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The Sarah tour starts off with a bang…..

Sorry folks, there’s not enough room for all of you but Sarah suggests all of the Michigan unemployed kids here should visit the military recruiting office right down the street. They’re hiring….

Sure I’m a diversion but it pays well and heck, I can’t shoot animals out of a helicopter all of the time.


Some Serious Out-of-Whackness Going On

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Thomas Paine’s Corner

by Roy Murtishaw


After nearly eight years of the Bushevik’s witless madness, we’ve progressed from idiocy overload to outrage burnout. However, the latest ” lies are the new truths ” outrages have merely escalated since the McCain-Palin reptiles have taken the field.

A review of John McCain’s life, political career, personality, and character reveal remarkable similarities to George W. Bush. Both men are the sons and grandsons of distinguished men; McCain’s father and grandfather were both 4 star admirals and Bush’s father was a POTUS, his grandfather a United States Senator from Connecticut. Both Bush and McCain were largely undistinguished until mid-life and their late life success has been mostly bought, manufactured and fraudulent. In fact, an unbiased review of both Bush and McCain strongly indicates the most authentic characteristic of both men is how thoroughly inauthentic they are in matters of character, intellect and judgment.

John McCain was called John McNasty during his prep school days and despite his marginal record, his family connections secured him a place in the United States Naval Academy and, as is true of Bush in never being accountable, he continued his “McNasty” behavior both on the campus and in the classroom. Not surprisingly, McCain managed to graduate 894th out of 899 in his class. Despite his dismal record, again Mccain suffered no normal consequences, and was able to leap frog over countless new midshipmen being accepted as a prospective Naval Aviator.

As a result, John McCain ” lost ” 5 jets during his aviation career and even reportedly was involved in a tragic fire resulting in the deaths of 134 and severe injuries to another 161 sailors on the deck of the USS Forrestal in 1967 when his “wetstarting” hotdogging of his plane caused a chain reaction of explosions and firestorms on the deck. McCain was spirited off the plane by helicopter to spare him the murderous rage of his fellow sailors.

Somehow (Daddy, John Sidney McCain II? ), John SidneyMcCain III was able to exit the war as an acclaimed hero and has subsequently milked his suspect war record to enjoy a 26 year carreer as a star in the Republican Party.

McCain has fashioned his political career from his phony fabric of “straight talking,” “family values,” and eschewing big money influence. His actions, though, actually totally shred the fabric, leaving only worthless threads.

When he returned to his courageous first wife who had been gravely injured and disfigured in an automobile accident and had kept this from her husband so as to not add to his already significant burdens, she was greeted by McCain’s contempt which fueled his compulsive womanizing until McCain met Cindy Hensley, a woman of striking beauty and incredible wealth and 18 years his junior.

The married McCain thus began a worldwide courtship and married Cindy just weeks after his divorce from Carol. Cindy and her family wealth soon financed McCain’s political career, not to mention his enormous gambling debts, in his newly adopted state of Arizona. While carefully creating a high-minded persona, the real McCain has been a fervent advocate for the moneyed elite, awol on children’s issues, remarkably light in supporting veterans issues.and such a champion of flip-flopping he now disavows bills he himself sponsored and that bear his name.

McCain’s demonstrated extraordinary lack of intellect, character, judgment and consistency was never more clearly displayed than with his selection of Sara Palin as his running mate.

Sara Palin is anti-choice in all instances except the life of the mother, anti-sex education, anti-evolution, anti-global warming. She is, however, pro-wolf slaughter from airplanes, pro-Council for National Policy right wing extremism, pro-literal biblical interpretation, pro- Newt Gingrich’s GOPAC training where she was graduated with honors, pro-abstinence only sex education despite her 17-year-old daughter’s unwed pregnancy, pro-abuse of elected authority, pro-compulsive lying and pro-perpetual war. She is so abominably unqualified for the office of the presidency or vice-presidency, her selection decidedly confirms McCain’s own abominably demented decision-making.

Despite the frightening formation of the McCain/Palin team, many of our corporatist MSM spokemen such as Tom Brokaw, Bob Shiefer, David Gregory, Fox News, Right Wing Radio, etc. continue to spin their candidacy as favorably as possible. Conversely, the Obama/Biden ticket is spun as negatively as neccessary to insure some degree of competiveness for ratings/ad revenue purposes and to hopefully prevent any chance the corporatist-globalist-dominionist-neo con cabal will not be challenged.

