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By: Devvy Kidd
August 21, 2008

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Earlier this month, Bruce E. Ivins, a skilled microbiologist who assisted the FBI in their investigation of the 2001 anthrax mail attacks, supposedly killed himself. Seems to be the thing for microbiologists over the past ten years. Allegedly the Federal Department of InJustice was ready to file criminal charges against Ivins for the attacks. Those clever crime busters at the FBI originally tapped another government scientist, Steven J. Hatfill, as the chief suspect. They hounded and harassed this man for years and finally, when they could no longer hide their complete ineptness, they settled with Dr. Hatfill to the tune of $5.82 MILLION dollars.

There was never any evidence that Dr. Hatfill possessed any anthrax, but that didn’t stop the men and women of the “Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity” bureau from pursing and ruining the wrong man’s life. Because there’s no money in the treasury, that $5.82 MILLION dollar settlement had to be borrowed from the “FED” with the interest heaped upon the backs of we the people. No doubt those responsible for that monumental screw up in the FBI will be promoted, not fired. This time around, how convenient that just as the G-men were about to get their new man, he ups and kills himself. Dead men tell no tales nor do they sue for damages like Dr. Hatfill, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars for another sloppy investigation by the FBI.

Ivins, age 62, worked for the past 18 years at the government’s “elite” biodefense research labs at Ft. Detrick, Md. He worked on anthrax vaccines to save lives. According to all reports, Ivins, was “A well-respected and award-winning scientist; Ivins co-wrote a slew of anthrax studies, including a recent work on the treatment for inhalation anthrax published in the July 7 issue of the Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy journal.” His colleagues have come forward and said it simply could not have been him for many reasons. Doesn’t sound like a loon as depicted by therapist/social worker, Jean Duley.

One would think that scientists at all levels working at these highly sensitive facilities would be, well, in control of their faculties. However, there appears to have been a problem with Dr. Ivins, according to Ms. Duley: “Yet, Ivins had attempted to poison people as far back as 2000 and his therapist said she was “scared to death” of him, according to court testimony that emerged Saturday. Social worker Jean Duley testified at a court hearing in Frederick, Md., on July 24 in a successful bid for a protective order from Ivins that he “actually attempted to murder several other people.”

It’s unclear exactly the date when Ivins began seeing this “social worker.” Ms. Duley states Ivins had attempted to poison people as far back as 2000. Huh? Why didn’t she immediately report knowledge of a crime? If she knew all this about Ivins, why didn’t she alert authorities? Surely this woman knew Ivins worked in a highly sensitive and dangerous environment and would recognize a ticking time bomb….or would Jean Duley? In his August 4, 2008, column ‘Additional key facts re: the anthrax investigation,’ Glen Greenwald writes:

“(2) So much of the public reporting about Ivins has been devoted to depicting him as a highly unstable psychotic who had been issuing extremely violent threats and who had a violent past. But that depiction has been based almost exclusively on the uncorroborated claims of Jean Carol Duley, a social worker (not a psychiatrist or psychologist) who, as recently as last year, was apparently still in college at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. Duley’s scrawled handwritten complaint against Ivins, seeking a Protective Order, has served as the basis for much of the reporting regarding Ivins’ mental state, yet it is hardly the model of a competent or authoritative professional. Quite the opposite.

“Duley herself has a history that, at the very least, raises questions about her credibility. She has a rather lengthy involvement with the courts in Frederick, including two very recent convictions for driving under the influence — one from 2007 and one from 2006 — as well as a complaint filed against her for battery by her ex-husband. Here is Duley’s record from the Maryland Judicial data base: (see link to view)

“Just three months ago, Duley pled guilty and was sentenced to probation (with a suspended fine of $500), as a result of having been stopped in December, while driving at 1:35 a.m., and charged with driving under the influence: (see link to view).”

This is the caliber of professionals the FBI uses to provide mental health assistance to individuals like Ivins who work in sensitive, dangerous, high-pressure environments? The bureau of Fidelity, Integrity and Bravery could do better with a Girl Friday agency.

While I find counterfeit U.S. Senator Charles Grassley to be nothing more than a business as usual bureaurat for many valid reasons, he has done the right thing here. On, August 7, 2008, he sent a very detailed letter full of questions to two corrupt high ranking public officials: The Dishonorable Attorney General, Michael B. Mukasey and the Dishonorable Robert S. Mueller, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation; I would put Mueller in the criminal activities category. I would expect the same response forth coming to Grassley as most members of Congress get from those two: stonewalling and obfuscation.

The question is who benefits from Dr. Ivins death assuming this man was hounded to commit suicide? I would like readers to go back to a series I wrote back on January 16, 2006: ENRON – The Smokin’ Cannon of 9/11? The same source of mine in California sent me mail following, Ivins, alleged suicide that raised another question:

“I postulated that the real culprit of the 9/11 and Anthrax attacks – who engineered it all – was Thomas E. (Enron) White, the former co-Chair of ‘Enron, who subsequently became Army Secretary. His dominate motive, was cover his, and others, ass and assets. Was there a massive cover up? White, who was co-Chair, again, of Enron, was never indicated. Recently, we are led to believe that Bruce Ivins was behind the Anthrax attacks, who worked out of the ARMY’s Fort Detrick biological center. I wondered if there besides that was any direct connection between Dr. Ivins and Tom White.”

Indeed, it appears the two met: On March 14, 2003, at a Pentagon ceremony, Ivins and two of his colleagues received the ‘Decoration of Exceptional Civilian Service,’ which is the highest honor awarded to non military employees of DOD (Department of Defense). As Secretary of the Army at that time, Thomas E. White bestowed this honor to Dr. Ivins. Less than a month later, Donald Rumsfeld fired White.

Is all this just a bunch of malarkey? Thomas E. White and Dick Cheney have a history, see my column here: 9-11/ The New White-Washing & Buckets of Money.
Thomas E. White left Enron after 11 years, holding MEGA MILLIONS in stock and stock options. This is May 2001. He leaves this lucrative job to become Secretary of the Army making a couple hundred thousand a year. A very interesting fact is that when White moved over to DOD, his official bio was massaged; see here. The ENRON meltdown is now percolating and ready to blow; time line here. The anthrax attacks commence September 19, 2001, when the first letter is sent to American Media in Florida. White dumps his stock for $12 million bux while ENRON employees lose everything including all their retirement. “The Architect,” Karl Rove, sells his ENRON stock in June 2001, estimated value between $100,000 – $250,000.

This is one incestuous cabal. White and ENRON. White and Cheney. White and Bush. Lay, Bush and White. White, as Secretary of the Army, would in his position without question have access to Ft. Detrick or any other labs and personnel. White, Cheney, DKRW and BILLIONS of dollars. White was Secretary of the Army on 9/11. Able Danger was an Army operation; the full testimony can be found here:

“My veteran ABLE DANGER colleagues and I share the common fear that the seeds of the next 9-11 attack have already been sewn – and that much of the critical data that was harvested for the ABLE DANGER project, that could be used again now in the search for sleeper cells and others that matched the “Atta” profile is now gone – destroyed at the direction of DoD officials in the 2000 time frame. You have heard from Eric Kleinsmith of his work on ABLE DANGER, and his receiving direction to “destroy the data and background documents or go to jail” – which he did. However, it must be noted that despite citing AR 380-10 as the “authority” for this action, the DoD lawyer is wrong and, worse, deceptive. There are two exceptions that allow the retention of U.S. person information – both of those were met by then MAJ Kleinsmith – yet lawyers directed that he destroy the data anyway.”

In this entire sickening saga, White is the “universal epicenter and common denominator” as Cheney is to the attacks of 9/11. All of this reads like a Tom Clancy novel, but much we can prove as facts. The masterminding of the anthrax attacks is speculation. The truth is being undermined by the FBI. However, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what you have?

Who benefits from Ivins suicide and case closed? Very powerful people who need the problem to go away. This investigation was dragging along for years and after the Hatfill disaster, “new evidence” was cooked up in the lab to direct the G-men to Ivins. This is the same FBI whose laboratory in Washington, DC, royally screwed up the OKC bombing evidence in that cover up. According to the OIG (Office of Inspector General) report, the FBI lab boys have no idea if ANFO was used as “weapons of mass destruction in the Murrah bombing.” Here is just a tiny sample of “evidence” used to send someone to death row; see my full column here.

