Arson at Murfreesboro TN Mosque Construction Site

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The psy-ops of the Muslim mosques is not just for New York. Locally, the issue of construction of a mosque is taken to another level as someone sets fire to excavation equipment at the site. Dumb media and politician manipulated redneck bigot arsonists or paid provocateurs? Either way, the manufactured controversy heats up. 

From Channel 5 News …

Murfreesboro, TENN. – Agents from the ATF, the Nashville branch of the FBI, and investigators from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department are seeking the public’s help in solving an overnight construction site fire at the future home of a Muslim Mosque.
Eric Kehn, spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Tennessee and Alabama, told NewsChannel 5 Saturday evening that investigators are actively pursuing any and all leads this weekend. Kehn stopped just short of calling the fiery assault on four pieces of giant, excavating equipment and vehicles a hate crime; rather, Kehn said it’s being pursued and prosecuted as a fire at the site of a future house of worship.
Call it what you will, but local Muslims are truly frightened and taking the attack quite seriously.
“The members of the community are very scared,” said Camie Ayash, spokeswoman for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. “As I mentioned, it’s Ramaadan. We try to come together as a community in the evenings to break our fast together. Our attendance level has been very low, because people are scared to leave their homes.”
Ayash is quick to point out that Muslims have quietly co-existed in this community for 20 years. Only since plans were unveiled to build a brand new Mosque, at the intersection of Bradyville Pike and Veals Road, has such public opposition become so loudly expressed. {more}

Feds investigate fire at Murfreesboro mosque site – The Tennessean

Fire Strikes Future Site – DNJ


Tennessee’s First Distillery Referendum Set for Cannon County

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On the home front there is little on the November ballot except for replacing a long entrenched retiring congressman with another two party shill.

But there is an historic referendum that would allow the first distillery in the state under a new Tennessee law for counties where there is no liquor by the drink or package stores that gives voters a say so in approving or rejecting the business.

Cannon County is a very typical bible belt area in desperate need of jobs so it’s hard to tell how the vote will go. It does have a very colorful history of moonshine making and a distillery in a beautiful remote location could be a potential tourist attraction and revenue generator. 

My suggestion to the Short Mountain Distillery owners was to create a niche market organic whiskey. All organic ingredients using the clean spring water in the area. It’s something that is rare in the world and I feel it would be successful. The potential owner is already in the process of getting his farm organic certified.

Jack Daniels had better look out. There may be a new kid moving in.

Distillery Debate Hits The Ballot In Cannon Count

Group turns in signatures for Tennessee’s first distillery referendum

Short Mountain Distillery website

Aerial Views of Nashville and Franklin Tennessee Floods May 3, 2010

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Many more videos at Nashville Flood.

Aerial scenes of  Nashville Area Flooding – The Tennessean

We had the opportunity today to make an over 200 mile round trip to top off the generator fuel tanks of emergency communications cell towers in the Harpeth River and Franklin areas. The towers were on both sides of the flooded areas in hill areas so we didn’t see the worst flooding and damage around Franklin.

We did see a lot of destruction and very high water everywhere we went in three counties. Percentage wise, the majority of folks are OK but there’s a lot of work to be done.

The question is who’s going to pay for it? By the reports coming out many homeowners and small businesses did not have flood insurance as they were told they were not in a flood plain or just couldn’t afford it. Just the cost of the infrastructure repair is incredible.

We spend close to a trillion dollars a year feeding the war profiteers.

We owe the Federal Reserve somewhere around 400 billion dollars a year in interest for their privilege of printing bogus money for us to fight fraudulent wars against terrorism in foreign lands …  killing, destroying and looting  for power and profit.

If we have to spend our tax money, shouldn’t it be right here at home where we need it. Healing our own people and land …..

I wonder what the cost per kill of a ‘terrorist’ is?

I bet that money would help rebuild a great number of lives … right here at home.

The May Day Middle Tennessee Floods

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Lookin’ Out My Front Door

Middle Tennessee is flooded. Heavy storms, Interstates 24 and 40 and many other roads shut down. 8 to 13 inches of rain … so far.

Several more inches of rain expected tonight. More tomorrow.

