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Step Right Up and Get Your Facebook Shares

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The big day is nigh in the sideshow world of Wall Street. Facebook is barking to the suckers and the line is long. The bull is raging so step right up, enter in and get yourself a piece of the pie. Keep clicking those FB ads and the profits will surely soar.  Stocks are a long term investment I’ve always been told so hold on to them. There’s still a few billion more customers to sign up.

Did Zuckerberg give shares in exchange for the seed money from the NSA, CIA or whoever it was or are the dividends already in place through the backdoor systems that were required upfront? Who cares? We’re not doing anything wrong, are we, and a little spying is always to be expected no matter what ‘ism we live under. So what if Facebook owns all the information we post. We couldn’t sell it anyway. Ah, but by owning some stock we too can see a profit from all those important posts about what your ‘friend’ had for supper last night.

Let’s not stop there. I want more IPO’s. Prisons are increasingly privatized so why not do the same for Guantanamo? In private hands the show trials could be moved to the Superdome and lots of tickets sold. Later on the executions on pay-per-view could draw a world wide audience. The public and shareholders would be happy. What more could you ask for?

And what about all the internment camps that supposedly have been built? They are just sitting there empty and there’s no money in that. We need a public offering. The shareholders would demand that they be filled up and like nursing homes, those invited to live there would have their houses and other assets confiscated to pay for their stay. The private sector would cut costs and profits distributed to the smiling stockholders. A win-win situation if I ever saw one.  Well, not for everyone but hey, we’re talking cutting into the national debt here.

It’s just not fair that bankers can fund all sides in a conflict and reap all the profits. Why can’t we as individuals get in on the action? The Taliban could sell stock in their operation and we would get a say so in what they do. Hezbollah and Hamas could do the same although Hamas would be a gamble seeing as they are a little confined at the moment. The stockholder’s meetings in exotic places would be so much fun.

We can buy stock in Murdoch’s NewsCorp but Al-Qaeda’s media arm, Al-Sahab is off limits. They are essentially the same so why not? I would vote for Rita Katz as chairman of the board for Al-Sahab. She has the experience. Just because it’s a freak show doesn’t mean there’s not an opportunity there. 
We could go on and on; NGO’s, non-profits, even churches need to go public, pay some taxes and pass out some dividends. That might not go over so well as it could make it a little harder for those few to steal the big majority of donations. Stockholders always demand accountability, don’t they?
I’m being silly here but we’ll see who are the silly ones in a few years, maybe a few months.  Perhaps it will be those who pour $10 billion into Facebook and find out the game is rigged. Yes, we’ll see.

Our basic common ground is that we don’t forget ….. and we don’t forgive

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The celebration on Wall Street as Germany surrenders in World War I was for much more than the end of the war. Now it was pay back time. Investment = principal plus interest. It was also time to plan for the next round of theft, destruction and murder. The planning and execution of those crimes continue to this very day.

It’s a cliche now but but every good criminal investigator follows the money. Cui Bono? Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the City of London and all the other affiliates of the international banking syndicate make their real money from chaos in the marketplace and death.

For many of us the Vietnam war was our awakening. We watched as our soldier friends who had little choice came home in boxes, damaged physically and psychologically and maybe even dancing with addictions from which they would never recover. We heard the stories firsthand but many times it was what was not to be said that was most telling.

Man Down

 Our idealism in the Vietnam era screamed it would never happen again. We would end war. We would stop the insanity. We’re still working on it.

We have never forgiven the bankers and their hierarchy of minions for what they have done. It doesn’t seem we ever will. Forgiveness comes only after justice and justice is in short supply.

A little over ten years ago the money handlers jumped the shark. They threw at us the ‘all or nothing’ and ‘in your face’ catalyst for all things destructive to come. They gambled that they could pull it off and by god they did. Questioners were met immediately with misinformation, disinformation and infiltration of the non-official narrative right alongside bits and pieces of clues as to the who, why and how. The 9/11 truth movement was from the beginning a divide and conquer playground for those tasked with the cover ups and continuation of a perverted end game.

After all this time we are still arguing about the hows and it plays right into the hands of the perps. Honest sincere people will agree to disagree no matter how passionate their viewpoints may be.  One person’s analysis may not fit another’s perceptions but among the honest there is always common ground and a chance to find allies even in disagreement of details. Goon Squad puts it in perspective:

Ladies and Gentlemen, what Ben Franklin said during America’s Revolutionary War, where for once we breathed free air after ridding the USA of the Rothschilds agents and banks is true today and what he said was something like, “Gentleman, if we don’t hang together, we most assuredly will hang separately.”

