Starting the new year out with a bang in Afghanistan

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You knew it had to happen. Some American had to be the first of the year to die. 4 went down as a group so even as they died in vain, they were not alone.

Troops killed in Afghan explosions

Anyone disagree with this assessment?

Let me state this plainly.

We have been duped by our own oligarchs into taking taxpayer money and simply handing it over to them to fatten their already overflowing portfolios. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan and Yemen are simply an avenue of approach for the very, very wealthy to get their hands on government money to make themselves so wealthy that they are truly above government. They are a power onto themselves.

People need to be in prison. And it needs to happen now. This is treason.

This is perhaps the largest transfer of public wealth into the hands of privateers that the world has ever witnessed. It was based on a series of deliberate and manipulative lies carried forward by the machinery of the GOP for the benefit of their base, the very wealthy. Wars were started on false information and manipulated data to make fat cats even fatter.

As a result, thousands of working class American Service men and women are dead, hundreds of thousands are wounded or half crazy as a result of vicious and extended combat tours numbering four or five tours of brutal combat for unclear reasons. Without doubt we have now created a young and disconnected class of armed forces trained sociopaths who no longer see themselves as completely human and have no reason to “bond” with an American public that never really connected with them in the first place.

Less than 1% of the American population carried the burden, totally, of these brutal wars against largely peasant Muslim populations in order for American robber barons in the arms industries, energy cartels and emerging market manipulation circles to literally steal that money from taxpayer coffers.

Stand by. We may very well see armed revolution here in this country in less than a year.

And we have done this to ourselves.

more – Tom Barnes,USCG (Ret.) at Veterans Today


Walmart announces parking lot funerals and in-store cremations at every day low prices

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Fresh on the heels of their very successful online casket sales, Walmart is announcing today the introduction of tent funerals in their parking lots and a green program of in-store crematoriums.

Spokesman Mark Myword elaborates….

“In keeping with Walmart’s cradle to grave objective, we will extend our everyday low prices to those Americans who cannot afford a traditional funeral. In these hard times we will offer the best discount parking lot services, complete with pre-recorded sermons and music in any language desired. Walmart employees, while on break, will be available as mourners.”

Also announced was a major environmental initiative for in store crematoriums that will be fueled by the millions of Chinese cardboard packing containers that arrive each day.

Nancy Pelosi, in a press conference, praised Walmart as ‘a depression era savior’ and will introduce legislation tomorrow that will exempt all of their locations from air pollution laws by adding a $1 carbon tax to each cremation.

The Walmart spokesman also said that for those opposed to cremation, the globalist conglomerate will embark on an aggressive buying spree of local ‘mom and pop’ stores that have closed due to the competition that Walmart provides and turn them into crypts. “Eternal housing for your loved ones” is the proposed marketing theme.

In an unsurprising move, K-Mart said they would counter Walmart in this endeavor and to watch for in-store ‘blue light specials’…..coming soon.

Leading the Wal-Mart Cheer

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Give me a W…give me an A…..

In front, leading the Wal-Mart cheer is Taneka Robertson.

Wal-Mart donates money to teachers to spend on their class

Short Mountain School was visited by Steve Phillips, Taneka Robertson, and Walter Gaskill of the Rutherford Blvd Wal-Mart in Murfreesboro. Wal-mart gave each teacher a $100 gift card to spend toward their class and a $50 gift card to the Art & PE teacher. A total of $1100.00 was awarded. {source – Cannon Wire}

I’m glad that Wal-Mart sometimes decides to give a little money to local schools. It will take a slight load off of parents who are continually hit up for money. Fund raisers are a big thing around here. Just yesterday our local school delivered 360 dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts at $6 a pop to support something or the other for the school.

What struck me in this Wal-Mart give away was that the art and PE teachers only got half of what the others received.

I suppose creativity and physical fitness must not be prerequisites to being a good Wal-Mart shopper.

Wal-Mart is going with the flow. Google ‘art, music and PE funding cuts in schools’ and you’ll see this is the trend all over the country. These ‘unnecessary’ subjects don’t fit in with the federal mandate of “No Child Left Behind.”

“Mommy, can we go to Wal-Mart?”

“Tomorrow dear, that’s when they’ll begin giving the flu vaccine at those ‘everyday low prices.’ Now eat your donuts and go to your room and play video games. I may even let you ride in one of the scooters there. Won’t that be fun?”

WTF? Wal-Mart promotes debit card that exploits naive shoppers for $$$

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WTF? Wal-Mart promotes debit card that exploits naive shoppers for $$$

“Capitalism, wisely managed, can probably be made more efficient for attaining economic ends than any alternative system yet in sight, but that in itself it is in many ways extremely objectionable.”

20th century British economist John Maynard Keynes

Just when you thought Wal-Mart could not sink any lower, it does, with the neat package of a personalized debit card that Wal-Mart charge $8.94 to start and charge 75 cent per balance inquiry. (See numbered item 10 for the list of fees)

As a former 8-month graveyard shift employee of Wal-Mart in the year 2000 and repentant ex-customer, I refuse to patronize Wal-Mart except when entering to walk around to witness the grotesque glory of the average poor American shoppers seeking deep discounts and using the restroom as the silent sociopolitical statement. It may be presumptuous of me to state that the frequent shoppers are more than likely politically apathetic and/or stupid as sheeple being guided by the corporate media to pick and choose the preferred candidates, almost always Republican. In my wild estimate, Christofascist fanatic & intellectually vapid Mike Huckabee will emerge as the winner of the Wal-Mart presidential election, which reflect the general idiocy of the Joes & Janes that worship Wal-Mart as the cultural icon of predatory corporation.

Wal-Mart is a reprehensibly evil corporation that continue to taint America’s image by reinforcing the stereotypical preconception that America stand for ignorance, exploitation and unadulterated greed.

American corporate culture actively promote the above as the tenets of the American Way, and the body politic of Washington compliment this by kowtowing to the demands of the lobbying corporate and Israel Zionist agents instead of serving the constituency on the matters that should have seen priority but end up on the backburner.

American capitalist system is wonderful, but the excesses of Wal-Mart is one of many conglomerates that fuel the desire for sensible laws to bust the monstrously avaricious monopolies like Theodore Roosevelt did during his presidency.

“The High Cost of Low Prices” (2:11)

8 min video

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