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Rickey Medlocke, Sean Hannity and Abe Foxman

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Does anyone else long for the days when rock n’ rollers at least gave the appearance of being anti-establishment? Rickey Medlocke on Sean Hannity talking about health care? Ronnie Van Zant may be rolling in his grave. I kept hoping that Rickey would jump up and sing Needle and the Spoon and bitch slap Hannity for the lying shill that he is but it didn’t happen.

Having seen Mr. Medlocke play live with his band Blackfoot in a small club several years ago and Lynyrd Skynard a few times in their early days, I was disappointed. Hannity wants to try and show that he is ‘cool’ and have these guys on his show but this can’t cover up for his warmongering and hateful propaganda ways for which he is well paid.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, I turned off the TV and flipped on the radio just in time for the local ABC news affiliate to give airtime to Abe Foxman spouting something about the domestic extremism threat we are facing. Just another hour in the continuous degenerate agenda of the MSM.



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Ever been broken into? Stolen from on a very personal level? It really pisses you off for a while doesn’t it.

Maybe the glass door isn’t broken right now but robbery and theft go on every day. The thieves are called Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. government and corporations who’s aim is to not break glass but to break our spirit. Control is easier that way.

Scott Crieghton
gives us some numbers from the theft. Some of this money, in theory, is stolen from me….and you. And yet we don’t feel the anger the same as if our physical homes were broken into.

Tarp money, what Tarp money?

NY AG Andrew Cuomo has reported that more than 4,700 employees of the 9 top banks that received Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) money, have been given bonuses in excess of $1 million dollars. 836 of them received more than $3 million.

Citigroup Inc. gave employees $5.33 BILLION in bonuses for 2008

  • reported $27 billion in losses for 2008
  • gave 738 of its employees bonuses of at least $1 million
  • gave 44 of it’s employees bonuses of at least $5 million
  • received total of $45 billion in government money
  • has NOT repaid TARP loans to date

Bank of America Corp. gave employees $3.3 BILLION in bonuses for 2008

  • earned only $2.56 billion in 2008
  • gave 172 of it’s employees bonuses of at least $1 million
  • received total of $45 billion in government money
  • bought Merrill Lynch with $20 BILLION of the TARP money
  • Merrill Lynch lost $30 BILLION in 2008
  • Merrill Lynch paid 696 employees at least $1 million in bonuses
  • has NOT repaid TARP loans to date

JP Morgan Chase. Has not disclosed exactly how much they have paid in bonuses (at least $2.26 BILLION in bonuses for 2008)

  • gave 1,626 of it’s employees bonuses of at least $1 million
  • gave at least 200 employees bonuses of at least $3 million
  • gave out more in bonuses than they made in 2008
  • received $25 billion in TARP funds
  • has paid the TARP funds back

Goldman Sachs. has not disclosed exactly how much they have paid in bonuses (at least $1.6 BILLION in bonuses for 2008)

  • gave 953 of it’s employees bonuses of at least $1 million
  • gave at least 200 employees bonuses of at least $3 million
  • gave out more in bonuses than they made in profits for 2008
  • received $10 billion in TARP funds
  • has paid the TARP funds back [source]

Pretty unbelievable if you really look at it and that’s just one example of the high level theft.

We could go on all day describing the techniques of the breakers and enterers but most folks seem to be resigned to accepting the thievery, lies and war. It’s all so abstract that it’s hard for the masses to grasp. We hope that it really can’t be happening.

Thievery without the broken glass at your doorstep doesn’t piss us off very much. The slow burn of the theft of our future that requires our labor and our lives in incremental doses should be getting us plenty mad but it’s not.

Without anger or some kind of emotional attachment to what is being stolen, we just sort of lie in bed with the covers over our heads and hope that the thieves don’t hurt us too bad.

And that’s just the way the current crop of criminals want it.

Out of Control

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Independence, self reliance and control over our own lives is quickly becoming a mirage that we can somewhat see but can’t seem to reach. Is the big train wreck what we have to look forward to?

Under the guise of ‘health’ there is a potential attempt to control us through military force using mandatory vaccinations, nutricide and food ‘safety’ laws? Disinformation is the rule and even medical journals and the MSM tout false studies to keep us confused such as in the BBC report Organic ‘has no health benefits.’ Controlling the message makes a few a lot of money.

Hate crimes, thought crimes, domestic ‘terrorists’ and the multitude of contrived threats are the state’s attempt to get us to shut up and get in line.

The wars of and for the liars who started them and those who perpetuate them are pushed to the background. There’s no anti-war movement to speak of. Innocent people and the ‘volunteer’ soldiers continue to die and there’s barely a squeak out of anybody except for a few in the blogosphere.

