April 19 – Blood and Fire Sacrifice

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The message they want to convey to you is state power will always win. We’ll paint you as a child molester and we’ll paint you a a methamphetamine manufacturer. We’ll say any lie we want over our propaganda machine the main stream media and we’ll burn you and your children in your fucking homes. So you just be apathetic America, you stay docile and don’t you ever forget … you’re free to do what we tell you.     Bill Hicks

The Waco Massacre of April 19, 1993 and the false flag bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 were the trial runs for the really big show of 9/11. Destruction of evidence, media complicity, lies and more lies. The government got by with both Waco and OK City and became emboldened and arrogant.

This arrogance and war against the American people and the world continues to this very day.  We’re not doing much about it.

April 19 is another one of those days of infamy that should always be remembered. 

Waco Holocaust Museum

Remembering That The Oklahoma City Bombing Was A False Flag 

Oklahoma City Bombing RARE footage 

General Ben Partin was one of the first to bring attention to the facts that did not line up with the official OK City bombing story.  It is unusual that there is no Wikipedia entry for General Partin … or is it?

Since Google Video will soon delete all of its uploads, this talk from Partin is now up on youtube in its entirety.


Waco Massacre – April 19, 1993 C-SPAN

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Waco was a part of the history of the U.S. government killing it’s own. From this to the April 19, 1995 OK City bombing to Sept. 11, 2001. It can and most likely will happen again.

Mass Suicide says the criminal Janet Reno. Mass murder of American citizens is what it really was.

Clinton continued the cover up the next day

FBI footage of a 1993 assault on the Branch Davidian compound 

News conference to reporters after the FBI’s siege of an armed religious cult in Waco ended earlier in the day when the compound burnt to the ground. 

Call in April 19, 1993

C-Span archives