dance?

Local Law Enforcement Trained in ‘Terrorism’ by Anti-Muslim Psychological Warfare ‘Non-Profit’

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In a county designated by the hard right wing factions of the police state as the southern ‘ground zero’ in the psyops of Islamophobia, guess who is training the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office about Islam and the threats of terrorism? If you guessed yet another anti-Muslim non-profit group, one of many making millions through fearmongering and lies, you would be correct.

A former FBI agent who claimed that Nashville mosques do not have First Amendment rights is providing training to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office about Islam and terrorist threats.

John Guandolo, vice president of the Arlington, Va.,-based Strategic Engagement Group, is leading the training being held this week at the World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro.

“They do not have a First Amendment right to do anything,” Guandolo said. 

A local television station was  physically prevented from filming a free seminar at the faux Christian, zionist oriented mega World Outreach Church. The senior pastor, G. Allen Jackson, studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in the 1980s. Pastor Jackson now leads Christian pilgrimages to Israel several times a year, was instrumental in bringing the U.S. office of the International Christian Embassy-Jerusalem to Murfreesboro and has been recognized by the The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus for his continued support.

Channel 4 was allowed to listen to him {Guandolo} but could not record it. Guandolo talked about Hamas and its plan to destroy Western civilization from within, and spoke of Islamic centers as potential military compounds.

Tennessee Freedom Coalition, which openly opposed the new mosque, hired the Washington-based nonprofit.

…Lou Ann Zelenik, of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, which paid for this week’s training, said law enforcement officials need to know the truth about Islam and terrorism.

“We don’t need political correctness when it comes to the training our police and sheriffs,” she said. “This is accurate information. It’s not part of any agenda.”

The World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro,  has been a vocal opponent of the new Islamic Center being built in Rutherford County.

The Rutherford County Sheriff defended the ‘terrorism’ training by saying “Our officers came to us wanting this training because of the Mosque.” The question is why did he pick this particular warmongering group for the training and who is pulling the strings?

Strategic Engagement Group should be banned from any of their propagandized training but who would stop this from happening again? At least they are not going to be involved when Middle Tennessee police officers and deputies will gather in Nashville in two weeks for free training on how to fight terrorism. Still, this event will focus on the wrong enemies of the state instead of the true threats to this country … Wall Street/International bankers and the Federal Reserve, Israel and their lobbyists, The Pentagon and war machine contractors and their lobbyists, corporate degenerates, Homeland Security, the CIA, the NSA,  media shills and bought/blackmailed politicians.The creme de la creme of the sociopaths and psychopaths will not be discussed.

A simple reminder is that the whole Islamophobia psychological warfare is a direct result of the false flag of 9/11 where no Muslim hijackers were involved and virtually every sentence of the ‘official’ story is a lie.  An end to the 9/11 lies not only ends the Islamophobia industry but will also put a halt to the wars for Israel. Easier said than done but we are not giving up.

Previous reports on the local Mosque issue.

Paramilitary police training spooks Rutherford County residents

The beam that is in thine own eye

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I took a short sidetrip to Murfreesboro Tennessee and paid a visit to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s office where I got to see what is supposed to be a 1.5 ton steel beam from the 9/11 demolition of WTC 1.

The artifact, as it’s called, was unloaded just off the parking lot yesterday and is now open to the public with no waiting lines. We took the opportunity to take a few photos and to also touch it.

The artifact will be displayed in a permanent monument as a “visual reminder of 9-11. The memorial will be a constant reminder of the horrific incident of 9-11 and a constant reminder the law enforcement officers and firefighters in New York City endured to help the innocent. It will be a day that will live in the hearts of those there and who watched it on TV.”

It’s funny that most of the steel from the WTC was shipped off to China but that they did keep a very small portion of it. These beams are part of the not so easy to come by pieces that are being doled out to those who will incorporate them into what will be ‘official story’ memorials, several of which should be ready for the 10th anniversary.

more photos

The Port Authority, which built and owned the Trade Center complex, decides on the government agencies and non-profit organizations that get artifacts. Court approval is required, since the pieces are still considered crime-scene evidence. Requests must be on proper letterhead, and memorial sketches must be submitted. Communities can’t charge an admission fee and must pay to transport the artifact. 