Yeah, people are talking about the economy. It’s what effects them the most and is always immediate. Most folks know it’s been a scheme of theft for the bankers but talk is all we get. Will congress stop the Federal Reserve and the Wall Street mafia? Not likely. Those with the most money have many options before they will give up their power. You can count on that.

‘Question everything’ used to be a rallying cry. Now it’s question nothing and maybe you will be safe.

As individuals, we can shut up or we can prepare and be willing to step up, just in case the out of control train leaves its tracks

playlist of some of my personal favorite ‘tools.’

War Crimes, Religion and History

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The ruins of the ancient city Babylon with one of Saddam’s palaces in the background.

by Mike Rivero

One of the great crimes committed against the people of Iraq was the looting of the Baghdad Museum and the destruction of many important ancient sites inside Iraq.

I think that destruction of ancient sites is deliberate policy.

Egypt is literally littered with the ruins of the ancient temples and palaces of her rulers. As much as has been found, it is estimated that only 1/3 of Egypt’s archeological wonders have been uncovered. A newly discovered temple was uncovered while digging a sewer line, and a cache of finely preserved mummies was literally stumbled over by a cow in a pasture.

Iraq’s ancient heritage was enshrined in its ancient sites and museum. As a result of the war, many of those sites have been damaged or destroyed. Part of the ancient city or Ur now lies underneath a US air base runway. Nebuchadnezzar’s palace now lies underneath a US-built parking lot. The treasures of the museum have only partly been recovered. The treasures from the looted archaeological sites have been scattered to the world.

All of this wealth of archaeological treasures must of course annoy Israel. We are raised from birth with Old Testament tales of the greatness of the ancient Israelites, of the powerful kingdoms of Solomon and David and the first temple. Yet Israel, while rich in antiquities, is almost totally devoid of artifacts from this supposedly glorious time in her history. The existence of the fabled First Temple was supported with just two artifacts, a carved staff ornament in the shape of a pomegranate and the Jehoash tablet. Both of these artifacts have been exposed as frauds. We are told that once there was a magnificent temple on that hill, but it “all went away.”

The wonders emerging from the soil of Egypt, Iraq, and Iran serve as a constant reminder that ancient buildings of such a scale as we are told the First Temple was simply do not vanish without a trace.

There is considerable reason to suspect that the tales told in the Old Testament are just that; tales. The Bible is not science, it is the collected stories of a primitive tribal people telling each other how important they are. And like fishermen talking about the one that got away, or Ramses with his temple carvings of the did-not-really-happen victory over the Hittites at Kadesh, the writers of the ancient testaments assumed that the people they were telling stories to had no way to verify the claims for themselves. So “embellishment” was a low-risk activity.

We do know from the available archaeological evidence that the Exodus probably actually happened to the Hyksos, not the Israelites. We know that the story of Moses is suspect because no Egyptian princess would hide a Hebrew child inside Pharaoh’s household, then give the kid a Hebrew name (“Moses” is actually an Egyptian title meaning “Prince” and is included in the names of many Pharaoh’s names such as Tut-Moses, Ah-Moses, Ra-Moses (Ramses) etc.)

Likewise, the story of Masada may be less than accurate. The remains found on the mountain were buried with pig bones, something no proper Jewish funeral would tolerate, which suggests that the bodies found and venerated as heroes of ancient Judea were actually those of dead Romans, for whom burial often involved animals as gifts to the spirit of the dead.

But a good story is a good story and the writers of the ancient texts were probably not thinking much further into the future than the guys who pen the “Celebrity dates space alien” stories you see at supermarket checkout lines. The fact that the celebrity is a real person does not prove the space alien exists. It’s just a story.

Given enough time, even a simple story written in jest can take on a life of its own. Scientology began as a bet between two science fiction writers; look how wide spread that has become in just a short time.

But, over time, entire religions with attendant wealth and power structures have been built on the premise that these old testament stories really happened exactly as written. And today, here in the 21st century world, science has started to catch up with these ancient legends and call many of them into doubt.

So, for a nation that justifies its existence on the writings of the Torah, the plethora of sites and artifacts confirming the ancient histories of Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc. etc. etc. must seem a dire political threat for a nation whose own ancient history seems to have left little if any traces at all.

In that context, the strange behavior of the US military which posted guards around the Iraq oil ministry while bulldozing Iraq’s archaeological sites starts to make sense, if the supporters of a very insecure nation decide that leveling the archaeological playing field is preferable to allowing the obvious disparity in artifacts to remain visible to the world.

Baby’s First Job

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Healthy adults and the elderly will be tested before the swine flu vaccine is tried in children as young as 6 months old.

