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Give Me the Money, Put It in My Pocket

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Isn’t that what almost every politician and the big time religious ‘leaders’ are all about? 

Early Obama body language.

I haven’t yet figured out why Pat “hero of hippies” Robertson has come out for legalization of marijuana but somehow I don’t think it’s out of compassion or logic. What’s next? He’ll come out against the current wars and wars to be? Maybe invite Ahmadinejad to brunch? Hardly.

Anti-zionist Christians are few and far between but do exist. 

What is it about treason that the American people don’t understand? Leon Panetta asserts that his gang of war criminals have every right in the world to shoot first and inform Congress later and that is exactly what they are going to do.

The report that the US has offered Israel some super-duper advanced weaponry in return for it committing not to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities this year reminds me of the deal with Iran that in exchange for money and weapons, Iran would hold the American hostages until after the presidential election of 1980.  That sealed the deal for Reagan’s election and it looks like Obama thinks this deal with Israel will assure his re-election. Deals with the devil usually end up not in our best interests.

A little delay in the action gives more time for the bankers and their allies to steal some more. It’s all about filling the pockets of a few, isn’t it?


Onward Warvangelical Soldiers

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Another Sunday morning, another march to the shrine.
Another merging of church and war state. 
Another mind confined.


The term ‘Warvangelical’ is a fairly new one.  Not yet in the dictionary and not yet overused, it does define a certain segment of our population. Not exactly a small one either. It doesn’t even have to be used in a derogatory manner. It’s basically just a matter of fact and not a new one at that.

Same old story, same old song. From their religion to their politics, some people are going to set the cruise control and stay on the road they are told leads them to where they should go. Not much need in making fun of them or they just dig their heels in harder. We are all subject to deception and one of the hardest things for folks to do is to stand up and say “Well, what do you know. I’ve believed in lies all of my life and I’m not going to play that game any longer.” It rarely works that way.

photo by Malcolm MacGregor

Of course it’s not just the Warvangelical right and their mega-temples. From the faux Christian lefties on down to the little church in the wildwood people are silent despite the storm clouds rising. They sacrifice their sons and daughters on the alter of the war god and few question why.

No matter what one believes in, it’s not hard to see that the planned destruction of Christianity is well on its way. Mostly it’s all from within with a lot of outside help from those who prefer murder and mayhem rather than the ‘golden rule.’

“The Cult of the Warvangelicals.” Sounds like the title of a bad ‘B’ movie but as fate would have it, it’s now prime time baby.

“And after church, the ballgame.”

The Pope Smokes "World Central Bank" Dope – The Vatican’s Hegelian Solution

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If anyone had any doubts that there are attempts to hijack the “Occupy” movement and turn its focus toward implementing a one world slave system, look no further than to the man with the silly hat.

It would be insulting to the rational and sincere protesters of the corrupt to even suggest that they would fall for this poor excuse for manipulating the dissension.

No surprise that the Vatican would propose another scam for control. It’s what they’ve always done. The partnership with the jewish international banking system is transparent to say the least. Criminal money working together to try and maintain their positions.

The Vatican called on Monday for the establishment of a “global public authority” and a “central world bank” to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises.

Here’s the really absurd part …

A major document from the Vatican’s Justice and Peace department should be music to the ears of the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn.

Yep, all the “Occupy” general assemblies will be ready to embrace  a “world authority” in the image of the Federal Reserve to cure all the ills. Maybe that’s why some of the ‘leaders’ have been so reluctant to back an “end the fed” stance in their ‘consensus’ platforms.

Seriously, if any in the protest movement try to give this Vatican proposal traction, it will be time to shout down the shills or run away and try something different.

Part of the Vatican ‘plan’ includes a tax on financial transactions which just so happens to coincide with another of the “Occupy” well funded front group’s call for a “Robin Hood” tax. In fine Orwellian tradition this would be the opposite of what it is portrayed as.

Anyway, I still have ‘faith’ in the masses of people on this planet. Common sense tells us when the establishment creates a problem, gets a reaction and then proposes a solution, we laugh in their face. It just may be the best medicine for their sickness.  


Still in play … Protocol # 10


 By such measure we shall obtain the power of destroying little by little, step by
step, all that at the outset when we enter on our rights, we are compelled to introduce
into the constitutions of States to prepare for the transition to an imperceptible
abolition of every kind of constitution, and then the time is come to turn every form of
government into OUR DESPOTISM.

The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the
constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly
wearied by the irregularities and incompetence – a matter which we shall arrange for –
of their rulers, will clamor: “Away with them and give us one king over all the earth
who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders – frontiers, nationalities,
religions, State debts – who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under
our rulers and representatives.”

But you yourselves perfectly well know that TO PRODUCE THE POSSIBILITY OF

Rapture Ready?