All the above having been said, the events in store leading up to the November elections should be a cacophony of out-of-whackness. Fargo Police Chief, Marge Gunderson’s evil twin–a.k.a.Sara Palin–has been officially designated the McCain mob’s muscle and has already begun her campaign of lobbing smears. Pat Buchanan now acts as head cheerleader of her chants tying Obama to terrorists, wacky preachers, elitism, charmlessness, corruption. All this coming from a woman who is married to an Alaska secessionist, who’s own preacher frequently employs a Kenyan witch doctor to cast out demons which might impede Sara’s political ambitions, who openly embraces the “end times” and the joys of the impending rapture. From a woman whose political gurus include indicted U.S. senators, Newt Gingrich, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, who gets her political quotes off of Star Bucks mocha cups while being unable to name a single newspaper she reads even though she reportedly received a BA degree in journalism after attending six colleges in six years.

McCain meanwhile has chosen to echo Palin’s mud slinging in hopes of “generating doubts” about his opponent with the strange name, strange childhood stays in places like Indonesia and …..Hawaii, strange religious beliefs arising from a church called the United Church of Christ–which might be a clever trick to hide Obama’s godless Muslim exposure when he briefly attended elementary schools accepting muslim children and most especially his strange genetic ties to the “dark ” continent of Africa.

Meanwhile back at the McCain ranch in Arizona, McCain is emphasizing his ordinariness (if you don’t count his own constant reminders he is a war hero, he is a POW survivor) and, save a few Keatingesque slips, he has been a crusader for justice, the American Way and apple pie in the United States Senate for decades. His dearth of strangeness also discounts the facts he has 9 additional homes, he owns 13 cars and a private jet, his wife has an inherited beer fortune of over $100 million, he wears $550 dollar loafers, he recently spent $5500 to be made up for a TV appearance, and he is able to win or lose tens of thousands of IRS unreported dollars at casino crap tables without fear.

Roy Murtishaw is a 65 year-old disabled/retired psychotherapist who is a proud progressive activist despite having lived in Pine Bluff, Arkansas amidst extreme conservatives all his life.


Fox News Focused on Sarah’s ‘Rear View’

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Maybe it’s just me but it seemed as if Fox used a lot of stage ‘rear’ camera shots during the VP debate.
Sarah, wearing a figure flattering outfit, must have garnered a lot of attention from male viewers as they focused on her ‘attributes’.
I don’t know if this gained any votes for her or if Fox consciously used these angles to enhance Sarah’s perception.
It did bring forth some chuckles in this household as Sarah was once again the ‘butt’ of a few jokes.

Sarah Palin, through the Toast Crumbs Dimly

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Carstair’s muse on Gidget, dominatrix of the North

By Joe Bageant

“I grew up with those people. They are the ones who do some of the hardest work in America … who grow our food, run our factories, and fight our wars. They love their country, in good times and bad, and they’re always proud of America. I had the privilege of living most of my life in a small town.”
Sarah Palin in her speech to the Republican National Committee

Translation: “Along with John McCain, I am the only candidate who is not a lawyer. My old man has fished for a living and I have gutted those fish for dinner. And yup, we have a kid that got knocked up too.”

Sarah4 In those few sentences Sarah Palin delivered the only legitimate populist message — however thin — we can expect to hear during the entire campaign season. Never mind that it is a fraught with contradictions. Whose life isn’t? It’s a political sop but it’s a heartfelt sop, true and simple enough for ordinary heartland working folks to grasp amid the shitstorm of political jargon and crafted messages that say exactly nothing.

And right there Sarah Palin has it both ways. She happily colludes in the media’s need for popular culture kitsch spectacle by embracing what is essentially redneck culture, and at the same time gets to play the persecuted female to her constituency (the least persecuted females in the country, conservative white, heterosexual Christian women). If you think that is ridiculous, go out and count the conservative white, heterosexual Christian women voters in this country. Even if you happen to be an African American/Jewish handicapped lesbian living in San Francisco, you must not only take these people seriously — and by that I do not mean demonize them, but rather understand why they believe what they believe — and figure out how to understand and even, yes, find common ground. No matter what your kind Democratic congressman tells you in order to capitalize on you alienation, we need to think for ourselves and try to understand America as it is, not the way we wish it was.

Sarah Palin’s real coup is that she brings out the snobbery of the left in their dismissal of her as an ignorant hick typical of small town red state America. They vastly underestimate her. Just like they have underestimated George Bush for the past eight years. While they laughed, George Bush managed to get everything he wanted and assist the looting of America in his spare time. No matter that he is vastly unpopular now even among Republicans. He has fulfilled his purpose to the powerful corporations and financial institutions that animate American politics. You do not have to be smart to be president, just malleable to the greater forces at work.

