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States Rights, Sovereignty and False Flags

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There has been a bit of talk going on about states rights and sovereignty since the true nature of the ‘stimulus’ bill started to unfold.

The talk is all about the 10th amendment.

Here The Populist Party explains:

The Constitution applies to the federal government. Its sole purpose was to spell out what the government can do.

The key principle of the Constitution is quite simple: positive grant. Unfortunately, this is not a phrase that many of us hear in daily banter these days. But, it’s not a complicated principle at all.

What it means is this – the US federal government is authorized to exercise only those powers which are specifically given to it in the Constitution. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Period. End of story.

The founders felt so strongly about this principle that they codified it in law as the Tenth Amendment:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Just a casual review of the activities of the federal government would make clear that there’s very little that it does which is actually authorized by the Constitution.

For many, many years, we’ve allowed our politicians to interpret and bend the rules of the Constitution; ostensibly for good reasons. But, we have to face reality. When you allow politicians to do this over long periods, eventually you end up with leaders who feel that the law doesn’t apply at all.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

If we are to have a free society for the future, we must reign in this out-of-control federal government, and return to our Constitution; with a special emphasis on the limitations imposed on government by the Tenth Amendment.

Up to half of our 50 states are considering bills to put the brakes on the federal government’s unconstitutional criminal behavior.

Carol Forsloff gives some of the reasons cited by some of these states and their proposed legislation:

“I. Declaring Involuntary Martial Law over any of the 50 States
II. Any kind of “domestic Draft” (Obama’s Service Corps)
III. Any kind of required service of Minors (Youth Brigades)
IV. Surrendering any power delegated or not delegated to any corporation or foreign government. (UN Millenium Declaration, which Obama supports.
North American Union/SPP agreement.
UN Carbon Taxes)
V. Any act regarding religion; further limitations on freedom of political speech; or further limitations on freedom of the press. (Fairness Doctrine)
VI. Any attempt to further restrict the the Right to Bear Arms

It’s unfortunate that it took a national and world wide economic ‘catastrophe’ for the states to begin to think about their constitutional rights but I suppose it’s better late than never.

How serious are the states? Is it any more than just talk to pacify the locals, many of whom are beginning to wake up to the fact that the executive branch and Congress don’t represent us and are indeed tools of the ruling elite, banks and corporations?

Some of us are hoping that every state jumps into this fire and demands that our rights be upheld. Let’s hope that this firestorm doesn’t end up burning us.

The federal government won’t give up their control very easily. The uppity states could even go further if they are successful in these early rumblings towards fascism. Why… they might even declare the truth that the federal income tax is illegal and refuse to cooperate with the Federal Reserve and IRS in the stealing of our money.

The feds have a lot of tools to keep the states in line.

Sending in troops, including foreign ones and hired contract killers to quell any rebellion is one option.

Jumping into another big war such as in Iran and/or Pakistan might excite the nationalist feelings once again and put on the backburner all rights of the states. We can’t talk about such silly things as rights when World War III is beginning.

The big wild card option to eliminating state opposition is the tried and true “false flag.” A city decimated by the ‘terrorists’ would need federal help. Homeland Security would deflect the blame by saying that “We need more of your money” and “What good are rights when you are dead.”

Most people will scoff at the notion that our government will kill its own to maintain its power and control.

Those people are dead wrong.


Money, Honey …and Face Time in Your Dreams.

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Sunday, July 13

Les Visible

Love Song art: Adrian Borda

For those of us still capable of independent thought, there is a question that arises in the mind. It is a perplexing question. Why is it that when people gain some measure of power, through money, influence or by association… why is it that so many of them choose to embrace corruption over principles and reputation? Why would so many potentially good people go bad and not care about the loss of their ideals and good name?

If you’ve got forty five minutes I’d like you to watch this video because I think it’s a simple place to start. I was turned on to this by the good people at Wake up from Your Slumber. They’re a good resource for ‘tell it like it is’ and the article is a good one too. There are some others as well. If you haven’t read this you probably should do that too. In my sidebar, I have some trusted sites. They are very few in number. I know there are others. It is my decision to link only those sites that ‘collect and disseminate’ real news and to let you find the individuals on your own. It’s just not my nature to have hundreds of blogs and sources listed. I can’t guarantee that all of these people will tell the truth all the time.