Once those requirements are met, communities are given the artifacts on a first-come, first-serve basis.

It’s no coincidence that Murfreesboro got a beam and a memorial. Middle Tennessee has been designated as as a ‘hot spot’ for perpetuating the meme of “Muslims are the enemy.” We’ve had the Mosque issue getting national attention and now we’re seeing a state legislature attempt to felonize something or the other about Muslims and Sharia law. The local news is incorporating images of the burning and exploding towers into their coverage

The law will not pass. This is just an opportunity to get more demonetization of Muslims into the media, stir the pot, because without it the war on humanity might have a more difficult time. The perps so far have gotten by with the lies of ‘Muslims did 9/11’ but they have to keep trying to reinforce those lies in the face of an awakening population.

These Tennessee “Sharia’ lawmakers are being ‘influenced’ and are most likely having their bills written by the Center for Security Policy. This would be our old buddy, zionist neocon PNAC prick Frank Gaffney, who is pulling some strings and spreading some money around.

To me the beams seem symbolic of the old story of how we’re always trying to pick out the speck in the eyes of those around us while having a beam stuck in ours.

The beams blind us but you know what … they can be removed.

Goes the Dark Leader? …

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 Fiction and truth merge?

“Remember right here we talked about finding a guy and turning him into a star years ago,” the junior man said, adding too much sugar. “He’s sure blown up since then. Makes me nostalgic.”

“He’s the biggest thing in the world right,” the senior man said, ladling a little honey. “That was one sweet concept.”

“Lucky I had a brainstorm,” the junior man needled.

“Sure, you were on the verge of washing out,” the senior man teased back. “I gave you the credit because you needed a boost and you came up with a real humdinger, my son.” His smile ended up as a grimace. Out of practice.

The junior man took a cautious sip. “And now he’s everywhere. He’s all over the news just about twenty-four-seven.”

“Well, we own the goddamn mainstream media,” the senior man said, trying his own latte. “Are you surprised?”

“It’s strange to watch,” the junior man said. “I know it’s all an act, but the left wing wants him deified and the right wants him shot.”

“That’s part of the dialectic. We need to control both sides of the argument. Our guys need to capture the most radical sentiments in order to control them. Has to do with credibility.”

more – The Daily Bell

What a tangled web the media weaves.

CNN’s AC 360 Spins Into Murfreesboro for More Mosque Diversion

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It’s getting tiresome that this wonderful area is getting so much national and world negative attention. Without the media hype and lies wouldn’t this be a non-issue?


When the zionist controlled media needs a local spokesperson against Muslims, who do they go to? Yes, faux Christian Israel first zionism trained and funded  Laurie CardozaMoore

She’s  from Nashville, not Murfreesboro, but I guess she’s the only public speaker available to the media that they trust to get the hate speech points across and whip up the frenzy.

One of Cordoza-Moore’s main tasks is to make people comfortable with sending their kids off to war and to die for Israel. Her words could come straight from the ADL.

“There is no greater love, then a brother be willing to lay down his life for another.”

With the growing threat of worldwide anti-Semitism, it is time for Christian’s to take a stand. Never again, can we allow our Jewish brethren to stand-alone. Never again, should they have to defend their right to exist in the land of their inheritance. Never again, can Christians allow injustice and unrighteousness to be perpetrated against our brother Judah.

Now, more than ever, Christians must unite to take a stand for Zion’s sake! {more trash talk here}

A little arson at the mosque construction site has had one effect, inviting the FBI to attend services.  The Israel firsters must love this. I’m sure they would like the FBI in every church and mosque that doesn’t toe the zionist line.

Dividing Americans against each other is the goal and the deceived among us are falling for it. Even those who support the absolute freedom of religion need to dig deeper beyond the surface distractions.

We have to identify the real enemies before we can overcome them.

Supporters and opponents of a proposed Islamic center clashed at a vigil in Murfreesboro Monday night. (Photo by Jude Ferrara)