Yet Palin is not stupid. She may be religious and a right winger, but that doesn’t mean she is stupid and incompetent (neither of which ever prevented an astute American politician from success, by the way.) She may be the last person any thinking leftist would want to see as vice president, but so far Sarah Palin has been a very successful politician. She has a high domestic approval rating and has soared to the top in record time. And each time Democrats and liberals take a shot at her religious beliefs and moral choices, which just happen to be those of tens of millions of heartland voting Americans, she gains political ground, or at a minimum, holds some for herself and McCain.

The left likes nothing better than to masturbate one another with never ending proof of their intellectual, moral and political superiority. And I for one believe most intellectual and moral positions taken by the left ARE superior. Which doesn’t mean shit if you are holding those positions while being prosecuted for simply getting a blowjob or getting investigated by the Department of Reich Security because you like eating hummus.

All progressive people must attempt to move forward in something resembling unity, and that means compromise and coalition. To that extent I get this pounding in my head and an urge to jump out of my chair and scream to my brethren: “Would everyone please quit jerking one another off, shut the fuck up and PAY ATTENTION to what is actually going on, instead of jabbering about what we like to THINK is going on!” Sometimes I wish the blogosphere would be shut down by Homeland Security, leaving what passes fo9r a left in America to stew in reality without the comfortable but removed daily bath in the Internet left’s smug self-righteous self-approval.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy. Maybe I should have bought a better grade of bourbon yesterday at the liquor store (Carstairs White Seal — fifteen bucks a half gallon).

But one thing I know for sure. Liberals and leftists, theoretically at least, have more common national interests with red state heartland white working class Americans than any other current political group. And the way to communicate that is NOT sneering at the only candidate who resembles ordinary Americans, their beliefs and lifestyle. When we do that, the Republicans grin like Cheshire cats, our global financial oppressors turn the screws down a bit harder, and the Devil takes a nap, because his work is done for him by fools using the most efficient tools available — arrogance and hubris.

Like I said though, all this edginess and sour attitude could simply be last night’s cheap bourbon. But I don’t think so. Because amid the not so surprising news that America has gone bust on the front page of this morning’s paper, Palin’s Gidget-like cuteness was downright refreshing, even peering out through the toast crumbs and butter stains. And in America these days, that’s enough to get elected. Which is exactly my point.

So now I’ve gone and done it. Blown my opportunity to be the only living person with an online connection who has not written something about Sarah Palin. Ah, the folly of ego in cyberspace.


And let Sarah Palin become POTUS

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September 29th, 2008

The Greanville Journal

SARAH PALIN: Poster girl for deceiving appearances. And fitting candidate for a political system that has turned elaborate deception into a fine political art.

By Jason Miller

Savage animal slaughterer that she is, it’s apt that Sarah Palin has now brutally plunged a razor-sharp knife into the very heart of the seemingly invincible doubts concerning her capacity to be Vice-President of the United States. Wielding her chutzpah with the awe-inspiring deftness with which she employs her gun or rifle when hunting defenseless wolves or moose, she appeared on 20/20 and left our skepticism writhing on the ground in agony, immersed in its own blood and gasping its last.

Given her virtuoso performance with Charlie Gibson a few nights ago, John McCain might as well croak now and get it over with. She’s ready for the presidency. All the cynics who dared to question her qualifications to become VP now have about as much credibility as card-carrying members of the Flat Earth Society.

The Heaths (Sarah Palin’s parents). CBS’ typically clueless Harry Smith flew to Alaska to ask them for references on their daughter. Duh! Their resume, rich in sentimentaloid fantasies about America, would make Frank Capra proud.

Sarah Palin is the person we need (and deserve) to lead us on our incessant quest for global hegemony and in our ongoing orgiastic gang rape of the Earth. A former beauty pageant contestant noted for her fierce competitiveness who would easily qualify as a MILF in the pornography industry and who takes great pride in her capacity to stick her head up her ass and go for it instead of “blinking,” this “lipstick pitbull” embodies nearly all that we worship in a nation fueled principally by narcissism, arrogance, willful ignorance, and belligerence. She may lack the obscene wealth that also triggers our reflexive genuflection, but she will acquire that in time.

If Smith threw softballs while covering Palin, Couric did no better. Her interview with Palin fell pitifully short of the minimum journalistic mark. All bark and no bite. But then again, that’s the script, this is the corporate media at work, folks.

