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"America is ready for another revolution"

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But first we have a game to watch, beer to drink and a few messages from our corporate sponsors.

Maybe tomorrow ….

Sarah Palin’s speech last night at the Tea Party Convention received world wide media attention according to the world wide media. It was the slow Saturday special. Apparently it was such a for profit success that there are plans to have another one in July.

It was typical Palin. Republicans good, democrats bad, yeah troops, we love war and the standard swipe at Obama for being a teleprompter puppet.

But there was some humor for the masses as Sarah was caught reading off her low tech teleprompter, crib notes written on her hand

Whatever works ….


Update: From Glen Greenwald via American Everyman, it seems like Sarah doesn’t mind showing her Israel first persona. And to think that there are some who would vote for her to have her hand on the nuclear weapons button and to send our kids to more war for Israel.

[Palin] had on three opera-length strands of pearls, two white and one multi-colored.  [O]n her lapel, a small pin with two flags — for Israel and the United States.

Here’s a photo. She also wore the same pin on her Fox News interview.

You can’t be president without being vetted by Israel and AIPAC. Wearing that pin and talking tough against Israel’s ‘enemies’ may get her in the door towards the presidency but a Palin vs Obama race only means that the American people lose, Israel wins.


Nashville’s Tea Party ‘War’ Convention Swings Into Action

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A tea party conventioneer carries a very large poster of ‘war whore’ Sarah Palin to remind everyone of their priorities.

Perusing the media reports on the convention finds a lot of talk about freedom, the constitution and out of control federal spending but one is hard pressed to see a word about foreign policy, non-intervention, the fraud of the foreign occupations and the ‘war on terror,’ abolishing the Federal Reserve or indictments and prosecutions of the criminals who put us in the position to even consider a ‘tea party’ or grassroots movement.

Most of the 600 registered participants at the National Tea Party Convention had arrived at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center by Thursday.

The Tea Party people were greeted at the door by wave after wave of national and international reporters. There was network and cable news, national magazines, broadcasters and journalists from Europe, Asia and South America, all trying to figure them out. {more}

It’s funny that out of the 111 media people to get credentials, Nashville’s The Tennessean newspaper, didn’t make the cut so they have to report from the lobby.

The convention is a ‘for profit’ affair whose intent is to ‘train’ organizers for the upcoming mid term elections and beyond. Unfortunately there’s a GOP smell about the whole thing.

‘Team Sarah’ has a presence here for the keynote speaker.

The organization is described on its Web site as a “diverse coalition of Americans dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the political process.”

What that represents is more war, more pentagon excursions and more CIA crimes.

A tea party movement that is pro war is a failure from the beginning. The American people and their kids who will die in vain should demand better.