I know there are some good people who work for the FBI. They must be so ashamed to see what has gone on since Ruby Ridge, WACO, OKC, TWA Flight 800, AA Flight 587, 9/11 and this latest farce, solving the anthrax attacks. How can you people continue working for such a corrupt agency? How can you people look in the mirror every morning knowing the American people have been lied to over and over and over? Ah, paychecks. But, will they make up for what’s in your heart and conscience?

Thomas E. White has been protected by powerful people like Dick Cheney. The only way we will ever find out the truth is real investigations into the events of September 11, 2001, and the anthrax attacks. That will not happen until decent, courageous individuals are elected to Congress who care about the truth instead of the next election. This means open investigations using civilians who have uncovered the discrepancies; testimony from people like Steven Jones and so many others. It can’t be an investigation by the Department of Justice because as my friend in California says, “Why would you investigate anyone with a tank sitting on your own lawn?”

One thing “elected” public servants need to remember: No one is safe and any of them or their families could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time on 9/11, same as the anthrax victims. The victims of September 11, 2001 and the anthrax attacks cry out for justice. Remember that when you vote in November.

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Monday, August 11, 2008


“You simply don’t develop a new hyper-weaponized strain of anthrax powder for military defense, and then commission the top U.S. anthrax expert to report on this new weapon’s capability and lethality from mailed delivery, unless that’s how you foresee it being used.” – Ingri Cassel, director, National Vaccination Liberation Association

By Alex Constantine

The corporatists in the post-911 war profiteering loop derive a childlike thrill from their weaponized anthrax stockpiles.

A “new and highly lethal strain” was produced in advance of 911, a nameless Pentagon general told the New York Times in September 2001.

He mentioned something called Operation Jefferson.1

Battelle Memorial Institute

What was “Operation Jefferson?” Before the anthrax mailings, William Patrick III went to work at the Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI). Patrick holds five classified patents in the manufacture of weapons-grade anthrax.

BMI – a contractual partner of BioPort – hired him to conduct a risk-assessment study involving the dissemination of anthrax powder through the mail system.2 BMI is located in West Jefferson, Ohio. The work was done at the BL-3 Anthrax Lab.3

Battelle had exclusive control of the Ames strain, a fact the press has not made clear. It’s true that Dugway Proving Ground had an anthrax program of its own, as reported, but Battelle directed that program as well. This narrows it down quite a bit…

The FBI was drawn straight to William Patrick III, Stephen Hatfill’s “mentor” at Ft. Detrick, and Ken Alibeck, a BMI consultant with a background in CBW research for the Soviets.4

One independent Internet news site reports that the FBI investigated “the possibility that financial gain was the motive behind the anthrax mailings.”

Two federal laboratories were searched, BMI and Dugway, but “a contradictory announcement was relayed the same day [December 21, 2001] by Ohio Senator Mike DeWine. Based on an ABC News report concerning a BMI employee who had been under FBI investigation for an anthrax threat, FBI Director Robert Mueller had, according to The Dispatch, assured Senator DeWine that the bureau was not investigating, nor intending to investigate, anyone with, or formerly with, BMI.”5

Case closed.

Nevertheless, the FBI’s stalling perplexed reporters assigned to the story. George Monbiot wrote in the Guardian in May 2002: “Last week, I phoned the FBI. Why, I asked, when the evidence was so abundant, did the trail appear to have gone cold? `The investigation is continuing,’ the spokesman replied. ‘Has it gone cold because it has led you to a government office?’ I asked. He put down the phone.” Had the FBI spokesman remained on the line, there were a number of related outrages he might have explained:

“The army’s development of weaponized anthrax [the processed Ames strain], for example, directly contravenes both the biological weapons convention and domestic law. So does its plan to test live microbes in `aerosol chambers’ at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, also in Maryland. So does its development of a genetically modified fungus for attacking coca crops in Colombia, and GM bacteria for destroying materials belonging to enemy forces. These, as the research group Project Sunshine has discovered, appear to be just a tiny sample of the illegal offensive biological research programmes which the US government has secretly funded…”6

Some of the government’s anthrax has been weaponized, kills effectively but is otherwise useless. It is also illegal. Ingri Cassel, director of the National Vaccination Liberation Association, points out that vaccines “are developed to help guard against pre-existing threats.” Ames was processed illegally, “apparently for offensive military uses, sabotage, and even terrorism. You simply don’t develop a new hyper-weaponized strain of anthrax powder for military defense … and then commission the top U.S. anthrax expert [William C. Patrick, III] to report on this new weapon’s capability and lethality from mailed delivery, unless that’s how you foresee it being used.”7

Once the anthrax was weaponized – milled and capable of airborne transmission – BMI ran a classified test in the Nevada desert. This was in early September 2001.

It was reported that Patrick’s study on the mailing of milled anthrax spores was instrumental to the test.

Were Stephen Hatfill recruited for the next phase of “testing?

“This appears to be the case and explains the FBI’s capricious explanations to the press: “Operation Jefferson” is a federally-sanctioned covert
operation that would have never come to light had it not been for the
doggedness of independent journalists and the scientific community.

Wayne Madsen also points to past bio-warfare studies:

“In 1957, at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, the Q-Fever toxin was discharged by an airborne F-100A plane. If a more potent dose had been used, the Army concluded 99 per cent of the humans in the area would have been infected. In the 1960s, conscientious objecting Seventh Day Adventists, serving in non-combat positions in the Army, were exposed to airborne tularemia…“8

Jerry Hauer

The West Nile outbreak and the anthrax mailings began with a 1998 BioVax meeting held in the Truman Room of the White House, attended by SAIC’s Jerry Hauer and William Patrick.

Another participant at the meeting was William Cohen, who, as a Republican Senator, signed off on the heavily-spun Cheney-Hamilton Iran-contra report. In 2004, he was elected to the American International Group’s (AIG) Board of Directors.

AIG is part-owner of Kroll Associates, the infamous private security firm. Kroll – run by former CIA, FBI, British secret service, Scotland Yard and British Special Air Service agents – was once known as the CIA of Wall Street because the firm did everything from corporate espionage to the training of foreign armies. A Kroll partner offers counter-terrorism instruction in Saudi Arabia.

Cohen is also a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Cold War propaganda mill and ultraconservative academic base of the late Ray Cline, John Hamre, Admiral Crowe, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former GE CEO Kenneth Langone, Henry Kissinger and other post-911 war profiteers.

Another attendee “of interest” at the 1998 Truman Room conference was Thomas Monath, former chief of the virology division at the SAIC-USAMIID facility at Ft. Detrick, and VP/chief scientific officer at BioVax, since renamed Acimbis.

Monath was a friend of Stephen Hatfill’s. He was introduced to Rudolph Giuliani by Jerry Hauer, SAIC scientist and president of Rockefeller University – the fruits of this relationship were the aerial spraying of malathion, resmethrin or sumithrin in the New York City area.9 Nevertheless, the mosquito-borne disease has spread rapidly across the country.

The anthrax scourge also recurs from time to time. An increasingly feasible theory for the origin of Gulf War Syndrome is military experimentation with anthrax vaccines. Were the following incidents further “tests” of anthrax delivery systems by the “counter-terrorists” at SAIC-Ft. Detrick? …

A) Exposure at a children’s hospital – blamed on an “accidental” shipment of live spores from the Southern Research Institute in Frederick, Maryland. (BioPort director David Franz comes from SRI, a leading producer of depleted uranium – Franz worked closely with Bruce Ivins, and would later opine to the press that he found it hard to believe that his colleague was guilty as charged):

Researchers Exposed To Anthrax
Health Highlights
June 7 – 13, 2004

A possible shipping mistake in late May resulted in at least half a dozen researchers at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute being exposed to live anthrax.

Some of the researchers, working on an anthrax vaccine, handled the live anthrax bacterium and others were present at the time. So far, none have shown any signs of illness. Seven of the workers are taking the antibiotic Cipro as a precautionary measure, the Oakland Tribune reported.

State health officials said there is no risk to other staff or residents living in the area.

The researchers believed they were handling a dead sample of the anthrax bacterium. However, according to hospital officials, the researchers were mistakenly sent live anthrax by the supplier, Southern Research Institute of Frederick, Md.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating the incident.

Sidebar: Anthrax-Contaminated Heroin

Anthrax clue to heroin deaths
Times of London
May 18 2000
By Helen Rumbelow

ANTHRAX, a virulent disease used as a biological weapon, could be responsible for a spate of deaths among heroin addicts in Scotland, it was disclosed yesterday.