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40 Nashville billboards claim Jesus will return May 21, 2011

Forget 2012. To heck with the mortgage payments. It’ll be a great Christmas with that 80 inch TV bought with no payments for a year. Max out the credit cards and let’s party.

I mean who would buy 40 billboards in one city just to turn out wrong. It must be insider information.

 Who’s behind the ‘scoop?’ It’s Family Radio Inc. with help from

Family Radio (aka Family Stations Inc.) began obtaining FM broadcasting licenses on commercial frequencies early in FM’s history, and by 2006, was ranked 19th among top broadcast companies in number of radio stations owned. Currently, Family Radio’s affiliates in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and San Francisco are on prime commercial frequencies and the licenses of these stations alone may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars if sold today.

It would make sense to sell these frequencies now before all the owners are sucked up into the sky in this rapture thing. All that money could feed a lot of homeless folks in their last days. Seems like something Jesus would approve of. 

In breaking news Michael Chertoff’s company  has announced the upcoming release of his ‘spirit scanners.’

 “We can’t have terrorists floating down from the clouds. We’re taking this threat seriously” Chertoff proclaimed in a joint press conference with DHS madam Janet Napolitano as they signed a new $80 billion contract. 

Only 171 days ’till the second coming. As the jewish philosopher Norman Greenbaum always said … “going up to the spirit in the sky.”

Nullification of the "Chosen Ones"

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Archbishop Cyrille Salim Butros of Newton, Mass,  the leader of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in the U.S., has caused a little ‘spat’ in Catholic and Jewish relations by remarks made at a Vatican meeting of Middle Eastern bishops.

Unless I’m mistaken, until the jewish creation of “christian zionism’ what Butros said was standard Christian theology. Basically  it’s that Jesus’ teachings nullified the concept of the ‘chosen ones’ and introduced the novel idea that everyone is equal. It was out with the old and in the new.

Jewish supremacists don’t like that kind of talk so they had the ADL’s hatchet man Abe Foxman do what he’s paid to do … attack.

Butros said: “We Christians cannot speak of the ‘promised land’ as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people,” adding: “This promise was nullified by Christ. There is no longer a chosen people – all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people.”


In number eight of the Message, we say that we cannot resort to theological and Biblical assumptions as a tool to justify injustice. We want to say that the promise of God in the Old Testament, relating to the ‘promised land’ … as Christians, we’re saying that this promise was essentially nullified [in French, “abolished”] by the presence of Jesus Christ, who then brought about the Kingdom of God. As Christians, we cannot talk about a ‘promised land’ for the Jews. We talk about a ‘promised land’ which is the Kingdom of God. That’s the promised land, which encompasses the entire earth with a message of peace and justice and equality for all the children of God.

There is no preferred or privileged people. All men and women from every country have become the ‘chosen people.’ This is clear for us.

We cannot just refer to the ‘promised land’ to justify the return of the Jews in Israel, and [ignore] the Palestinians who were kicked out of their land. Five million Jews kicked out three or four million Palestinians from their land, and this is not justifiable.

There’s no ‘chosen people’ any longer for Christians. Everybody is the ‘chosen people.’ What we say is something political. Sacred scripture should not be used to justify the occupation of Palestinian land on the part of the Israelis. {more}

Shocking, outrageous and anti-jewish whines Foxman.

“By stating that God’s Covenantal promise of land to the Jewish people, “was nullified by Christ” and that “there is no longer a chosen people,” Archbishop Bustros is effectively stating that Judaism should no longer exist. This represents the worst kind of anti-Judaism, bordering on anti-Semitism.”

Foxman twists words to fit his agenda.  Bustros wasn’t implying that judaism shouldn’t exist but more like Helen Thomas would say, “Just get the hell out of Palestine.”  And stop with that “god gave us Israel” bull.

It seems Bustros makes a whole lot more sense if you’re looking for peace than the fat Foxman apologist for zionist land theft, genocide and a myriad of criminal activities.

But the Catholic Church will dance around this issue, the jews will continue to bitch about anyone who questions their ‘chosen’ status and Palestinians will pay the price by being forced from more of their land and languishing in the prison of Gaza.

Most so called “Christians” will remain silent.

The Godfather of Televangelism

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Oral Roberts, the entrepreneurial evangelist known to millions by catchphrases such as “Expect a miracle,” and by the Oklahoma university bearing his name, died Tuesday at age 91.

During a Nashville rally in 1958, Oral Roberts places his hands on the head of Deborah Davidson, 4, and prayed that God would heal her of leukemia. (FILE / THE TENNESSEAN)

He led the way in 1954 using television as the new medium for hope, faith and healing and took praying/preying to new financial levels only previously dreamed of.