Let us agree to disagree about the unknowns during the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, as long as we stay on the path TOGETHER, seeking REAL 9/11 truth or the last sound you’ll hear on this Earth will be the trap door swinging open, as we get picked off or picked up, one by one.

Our basic common ground is that we don’t forget ….. and we don’t forgive.

Ninety-nine ruled by one just won’t do

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Occupy this space
It may set you free
Or maybe play you like a fool
in the whirlwind

Ninety-nine ruled by one just won’t do

The songs of the occupation movement should be written by individuals everywhere. No standard folk or country or soft rock please. Intense is what we need. Something to reflect the times. A soundtrack for the new revolution that has an edge to keep the intensity up.

The question of the week is whether or not the Occupy protests can be grassroots or is it being manipulated from the git go. Even NPR had a short discussion today on if ‘Occupy’ can avoid the fate of the ‘Tea Party’ and what started out as an idea whose time had come only to be hijacked by corporate and big moneyed right wing interests. This time the co-opting will be by corporate big moneyed left wing interests in what is already becoming a tag team smackdown between the tea partiers and the occupiers. More divide and conquer.

Already the introduction of union support is seen by some as it’s too late. Could be. It will take strong vigilance by those aware of the potential to be manipulated and deceived to overcome it. The encouraging thing I see is that people are talking about not letting the hijacking happen (or continue) and that they are going to see to it that it doesn’t.

Is Occupy Wall Street at least partly funded by Soros? Has MoveOn.org moved in? Is ACORN the seed? Bad news if they are. It would be sort of a repeat of that hopey changey psy-op.

Alex Jones has got his bullhorn out against the Federal Reserve but really should just let Ron Paul do the talking for him. It may be the message that’s important but sometimes the messenger can sideline it with antics.

Not a great deal of anti-war messages being promoted at the ‘Occupy’ gatherings. There are some from individuals but not enough considering that’s where so much of the money goes. In a related protest, there is an Antiwar Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square on 8 October but with featured speakers being gatekeeper zionist front men Julian Assange and Noam Chomsky, it seems to be another co-opted event. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that since the so called main stream media started its daily coverage of the protests, the Palestinian statehood issue is nowhere to be found.  Gone, forgotten. Israel couldn’t have scripted better timing for a diversion had they been the ones in charge of the protests.

OccupyNashville had its rallies today but not a great turnout. About a couple of hundred folks that stood around for the cameras for awhile and went home. At least the Wall Street Corporate Military Machine in the picture above was a nice touch. Why today at noon instead of say Saturday when more might be there? I question that planning.

There’s so much being talked about concerning the protests that it’s hard to even scratch the surface. Further insights would be appreciated.

Goldman Sachs 33 Year Stranglehold on Nashville

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Goldman Sachs and Nashville will boost city-backed debt by almost 40 percent to borrow $633 million for a new convention center.

A riverboat gamble with very little upside?

The city plans to pay off the debt over the next 33 years with a series of revenue streams targeting visitors to Nashville. But it has pledged to use a $130 million-a-year pool of general fund revenues — excluding sales and property taxes — if there’s a shortfall, as critics expect based on the struggles of convention halls around the country. 

Metro payments on the debt will average $39 million to $40 million a year. {more}

Lucky for Nashville, the municipal bonds for the center were sold before the SEC civil suit against Goldman was announced.

“I think Nashville’s convention center deal is just another example of how elected officials are induced to approve a financing with promises that the public’s guarantees will never be necessary, that the project will pay for itself,” said council member Emily Evans, who used to work on the other side of the dais in the municipal bond business. “Yet once the votes are counted, the city’s assumption of risk becomes a major sales point for investors, and protecting the taxpayer is forgotten.”

Goldman, Sachs is the book-runner for {the bond} offering. Other members of the syndicate are Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Fifth Third Securities Inc., Harvestons Securities Inc., Mesirow Financial Inc., Morgan Keegan & Co., Morgan Stanley, and Stephens Inc. {more}

The Goldman Defense: Caveat Emptor 

The essential thrust: buyer beware.

Did Goldman scam the Nashville politicians into a heavy debt for a convention center that will rely on an economy improving to past peak levels in order to pay off the debt with extortion fees to visitors to the city?

Will taxpayers be the losers because revenues will be way short of the Goldman projections? Cutbacks to city services to service the debt? Goldman would love to have Nashville as one of its ‘assets.’

