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Ron Paul in the Lion’s Den of the Conservative Political Action Conference

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The idea of Ron Paul speaking a the Conservative Political Action conference is an enigma. Go see the list of speakers. They’re some of the most despicable corporate banker zionist war whores in America. The whole sordid affair drips with blood money.

But Dr. Paul is allowed to come on in and give his standard message that totally contradicts the neocon agenda. In the context of this conference and the last decade of political power, Paul is not a conservative but a radical. Even more radical than many of the so called progressive left who continue to fraudulently justify foreign intervention and war.

Dr. Paul is the designated dissenter on the right. The message gets attention but always is undermined at the same time in this left/right con game.

Agree or not with everything Paul has to say, the basics of the message are actually what most thinking Americans are concerned with.


"We need to take out the CIA!"

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Ron Paul says the obvious much like JFK once did. The big difference is that Dr. Paul can get by with it.

U.S. troops in Haiti to prevent Aristide’s return

(WMR) — President Obama, in keeping with his CIA lineage, has permitted the Pentagon under Robert Gates to take charge of the humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti.
As Cuban and Venezuelan field hospitals were already rendering first aid and trauma care to Haitians injured in the mega-quake, Obama was gathered at a White House photo op with Vice President Joe Biden and other Cabinet officers to state that U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft would fly over Haiti to assess the situation from the air. A U.S. P-3 Orion spy plane from Comalapa air base in El Salvador was dispatched to conduct the surveillance operation, an act that was already being accomplished by earth satellites, the images of which were available on Google Maps.
As Obama was garnering praise from such sycophantic White House outlets as the largely-discredited Washington Post, a 37-person Icelandic search-and-rescue team was pulling trapped earthquake victims from the rubble of collapsed buildings in Port-au-Prince. Iceland, a nation bankrupted by Obama’s banker pals on Wall Street and in the City of London, was able to react in a way that the slumbering and oafish dying super-power, the United States, could not — with action aimed at providing immediate assistance to the Haitian people. {more}

Ron Paul – at the Hearing on Afghanistan

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Dr. Paul remains one of the only voices in Congress to speak out about the fraud of the U.S. wars of empire. I know that he feels he must not go farther down the rabbit hole than he does for fear of an an all out controlled media attack that may harm his anti-war and anti-Federal Reserve stance but it remains frustrating that the idea of ‘blowback’ and the 19 arabs on 9/11 are still central points. Omission of Israel as a key factor is also missing.

Until we get to the point where the false flag of 9/11 along with the controlled demolition evidence and the inordinate influence of Israel over Congress and the administration are brought to the forefront, there will be no ending of the wars unless we as a country become totally bankrupt.

Dr. Paul is one of the greatest constitutional spokesmen of our lifetime but standing alone against the criminals of war and money is not enough. He needs a great deal more help.

Ron Paul responds to the Peace Prize

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Maybe unrelated, maybe not, but 3 members of Lynyrd Skynyrd went on Hannity last night to confirm their sell out to propaganda in an attempt to extend their career on the war mongering Fox News.

Lynyrd Skynyrd On Hannity

Ron Paul vs. Obama on the Fed, Wall Street and Economic Reform

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“More power to the Federal Reserve? The answer is ‘End the Fed.’ The Fed is the culprit. The people who love war love the Fed. They {the Fed} have more power than the Congress. The Fed chairman probably has more power than the President” Dr. Paul 9/14/09

Some Obama comments, 9/14/09, in an address on Wall Street.

“By opening and examining the books of large financial firms, we helped restore the availability of two things that had been in short supply: capital and confidence.

“We are proposing the most ambitious overhaul of the financial system since the Great Depression.

No call to open the books of the Fed though.

“We’ll create clear accountability and responsibility for regulating large financial firms that pose a systemic risk. While holding the Federal Reserve fully accountable for regulation of the largest, most interconnected firms, we’ll create an oversight council to bring together regulators from across markets to share information, to identify gaps in regulation, and to tackle issues that don’t fit neatly into an organizational chart.”

Who is going to hold the Fed accountable? And where is that ‘official’ organizational chart that shows who owns and controls the Fed? Could that information show that foreign central banks have their tentacles around the Fed and that our economic policies are not actually in our hands?

Will Kentucky go for Rand Paul?

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I can see no reason for the people of Kentucky to not support Dr. Rand Paul for the Senate seat in 2010. Talk is that Jim Bunning, a great baseball pitcher but a not so great constitutionalist, will retire. He’s 77 and needs a rest.

I saw Rand speak at his father’s appearance in Nashville in May of 2007. He has the talking points and would make a good ‘designated dissenter’ in the senate just as dad is in the house.

He’s going the Republican route for the votes. I would prefer he be an independent but I can see that this may have the best chance for success.

Even MSNBC gave him some time to announce his proposed run for senator from Kentucky.

Kentuckians could and most likely will do much, much worse if anyone but the ‘favorite son’ gets to be their next senator.

But Rand, just like his father, will not go into the controversy of the 9/11 issue.

We’ll see.

Rand Paul 2010