Ten heroin users in Glasgow and one in Aberdeen have died of a
mysterious illness in the past three weeks, which led scientists, who had heard of a similar death in Oslo, to send the victims’ blood samples to Porton Down, the biological defence laboratory.

Two of the five tested so far have shown low levels of antibodies to anthrax, suggesting that the addicts were exposed to the disease through a contaminated heroin supply.

Although the results are not conclusive, experts are carrying out tests
on the others who died and on nine more heroin addicts who have come down with the illness. One survivor still has the black scab that is typical of localised anthrax infection.

David Goldberg, deputy director of the Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health in Glasgow, said that tests were also being made for anthrax spores on heroin batches seized by police in the city.

Meanwhile users were being advised to smoke the drug rather than inject it, and especially not to inject into the muscle.

He believes that the weak results in the anthrax test may be because all the victims were treated with antibiotics before their samples were taken.


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By Alex Constantine

The media concentration on the anthrax mailings has taken the heat off of BioPort and the Pentagon for the highly toxic vaccine – which, by some measures, produced a medical situation far more dire than that brought about by the 2001 mailings currently blamed solely on Bruce Ivins:

“‘Our family has been through a living hell, to almost see your 23-year-old son die…’ exclaims Cheryl. ‘The government is wrong, and they need to take care of all these people that they’ve hurt.’ The Department of Defense says they continue to believe that the vaccine is ‘safe’ …” –

Fuad El-Hibri arranged investments for well-heeled Saudi clients as a broker at Citibank’s Jeddah office. Tom Suber, a contributor to the Rouge Forum, a grassroots Internet think-tank, reports that the broker handled “the individual financial holdings of the bin Laden family group and the larger $18 billion Carlyle Group.”

The bin Ladens and Carlyle are “reputed to have had partnership interests with Fuad El-Hibri’s Porton International and Bioport investments. These embarrassing partnerships are the result of complex web of interlocking private corporate holdings and are publicly denied by the El-Hibri family.”1

Carlyle Management Group, of course, is America’s eleventh leading defense contractor, founded by Iran-contra’s Frank Carlucci, James Baker III and George H.W. Bush.

Ties to the bin Ladens and Carlyle constituted one “embarrassing” pact with the devil.

Another was El-Hibri’s acquisition of the Center for Applied Microbiology and Research (CAMR) at Porton Down in the UK, a government-held toxic stockpile-research laboratory privatized by Margaret Thatcher. CAMR was launched under private ownership – El-Hibri’s – as Porton International in 1993.

Porton Down was the English mirror-image of Ft. Detrick. Both military laboratories conducted Auschwitz-style experiments on human subjects during the Cold War. In 2002, Express reported that scientists of the Ministry of Defense faced prosecution “over horrifying experiments on service men and women during chemical and biological weapons tests.”

Subjects were duped into volunteering, led to believe that the military doctors were searching for an innocuous “cold cure.” The guinea-pigs said they were “impregnated with deadly chemical agents such as sarin and mustard gas.” Ronald Maddison, a volunteer airman, died after a cloth treated with sarin was wrapped round his arm. Another subject said he was coerced to participate “under threat of court martial. During three nightmare weeks at the center, he said he was stripped to his underpants and marched repeatedly into gas chambers where he was impregnated with sarin, tabin and mustard gas.”2

El-Hibri inherited a horror factory, and this it remained.

By 1996, Suber says, “the rape of the public resources of Great Britain was virtually complete,” speaking of the “conservative” agenda behind privatization.

The profit-lusting “interests of the Saudis and the Carlyle Group began to look to the United States for more promising plunder.”

Michigan Governor John Engler was urged by fellow Republicans to privatize the state-owned vaccination lab – exactly as Thatcher had done with CAMR. It was renamed the Michigan Biologics Products Institute.

“Governor Engler gave the most respectable and profitable agency in Michigan government to Fuad El-Hibri without any individual investment whatsoever,” Suber writes. The new owners “incurred no individual expense, made no investments, and did not owe any individual promissory notes or obligations of any kind for their new lab purchase. Receipt of a $180 million business for absolutely nothing. The next hand-out the company received was an unsecured, interest-free loan of $18.7 million as an advance payment from the Defense Department …”3

All this fuss over a vaccine that didn’t even work against inhalation anthrax … it just made people sick.

But homeland defense was never the idea, as Houston attorney Linda Minor noted after scanning BioPort’s directors’ page: “This group is obviously an investment syndicate composed of numerous intelligence agency members representing assorted countries…”4

Bio-economic terrorism is the CIA’s kind of low-intensity conflict. Dr. Edgar J. DaSilva, director of the Division of Life Sciences of the UN, says the approach is predicated on “the undermining and destruction of economic progress and stability” by “the development and use of biological agents against economic targets such as crops, livestock and ecosystems.”

Germs, bacilli and viruses have certain advantages over conventional armaments – explosives and noxious gases have to be explained, but viral agents are plausibly deniable: “Such warfare can always be carried out under the pretexts that such traumatic occurrences are the result of natural circumstances that lead to outbreaks of diseases and disasters of either endemic or epidemic proportions.”5 The Zimbabwe anthrax outbreak, the West Nile Virus, conceived at SAIC-USAMRIID, for instance. Add a trained provocateur – a biochemical warfare specialist hailing from a Rhodesian death squad with a parafascist history will do – a little media manipulation, and the result is anthrax psychosis.

That’s exactly what the collective response was called in Argentina when a false alarm was tripped by a suspect piece of mail. “Anthrax psychosis,” an Argentine newspaper reported, spread in October 2001, “when a travel brochure mailed from Miami to a Buenos Aires family initially tested positive.” The spores tested inactive the second time, but “within hours, frantic citizens swamped police stations, hospitals and all kinds of government offices throughout the country with about 1,000 pieces of suspicious mail, most of them posted from the United States or Pakistan.”6

The Ames strain did get around. The lethal dust was found in mail rooms … in a Princeton borough … in the Senate … in Dan Rather’s CBS office … in a Kabul factory … in New York City Hall … in a diplomatic pouch to the US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg, Russia … in the Supreme Court’s basement mailroom … in a letter mailed to Kenya … at the Bureau of Prisons headquarters in Washington … at the broadcaster’s headquarters … 30 Rockefeller Plaza … on and on.

And the FBI, by focusing on Hatfill alone, gave the impression that the perpetrator was a lone gunman. But he had accomplices, apparently ran with a death squad in the United States as he did in Rhodesia.

The West Nile and anthrax plots – as reconstructed by Leonard Horowitz, Robert Lederman and other independent researchers – began with the meeting at the White House regarding the fate of OraVax, attended by representatives of the company, the administration, and DoD officials. It was agreed that the company, facing bankruptcy, would receive a pass to inventory vaccines.

But some of those attending this meeting were active in this American Pinay Circle. One of them was William Patrick III, President and CEO of Advanced Biosystems Inc. (ABS). Patrick ran the anthrax “weaponization” program at the Ft. Detrick-SAIC lab where Hatfill worked. In 1999, Patrick wrote a study, according to the Baltimore Sun, that discussed “the danger of anthrax spores spreading through the air and the requirements for decontamination after various kinds of attacks. The author, William C. Patrick III, describes placing 2.5 grams of Bacillus globigii, an anthrax simulant, in a standard business envelope – slightly more than the estimated amount of anthrax in each of the letters that killed five people last fall…”

Stephen Hatfill, come to find out, “is a friend and protegé of Patrick, 75, a bio-weapons legend who has himself experienced the dual status of expert and possible suspect…”7


In 2002, the Washington Post reported allegations that Partick had produced a blueprint for the anthrax mailings:

“Hatfill commissioned William Patrick III, a biological weapons expert, to write a report on how to deal with anthrax sent through the mail. “It was a public service,” Glasberg said, and Patrick was paid only $500. Hatfill and a colleague took Patrick’s report to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and submitted it to its bioterrorism preparation center. The CDC was working on the same project, Glasberg said, and produced the same findings and recommendations as Patrick. …

“The concept of a report on anthrax mail attacks – two years before last October’s mailings – intrigued the FBI. In particular, Patrick’s report discussed mailing 2.5 grams of anthrax powder, about the same amount contained in the deadly anthrax letters.