Play with the devil and you may get burned. Buyer beware indeed.

Obama on 60 Minutes: "I Did Not Run For Office To Be Helping Out A Bunch Of Fat Cat Bankers On Wall Street"

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But he sure took a lot of money from them for his campaign. Almost a million from Goldman Sachs alone.

His administration’s economic team is a Who’s Who of Wall Street Insiders.

A dog tends not to bite the hand that feeds him.

Video of Obama’s ‘bad banker’ performance on 60 Minutes.

Mr. Obama is scheduled on Monday morning {Dec. 14} to meet with bankers to exchange ideas on ways to increase lending; to review the financial-industry regulatory bill moving through Congress; and to discuss bankers’ compensation, the White House and industry representatives said.

Mr. Obama will meet with some of the country’s top bankers, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s Lloyd Blankfein, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s Jamie Dimon, and Bank of America Corp.’s Ken Lewis. {more}

I wonder if they will discuss the latest scheme/scam of ‘cap and trade.’ I can see the bankers drooling/foaming at the mouth over the prospect of stealing a few more trillion dollars. They might even talk a little about a new carbon based currency for the world with Wall Street leading the way.

But this latest Wall Street/Federal Reserve endeavor wouldn’t be helping the ‘fat cats.’ It would all be to ‘save the planet.’ Obama wouldn’t lie about something as serious as that … would he?

The ‘Pay Czar’ scam continues

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“I will pinch the life blood from the middle and lower classes”

                                             Kenny Feinberg

The Obama ‘pay czar’ proclamations about controlling the wall street insiders pay is not about them, it is about us. It’s setting the stage for the middle class to become the lower class and to sink into a caste system. This theater production will not harm the bankers, it is aimed at preparing  the rest of us to accept becoming one of the controlled poor through unemployment and the drastic lowing of income.

See: 9/11 Cover Up Arbitrator, Kenneth Feinberg, Named as Latest Obama Czar

Feinberg is saying that we had better be careful. All of those wall street geniuses may leave to a foreign country if their compensation for crimes is cut. 

Pay cuts run risk of talent exodus

Pay czar says limits are to shield taxpayers, not punish executives

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration’s pay czar said Thursday that he hoped his move to slash the salaries of the highest-paid employees at the seven largest recipients of federal bailout money would not lead to an exodus of talent that would prevent the taxpayers from being repaid.

President Barack Obama praised the work done by Feinberg, who he said “was faced with the difficult task of striking the proper balance between standing up for taxpayers and returning a measure of stability to our financial system.”

Feinberg’s and Obama’s comments came after the Federal Reserve proposed two initiatives to review incentive programs at hundreds of banks in an attempt to reduce risky practices that helped trigger the financial crisis.“Compensation practices at some banking organizations have led to misaligned incentives and excessive risk-taking, contributing to bank losses and financial instability,” Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said. “The Federal Reserve is working to ensure that compensation packages appropriately tie rewards to longer-term performance and do not create undue risk for the firm or the financial system.” {read the rest of the cover up story}

It seems like the Federal Reserve is giving the talking points to the Obama administration using Feinberg as the front man for this current financial psyops. 

Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve must ‘vanish from the pages of time’

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Inbreeding of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the U.S. government and the international banking mafia has resulted in an economic degenerate mongrel child hell bent on destroying us. The message I get from this defective offspring is…. “shut up, give us the money or we will take you down.”

What do we do about this?

Mrs. Sheehan says “no guillotine brigades will march down Wall Street” but maybe we’re just not yet hungry enough for that…yet.

Cindy Sheehan

This Thursday, in a move that would make Baron von Louis Rothschild blush with shame (or burst with pride), Goldman Sachs will announce that it is more than doubling its bonus pool: from 11 billion in 2007 to 23 billion in 2008.

The Robber Class doesn’t frustrate me nearly as much as the Robbed Class. Robbers will be Robbers only as long as we in the Robbed Class let them. {more}

GQ magazine, put together a list of The 50 Most Powerful People in D.C. Except for maybe a couple of ringers, most of these are the names and faces of traitors. Isn’t treason to our country and constitution a crime that should never be allowed to continue?

The top 3…Emanuel, Gates and Bernanke

Dick Cheney came in at number 9. Just behind Nancy Pelosi and well ahead of Hillary Clinton.
GQ, being a prime example of a tool for the breakdown of our culture, still gives a good pictorial of the inbred children of a system that seems destined to ‘vanish from the pages of time.’