$50 a pop. I’m rich!
Can I get that in cash?
Roll the dice mama…..Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

12,000 Oklahoma children to be tested with new H1N1 flu vaccine to see any side effects.

Because H1N1 flu is a novel virus, parents are concerned as 12,000 children in Oklahoma are going to be tested with vaccinations for H1N1 to see whether there are any serious side effects. Some parents are complaining the only benefit is going to be for the vaccine manufacturers.

The tension is in the waiting to see whether the 12,000 children going to be vaccinated will come down with side effects and what effects, even though most manufacturers say the vaccine probably will be safe.

What is certain is that children are going to be used to test the new flu vaccine. {more}

A white patsy to distract us

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Better keep an eye on that neighbor of yours. You know, the one with an AK47. Jihadists come in all sorts of flavors these days….. ‘Ringleader’ Daniel Boyd

Conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim and injure persons abroad.” “The men do not appear to be connected to any larger terror group or any plot against U.S. targets.”

How nice of them to not want to kill anyone here in the states.

Boyd and some of the others traveled to Israel in June 2007 intending to wage “violent jihad,” but returned home without success.”

Israel is a tough place for a white terrorist I suppose. And how with his alleged past history and being under federal surveillance was he allowed entry?

An informant, yes there’s always an ‘informant,’ has been providing information to authorities on this white jihadist for years.

I wonder why the arrests come at this moment?

The first thing that may come to mind is to divert attention away from the rabbi/government mafia mob crimes in New Jersey and Israel.

There are many other crimes, schemes and scams that should be a focus of our attention but the media would rather play up the old Islamic ‘terrorist’ threats.

Greg Bacon gives us some of the “Yes We Can” agenda that government and mainstream media would rather we not talk about.

“Yes We Can”

Keep illegally spying on people, using the same tactics developed by GW Bush and Cheney.

Keep the illegal and immoral wars against Iraq and Afghanistan going and start another against Pakistan.

Keep assassinating people around the world who stand in our way of global conquest.

Keep shoveling tons of money to our buddies on Wall Street.

Keep silent about the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve is giving away to its friends.

Keep plans for safe energy stalled while we push for the construction of over 100 nuclear plants.

Keep torturing prisoners in Gitmo and at other secret torture facilities.

Keep the health insurance companies making 400+ billion a year by denying care.

Keep hiring Wall Street lobbyists and tools to run federal agencies.

Keep providing the Apartheid state of hate Israel, with billions of dollars of weapons and billions of dollars of money.

Keep plans for bombing Iran on schedule.

Keep Muslims captured overseas in prison indefinitely without charging them with anything.

Keep letting Wall Street flunkies head the SEC so as to not interfere with the ongoing theft of pension funds and retirement accounts.

Keep using manufactured ‘boogiemen’ like Iran, N. Korea and the Taliban to keep Americans scared out of their wits.

Keep our borders open, flooding this country with millions of illegal immigrants to help keep down wages.

Keep ignoring pleas and calls for a truly independent 9/11 investigation.

Keep telling lie after lie and filling Americans with fear and paranoia. {source}

As if ‘domestic terrorists’ aren’t enough, there’s still that swine flu issue. But to keep your mind on more important things like jihad, do not, I repeat DO NOT read this Mike Adams piece on the Ten Things You’re Not Supposed to Know About Swine Flu Vaccine. It might distract you.

And be sure not to go to There Are No Sunglasses where Peter Chamberlin focuses on the US wars of aggression in the middle east. It could be very distracting.

And never, ever go to any of the other blogs and websites listed on the right of this page and for that matter any alternative news sites and blogs. Distraction after distraction.

Just turn on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, they’re all pretty much the same, and get the news you are fed/led to believe.

Because, as Chris Matthews says, if you listen to those conspiracy nuts, you have “psychological problems.”

Obese DOD Needs a Crash Diet

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While most of the talk has been on health care ‘reform,’ there is the annual budget vote “Making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 201o, and for other purposes” that really exemplifies what our country is all about.

Death, destruction, theft of land and big contracts for the killing machine.

Washington Watch puts the cost on a more personal level.
Cost per average family: $6,268.24

Over $640 billion dedicated to perpetual war.

I don’t think this even includes the interest on the debt that will be paid to the Federal Reserve.

That’s only the monetary costs. For the average family that will lose a son, daughter, father or mother the costs cannot be measured. No one measures the costs of broken spirit and heart for those that survive.

For the sake of transparency, I suggest we rename the DOD to the Department of Offense.
There’s no defense in fighting wars of aggression and empire that are more for Israel than for us.

Also for the support of our troops, I suggest we bring them all home where they belong.

Let’s hope Jennifer makes it home. Not all will be so lucky.

And we continue to pay for the damn lies.