Snake Handling Sunday

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Rockin’ with the rattlers

I once had a teacher say that there are as many interpretations of the Bible as there are those so inclined to do so. That’s generally true but some with similar beliefs tend to collectively come together to confirm their ‘faith.’

The offbeat ‘snake handlers’ are coming out from behind closed doors and letting the world come into their world. Check out this video and the article of the joys in tests of faith. I don’t recommend the practice but it appears that at times these folks are actually having fun. As is said, “It takes all kinds.”

Sometimes it’s the opposite way around, the snakes handle the flock. Christian zionism comes to mind. As a cult of myth and genocide and theft, the argument can be made that these zionists, and I hesitate to call them Christians, are much more dangerous to themselves and the world than any rattlesnake could ever be.

Other snakes that handle folks as they squirm and writhe in an attempt to escape include Wall Street and central bankers, politicians, think tanks, a myriad of other religious beliefs and the hidden hands that lie behind all of them. The front men of the Bilderbergers are an example as are the CFR, AIPAC, the ADL and any number of others whose only purpose is control of the mostly paralyzed masses. Paralyzed in their beliefs.

Have you ever chopped the head off of a rattlesnake?  The body will continue to move for a good while and the eyes of the head will follow you around while still bearing its fangs. Eventually it does die.

We need to do a little chopping, both symbolically and literally. 


Farrakhan – February 26, 2012

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Love him, hate him, ignore him, think he’s a fraud or for real, Louis Farrakhan says some things rarely addressed in a public forum. Covering topics such as Obama and his failures, Obama’s critics, jewish influence, the mossad, 9/11 and even fast foods in an excerpt from his  ‘Saviors Day’ keynote speech, Farrakhan is interesting to say the least.

Onward Warvangelical Soldiers

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Another Sunday morning, another march to the shrine.
Another merging of church and war state. 
Another mind confined.


The term ‘Warvangelical’ is a fairly new one.  Not yet in the dictionary and not yet overused, it does define a certain segment of our population. Not exactly a small one either. It doesn’t even have to be used in a derogatory manner. It’s basically just a matter of fact and not a new one at that.

Same old story, same old song. From their religion to their politics, some people are going to set the cruise control and stay on the road they are told leads them to where they should go. Not much need in making fun of them or they just dig their heels in harder. We are all subject to deception and one of the hardest things for folks to do is to stand up and say “Well, what do you know. I’ve believed in lies all of my life and I’m not going to play that game any longer.” It rarely works that way.

photo by Malcolm MacGregor

Of course it’s not just the Warvangelical right and their mega-temples. From the faux Christian lefties on down to the little church in the wildwood people are silent despite the storm clouds rising. They sacrifice their sons and daughters on the alter of the war god and few question why.

No matter what one believes in, it’s not hard to see that the planned destruction of Christianity is well on its way. Mostly it’s all from within with a lot of outside help from those who prefer murder and mayhem rather than the ‘golden rule.’

“The Cult of the Warvangelicals.” Sounds like the title of a bad ‘B’ movie but as fate would have it, it’s now prime time baby.

“And after church, the ballgame.”

Good Friday, Earth Day, Predators and Hellfire, A Drive Thru Church and Lady Gaga Raises the Dead

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‘A billion acts of green ®’  to save the planet, millions in church for Good Friday and Easter to save their souls and a few drone launched hellfire missiles to kill some arabs.

Love the earth, be a good Christian and cheer on the killing.  Seems like a disconnect to me but who am I to judge.

Religion and environmentalism are very similar. Both require beliefs, some of which are useful to society and some of which are nothing but deceptions for profit and control. War requires beliefs too. Blind believing in leaders and the inability to see through propaganda. Beliefs that the enemy is always out there somewhere and let’s get them before they get us. Beliefs that our government would never kill their own and blame it on others. You might think that religionists and environmentalists would find common ground and join together to battle wars of lies that pollute both the spirit and mother earth but I guess that’s just too much to ask.

Here’s a couple of Good Friday stories from different perspectives that sort of merge onto the same path …
 Jews Expressing Their Love of Jesus and Resolving the Plot. When self described Christians and atheists come to some of the same conclusions, well, maybe there is hope.

And for those who need a little old time religion but are just too busy to go traditional routes, there’s a former bank in Nashville that now has for a limited time only … drive through services. Casting out the money changers takes on a whole new meaning.

Proof came to Nashville that Lady Gaga is not a demon spawn using occult symbolism to corrupt the youth. A 33 year old fan at her recent show here died and was brought back to life.

No, she didn’t die during the song Judas and it was actually medics with a defibrillator that brought her back but surely Gaga wearing crosses as nipple covers had something to do with this miracle.  

As they always say, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” 

Anyone hear a sermon today on our warmongering, banker, zionist controlled government? I didn’t think so … Most preachers don’t play that …

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It’s a monumental failure in our ‘Christian’ nation for the vast majority of churches not to speak out against the lies and war crimes of our government and its controllers. Fear of offending, scared of getting into issues that are potentially divisive but are affecting their flock, still stuck on that misinterpreted  ‘render unto Caesar’ thing, very silent on the fraud of war and killing for profit but never afraid to pass the plate.