Glasberg said Patrick used 2.5 grams because that was the amount of talc he poured into an envelope, as a test, to see how much could pass unobtrusively through the mails. Some media reports have called Patrick’s report a “blueprint” for the fatal mailings. …

Boris Lederer, who worked with Hatfill at Science Applications International, recalled his colleague’s reaction when the anthrax mailings occurred. “It was just shock and complete disbelief that this was happening,” Lederer said.8

Disbelief at a lethal domestic covert operation? The most relevant clues went unreported by the “mainstream” media, for instance, per the Washington Post:

“… Hatfill’s résumé detailing those periods has created another storm. Hatfill claimed on a 1997 résumé that he served in the Army Special Forces. Army records show that he enlisted in the Reserve in 1975, served a year of active duty and attended — but dropped out of — Special Forces training. Glasberg declined to comment on Hatfill’s military record. … “9

The relevant corporate connections, ala BioPort, were played down. One of them was especially interesting in light of the deep history of the AIDS virus. McClatchy reported recently:

” … Before the Sept. 11 attacks, Ivins had worked on and held a share of two anthrax vaccine patents, at least one of which was licensed to VaxGen, Inc., a California firm that later won an $877 million contract to make the vaccine for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Bioshield program. But when VaxGen failed to meet deadlines, the government scrapped the contract. … “

Details of background of the VaxGen contract reveal a motive for one of the mailings. The motive for the overall plot centers on this pharmaceutical house – VaxGen and BioPort together had the most to gain from the patent on the anthrax vaccine, though this charge has since been widely leveled at the late Bruce Ivins:

A few months before he was targeted in the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks, then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle sent a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld questioning whether the anthrax vaccine the military was giving soldiers was unsafe and should be discontinued.

The letter, obtained by The Courant, was written with the help of a number of Connecticut officials. They were concerned about complaints from local National Guard members who refused to take the vaccine because they feared it would make them ill.

Apart from raising the issue of the vaccine’s safety, the criticism may have had an unintended effect. NBC News reported Tuesday that federal authorities today will reveal that those same complaints could be among the motives in the anthrax attacks that left an Oxford woman and four others dead.

The suspected killer, Bruce Ivins, was one of the Army’s lead scientists on the anthrax vaccine and was angered by suggestions that it made recipients ill, NBC reported. …

Ivins … was a member of a panel that the government convened to study the vaccine’s effectiveness. … The committee was formed by the Department of Defense before the anthrax mailings and was still meeting at the time the letters were mailed, according to Chairman Jack Melling. He is the former head of Porton Down

Now the anatomy of an inside job becomes apparent to anyone – even Americans reporter who have helium in their heads – there is no “lone gunman.”

Donald Rumsfeld was in the loop:

“In the letter to Rumsfeld, Daschle raised concerns that the vaccine didn’t work and may have made soldiers sick. He noted that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves drugs only after they are proven safe and effective.

”‘A growing number of people believe that the use of the anthrax vaccine as currently formulated to protect humans against inhalation of anthrax spores fails to meet this test,’ wrote Daschle, a South Dakota Democrat. ‘We all acknowledge that the threat posed by biological weapons, including anthrax, is a real one that the Administration and the Congress have a responsibility to address.’


The letter, also signed by then House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, was sent to Rumsfeld on June 21, 2001. The first anthrax letters were postmarked Sept. 18, 2001. The anthrax-laced letters sent to the offices of Daschle and Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy were postmarked Oct. 9, 2001.

Ottilie Lundgren, 94, of Oxford, was killed in November 2001 when she opened an anthrax-laced letter that passed through the same sorting machine in a New Jersey postal facility as the letter to Daschle.

Daschle could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

“He has criticized the FBI investigation of the anthrax letters and the agency’s refusal to update him and other victims on their progress. The FBI is expected to meet with the victims and their families today and might release documents that authorities say link Ivins to the crime.

Daschle got involved in the anthrax vaccine issue through U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut and state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, whose office represented Connecticut National Guard members who refused to take the anthrax vaccine.

“Blumenthal said Tuesday that attorneys in his office worked closely with Dodd and Daschle to craft the letter to Rumsfeld.
 … “11


Also see: “Who First Wrongly Linked Anthrax to Iraq — and Why?”


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By Marisa Taylor and Greg Gordon | McClatchy Newspapers

11.) Dave Alatimari, “Anthrax Vaccine Safety Complaints Part Of Ivins Case,” Hartford Courant, August 6, 2008.,0,5888202.story

Also see:



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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Was Mr. Greenjeans Framed In The Government’s Anthrax Investigation?

Is it reasonable to believe that a delusional Christian Zionist could be responsible for sending anthrax letters to congressmen and media figures to whip up more anti-Arab hysteria in a nation already hysterical over the 9/11 attacks? Clearly it was the intent of the anthrax sender to muster hatred for Muslims by sending his anthraxograms to these people. Gosh lets look at what Mr. Greenjeans/Ivins wrote in a letter to the editor in Frederick News Post.

Rabbi Morris Kosman is entirely correct in summarily rejecting the demands of the Frederick Imam for a “dialogue.”
By blood and faith, Jews are God’s chosen, and have no need for “dialogue” with any gentile. End of “dialogue.”

Yup, this guy sure loves God’s alleged chosen people. Sounds like he’s type of guy that would love to set some Muslims up for a fall.
But here is a little hint for our law enforcement officials when it comes to crimes in which Arabs/Muslims appear to be implicated. Look for the Zionists. And not necessarily the Christain Zionists. These folks are nut cases alright, but are rarely dangerous, unless you are a doctor at an abortion clinic. Look for art students. Look for Mossad moving companies. Look for those pretty Israeli chicks hustling cosmetics mined from the Dead Sea in shopping malls(I must admit I’ve purchase alot of their products, but have yet to use one).

Perhaps someone should interview one of the members of the former Fort Detrick’s Camel Club, for example. The Camel Club was a clique of individuals working at this government biological warfare facility to which the killer spores have been traced. The Clubs leader was none other than Lt. Col. Philip Zack, a Zionist, who with his fellow club members continuously hassled an Egyptian born scientist, Dr. Ayaad Asaad, at the facility in the early nineties, until Zack had to be reassigned for his antics.

Then it seems that some stuff was missing at the lab and there was an investigation. This led to the discovery that Zack had returned for some unscheduled late night work at the facility. A surveillance camera recorded Zack being let in at 8:40 p.m. on Jan. 23, 1992, apparently by Dr. Marian Rippy, a lab pathologist and close friend of Zack’s, according to a report filed by a security guard. Rippy was also apparently a member of the Camel Club whose primary function was to hassle Dr. Assaad.

According to the Hartford Courant, another lab scientist, Dr. Mary Beth Downs, told investigators of this incident that… she had come to work several times in January and February of 1992 to find that someone had been in the lab at odd hours, clumsily using the sophisticated electron microscope to conduct some kind of off-the-books research. After one weekend in February, Downs discovered that someone had been in the lab using the microscope to take photos of slides, and apparently had forgotten to reset a feature on the microscope that imprints each photo with a label. After taking a few pictures of her own slides that morning, Downs was surprised to see “Antrax 005” emblazoned on her negatives. Downs also noted that an automatic counter on the camera, like an odometer on a car, had been rolled back to hide the fact that pictures had been taken over the weekend. She wrote of her findings in a memo to Langford, noting that whoever was using the microscope was “either in a big hurry or didn’t know what they were doing.”

Its not likely that the army ever got to the bottom of this. After all where would it have led?

Dr. Assad thought that was the end of his persecution by the Camel Club until the FBI contacted him in October of 2001. When the FBI contacted him, they told him someone had mailed an anonymous letter – a few days before the existence of anthrax-laced mail became known – naming Assaad as a potential bioterrorist. Fortunately for Assad the FBI decided the letter was a hoax. But the letter wasn’t a hoax, it was part of a crime. It was sent days before anthrax was to be discovered. Does anyone have any ideas about who may have sent it? Dr. Assad thinks it was one of his former Fort Detrick colleagues. I bet I can guess who.

U.S.: Ivins solely responsible for anthrax attacks

function PopupPic(sPicURL, sHeight, sWidth) { “”+sPicURL, “”, “resizable=1,HEIGHT=” +sHeight+ “,WIDTH=” +sWidth); }

Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., speaks to The Associated Press in his office in his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2008, to discuss his meeting with FBI investigators working on the 2001 anthrax attacks and the suicide of Army scientist Bruce Ivins.
J. Scott Applewhite
Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., speaks to The Associated Press in his office in his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2008, to discuss his meeting with FBI investigators working on the 2001 anthrax attacks and the suicide of Army scientist Bruce Ivins.

var storyImage = $(“#storyAssets .image img”).width(); if (storyImage > 0){$(“#storyAssets”).width(storyImage);}

Army scientist Bruce Ivins had in his lab highly purified anthrax spores that were linked to the 2001 attacks that killed five and access to the distinctive envelopes used to mail them, the government declared Wednesday, releasing a stack of documents to support a damning though circumstantial case.

