A Few Methods Used By Jews To Silence Their Critics

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10 Jul 2008

Zsidozas (a Hungarian term which means, roughly translated, “talking about Jews.”)

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HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED how there are very few highly visible and notable figures in modern Western countries who are completely vocal, honest, and blunt regarding The Jewish Question? Why do you think that is?

I sometimes comment over at Majority Rights even though I am not what might be termed a ‘White nationalist.’ It is true that I am an American of White/European descent, but I am most certainly not a White supremacist, Neo-Nazi, KKK member, or anything of that sort, though it now seems clear to me that the White/European majority in both America and in Europe is facing some terrible problems now and in to the future and that we need to get much better organized in order to better deal with these problems.

I comment on Majority Rights because they are one of the only websites I know of which writes honestly about The Jewish Question (and they accept comments from readers too which is a big plus). Some of their articles and posts are interesting, while I have no interest in others because they seem too extreme. Anyhow, recently I left a comment there about a few of the methods Jews use to silence their critics. Here is the comment to which I responded followed by my comment:

… The main problem for Euros is the way the Jews have the mass media in pro-race-replacement lockdown and Jewish pit-bull NGOs such as the ACLU, the SPLC, and the ADL have the whole society in pro-race-replacement lockdown. The mayor of a tiny Pennsylvania town takes reasonable, extremely moderate steps to do something about the Mexican invasion and in less than a microsecond the Jewish pit bulls have filed three dozen fifteen-quintillion-dollar lawsuits against his town and him personally, gotten court injunctions paralyzing the town, and sparked major demonization of the town and mayor by the allied Jewish press and media consisting of every major media outfit in the country. Jews are organized for this by their nature. They’re sort of on a war footing from birth. Euros aren’t. Euros simply don’t think or act that way, they don’t expect the blindsiding the Jews are constantly giving them, and they even have trouble believing it when it’s pointed out, so unlike their natures is it. Why do Jews own all the communications media? Jews as an ethnic group make it their business to gain monopoly control of communications media not because they love being journalists but precisely because such control confers immense power to reward and punish — confers immense power on their ethnic group to influence society and to demonize enemies. There are certain societal avenues by which new leaders normally arise spontaneously, in response to new needs. The Jews have all such avenues covered and barricaded specifically against questioners of race-replacement so no new leadership can arise in response to this new need no matter how reasonable, moderate, Jew-friendly or non-Jew-threatening — the Jews instantly swarm out like bees out of a hive and sting him to death. It’s instantaneous. Poor guy never knew what hit him. Prof. Gottfried is wrong that Euros are acquiescing in it. It’s being methodically forced on Euros and the single biggest agent of force is the Jews. They keep leadership from arising through the normal channels or any channels short of armed revolt. (Which may come — pray God it doesn’t.)

Posted by Fred Scrooby on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 at 03:29 AM –

Re: Fred

“There are certain societal avenues by which new leaders normally arise spontaneously, in response to new needs. The Jews have all such avenues covered and barricaded specifically against questioners of race-replacement so no new leadership can arise in response to this new need no matter how reasonable, moderate, Jew-friendly or non-Jew-threatening — the Jews instantly swarm out like bees out of a hive and sting him to death.

I’ve noticed this as well in many societies where Jews dominate the media/press along with the economic structures, not only in America.

In all societies and cultures where they live, Jews constantly and persistently oppress the people who oppose them using all means necessary. For example, Tsar Nicholas II was murdered along with his family by a gang of Jewish Bolsheviks. Assassinations of opponents of Israel by Jewish/Israeli agents are a routine occurrence in the Middle East and elsewhere. Very early on the Jewish-dominated Soviet Union passed extremely strict laws against antisemitism and anti-Jewish activites—these were instituted by Lenin (he was himself partially Jewish) who was surrounded and influenced by fanatical Jews in the newly-formed Soviet government. More recently, in the Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko was no doubt poisoned (with the intent to kill him) and left permanently disfigured by Jewish/Zionist agents within the Ukrainian government who saw him as a threat to their hegemony there.

I’m not a Neo-Nazi or anything like that, but the Nazis were astute students of the Jewish Question and thus their ideas deserve to be considered. Certain passages which describe this phenomenon are found in Hitler’s Zweites Buch:

“…extirpation of the folkish intelligentsia and its replacement by the members of his own [Jewish] people.”—“The end of the Jewish world struggle therefore will always be a bloody Bolshevization. In truth this means the destruction of all the intellectual upper classes linked to their [non-Jewish] peoples so that he [Jews] can rise to become the master of a mankind become leaderless.”—“…the first attempts to extirpate the [non-Jewish] national intelligentsia were undertaken in the form of revolutions.”—“With the help of the Bolshevik revolution the Russian upper classes and also the Russian national intelligentsia were murdered and completely extirpated [by Jews] amid inhuman agonies and atrocities. For the Russian people the total number of victims of this Jewish struggle for hegemony in Russia amounted to 28-30 million people in number of dead.” –

Jews have a very long tradition of marginalizing and belittling their opponents through the mainstream media/press, we all know that. However, if this doesn’t work or if the opposition is too strong it seems that they attempt to overthrow anti-Jewish societies/cultures through revolutions and then seize power (either directly or indirectly), which eventually leads to the imprisonment and/or murder, execution, or assassination of prominent anti-Jewish people and leaders (”the national [native] intelligentsia”) who naturally oppose their nefarious agenda.