Like George Bush, who is demonstrably imbecilic and morally retarded, the “hockey mom” who “worked her way to the top with grit and determination,” also fuels the naïve, jejune notion that “anyone can be President of the United States because we live in a democracy.” Forget the pablum concocted to pacify the masses; the POTUS could actually be ‘anyone who hails from a family with direct ties to the power elite of our bourgeois democracy or who shares their sociopathic tendencies and is willing to sell their souls to do their bidding.’ [In the 20th century, two Republicans, Nixon and Reagan, not surprisingly, provided the maximum model of kleptocratic friendly fascism until the Bush mafia came to power.] But who amongst us wants to burden our atrophying minds attempting to understand complexities when the simplistic sweet little lies are so much more palatable and takes so few brain cells to process?

As is befitting of a huntress extraordinaire, Palin provides an endless supply of red meat for the benighted, socially conservative American masses to devour with the ferocity of the hungry wolves she loves to annihilate:

• Life begins at conception.

• No abortion (including in rape and incest cases) unless it is necessary to save the life of the mother.

• Abstinence only.

• Our war crimes and genocide in Iraq are God’s will.

• Cut government spending on socially beneficial programs but keep underwriting the squatters in Palestine and pumping obscene amounts of cash into our murderous military machine.

• Islamic extremists are “hell bent on destroying our nation.”

• Russia invaded Georgia “unprovoked” and war with the Russians is a viable option.

• Israel would be justified in launching a nuclear strike against Iran to preserve its “security.”

• US military incursions into sovereign nations like Pakistan are necessary and permissible.

• Shooting any non-human animal that moves, asking questions later, devouring their flesh in a delectable stew, wearing their skins and furs, and mounting their heads on our walls as macabre “trophies” are our God-given rights as red-blooded Americans.

• The Alaskan wilderness, over which she presides, is a repository for OUR precious oil and we must “drill, baby, drill,” regardless of how many species we drive to extinction and how much damage we do to the environment.

She is so rife with idiocy, devotion to “normalized violence,” and a river of venom that froths and seethes under her guise of “Christian compassion” that it is virtually impossible to pinpoint her most loathsome and dangerous trait. However, her zealous adherence to Western culture’s paradigm of dominionism, meaning dominion over the environment and nonhuman animals, demonstrates and encapsulates most of Sarah Palin’s myriad sociopathic tendencies that readily qualify her to occupy the Oval Office.

With the advent of agriculture and the subjugation of animals, humanity embarked upon a war against nature (and, incidentally, against ourselves too since we are a part of nature). Gradually becoming more and more obsessed with controlling nearly all aspects of our environment, we grew increasingly exploitative, abusive, and murderous in our zeal to “tame” the world around us. Genesis’s creation myth, which Palin has revealed to be a key component of her worldview, cemented Western culture’s conviction that humans have the absolute and irrevocable right to dominate the Earth and its non-human animal inhabitants. Even the advent of “enlightened” Humanism afforded little relief to Mother Nature, as it underscored dominionism with its anthropocentricism and speciesism. So while Palin’s Creationist beliefs may seem archaic and sophomoric to substantial numbers of US Americans who embrace Humanistic ideas, she still belongs at the forefront of our human-centric charge to devour the planet.

Colonialism, slavery of human and non-human animals, genocide of indigenous people to make way for expansion, ecocide to “clear the land” and extract OUR resources, and now unbridled capitalism and consumerism have been the hallmarks of Western “civilization.” We in the United States are now the nexus of this culture of death that for centuries has blasphemously extended its malignant influence under the banner of Christianity, a repugnant hypocrisy that grossly perverts the teachings of one of the greatest spiritual leaders in history.

We are a nation ruled by the power elite, a relatively small segment of the US population in the upper echelons of the economic, corporate, military, and political hierarchies. Our ruling class is comprised of scoundrels, cold-blooded killers, bullies, thieves, hedonists, and avaricious pigs. The rest of us are ‘wanna-be’ power elites, indoctrinated flag-waving true believers, apathetic by-standers looking out for number one, ‘down-troddens’ just trying to get by, or outraged activists whose actions are effectively neutralized by the overwhelming might of the system.

So who better to serve as the “elected” face of the ruling class than Sarah Palin? After all, she is a faux populist, physically attractive woman (proving that beauty is indeed only skin deep), fundamentalist Christian, Paleolithic conservative, savage huntress, foreign policy nincompoop, and “corruption fighter” (with undeniable connections to pork-barrel king, Internet expert and now indicted Alaska Senator Ted Stevens). Palin is one of “us.” Or at least what many of us have been indoctrinated to admire or aspire to be.