Ivins, a brilliant but deeply troubled man who committed suicide last week, was the anthrax killer whose mailings rattled the nation in the worst bioterror case in U.S. history, just a month after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, federal prosecutors asserted. They were backed by court documents that were a combination of hard DNA evidence, suspicious behavior and, sometimes, outright speculation.

Ivins’ attorney said the government was “taking a weird guy and convicting him of mass murder” without real evidence. Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa called for a congressional investigation.

Ivins had submitted false anthrax samples to the FBI to throw investigators off his trail and was unable to provide “an adequate explanation for his late laboratory work hours” around the time of the attacks, according to documents that officials made public to support their conclusions.

Investigators also said he sought to frame unnamed co-workers and had immunized himself against anthrax and yellow fever in early September 2001, several weeks before the first anthrax-laced envelope was received in the mail.

Ivins killed himself last week as investigators closed in, and U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Taylor said at a Justice Department news conference, “We regret that we will not have the opportunity to present evidence to the jury.”

The scientist’s attorney, Paul F. Kemp, heatedly dismissed that comment.

“They didn’t talk about one thing that they got as result of all those searches,” he said. “I just don’t think he did it, and I don’t think the evidence exists.”

Taylor conceded the evidence was largely if not wholly circumstantial but insisted it would have been enough to convict.

The prosecutor’s news conference capped a fast-paced series of events in which the government partially lifted its veil of secrecy in the investigation of the poisonings that followed closely after the airliner terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The newly released records depict Ivins as deeply troubled, increasingly so as he confronted the possibility of being charged.

“He said he was not going to face the death penalty, but instead had a plan to kill co-workers and other individuals who had wronged him,” according to one affidavit. In e-mails to colleagues, Ivins described a feeling of dual personalities, the material said.

Officials disclosed Wednesday they had restricted his access to the biological agents last September.

Ivins had sole custody of highly purified anthrax spores with “certain genetic mutations identical” to the poison used in the attacks, according to an affidavit among a stack of documents the government released, all seemingly pointing to his guilt. Investigators also said they had traced back to his lab the type of envelopes used to send the deadly powder through the mails.

The FBI’s investigation had dragged on for years, tarnishing the reputation of the agency in the process. Investigators had long focused on Steven J. Hatfill, whose career as a bioscientist was ruined after then-Attorney General John Ashcroft named him a “person of interest” in 2002. The government recently paid $6 million to settle a lawsuit by Hatfill, who worked in the same lab as Ivins.

Taylor said Wednesday that investigators concluded in 2005 that Hatfill couldn’t have had access to a crucial flask of anthrax spores.

Authorities say that language Ivins used in an e-mail days before a second round of anthrax attacks was similar to the messages in anthrax-laced letters received soon after by Democratic Sens. Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy.

In the e-mail, Ivins wrote that “Bin Laden terrorists for sure have anthrax and sarin gas” and have “just decreed death to all Jews and all Americans.” The letters to Daschle and Leahy said: “WE HAVE THIS ANTHRAX . . . DEATH TO AMERICA . . . DEATH TO ISRAEL.”

Wednesday’s documents were released as FBI Director Robert Mueller met privately with families of the victims of the attacks to lay out the evidence officials said the agency was preparing to close the case.

Patrick O’Donnell, a postal sorter who was sickened after handling one of the contaminated letters, said after attending Tuesday’s briefing that he believes Ivins is the man who poisoned him. At the same time, the government didn’t provide all the answers.

“I don’t know what to think, man,” O’Donnell said. “It’s closing a lot of things, but it’s also opening up a lot of doors.”

As for motive, investigators seemed to offer two possible reasons for the attacks: that the brilliant scientist wanted to bolster support for a vaccine he helped create and that the anti-abortion Catholic targeted two pro-choice Catholic lawmakers.

“We are confident that Dr. Ivins was the only person responsible for these attacks,” Taylor told a news conference at the Justice Department.

Noting that Ivins would have been entitled to a presumption of innocence, Taylor nevertheless said prosecutors were confident “we could prove his guilt to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The events in Washington unfolded as a memorial service was held for Ivins at Fort Detrick, the secret government installation in Frederick, Md., where he worked. Reporters were barred.

More than 200 pages of documents were made public by the FBI, virtually all of them describing the government’s attempts to link Ivins to the crimes.

That’s not enough, said Grassley, the Iowa senator. He said there should be hearings rather than “the selective release of a few documents.”

“This has been one of the largest domestic terrorism investigations in the FBI’s 100-year history, and the investigative team made mistakes, missteps and false accusations,” he said.

The government material describes at length painstaking scientific efforts to trace the source of the anthrax that was used in the attacks.

It says that in his lab, Ivins had custody of a flask of anthrax termed “the genetic parent” to the powder involved – a source that investigators say was used to grow spores for the attacks on “at least two separate occasions.”

Anthrax culled from the letters was quickly discovered to be the so-called Ames strain of bacteria, but with genetic mutations that made it distinct. Scientists developed more sophisticated tests for four of those mutations, and concluded that all the samples that matched came from a single batch, code-named RMR-1029, stored at Fort Detrick.

Ivins “has been the sole custodian of RMR-1029 since it was first grown in 1997,” said one affidavit.

Powder from anthrax-laden letters sent to the New York Post and Tom Brokaw of NBC contained a bacterial contaminant not found in the anthrax-containing envelopes mailed to Leahy or Daschle, the affidavit said.

Investigators concluded that “the contaminant must have been introduced during the production of the Post and Brokaw spores,” the affidavit said.

The documents disclosed that authorities searched Ivins’ home on Nov. 2, 2007, taking 22 swabs of vacuum filters and radiators and seizing dozens of items. Among them were video cassettes, family photos, information about guns and a copy of “The Plague” by Albert Camus.

Ivins’ cars and his safe deposit box also were searched as investigators closed in on the respected government scientist who had been troubled by mental health problems for years.

According to an affidavit filed by Charles B. Wickersham, a postal inspector, the scientist told an unnamed co-worker “that he had ‘incredible paranoid, delusional thoughts at times’ and ‘feared that he might not be able to control his behavior.'”

A mental health worker who was involved in treating Ivins disclosed last week that she was so concerned about his behavior that she recently sought a court order to keep him away from her.

One FBI document said Ivins “repeatedly named other researchers as possible mailers and claimed that the anthrax used in the attacks resembled that of another researcher” at the same facility.

The name of the other researcher was not disclosed.

The documents painted a picture of Ivins seeking to mislead investigators beginning in 2002, when he allegedly submitted the wrong samples to FBI investigators.

It wasn’t until more than two years later, in March 2005, that he was confronted with the alleged switch, according to U.S. Postal Inspector Thomas Dellafera, who added that Ivins insisted he had not sought to deceive.

The victims of the attacks had little in common.

Robert Stevens, 63, a photo editor at the Sun, a supermarket tabloid published in Boca Raton, Fla., was the first to die. Thomas Morris Jr. 55, and Joseph Curseen, 47, worked at a Washington-area postal facility that was a hub for sorting the capital’s mail. Kathy Nguyen, 61, who had emigrated from Vietnam and lived in the Bronx, worked in a stock room at Manhattan Eye Ear & Throat Hospital. Ottilie Lundgren, 94, who lived in Oxford, Conn., was the last to die.


Mike Rivero on the so called “suicide” of Bruce E. Ivins

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Thursday, August 07, 2008


The police seem to investigate with blinders on. We often see cases where an innocent man is finally released for a crime he didn’t commit, with an obvious suspect living down the street who the police didn’t even look at. Part of the problem is psychological: police become invested in ‘their perp’, and are unable to see anyone else as even a possibility.

There is also a serious tactical reason for police blinders. Paying too much attention to too many possible suspects raises the distinct possibility that a defense lawyer will raise the issue. After all, if the police themselves weren’t convinced that the defendant committed the crime, a fact finder should be able to draw reasonable doubt as to the defendant’s guilt. While quiet sub rosa investigations are possible, any obvious investigation of an alternative suspect is discouraged.