Now, notice there at the end that I believe the agenda of Jews in America (and in other Western countries, for that matter) is “nefarious.” Even though Jews as a whole certainly aren’t conspiring to bring down the countries, societies, and cultures in which they live, the eventual dissolution and collapse of countries/societies where Jews have highly disproportionate and significant influence does in fact seem to have occurred with alarmingly frequency throughout history. After much research I’ve logically, rationally, and carefully come to the conclusion that Jews are like termites which slowly eat away at the foundation of a nation/culture/society.

However, I do believe that it is possible that a tightly organized group (or groups) of ’super Jewish elites’ could in fact use their power/influence/money (see:
) to do planned and methodical damage to Western societies through any and all means necessary: financial/economic control, domination and manipulation of the mainstream media, encouragement of mass immigration with the aim of eventual replacement (’swamping’), promotion of globalism/internationalism, and so on.

Note that Jews first and foremost attempt to silence and marginalize their prominent critics using the press/media. They unleash the most awful smear campaigns in their media which are filled with outright slander and lies: since WWII the person criticizing them is nearly always pegged a “Nazi” who wants to “repeat The Holocaust”; the critic is often accused of being a “failure,” “lowlife,” “loser,” “violent fanatic,” etc.; and finally, mud-slinging and personal attacks (the critic is: “crazy”; “drunk”; “a wife beater”; “a liar”; “a thug”; etc.) are liberally and thoughtlessly used even if they are not at all true.

If the media/press method of critical suppression doesn’t work, it seems that Jews will next attempt to physically silence their critics. In more recent times this has meant either prison or murder/assassination. Murder/assassination seems to be fairly common in the nation’s where the Jews wield the most power and are afraid of losing it like the former Soviet Union, modern America, the UK, Russia, the Ukraine, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and so forth. It need not even be a gunshot in a dark alley or a car-bomb either; these modern Jews/Zionists are known for much sneakier methods like poisonings, faked suicides and/or drug overdoses, or “accidents” like car or plane crashes. As an American I often wonder how many honest American politicians who were aware of and semi-actively opposed the Jewish agenda were lost due to these methods — probably more than you’d think.

Some theorize that the Ukrainian ‘Holodomor’ during the early 1930s was a method of punishment used by the Jewish-Soviet elite to bring the generally antisemitic citizens of the Ukraine ‘in to line’ so to speak, to get them to submit to the authority of the Jewish-dominated Soviet Union. I’m not sure about the veracity of that theory, though it is a definite possibility. However, there is no doubt that many of the Ukraine’s best non-Jewish citizens were imprisoned and/or killed by the Jewish-dominated Soviet Union during the social/political/economic/legal chaos leading up to World War II, and many were imprisoned or killed after the war too. The Ukraine has always been a hotbed of anti-Jewish sentiment, and as I stated in the above-mentioned quote/comment it is highly probable that Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko of ‘Orange Revolution‘ fame was poisoned (with the intent to kill) by Jewish/Zionist agents because they saw him as an opponent of their agenda.

And though I shudder to think the following is true, I’ve even read/heard that some believe highly-corrupt and organized Jewish doctors might actually be doing certain things to damage and/or otherwise incapacitate the babies and children of wealthy/intelligent/elite non-Jewish citizens through “medical errors” or “vaccinations” which eventually leave those children mentally or physically disabled, i.e. the current autism epidemic and so forth. Stalin and other non-Jewish officials in the Soviet Union believed such things were happening to them after they began to question undue Jewish influence in the USSR.

I was thinking about other methods which Jews use to silence their critics and competitors, and I figured out (during an ah-ha! moment) that another way which Jews manage to eliminate opposition and competition from a nation’s native elites/aristocracy/intelligentsia is simply by intermarrying with them, by slowly yet persistently attempting to absorb them in to the Jewish gene pool — I like to call this the “Jewish infiltration” theory.

If successful, this is a sure way to reduce or eliminate competition and hostility from a nation’s elites and could partially explain why Jews (especially the Ashkenazim) are, in general, more intelligent than average. Perhaps over many centuries they have managed to slowly soak up the DNA of many a nation’s and people’s non-Jewish cognitive elites (financial/intellectual/spiritual/etc.); if this has happened as I believe it has, it has allowed them to enhance their own DNA at the expense of non-Jewish peoples and is, in fact, nothing short of ‘DNA theft.’ Just think: this has the double-advantage of enriching the Jewish gene pool with the best of a particular country’s/culture’s/society’s DNA along with genetically disarming the non-Jewish masses who are/were naturally subservient to their own social/intellectual/economic/religious/political elite, royalty, or aristocracy. I even recall reading a lot about many Jewish women (especially Jewish lesbians and feminists and such) who have specifically requested to be artificially inseminated by sperm donated by very intelligent and eminent non-Jews like prominent scientists, intellectuals, businessmen, etc., especially those who are of Northern European genetic origin.

It is well known that the British royal family (and the British ‘aristocracy,’ in general) has many Jewish connections, as do many other royal houses across Europe. Additionally, in pre-1492 Spain many Sephardic Jews managed to intermarry with the Spanish aristocracy and business elite. Many of these Jews with mixed Jewish ancestry actually remained even after the mass expulsion of 1492, and some were even big-wigs in the Catholic hierarchy there for a long time. After much research, this is another historical pattern which I have definitely noticed, so take note and let me state it again: if possible, Jews manage to undermine a nation’s elites by attempting to bring them within in the Jewish fold through intermarriage, thus disarming them on many levels and squelching any possible anti-Jewish sentiments from arising amongst them and the native populace.

Now the question is: will Jews and their lackeys soon target this website for suppression/censorship and attempt to shut it down?

10 Jul 2008