No matter what you may think of Louis Farrakhan, there is no denying he speaks his mind. A little slow in coming to terms with what Obama really is but he’s getting there.  Christians should take a page from this ‘Muslim’ and move it in their own direction.

Mr. Farrakhan passes the 9/11 litmus test.

Minister Louis Farrakhan Exposes 9/11 and Questions Official Story  (Part 1) 

–  (Part 2)

“Sending your babies off to die for bullshit.”

Breaking ‘Sacred Ground’ – The Religion of the 9/11 Official Story

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The state sanctioned and sponsored religion of 9/11 broke sacred ground yesterday on another ‘holy’ site.

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. – With the words “Let’s roll” — the command issued by United Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer to lead the passenger revolt — U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and 39 victims’ relatives and dignitaries turned shovels of dirt at a groundbreaking ceremony Saturday for a permanent national memorial.

With Beamer’s words, passengers rushed down the airliner’s narrow aisle to try to overwhelm the hijackers after learning of the coordinated attacks. The commission concluded that the hijackers downed the plane as the hostages revolted. It was the only one of four hijacked planes that day that did not take a life on the ground.

Salazar said the victims did something profoundly democratic which the terrorists could never understand: They took a vote on whether to fight for control of the plane.

“These heroes did not cow down to fear,” he said. {more}

The elements of the new religion inspire awe and reverence.


The centerpiece of the memorial landscape is the landform known as the Bowl. The memorial design frames the Bowl, as a Field of Honor, with trees circling the entire bowl in a national gesture of embrace that orients visitors toward the Sacred Ground.


Large memorial walls will frame the sky where the plane flew overhead as the passengers and crew bravely fought their winning battle to not have the plane continue to DC. Between these memorial walls will be the park’s interpretive center.

The Alter

A ceremonial gateway for family members will occur along the fight path between two walls, depicting the very location where the heroes of Flight 93 fought and overcame the terrorists.

The online Flight 93 sacred words and images.

Deniers of the religion are ridiculed. Heretics are closely watched by the ‘keepers of the word.’
Persecution could follow.

Flight 93: Memorial to a Myth

Twice this week we have been ‘blessed’ in the symbolism, sacrament and ceremony of our evolving ‘religion.’

The USS New York

The ‘first communicator of the word’ often relates a tale of a vengeful god.

“We will kill bin Laden. We will crush al-Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority.”

Barack Obama – Oct. 7, 2008

Nullification of the "Chosen Ones"

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Archbishop Cyrille Salim Butros of Newton, Mass,  the leader of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in the U.S., has caused a little ‘spat’ in Catholic and Jewish relations by remarks made at a Vatican meeting of Middle Eastern bishops.

Unless I’m mistaken, until the jewish creation of “christian zionism’ what Butros said was standard Christian theology. Basically  it’s that Jesus’ teachings nullified the concept of the ‘chosen ones’ and introduced the novel idea that everyone is equal. It was out with the old and in the new.

Jewish supremacists don’t like that kind of talk so they had the ADL’s hatchet man Abe Foxman do what he’s paid to do … attack.

Butros said: “We Christians cannot speak of the ‘promised land’ as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people,” adding: “This promise was nullified by Christ. There is no longer a chosen people – all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people.”


In number eight of the Message, we say that we cannot resort to theological and Biblical assumptions as a tool to justify injustice. We want to say that the promise of God in the Old Testament, relating to the ‘promised land’ … as Christians, we’re saying that this promise was essentially nullified [in French, “abolished”] by the presence of Jesus Christ, who then brought about the Kingdom of God. As Christians, we cannot talk about a ‘promised land’ for the Jews. We talk about a ‘promised land’ which is the Kingdom of God. That’s the promised land, which encompasses the entire earth with a message of peace and justice and equality for all the children of God.

There is no preferred or privileged people. All men and women from every country have become the ‘chosen people.’ This is clear for us.

We cannot just refer to the ‘promised land’ to justify the return of the Jews in Israel, and [ignore] the Palestinians who were kicked out of their land. Five million Jews kicked out three or four million Palestinians from their land, and this is not justifiable.

There’s no ‘chosen people’ any longer for Christians. Everybody is the ‘chosen people.’ What we say is something political. Sacred scripture should not be used to justify the occupation of Palestinian land on the part of the Israelis. {more}

Shocking, outrageous and anti-jewish whines Foxman.

“By stating that God’s Covenantal promise of land to the Jewish people, “was nullified by Christ” and that “there is no longer a chosen people,” Archbishop Bustros is effectively stating that Judaism should no longer exist. This represents the worst kind of anti-Judaism, bordering on anti-Semitism.”

Foxman twists words to fit his agenda.  Bustros wasn’t implying that judaism shouldn’t exist but more like Helen Thomas would say, “Just get the hell out of Palestine.”  And stop with that “god gave us Israel” bull.

It seems Bustros makes a whole lot more sense if you’re looking for peace than the fat Foxman apologist for zionist land theft, genocide and a myriad of criminal activities.

But the Catholic Church will dance around this issue, the jews will continue to bitch about anyone who questions their ‘chosen’ status and Palestinians will pay the price by being forced from more of their land and languishing in the prison of Gaza.

Most so called “Christians” will remain silent.