The sites I have listed are very discrete in their advertising. They don’t want their message compromised. What am I trying to say here? It mostly comes from this article. I’m hoping I’ve given you enough links now and that I can flesh out the broader approach with my usual form of dialectic.

We know that the neo-con control ‘bots lie. We know that the mass media lies. When the mass media isn’t lying then it isn’t saying anything at all; sins of omission. Nowhere in mass media are you being told that Karl Rove left the country. Early days? Maybe. We know that most of what we see and hear is being manipulated to provoke military and economic action against nations that DO NOT present a credible threat to the one’s planning these holocausts, present and future, and who are also the ones we most need to be protected against.

I get the uneasy feeling that many ‘so-called’ truth sites are compromised as much as the disinfo sites. The disinfo sites have the most money by a wide margin. However, as more and more people are waking up to the fact that they are being fed nothing but lies, various alternative sites… so called truth sites are also raking in large container loads of money and may well be no more than agents of disinfo letting ‘some’ truth thru so the people will not think the light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

It’s hard to know who to trust but that may be the result of our granting wider latitude than we should. Maybe we need to set stricter guidelines in our minds about what comprises self-promotion and selling out. Here’s the thing. The more money you have, the bigger the bullhorn you can buy. The more noise you can make, the more attention you receive and the more money you make. Maybe it’s a matter of class; dignity, honor, principles, manners, fidelity… something… something. When does a person’s capacity to tell the truth and to be effective as a guiding light turn into a Broadway musical staring them playing the good guy while being employed by the bad guy? Think about it.

I’m not going to name names here. That is rough country. Maybe some of these people think they are the good guys but they need to expand to get the message out so that they can buy a bigger bullhorn to exhort a larger crowd …so that one day they can turn the whole thing around and flowers will fall out of the sky instead of bombs and the world will be sane and everybody will have a piece of ground to call their own.

Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast to expand and grow until it turns into the same fascist enterprise tomorrow that it was fighting yesterday.

Nancy Pelosi said she would do one thing and she did another. She’s an incredibly unprincipled whore, no different than Karl Rove. I guess we should expect that. Money comes from somewhere and money is influence and a bigger bullhorn. In the end, what comes out of the bullhorn is whatever the money that bought the bullhorn wants to say. But what about the people who are supposed to be telling us the truth and whose sites are virtual Wal-Mart’s of product? The truth is supposed to improve our lives but it seems only to enrich people who have sacrificed the truth for their own self interest. Are they just misguided? Are they so enamored of their own bullshit that they can’t see what they have become? This I do not know.

I spend all my time working on these things and I have the luxury of being able to do that. Because I am careful about my appetites and don’t really want anything, I can afford to do this. I don’t get a bigger bullhorn though. Like a number of others, I just muddle on the best I can and hope it makes a difference. Where do you draw the line?

You make yourself a better person and you make the world a better place. I believe that. Even with all the armies of darkness laying in ambush in the cemeteries of night, I believe this. Meanwhile so much of the world is on a life support system of ipods and cellphones or locked into some religious machinery that promises them a better life hereafter.

Surely, if you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem. The price of oil is just going up and up and it affects everything else. It affects industry and the manufacture of goods. It affects the transportation of those goods. We are looking at a perfect storm of immense proportion. It is because of Israel’s warmongering against Iran that the price of oil has gone up. You might think it stupid that speculators would bid so much for something that is still widely available. But should the Straits of Hormuz be shut down somebody is going to make a lot of money.

Iran may be its own kind of maverick nation and you may not like how they do things according to their idea of how things are but they don’t have a history of aggressive action against their neighbors. Israel’s history is filled with non-stop aggression against everyone besides themselves, regardless of whether that aggression takes the form of physical attack, economic attack, propaganda attack or guilt milking. Any time now they are going to go and get the Litani River. That’s the purpose of the news concerning rockets that don’t exist being sent to Lebanon by Iran.