Palin epitomizes the banality of evil that permeates our planet-murdering nation. Nursed at the teat of our culture of death and fiercely inculcated with the various components of its dominionism, it would be an existential impossibility for a person of her age to extricate herself from her mental straight-jacket. On a conscious level, she is probably as clueless about her malevolence as she is about US foreign policy and world affairs. And many of us perceive Sarah Palin to be a God-fearing, patriotic, “average Jo” showing those damn “intellectual elites” that we don’t need no stinkin’ knowledge to “git ‘r done,” champion of “family” values and the American Way. Again, Palin is one of “us,” or what many of us wish to become.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we US Americans are all (to varying degrees), perpetuating the malignant expansion of our culture of death. We are the cancer. The Earth is the patient. And the prognosis is not very reassuring.

Sarah Palin. Death becomes her. And we have become death. Now that’s a match made in Hell. Let’s make her our president….or at least put her one 72 year old heartbeat away…..

Jason Miller is Cyrano’s Journal Online’s Associate Editor and edits the Thomas Paine’s Corner section of Cyrano’s.



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By Chuck Baldwin
September 16, 2008

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave her first exclusive interview as John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate to ABC’s Charles Gibson last week. Her answers were very troubling, especially to those of us who believe in constitutional government. On foreign policy, especially, Palin reveals herself to be just another neocon; one who would enthusiastically promote Bush’s preemptive war doctrine.

Speaking of the Bush doctrine, it was extremely enlightening that Sarah Palin demonstrated surprising ignorance as to what the Bush Doctrine is. Gibson asked: “Do you agree with the Bush doctrine?” Palin’s response: “In what respect, Charlie?” Continued questions revealed that Sarah Palin was totally ignorant of the Bush doctrine.

When Gibson properly defined the Bush doctrine as being the determination of President Bush to unilaterally, preemptively launch anticipatory military attacks and invasions against foreign countries (without a Declaration of War from Congress, I might add), Palin said the President “has the obligation, the duty” to launch such attacks. No wonder John McCain likes her so much.

Palin went on to make further statements that must have made John McCain proud. When asked if she would be willing to take America to war with Russia in order to defend Georgia, she responded by saying, “Perhaps so.”

Egad! Do John McCain and Sarah Palin envision–even desire–war with Russia? John McCain is already on record as supporting sending troops to Georgia; now Sarah Palin suggests that even war with Russia is a possibility. Over what? Has Russia deployed troops along our borders? Has Russia threatened to invade the United States? Are McCain and Palin truly willing to launch a war with a nation that has thousands of ICBMs in its nuclear arsenal, when our own security has not been threatened? And just how many other countries are McCain and Palin willing to defend with American toil and blood? All of Europe?

Instead of promoting European states such as Georgia joining NATO, America should promote dismantling NATO. The reason for NATO’s existence ended when the cold war with the former Soviet Union ended. It is past time for European states to take responsibility for their own defense. To promote American hegemony in Russia’s backyard (which is exactly what we are doing by promoting the expansion of NATO) not only serves to reignite the cold war, it could inflame an all-out, very hot war. Is this what McCain and Palin want?

With Palin’s willingness to launch a possible war with Russia, I suppose it is a small thing that she has no problem with the United States invading smaller countries such as Pakistan. To quote Sarah Palin, “We have got to have all options out there on the table.”

Many people familiar with John McCain have tried to warn the American people about the warmongering, hot-tempered senator. To quote one of McCain’s fellow POWs, Phillip Butler (who was a POW for 8 years, 2 1/2 years longer than McCain), “I can verify that John [McCain] has an infamous reputation for being a hot head. He has a quick and explosive temper that many have experienced first hand. Folks, quite honestly, that is not the finger I want next to that red button.”

Only one time during Sarah Palin’s interview with Charles Gibson did she refer to the U.S. Constitution, constitutional government, or her responsibility as Vice President to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. This is very troubling. Can it be that Sarah Palin is simply another politician who is ignorant and unconcerned regarding constitutional government? If so, the fact that she is a social conservative would make this dereliction no less egregious.

Speaking of social conservatism, Sarah Palin’s response to Charles Gibson’s question regarding abortion is also troubling. Everyone knows that John McCain is extremely weak on the life issue. He openly and repeatedly supported embryonic stem cell research. Ms. Palin says she opposes it. So, how would this conflict affect her position as McCain’s Vice President? It wouldn’t.

According to Palin, she would not let a “personal opinion” interfere with a McCain administration’s policy that differed from hers. In other words, she would support McCain’s pro-embryonic stem cell research decisions. I am sure this would also be true as John McCain increases federal funding for abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, which is something that McCain has also repeatedly done. Pray tell, how many other “personal opinions” is Sarah Palin willing to sacrifice in order to be John McCain’s running mate? Already my previous column’s cogitations are being borne out.