Of course, the FBI had its perp in Hatfill. The parallel investigation of Ivins was not only no secret, it appears to have been known by almost everybody who knew Ivins. In fact, the publicity of the investigation was part of the harassment of Ivins. Each of Hatfill and Ivins could have used the investigation of the other as part of a very good defense. This makes no sense from the point of view of obtaining a conviction, if that was in fact the FBI’s intent.

Of course, the FBI wasn’t trying to obtain a conviction. The released evidence against Ivins, advertised as conclusive, would never have resulted in a conviction (lots of problems listed here; e.g., why would an expert on anthrax strains not notice that the strain he used might be traced back to him?; see the whole site), and the evidence against Hatfill was so weak it was a joke. The entire point of the investigation, including the parallel public investigations of Hatfill and Ivins which looked more like persecutions than prosecutions, was to so muddy the waters that any investigation would prove to be impossible. The FBI wasn’t trying to investigate the anthrax attacks, it was trying to cover them up.

Why? As posted here before, the attacks were directed at Democrats who were having doubts about the Patriot Act, just when the Patriot Act was being debated (it worked so well they tried it again). Immediately after the attacks, the rare spine of the Democrats disappeared, and the Act passed, thus formalizing Bibi Netanyahu’s Islamophobic ‘war on terror’ into the American legal system. It has also been noted that other subjects of the attacks may well have been those media people who particularly angered Bush/Cheney at the time (with the broadening of the attack intended to make the directed attack on Democratic legislators less obvious). Of course, as part of the same neocon package, the attacks were later used as part of the lie campaign to convince Americans it was necessary for the United States to make its disastrous attack on Iraq.

Employees of an American government agency, under orders from on high, waged a lethal terrorist bio-warfare attack on American citizens with the intent of scaring law-makers into passing a fascistic anti-Constitutional series of laws against the liberty of the American people, eventually lied about their own attack to trick Americans into a multi-trillion dollar debacle of a war, and the whole thing is covered up by the main American federal police unit. It is not a pretty picture.

It gets worse (and perhaps a bit better). After harassing Ivins almost to the point of insanity, they force him into a mental institution, manipulate someone they have a hold on into branding him as a psychopathic killer (and spread even more bizarre stories), and then, either ‘suicide’ him or harass him to the point where suicide was his only option. One psycho perp, conveniently dead, case closed. Americans who went along with the Patriot Act as it would only cover the swarthy should reflect on what has been done to a white, middle-class American, a loyal government employee for decades, decorated for his exceptional service to the safety of the American people, whose only crime was to be in a position to be used as a patsy to protect the guilty.

The only good in this comes out of the internet. For years, Americans have been fed Official Stories by the disgusting American media. The Stories are always presented as facts, with no possible alternative. You might feel uneasy about these Stories, but you were always alone. The only chance you had to complain was in letters to the editor, which of course would never be published unless they reflected the Official Story. The internet allowed a community of individuals to immediately call shenanigans on the FBI’s increasingly addled lies. While the FBI has achieved its desired cover-up, its reputation has been irrevocably damaged, as has the ability of the disgusting American media to peddle obvious crock-of-shit Official Stories as news.

The Anthrax Case: Are We Getting Neo-Conned?

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Anthrax Attack Cover Up Complete

by James Buchanan

Just after the 911 attack, letters containing anthrax were mailed to several news media offices and two Democrat Senators. Five people were killed and 17 infected. Someone had Anthrax available and ready to mail out immediately after the WTC attack. The official story from our government (as of right now) is that a lone scientist on the spur of the moment decided to start sending out Anthrax so he could test his vaccine.

The Anthrax attack was designed to stir up terrorism fears. Anthrax came from a US lab. Did the CIA do it?

A recent news article reports “Seven years after anthrax-laced letters terrorized an already frightened nation, a new suspect suddenly emerged in the public eye this week. But he was gone just as quickly, committing suicide before he could be charged with murder and adding another dramatic twist to the bizarre episode. The government’s working theory — that brilliant but troubled Army scientist Bruce E. Ivins released the anthrax to test his cure for the toxin — answers some of the questions, perhaps, but many details remain unclear. ‘I think the FBI owes us a complete accounting of their investigation and ought to be able to tell us at some point, how we’re going to bring this to closure,’ said former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, whose office received a letter containing the deadly white powder in 2001. ‘It’s been seven years, there’s a lot of unanswered questions and I think the American people deserve to know more than they do today.’ Ivins’ unexpected emergence as the top — and perhaps only — suspect in the anthrax attacks follows on the heels of the government’s exoneration of another Army scientist in the case. Last month, the Justice Department cleared Ivins’ colleague, Steven Hatfill, who had been wrongly suspected in the case, and paid him $5.8 million.”

The recent “suicide” death of a government scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, has been heralded as “proof” that he was involved in the Anthrax mailings in 2001. He is also being portrayed as a lone mad scientist, who sent out two types of Anthrax entirely on his own initiative. His death prevents any unpleasant lawsuit and embarrassing pay out, which happened with the last scientist they tried to pin this on. If you believe the Anthrax case has now been honestly explained by our government, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. Whenever there’s an act of terrorism and the government cannot apprehend the culprit for years and years, it’s a good bet the government itself carried out that terrorism.

The Anthrax mailings were clearly intended to escalate the fear of terrorism in the wake of the 911 attack. This was all part of a deliberate, premeditated attempt to get Joe Sixpack to accept a transition to a police state America. There’s just one little problem: Weaponized Anthrax is not available to just anyone. Only a few labs in the world have access to this. And the much heralded Muslim terrorists did not have access to it.

Hundreds of billions of dollars in Defense spending each year depends on the “war on terror” as well as all sorts of un-Constitutional spying, which gives the government that much more control over us and an even greater ability to undermine any third-party movements that challenge the two-party system. It’s only a matter of time before the IRS starts getting information from warrantless wiretaps so they can maximize the amount of money plundered from American taxpayers. Governor Elliot Spitzer’s tryst with a prostitute was uncovered thanks to provisions of the Patriot Act by the way. Information gleaned from illegal government surveillance is already being used against American citizens, who have no connection to terrorism.

We may never know the true story about the Anthrax mailings. Curiously Anthrax was mailed to liberal politicians and newscasters with none being sent to Bush or Cheney. This strongly suggests the neocons or Israelis may have played a role. Most likely the Anthrax episode was a covert operation by the CIA or Mossad. Mr. Ivins could have been anything from a completely innocent scapegoat to a Mossad operative or he may even have been a whistle-blower who witnessed some suspicious CIA operatives getting access to Anthrax just before the mailings.

Mr. Ivins’ highly convenient death closes this case before a new Democrat administration is elected, which might have wanted to take a closer look into the Anthrax mailings. If the Anthrax mailings were not terrorist attacks by the government’s own admission, why should we believe the government’s explanation for the 911 attack, including such curious details as the collapse of the World Trade Center’s Builiding #7, which was never hit by an airplane?

Source Document

Was he really the evil Anthrax Killer? Or a Zionist dupe? Something is definitely not right about this one, people.

“Over the past week the media was gripped by the news that the FBI was about to charge Bruce Ivins, a leading anthrax expert, as the man responsible for the anthrax letter attacks in September/October 2001.

But despite the seemingly powerful narrative that Ivins committed suicide because investigators were closing in, this is still far from a shut case. The FBI needs to explain why it zeroed in on Ivins, how he could have made the anthrax mailed to lawmakers and the media, and how he (or anyone else) could have pulled off the attacks, acting alone.

I believe this is another mistake in the investigation.”

Wall Street Journal Opinion piece: IVIN was not the culprit

“‘I really don’t think he’s the guy. I say to the FBI, “Show me your evidence,”‘ said Jeffrey J. Adamovicz, former director of the bacteriology division at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, or USAMRIID, on the grounds of the sprawling Army fort in Frederick. ‘A lot of the tactics they used were designed to isolate him from his support. The FBI just continued to push his buttons.’”

“Another one of his co-workers, Richard O. Spertzel, pointed out that “USAMRIID doesn’t deal with powdered anthrax. I don’t think there’s anyone there who would have the foggiest idea how to do it. You would need to have the opportunity, the capability, and the motivation, and he didn’t possess any of those.” The Patsey by Justin Raimondo

Read this comment left at a blog site:

“I have been a close friend of Dr. Bruce Ivins for years. The FBI needed a scapegoat, especially after Stephen Hatfill, whose foot the FBI ran over, won a $5.2 M lawsuit against them.

The new FBI director needed a capture in this case. So, they took all of the Ft. Detrick anthrax researchers and put them under intense interrogation.