In our lifetime …  this is shaping up to be the big one.

A portable classroom  floats down I-24 in Nashville …..


Flooding Photos from the Tennessean

Tennessee Flooding Kills 5

NewsChannel5 Photos 

WSMV reports and photos

Flood Rescue on I-24 at Bell Road Exit video


May 2 … The Nashville area continues to get pounded with rain. Reports are that some middle TN areas have gotten over 15 inches. Speculation is that some may get up to 20 inches before it’s over.
Parts of downtown Nashville are under water, up to six feet deep.

5:15  pm: So far Nashville has over 13.5 inches of rain in 2 days. 25% of the average yearly total.

8:15 pm: 5 confirmed dead in Nashville. At least two are missing.  

9:40 pm: The Cumberland River is at 50 feet, 10 feet above flood stage in downtown Nashville. 

Opryland Hotel Evacuates 1500 guests

Rock Quarry video

Tennessean updates

TEMA asks National Guard to help with flood rescue 

Andrea Silva and Jamey Howell cling to Howell’s jeep Sunday morning when flash flooding from Station Camp Creek overtook their vehicle.

Dover Anthony sings as he overlooks the parking lot of submerged cars at the Knights Motel in East Nashville.

A man moves his kayak through rising flood waters on Hillsboro Rd. in Franklin , Tenn., Sunday, May 2, 2010.

The Bellevue area in Nashville is hit hard.

The park 1/4 mile away from my house.

The Demolition of Granny’s House

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My grandfather died in 1974, my grandmother in 1990. My uncle had lived in the house since then. Due to my uncle’s mental problems from an injury many years ago, he let the house run down very bad and for at least ten years never allowed anyone to enter. It wasn’t until he went to a nursing home a couple of years ago that we discovered the sad shape of the home. All but two rooms had the floors caved in and the ceilings and wall boards had fallen down from water damage. No bathroom and no running water. It was the biggest mess anyone had ever seen for a house someone was living in.

My grandfather wanted to retire and sell the farm in about 1964. He was 69. A new road in the nearby town took several houses by eminent domain and he bought one, a large two story completely make of oak for $100. He had a few months to tear it down and he took it apart piece by piece, saving all the wood floors and framing materials. He even saved the nails, straightening them out as he pulled them.

He hauled all the materials to the two acres he kept and proceeded to build his new home, mostly all by himself. All he bought was the brick, roofing shingles, wiring and plumbing fixtures. He was 70 when it was finished and lived there with Granny for the last twelve years of his life.

This home was in a very rural area but as always things change. New expensive homes were built close by on former farmland and some of the neighbors didn’t like an abandoned house grown up with small trees in their midst. So they did what ‘outsiders’ do, complained to the county. Actually, unless you looked close when driving by, the house was very hidden.

My mother, being the executor of the ‘estate,’ got a notice that something had to be done by a certain date or face a $50 fine per day for each infraction. She asked me what to do and I suggested to go to the planning commission and ask them if we could demolish and bury the house on the property. She did and the request was granted.

What should have been a fairly easy two day job turned into a expensive endeavor.

On the way over to the site, hauling the dozer on a lowboy, we were stopped by a state trooper. It appears he had gotten the memo. Small time contractors and even farmers hauling equipment are an easy mark for hidden laws. The cop admitted that 3 out of 4 of the ‘small timers’ don’t have the proper paperwork so he has been stopping them and getting the tickets issued. We were 8 inches over the maximum width of 8’6″ and given a ticket for $230 dollars for not having a permit for a ‘wide load.’ Plus the permit, per year, costs $525. It’s not a safety issue but an extortion by the state. After 14 years of hauling a dozer and ‘assuming’ the limit was 10 feet and never being stopped, we found out otherwise. The state needs money and the small guy is a target. It’s a lot easier to ticket a working man than to chase criminals.

What else could go wrong? Well, the dozer had just had its final contracted preventative maintenance by the dealer done the day before at a cost of $2,200. The tracks were tightened to the max and even after pointing this out, we were told they would soon loosen back up. It was noticeable immediately upon starting work by way of the pops and whining that the tracks were too tight but we continued on. Bad move. Excessive stress and vibration took its toll. Just before the job was completed, the right track master link bolts became loose, popped out and the track came off. It will be fixed, no major damage, but what should have been PM turned out to be what I think was a mistake by the service man but it will be hard to prove.