I don’t know what to tell you. You, the people, surely do need to assert yourselves by some form of revolutionary action. You don’t have any choice. Sooner is better than later. I want to tell you that but I don’t have a big enough bullhorn. You can’t hear me. You can’t hear The Palestinians or a lot of other people because they don’t have any bullhorns either. You aren’t reading the real truth sites. You aren’t even reading me right now. You’re driving through Disneyland and Jack the Ripper is in the back seat.

There are no dials on my keyboard to turn up the volume. I’m driving alongside you and I see who’s in the back seat. I’m waving at you and pointing but you can’t hear me. It’s like that scene in The Hitcher.

No matter what anyone else does, you have to find your principles and identify your intentions. After that you have to find your place in the moments of your time and see if you can’t find some healing and harmony while evil destroys itself and everyone who believed in it. There is one thing that none of us can avoid… we all have to live with ourselves. Wherever you are, even if you can’t hear me, I hope you are encouraged to see a little clearer and try a little harder.

Then You Let Go…

The Post That Got Me Banned From Daily Kos

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Shootingsparks’s blog

The Freckled Jihadi: The Raytheon 9

Sat Jun 21, 2008 at 11:17:38 PM PDT

I try to keep up on things, but to stay informed you have to really try hard. Real info isnt delivered thru the national media, it is all largely a project in perception and opinion management that we get fed on a daily basis, which is why we are here, from all walks of life, banging away furiously at our collective keyboards and rooting around for truth.
Well, here is a story that got by me when it was going on…
The Raytheon 9
Yea…turns out that in Ireland it is legal for the citizens to inhibit activity that has been proven to lead to war crimes. In this case, Raytheon missile manufacture.

This from

On 11 June 2008, by a unanimous verdict of the jury, the Raytheon 9 were found not guilty of three counts of criminal damage at the Raytheon offices, Derry Northern Ireland on 9 August 2006.

Immediately afterwards, the defendants addressed supporters and press outside Belfast’s Laganside Court. Colm Bryce began:

The Raytheon 9 have been aquitted today in Belfast for their action in decommissioning the Raytheon offices in Derry in August 2006. The prosecution could produce not a shred of evidence to counter our case that we had acted to prevent the commission of war crimes during the Lebanon war by the Israeli armed forces using weapons supplied by Raytheon.

We remain proud of the action we took and only wish that we could have done more to disrupt the ‘kill chain’ that Raytheon controls.

This victory is welcome, for ourselves and our families, but we wish to dedicate it to the Shaloub and Hasheem families of Qana in Lebanon, who lost 28 of their closest relatives on the 30 July 2006 due to a Raytheon ‘bunker buster’ bomb.

Their unimaginable loss was foremost in our minds when we took the action we did on 9 August, and the injustice that they and the many thousands of victims of war crimes in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered, will spur us on to continue to campaign against war and the arms trade that profits from it.

We said from the beginning that we came to this court not as the accused but as the accusers of Raytheon. This court case proved that Raytheon in Derry is an integral part of the global Raytheon company and its military production. This is no longer a secret or in doubt. Raytheon have treated the truth, peaceful protest, local democracy and this court with complete contempt. The most senior executive who appeared said that the charge that Raytheon had ‘aided and abetted’ the commission of crimes against humanity was “not an issue” for him. Raytheon should have that contempt repaid in full and be driven out of Derry and every other place they have settled. They are war criminals, plain and simple. They have no place in our society and shame on all those in positions of power or influence who would hand them public funds, turn a blind eye to their crimes, cover their tracks or make excuses for them.

These crimes continue daily and hourly in the Middle East. It is up to those of us who oppose those wars of domination and occupation to build a movement that matches the enormity of what is being done by Western governments. We hope that this victory gives courage and heart to all those involved in that movement and the many more who need to be for us to achieve our aim of stopping these wars. Until then, the very least we can do, to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Middle East is to dissociate ourselves from the corrupt governments of the US and Britain. That means opposing the visit to Belfast of the world’s biggest war criminal, George W Bush on 16 June.