Bruce was a mild, meek and sensitive scientist. The FBI showed his clinically depressed daughter, who was institutionalized in a mental hospital, photos of the anthrax victims, and said “your father did this.” They offered his son $2.5 M and a sportscar if he would “rat” on his father.

Bruce could not stand stand up to the constant harrasment by the FBI. So we have lost a very talented researcher, so that the FBI can close the case…”

Posted by: Dr. Gerry Higgins HERE

And read this curious August 24, 2006 Letter to the Editor in his hometown newspaper (if it’s from Ivins):

Rabbi Morris Kosman is entirely correct in summarily rejecting the demands of the Frederick Imam for a “dialogue.”

By blood and faith, Jews are God’s chosen, and have no need for “dialogue” with any gentile. End of “dialogue.”



Look at letter here

Washington Post Scrubs Own Story on Case

Zionist media outlet AP Says IVIN was “obsessed” with Sorority


Suicided And Slandered: Scientist’s Death Comes With Enough Lies To Disappear The Scandal Of The Century

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Winter Patriot

At the bottom of this post you will find links to many good (and, indeed, excellent) articles about the supposed suicide of Bruce E. Ivins — the alleged anthrax killer — and all the nonsense that has gone on in the aftermath of his death.

I assume most readers are at least somewhat familiar with the story; if you’re not, a good read through the links below is definitely in order.

Several points beg to be made:

According to the FBI itself, the anthrax attacks of 2001 were made in America. Some observers are less than surprised.

The targets had all either crossed the Bush family or were standing in the way of a mad dash to tyranny, or both.

Clumsy attempts were made to frame Arabs, and outrageous claims were used as a basis for wars of aggression and the destruction of civil liberties.

The anthrax attacks were carefully timed to provide an “irresistible” aftershock following the attacks of 9/11.

Neither the attacks of 9/11 nor the subsequent anthrax attacks have ever been explained in a way that is even slightly credible, except by independent researchers whose explanations are mocked by so-called “serious” commentators.

The most prominent media villain in the story is ABC’s Brian Ross, who has consistently trumpeted false claims about the origin of the anthrax and steadfastly protected the sources who fed him those false claims. This is the same Brian Ross who always breaks the stories about upcoming bogus al Qaeda videos, which Ross always claims are authentic, even though some of them are utterly laughable.

Brian Ross is apparently tightly connected to the Rita Katz and the SITE Institute, which always seems to get these videos a day or two before the “Islamic militants” get them.

Katz and SITE are also tightly connected to the Bush family and Israeli intelligence.

In other words, the anthrax attacks and 9/11 are part of the same story. The Bush crime family and Israeli intelligence both play huge parts in this story; so do the PNAC with their mad dreams of global empire, and a stolen election. None of it would have been remotely possible unless our “mainstream news media” were actually organs of state propaganda.

One of the individuals who played huge parts in the combined story is a consummate insider: alleged counter-terrorist Jerome Hauer.

Jerome Hauer — whose job description as the director of the national Office of Public Health Preparedness indicates that he should be trying to protect the nation from terrorism — appeared on CBS news on 9/11 and blamed the attacks of the day on Osama bin Laden.

Hauer gave no evidence to support his implication — indeed there was none, and to this day the FBI has no hard evidence tying Osama bin Laden to the crimes of 9/11. But that didn’t stop Jerome Hauer from implicating him — and by association, all of Afghanistan (which is still suffering from the slander).

Outrageous implication was Jerome Hauer’s main job that day, apparently — he also explained to Dan Rather’s stunned viewers that the twin towers had “collapsed” because of the ” “intense heat of the fires” — and of course the impact from the planes.

But outrageous implication wasn’t Jerome Hauer’s only job on 9/11; he also reportedly advised the occupants of the White House that same day to protect themselves against anthrax by taking Cipro.

This was astonishing because the warning came a week before any of the anthrax letters were even posted — much less delivered, detected and publicized.

You can hear Jerome Hauer spinning the big lie (beginning at 2:30) in this video:

You can read more about Jerome Hauer here.

You can also see how concerned the White House was about anthrax from this report from the October 23, 2001 edition of the Washington Post:

President Bush said confidently Tuesday that “I don’t have anthrax” after biohazard testing at the White House and the discovery of anthrax on a mail-opening machine at a screening facility six miles away.

All White House mail – more than 40,000 letters a week – is examined at military facilities across the Potomac River.

“Let me put it this way,” Bush said. “I’m confident that when I come to work tomorrow, I’ll be safe.”

Asked if he was tested for the germ that has killed three people already this month, or if he was taking precautionary antibiotics, Bush replied simply: “I don’t have anthrax.”

At least some White House personnel were given Cipro six weeks ago. White House officials won’t discuss who might be receiving the anthrax-treating antibiotic now.

On the night of the Sept. 11 attacks, the White House Medical Office dispensed Cipro to staff accompanying Vice President Dick Cheney as he was secreted off to the safety of Camp David, and told them it was “a precaution,” according to one person directly involved.

At that time, nobody [sic] could guess [sic] the dimensions of the terrorists’ [sic] plot.

And finally (for now): Some of our most talented observers have all the threads of this story in their hands, but most of them are having awful trouble weaving them together and “guessing the dimensions of the terrorists’ plot” — or perhaps I should say they are having trouble accepting the inevitable conclusions of their evidence.

There are three major forces at work here, in my view. One is straightforward collusion, and signs of it keep popping up in distressing places. But even honest writers have trouble with this story, and for them (for us!) the main impediments are propaganda and denial. Nobody is immune to either one; but some are apparently much more vulnerable than others.

If some of our best observers cannot do it, consider how difficult it must be for those with average, or below-average analytical skills, those with less education, those with less time to spend reading, and those whose only source of news (still!) is the complicit mainstream media …

… all of which explains (in a very unsatisfactory way) why this case will soon be closed, without the true story ever coming to light.

And nary a whimper from the vast unwashed will you hear in the big media.


Go ahead! Read! It won’t hurt you.

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The Patsy

Posted on

August 4, 2008

Was Bruce Ivins the anthrax killer?
by Justin Raimondo

The media narrative now being woven around the apparent suicide of U.S. government scientist Bruce E. Ivins – a prominent anthrax researcher who worked at Ft. Detrick’s U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases bio-weapons research lab (USAMRIID) – is that he was a lone nut, a “homicidal maniac” who poisoned the five people killed in the 2001 anthrax attacks and was determined to go on another killing spree at his workplace as the Feds closed in on him. The Times of London headline says it all: “Mad Anthrax Scientist in Threat to Kill Co-Workers.”

However, as we sift through the reams of media coverage occasioned by this startling development in a 7-year-old case, we get quite a different story from the alleged objects of his rage: his colleagues on the job at Ft. Detrick. As the Washington Post reported:

“Colleagues and friends of the vaccine specialist remained convinced that Ivins was innocent: They contended that he had neither the motive nor the means to create the fine, lethal powder that was sent by mail to news outlets and congressional offices in the late summer and fall of 2001. Mindful of previous FBI mistakes in fingering others in the case, many are deeply skeptical that the bureau has gotten it right this time.

“‘I really don’t think he’s the guy. I say to the FBI, “Show me your evidence,”‘ said Jeffrey J. Adamovicz, former director of the bacteriology division at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, or USAMRIID, on the grounds of the sprawling Army fort in Frederick. ‘A lot of the tactics they used were designed to isolate him from his support. The FBI just continued to push his buttons.'”

Another one of his co-workers, Richard O. Spertzel, pointed out that “USAMRIID doesn’t deal with powdered anthrax. I don’t think there’s anyone there who would have the foggiest idea how to do it. You would need to have the opportunity, the capability, and the motivation, and he didn’t possess any of those.”

In what seems very similar to the coordinated series of “leaks” that pinned the blame on Steven J. Hatfill, a former bio-warfare scientist recently awarded nearly $6 million in recompense and effectively exonerated, the effort to posthumously demonize Ivins has blanketed the “mainstream” media. The main feature of this effort has been the testimony of one Jean Duley, a counselor, who claims Ivins not only threatened her but also came to a group therapy session with a detailed story about how he had bought a gun, a bulletproof vest, and was planning to “go out in a blaze of glory” and kill as many of his coworkers as possible as the FBI closed in on him.