But hey, we’ve picked up more work from people coming by and seeing what can be done by a dozer and a couple of guys. In this economy that’s the positive side, even if we are over 60 miles from home.

The property will be cleaned up nicely and probably worth more someday than with Granny’s abandoned house on it.

Someone suggested that I put up a sign near the road saying, “Hey Complainers, Are You Happy Now”

I may just do that.


Music in the video by Moe Denham, “Listen Up” from his latest CD “The Soul Jazz Sessions”

Moe is one of the elite Hammond B3 players in all of the world. Unsung and unrecognized except by those who have known him and seen him play. A Nashville hidden treasure.

There are a few of us who remember Moe best from he first moved to Cannon County TN from Minnesota with the band “Truck Stop.” Their shows at the ‘Country Comfort’ in Murfreesboro are legendary.

Plant Early, Plant Often

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https://i2.wp.com/i188.photobucket.com/albums/z276/kennyrk/4-20-09.jpg https://i2.wp.com/i188.photobucket.com/albums/z276/kennyrk/4-20-09-2.jpg

middle TN 4/20/09

One thing I learned about gardening from the old timers many years ago was that in order to get really good cool weather crops you have to plant as early as possible. It pays off to prepare your beds during the winter and be ready to plant when the opportunity arises. Raised beds are a plus. Due to rain and cold, I was actually about a week late from what I planned and most of the early crops didn’t go in until March 3.

We’ve been eating lettuce and spinach salads with a little broccoli, spring onions and chives added in for the last three days so that was only 42 days from planting to first meal. The potatoes and peas are coming along nicely as are the 21 six inch high garlic plants from two bulbs. We should have salads everyday for another 6 weeks.

Not everything has gone so well. About half of the Vidalia onion plants died and the cabbage plants are not looking good. Perfection is rare in an early garden.

With a little weather cooperation, all of the summer crops except sweet potatoes will be planted by this weekend.

As food prices take a big chunk out of everyone’s budget, I have a feeling we will need all of the good fresh food we can grow, eat and preserve.

Gardening still remains one the endeavors we can undertake for ourselves and our families without government interference. At least for this year.

Tea Party – Murfreesboro TN 4-15-09

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A couple of thousand people came out for the Murfreesboro Tea Party. It was a mix of good folks concerned about our country.

The event was organized by Republicans and featured speakers from the party. Marsha Blackburn, congresswoman from Williamson County and lieutenant governor Ron Ramsey were two of the more well known. Anyone who wanted to speak was allowed to and several local people took the opportunity.

A couple of people even stood up and called for auditing and even abolishing the Federal Reserve. That was a pleasant surprise.

Several speakers asked Homeland Security to take their names and put them at the top of their list. It was a common theme among the crowd that we are considered ‘domestic terrorists.’

I was disappointed that none of the speakers came right out and called the two party system a sham. I did hear some calls from the crowd for independent candidates. My feel is that there are many who don’t trust any politician of any party.
No one called the politicians by their rightful name…..criminals.

At the end of the rally many of the folks, at the urging of a speaker and some in the crowd, marched on to the local office of congressman Bart Gordon and sent the message that as an enabler of the bailout and as an entrenched career politician with blatant disregard of his constituents that his days in Washington are numbered. That would be change we can believe in as all incumbents, both Democrat and Republican, need to go.

Bye Bye Bart

OK…these ‘Tea Parties’ have brought out people who have not been inclined to participate in any activism or protest in the past. The numbers greatly exceed those of any anti-war protest that has ever occurred in the middle TN/Nashville area. I guess it says that people get more upset over their money than they do about their government lying us into wars for their profit and empire building.

Hey, it could be start. Once folks become aware of some lies, it opens them up to possibly considering all of the lies. That could really intensify the anger against the liars.

Or maybe it’s just a media creation? A controlled opposition made for TV?

We’ll see if there is a follow-up.