Since my last column, I have discovered that Sarah Palin did nothing to prevent the state of Alaska from being a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. The La Frontera web site credits Lou Dobbs as noting that, according to an August 14, 2006 report by the Congressional Research Service, at least two Alaskan cities have don’t ask, don’t tell sanctuary policies in place for illegal aliens: Anchorage and Fairbanks. Beyond that, Alaska has a statewide policy that forbids state agencies from using resources to enforce federal immigration law.

It makes perfect sense that Sarah Palin would embrace (or do nothing to oppose) John McCain’s pro-illegal immigration policy, as this is one of the issues he is most passionate about. It is absolutely inconceivable that John McCain would ever select a running mate that did not share (or that would oppose) his pro-illegal immigration convictions.

Of course, Charles Gibson never bothered to inquire concerning Sarah Palin’s attitudes toward the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), free trade deals (such as NAFTA, FTAA, etc.), the burgeoning North American Community, the NAFTA superhighway, etc. It really doesn’t matter. I think we all know where Governor Palin comes down on all of the above. She will continue to support America’s participation in and financial support for the U.N.; she will, as former Presidents and Vice Presidents have done, ingratiate herself with the CFR. Good grief! Her boss, John McCain, is a longstanding member of the CFR. She will enthusiastically support free trade deals, which destroy American jobs and encroach upon American independence and sovereignty; she will not oppose the North American Community, or any other form of globalism. And if called on, she will promote the NAFTA superhighway.

In other words, Sarah Palin will offer no resistance to the escalating New World Order (America’s greatest threat), her conservative leanings on social issues notwithstanding.

Sarah Palin’s answers did reveal one positive: she seems to be solid on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. That is encouraging, because with the way that both Republicans and Democrats are leading America, it may not be long before we will need to actually exercise that right.

*Disclaimer: I am currently a candidate for President of the United States on the Constitution Party ticket. Click here for my official campaign web site.

© 2008 Chuck Baldwin – All Rights Reserved


Sarah Palin is Israel’s Bitch

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“Since her nomination as Republican VP, she’s like a streetwalker negotiating with a prospective client over what services she’s willing to perform and for what price–has let it be known she is willing to go `all the way’ with Israel’s demands, regardless of how raunchy or immoral these demands are…”

Tennessee Code §44-8-410
Every owner of a bitch is required to confine the same for twenty-four (24) days during the time the bitch is proud.

Tennessee Code §44-8-411
Any person crippling, killing, or in any way destroying a proud bitch that is running at large shall not be held liable for the damages due to such killing or destruction.

Married with Children or

Fright Night – FOR REAL

`Bitch’–It’s an ugly word, for sure, and not one I am accustomed to using as cavalierly as some might imagine here. I always winced when I heard it growing up as a kid, mostly because I always held women in such high respect and because I was sure that in 9 out of 10 cases where the word was used it was most likely unjustified. After all, they–women–are the bringers of life and who civilize us (hopefully) through their influence in the home. Can you imagine what a mess the world would be in if it was the guys raising the children instead of the gals? The kids would speak in mono-syllabic grunts rather than full sentences and would settle all issues with their fists instead of their mouths and brains.

So my use of the word `bitch’ comes with a LOT of hesitation, believe me. Mz. Palin is the mother of 5 children, and for that she deserves mucho respecto as far as I’m concerned. She–like a good number of women in the `Christian’ west these days–could have kneeled at the communion rail of Roe V Wade on many occasions, including when she learned her most recent child would be born with Down’s Syndrome. Instead, she elected to have the chalice pass from her lips, much to the rage of feminists who pay to have their children killed for matters of simple convenience in what has become something of a sacramental rite in America these days, God help us. Despite what I consider to be her seriously-misguided religious ideas concerning Israel and the Jews, I’m sure had she been around in a better time period in this nation’s history–meaning a time when the Jewish state and her spies DID NOT dominate our political system–she would have been a great stateswoman.

