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Fox News shill says vaccine caused neurological disorders may be "Psychogenic"

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Take your shot, take your chances.

Complications may not get much sympathy or help from the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies set to make a ton of money.

Any problems you have from vaccines are most likely ‘psychosomatic.’

So say some ‘doctors.’


Let’s make some money off of fear

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Quake Kare has cut prices. Sales must be a little slow.
Life Secure Pandemic Flu Protection Deluxe Kit

Just a couple of examples. A search will find many more. Besides the billions being thrown around for vaccines, companies and individuals want to get in on the action.

Schools are ‘ground zero’ according to the local news so better grab that mask.

The Tennessee Sons of Liberty received an email response from an inquiry about a mandatory swine flu vaccination program in Tennessee.

Thank you for writing to Commissioner Cooper with your concerns. There are no plans or pending legislation federally or at the state level to mandate that people receive H1N1 pandemic vaccine. Tennessee’s efforts are focused upon assuring swift access to the vaccine for that all those who need and want the vaccine to protect themselves, their families and patients. The pandemic vaccine will be FDA-licensed and is made exactly as seasonal flu vaccine is made; for this reason, we expect it to be as safe as seasonal flu vaccine, which also changes virus strains from year to year.
In Tennessee, healthcare providers in hospitals who refuse to be vaccinated to protect themselves and their vulnerable patients from influenza may sign a written declination statement to that effect. Influenza vaccine is not required for school or daycare.
Thank you for writing,
Kelly Moore, MD

Medical Director, TN Immunization Program

Makes you feel much better doesn’t it.

Twelfth Bough has been keeping up with scare scam. Here’s her latest report.

What a Racket

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With computers and the internet, as with the government, media and corporations on the swine flu, it’s always something.

We’re the Medical & Media Establishment…and we’re here to help

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Watching the local news this morning I saw a commercial for Shots, etc., a medical entrepreneur specializing in exactly what their name says. The ad was followed up by a ‘news feature’ on swine flu that said unless an effective vaccine was developed, 40% of Americans may get the flu over the next year and hundreds of thousands may die. Of course the proximity of ads for vaccines and ‘news’ on swine flu was just a coincidence, wouldn’t you think?

From their website:

The vaccination specialists of SHOTS, etc. are dedicated to providing the safest, most cost effective and comprehensive vaccination services available to companies and individuals in the greater Nashville metropolitan area as well as other cities across Tennessee . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) report that only one-fourth of the nation’s adult population is properly vaccinated against the twenty-one infectious diseases for which we have vaccines available! Because we are a reputable provider with almost ten years experience in administering mass immunizations, we are charged by the CDC to help improve the vaccination rate of the American people.

SHOTS etc. believes the main reason we have such a low compliance rate for adult vaccinations is because of a lack of education. Therefore we have dedicated ourselves to sharing our knowledge and expertise with the public in many ways, not only about vaccines we need as adults, but also about vaccines our children and other family members need to stay healthy at work, at school and at play. We are committed to educating and providing vaccination services to adults in the workplace and to adolescents and adults at schools, churches and other groups needing vaccinations. We offer walk-in services for individuals and groups at our office in Bellevue as well as community wellness clinics in various areas that are open to the public. Our nursing professionals are specifically trained to be able to give you vital information you need regarding vaccines and other health issues and to administer each vaccination with the utmost knowledge and skill to be certain you are protected and safe when receiving the vaccination.

Their cost page says: Influenza (seasonal flu shot) $20/adult, (H1N1 Swine Flu) to be determined when available. The most expensive is the HPV Cervical Cancer (Gardasil), $165 per dose – 3 doses required.

The big push is on. Vaccines for everyone; no child, no adult left behind.