It’s passing strange, then, that these very same coworkers are springing to his defense. Two Ft. Detrick scientists, who presumably would have been mowed down by Ivins, the so-called “revenge killer” (as Duley describes him), told the Baltimore Sun they were “stunned and angry” at the posthumous targeting of Ivins. “Nobody thinks Bruce did it,” said one of them.

Nobody, that is, but the FBI, Duley, and Ivins’ estranged brother Tom, who hadn’t spoken to Bruce since 1985, and who averred, “It makes sense, what the social worker said. He considered himself like a god.” Giving credence to such crass bad-mouthing of the dead has got to be a new low, even for the agenda-driven “journalism” we’ve become so inured to.

As doubts arise about the government/media narrative, it is becoming all too clear that Ivins’ suicide – likely brought about by the unrelenting pressure brought to bear on him over many months of constant harassment by the FBI, rather than actual guilt – is the occasion for the institutional whitewashing of the FBI’s almost unbelievable incompetence, which seems more like a cover-up as events unfold. We are being treated to media reports burbling about how the suicide of Ivins means that the victims of the anthrax attack and their families will finally have “closure” – but what’s all too clear is that it’s the FBI seeking closure of a case that exposes its shameful (and, perhaps, criminal) conduct.

Move along, nothing to see here! Or is there?

No doubt the FBI will come out with its own version of the “scientific” evidence that supposedly led them to Ivins’ doorstep. We are told that “new techniques,” developed since the pursuit and eventual exoneration of Hatfill, conclusively prove Ivins was the lone culprit. This has long been the methodology favored by anti-biological weapons activist and scientist Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, whose pronouncements in the early stages of this case were taken as gospel by the major media. It was Rosenberg’s theory that the anthrax killer was an “insider” with detailed knowledge of the government’s bio-weapons research – and that his motive was to draw attention to a supposedly overlooked and under-funded field of vitally important research – that led to the persecution of Hatfill. Today, the same theory is being trotted out to finger Ivins.

This concept of the anthrax killers’ motive drops the entire context of the postal terrorism that put the nation in a post-9/11 panic and energized the march to war with Iraq. As Glenn Greenwald and others have pointed out, the anthrax attacks were used by administration officials and neoconservative commentators to make the case for war: administration officials and their amen corner (including John McCain) used this “talking point” to promote the invasion of Iraq. The Rosenberg thesis also ignores the text of the anthrax letters, in which the author(s) clearly meant to indicate these horrific acts were being perpetrated by a Muslim who hated the U.S. and Israel.

It seems to me a stretch to divorce motive not only from context, but also from important physical evidence in this case, i.e., the letters themselves. Other equally important evidence has been completely ignored. Over the years, I’ve presented much of this neglected-albeit-fascinating aspect of the anthrax mystery in a series of columns – here, here, here, here, here, and here – in which I related the story of what happened to another Ft. Detrick scientist, Dr. Ayaad Assaad.

Assaad, an American citizen born in Egypt, worked for USAMRIID in the early 1990s and was involved in a conflict with a group of Ft. Detrick employees who dubbed themselves the “Camel Club.” As detailed in a series of eye-popping pieces by Dave Altimari and Jack Dolan of the Hartford Courant, this cabal was engaged in systematic harassment of Assaad and other Arab-American employees at the facility, including putting obscene and racist poems on his desk and presenting him with a rubber camel adorned with a sex toy. The Camel Club’s harassment of Assaad had a distinctively ideological edge, one that pre-dated the “invade their countries, bomb their cities, and convert them to Christianity” meme that later became so popular with post-9/11 neocons of a Coulterish stripe.

In September 2001 – before the news of the anthrax letters broke, but after they had been postmarked – a letter addressed to the “Town of Quantico police” was received that accused Assaad of being a terrorist who was planning to wage biological warfare against the U.S. on American soil. As the first anthrax letters were opened, Assaad got a call from the FBI. Agent Gregory Leylegian wanted to have a little talk with him.

The meeting, also attended by Assaad’s lawyer, proved quite a shock to Assaad. As the agent read the accusing letter aloud, one thing became readily apparent: the Camel Club was getting its revenge.

Whatever the motives of the Quantico letter’s author, one fact seems fairly obvious: whoever wrote it very likely had foreknowledge of the anthrax attacks. Yet all attempts to examine this vital piece of evidence have been deflected by the FBI. Don Foster, a professor of English at Vassar and an expert in the field of textual analysis – it was Foster who identified Joe Klein as the author of Primary Colors – was asked to analyze the anthrax letters, and on the subject of the Quantico letter he had this to say in Vanity Fair:

“It was now December 2001, yet Dolan and Altimari’s Hartford Courant story was the first I had heard of the Quantico letter. [Supervisory Special Agent James R]. Fitzgerald had not heard of it, either. In fact, there were quite a few critical documents that Fitzgerald had not yet seen. What, I wondered, has the anthrax task force been doing. Hoping that the Quantico letter might lead, if not to the killer, at least to a suspect, I offered to examine the document. My photocopy arrived by FedEx not from the task force but from FBI headquarters in Washington. Searching through documents by some 40 USAMRIID employees, I found writings by a female officer that looked like a perfect match. I wrote a detailed report on the evidence, but the anthrax task force declined to follow through: the Quantico letter had already been declared a hoax and zero-filed as part of the 9/11 investigation.”

“The trail that leads us to the perpetrators of the anthrax letter terrorist attacks ends at Ft. Detrick” – I wrote those words in July, before the suicide of Ivins, yet we haven’t quite yet reached the end of this particular road.

Foster refers to the yeoman’s work done by the Hartford Courant‘s team of reporters in uncovering the chaotic and dangerous conditions that existed at Ft. Detrick for years, as well as the victimization of Assaad. One Courant story in particular, which detailed the wide variety of pathogens the facility lost track of over the years – including one developed by U.S. scientists known simply as “Pathogen X” – sent chills down my spine. In exposing this laxity, the Courant reported an incident in which a former employee, Dr. Philip Zack, was videotaped sneaking into the supposedly secured facility where pathogens were stored, assisted by his “good friend” Dr. Marian Rippy. They were both involved in conducting unauthorized experiments, according to Dolan and Altimari, and were charter members of the Camel Club. Indeed, the reason for Zack’s departure reportedly had much to do with his constant harassment of Assaad.

I make no connection between Rippy and Foster’s discovery of “writings by a female officer that looked like a perfect match” to the Quantico letter. It’s just that inquiring minds want to know…

The suicide of one tortured soul doesn’t put the anthrax mystery to rest. Instead, it raises more questions than it answers. According to the obituary in his hometown newspaper, Ivins worked at Ft. Detrick for his entire professional life: he was there for the Camel Club’s antics and doubtless knew all the major participants, including Assaad. What he knew about the highly suspicious extracurricular activities of the Camel Club, and the true origins of the deadly anthrax letters, is not known, and may never be known as this point. And that’s just how the real perpetrators of one of the scariest crimes in our history would have it.

You’ll note I use the plural, perpetrators: it is almost inconceivable that a single person could have been responsible for the anthrax terror. Logistically, it’s near to impossible to imagine that a single “lone nut” could have produced the anthrax, let alone distributed it, without being caught. Did he travel all the way to New Jersey, of all places, just to mail these deadly missives, after single-handedly whipping up a substance that required all sorts of advanced equipment (and safety precautions) to prepare? It hardly seems likely.

Which means that, even if Ivins was in on the plot, he wasn’t alone – and the rest of the poisoners are still out there.

Did Ivins wind up a “suicide” because he knew too much and was about to reveal what he knew to investigators? We may never know the answer to this question, but that should hardly stop us from raising it.

This whole sorry episode exemplifies media complicity with U.S. government agencies in creating narratives that reflect well on official Washington. The wide dissemination of the Ivins-was-a-psychopathic-killer meme, which depicts the departed scientist as an “obsessed” nerd who was a danger to his therapist – actually, Duley wasn’t his therapist, and her charge that Ivins was a “sociopath” is based on her version of what his actual psychiatrist, Dr. David Irwin, is reputed to have said – underscores the American media’s evolving role as the handmaiden of the state, rather than the citizens’ watchdog.

We’ve been covering this scary story at ever since the anthrax attacks hit the headlines, and we’ve continued to cover it even while the rest of the media tried to bury it. I believe that practically every year since 2001 I’ve written about it in this space and noted many of the facts related above. The sudden reemergence of this case in this spectacular manner emphasizes the need for outlets like this one, which present the facts the “mainstream” media would rather not deal with – because they’re too busy creating phony narratives to cover the asses of government officials, or worse.

~ Justin Raimondo