Let me clarify further–I use that `b’ word in describing her not because she stomps around barking out orders at those around her, complaining about this and that and generally making life hell for everyone in her vicinity. In this case, the word `bitch’ encompasses that other use of the word we hear so much these days, meaning `whore’, or someone willing to lower herself (or himself) into doing immoral, degrading, and life-threatening things for a fistful of dollars, or, as in the case of our elected representatives, a fistful of political power. As she demonstrated to the world in the last few weeks since her nomination as Republican VP, she–like a streetwalker negotiating with a prospective client over what services she’s willing to perform and for what price–has let it be known she is willing to go `all the way’ with Israel’s demands, regardless of how raunchy or immoral these demands are. Not only towing the line with regards to the fatal myth that the Jews are `God’s chosen’ and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, namely stealing the real estate between the two `great rivers’ of the Nile and the Euphrates as well as the right to murder anyone they see fit at anytime they so decide, she has also embraced the other fatal myths of our modern times as well–that Iraq was responsible for 9/11 and that Iran must be stopped at all costs from `wiping Israel off the map’. She calls herself `pro-life’ but in perfect Zionist double-speak has signaled she will use her office to rain down death on millions, possible even billions of innocent people and all of it for the `Jewish cause’. She calls herself a Christian and yet has promised Israel that the Jewish state will continue receiving her daily diet of 15 million dollars from good ole Uncle Sam so she can continue de-Christianizing the land made sacred by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and in general making life for the Palestinians there a living hell.

And if these weren’t bad enough, Mz. Palin has now gone on record saying that war with Russia is a real likelihood, and not `war’ as in the `cold’ one but rather the real deal, just as the Neocons have wanted since Trotsky and his gang were ousted from power in the early 20th century.

And so, at least in the political sense, Palin IS a whore, or, using the less-polite language of gangstaz and gangsta-wannabes, `a bitch’. By her own admission, she will do anything, no matter how dirty, degrading or immoral it is so that Israel and her supporters `get off’ the only way they can, which is through bloodshed, the suffering of innocent people and corruption of otherwise healthy political systems. And in the event some don’t like my choice of racy words here, remember this–I am only following the example set forth by the man destined to replace the aging, swelling John Hagee as Supreme Pontiff of the Christian Zionist movement, none other than pastor Rod Parsley himself, John McCains’s `spiritual mentor’ who used the very same racy verbiage when he, speaking about America’s proclivity towards killing Muslims exclaimed like a seasoned snake-handler speaking in tongues `We’re bred for battle!…We get off on war!!!

Putting this in better perspective, consider the fact that Palin `the patriot’ (as she is now being fashioned by the Jewish mass media in America) is throwing her support behind a Marxist-founded state that has–

1. Blown up American buildings in Egypt in what was known as the Lavon Affair…

2. Attacked a United States ship, the USS Liberty, resulting in the deaths of 34 American sailors with the intention of sinking her so Egypt could be blamed and WWIII started between the US and the USSR…

3. Played an active part in the bombing of the US marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, resulting in the deaths of almost 250 servicemen…

4. Plotted to assassinate George HW Bush at the Madrid peace conference in 1991 in order to–surprise, surprise–’blame the Arabs’…

5. Stole America’s most sensitive national security secrets from her spy Jonathon Pollard and then sold them to America’s enemies at that time, the USSR. If indeed America finds herself at war with Russia as Israel would like to see take place, no doubt these secrets will be used to better kill America’s young men and women, assuming of course that it remains a war solely outside the confines of the US, which is highly doubtful…

6. Played an indispensable role in the attacks of 9/11, so much so that hundreds–let me repeat for emphasis–HUNDREDS of Israeli spies were arrested, some in circumstances as incriminating as filming the Twin Towers coming down and cheering and who later admitted on Israeli TV that they were `sent to document the event’…

…and this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. One day, after this mess is all over and assuming the US has not been reduced to ashes following a nuclear war, there will be an entire wing of the Library of Congress devoted to the problems this nation has endured as a result of Israel and her influence over our affairs.

And this folks is the ugly truth concerning Palin. As I said, were these better times, I would be getting all hot and bothered about her candidacy too, but the fact is that she is there for one reason and one reason only, which is to get an otherwise unelectable John McCain elected president so that the Jews can have the other wars they have scheduled, meaning Iran, Syria and Russia. You can bet your last dollar that were she not `right with God’, meaning were she the least bit contrary to Israel and the demands of the Jewish state, be it the war in the Middle East or whatever, she would remain in that obscure, out of the way place and no one would know Jack Squat about her.

The other thing of course to consider, but unmentioned up to this point, is the fact that I am not the only one saying this about her, that she is `Israel’s Bitch’, and this is where it gets REALLY ugly. The fact is, this is what the Jewish state and her supporters think of her, their public comments notwithstanding. Yes, guys such as Brooks and Lieberman and all the others may at present be swooning and fawning all over her as if she were Esther reborn, but to them she is just a piece of gentile meat created by God to serve the Jews, what they refer to in their own parlance as a `Shiksa’.