We feel totally vindicated by this decision and wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those who gave us support, especially to our families and friends, to the members of the Derry Anti War Coalition and the Irish Anti-War Movement , to our excellent legal teams. Of course, we particularly want to thank the jury who listened intently through three weeks of evidence before ensuring that justice was done today.

Eamonn McCann then addressed supporters and press saying:

The outcome of this case has profound implications.

The jury has accepted that we were reasonable in our belief that: the Israel Defence Forces were guilty of war crimes in Lebanon in the summer of 2006; that the Raytheon company, including its facility in Derry, was aiding and abetting the commission of these crimes; and that the action we took was intended to have, and did have, the effect of hampering or delaying the commission of war crimes.

We have been vindicated.

We reject entirely and with contempt the statement by Raytheon this evening suggesting that the result of the trial gives them concern about the safety of their employees. This is an abject attempt to divert attention from the significance of the outcome. Not a shed of evidence was produced that we presented the slightest danger to Raytheon workers. The charge of affray was thrown out by the court without waiting to hear defence evidence.

Our target has always been Raytheon as a corporate entity and its shareholders and directors who profit from misery and death.

There is now no hiding place for those who have said that they support the presence of Raytheon in Derry on the basis that the company is not involved in Derry in arms-related production. We have established that not only is the Derry plant involved in arms-related production, it is also, through its integration into Raytheon as a whole, involved in war crimes.

We call on all elected representatives in Derry, and on the citizens of Derry, to say now in unequivocal terms that the war criminal Raytheon is not welcome in our city.

We call on the office of the Attorney General and the Crown Prosecution Service, in light of this verdict, to institute an investigation into the activities of Raytheon at its various plants across the UK, with a view to determining whether Raytheon is, as we say it is, a criminal enterprise.

We believe that one day the world will look back on the arms trade as we look back today on the slave trade, and wonder how it came about that such evil could abound in respectable society. If we have advanced by a mere moment the day when the arms trade is put beyond the law, what we have done will have been worthwhile.

We took the action we did in the immediate aftermath of the slaughter of innocents in Qana on July 30th 2006. The people of Qana are our neighbours. Their children are the children of our neighbours. We trashed Raytheon to help protect our neighbours. The court has found that that was not a crime. This what the Raytheon case has been about.

We have not denied or apologised for what we did at the Raytheon plant in the summer of 2006. All of us believe that it was the best thing we ever did in our lives.

There must be something in the water in Ireland, these are the same good folks who refused to be absorbed into the E.U. hive mind, for which i applaud them. These good folk’s proactive anti-war activities show strength of spine the like of which far too rarely see the light of day in the pushback against the global terror war for profit.

Ireland referendum gives NWO the finger!

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Congratulations to Ireland on telling the EU’s Marxist bureaucrats where to get off.

Owing to the entirely Undemoctratic way the EU is run, the Irish were the only nation given a referendum on the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty into law. The other 26 countries were given no say, for it was feared by the powers that be that several of them would reject it. Under EU law, ALL countries must consent or the Treaty is thrown out – one single veto kills it. The Irish people were given a say only because it was expected that they would – as heavily pro-Europe – overwhelmingly vote YES.

But they haven’t! Thankfully, they weren’t conned by the lies of their leaders. So what will the One-Worlders in Brussels do now? The rules are clear that the Treaty must be thrown out, but don’t bet on it. The next 6 months will be a most revealing test of the true nature of Europe and exactly how democratic it really is. Phaedrus suspects the Jews and their cronies will figure out some way around this crippling result and that the Will of the Few will prevail over the Will of the many.

So now we shall see how the NWO reacts to this vote. My guess is that they’ll seek to play its effect down and push ahead for the Treaty to be passed on January 1st next year regardless of the wishes of Europe’s citizens. Then their true totalitarian agenda will be exposed for even the simplest-minded observer to see.

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