Others soon followed from Jim and Tammy Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart on up to today’s favorite zionist spokesperson John Hagee and the prince of prosperity Joel Osteen among a host of other money mangers for the Lord.

You’ve probably known a few of the ‘marks.’ The little old ladies who would send in their last few dollars, hoping this was the way of the word and that they may be saved from whatever they thought they should be saved from.

Now days whole networks and mega-churches are the rule, taking in billions of dollars since Oral led the way.

The idea of a lavish lifestyle has never been lost on these guys and gals of God’s talk. I suppose they think they deserve it for all of the ‘work’ they do.

Many years ago someone told me that the word believe came from the root word ‘belie’ meaning to be deceived. It’s one of the few things I’ve always remembered.

We won’t debate whether there is a ‘heaven’ waiting for Oral and those that he inspired to follow in his steps. I’ll only say that another famous huckster once said in a moment of honesty … “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


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Thomas Paine’s Corner


By John Steppling


Watch all eight episodes of this interview.

And then watch at least this…..

And then read Frank Rich’s rather perceptive, if not obvious, article from the NYTimes….

Now, let’s reflect on all this.

The Christian Right began to organize about forty years ago. I can remember these guys, at parties, at leftist gatherings; The Peace and Freedom Party, or AIM, or whatever. Weird dorky Jesus freaks….and everyone sort of laughed at them and dismissed the cranks as just that, cranks.

Fast forward a bit and I can remember later the unsettling feeling I had when I first realized, maybe around 1975, that the Jesus freaks had organized…..had SERIOUSLY organized. Suddenly these previously fringe god squaders had been transformed into several branches of the fundamentalist tree and become something of a force. Televangelism had taken root and was raking in jillions of dollars. And the rightward lurch of the country was clear.

How did this occur and why? I will only make a few rather basic observations about this, because it’s a very complex subject — but part of it had to do with the westward movement of the population and white flight from inner cities. The new ‘burbs were without community—havens for strip mall consciousness and franchise life. Often the franchise eateries or outlet stores were there before the people. “Planned Communities.”

So for many white *middle* class families, these new churches provided a sense of default community and a sense of empowerment……however illusory.

The movement found its voice in the likes of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Phyllis Schlafly — and one of the basic tenets of this new charismatic Christianity was an absolute faith in the Bible, necessitating Bible studies as a means to guide people through the minefields of sexual relativism ushered in by the 60s and in a less obvious way, to suggest white supremacy (especially white male supremacy) in the light of the civil rights movement.


It is a teaching of moral absolutes, and a reinforcement of not just racial ideology, but also Capitalist ideology. Hard work, self improvement, and a fixed sexual identity that are described as the bedrock of western family and hence western values. They also, from the start, believed in government as an enforcer of these moral absolutes. Government was to stay out of the marketplace, but should, must, invade the home.

Last week I wrote again about white America’s feeling of being under siege. If it’s not communists, then its Muslims, or immigrants or homosexuals. There must be some explanation for the disastrous state of US society. There is a wealth of source material out there regarding this, and a good place to start is here….

The Bush presidency owes a lot to the Pentecostal right…..and his appointment of John Ashcroft was a first dividend for them.

In a speech at Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina, Ashcroft said; “Unique among nations, America recognized the source of our character as being godly and eternal, not being civic and temporal… We have no king but Jesus.”

And then there is the takeover of the US Air Force Academy (……

And there is Jerry Boykin (

The Bush nominations to high courts were always pay back gifts to the Christian Right…… (and it’s useful to recall Joe Biden was the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee during most of this). The rightward lurch of the US government was entwined with this organized Christian extremism.


The choice of Sarah Palin is only the most advanced and most recent example…..and most frightening. Again, listen to Steven Spoonamore’s interviews. The rise of fascism isn’t going to come cloaked in black shirts and swastikas…. today it comes in the form of Dominionist nut cases like Palin, and under cover of creeps like James Dobson.

The ruling class power structure is perfectly happy to subcontract a lot of the enforcing of order to the Religious far-right. As bourgeois-democracy breaks down (global financial crises are upon us and environmental meltdown is already in full swing), the iron fist of militarism will come into play. Two billion dollars a day (plus) for the military ……reflect on that, too. And Homeland Security training firms like Blackwater to patrol US streets. If Obama does lose, and if people begin to seriously protest, as they well might, what will the McCain/Palin response be?

Additional Reading:

Senior Editor of Arts and Culture with Cyrano’s Journal Online, playwright, director, screenwriter and teacher, John Steppling was an original founding member of the Padua Hills Playwrights Festival and has had his plays produced in London, LA, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Poland. Steppling lives in Lodz with Norwegian director Gunnhild Skrodal, and teaches at the Polish National Film School. He co-edits with Guy Zimmerman Cyrano’s celebrated VOXPOP blog on theater, cinema & politics.