Yes, that’s right, all you conservative, bible-believing Christians out there who think that the Jews have finally `come around’ and seen the light with regards to the things near and dear to our conservative hearts pertaining to protecting the unborn, the Constitution and `family values’ as we define them, the fact is this–She is just another Britney, Madonna, or any other Barbie doll-creation of the Jewish mass media. She–like they–has been shoved out on the stage where–politically-speaking–she bats her eyes, moans and groans, suggestively rubs her hands over her body, wiggles and jiggles and bumps and grinds in front of us and all in the interest of keeping us excited, excitable, and distracted from what the hell is really going on in the world.

And make no mistake about it. All the praise they are heaping on her right now will be short-lived. Keep in mind how the Jews welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem as a king, shouting `Hosanna to God in the Highest’ and laying palm leaves in His path and then a week later these same creatures were calling for him to be crucified and the murderer Barabbas released.

No, once Palin has been used for their purposes, meaning once they have gotten from her what they want (meaning getting warmonger John McCain elected to the presidency) the `honeymoon’ will be over and she will be told to `get the f*** out of here bitch’ just as they would to any ordinary whore whose services were no longer required.

And the real truth is, Mz. Palin has a lot more to worry about than simply being `removed’ from the political scene by any scandals that may develop around her. Washington DC–a veritable outpost (in both the literal and figurative sense) of Meyer Lansky’s Murder Inc–has become a gangland where individuals live and die based upon whether they are worth more dead than alive to the powers-that-be. It may very well turn out that what is REALLY planned here is the classic one-two knockout punch, meaning Palin gets McCain elected, and then, batta-bing/batta bang/BATTA-BOOM–she is assassinated by some `Islamic terrorist’ and McCain makes Lieberman his VP (which was the original plan anyway) and then when Little Johnnie has some `accident’ befall him, Lieberman becomes prez, America falls into Israel’s hands like a ripened fruit and thus all impediments removed from the Jewish state getting what she really wants. Remember–we are talking about people here who believe they are the embodiment of God and who have–not just the capability of doing the worst, but rather the proclivity. After all, lest we forget, it is the Talmud itself, the engine that drives these people and their agenda that states “Tob shebe goyyim harog’, meaning “Even the best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed.’

And so, my fellow Americans, fellow humans, lovers of peace and justice, if you think my opinion and the language used in expressing this opinion too harsh concerning that `good Christian woman’ Mz. Palin who is most likely destined to be our next vice president (at least until her motorcade is blown up by Al Qaeda) what I say in my defense is thus–I am tired of the non-stop political pornography we see these days…, sick of seeing bitch after bitch after bitch paraded out before us who degrade themselves and degrade what is supposed to be their sacred duties to our nation by whoring themselves out for the benefit of the Madame of the house, Israel. I am sick to the point of vomiting over the manner our elected officials–who swore an oath to be faithful to America, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in heath, for better or for worse till death do us part as they take turns getting down on their knees and or on all fours and then perform whatever disgusting services are demanded of them by the Jewish state, an insatiable nymphomaniac for political power that never seems to get her fill. I am sick of America suffering from all the ills-political, social, cultural or whatnot, resulting from the legion of venereal diseases we have contracted through our illicit, immoral intercourse with the Jewish state. We have become a sterile, barren woman whose womb is so polluted through immoral behavior that it can no longer produce any life for our nation, meaning peace, prosperity and political stability. I long for the by-gone days of fidelity and continence of American political life, where America was first, second and third in the hearts and minds of our leaders instead of them putting the interests of a terrorist state ahead of our own. I lament the day that men like George Washington, John Adams and others–men who would never have consented to sell their country for 30 pieces of silver to ANY interest nor allow the governing infrastructure of America to be infested with spies and saboteurs as it exists today–were replaced with the likes of George Bush, John McCain and the rest.

It is something we are going to have to decide folks–we are either going to have America as a beacon of light where Lady Liberty runs the show or a brothel dominated by whores for Israel, and as one wise man once said, `You cannot serve two masters, for you will either love the one and hate the other or hate the one or love the other.’

For myself, this latest creation in the person of Mz. Palin leaves much to be desired, no matter how low she is willing to go in debasing herself in what has become the Zionist Burlesque Revue. Give me someone not as easy on the eyes but whose love for America does not take 2nd place to the interests of a foreign power and who understands that when she takes that oath of office, what she is really saying to America is `for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in heath, for better or for worse till death do us part.’

(c) 2008 Mark Glenn

Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper

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