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World Order Ritual – U2 in Nashville

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The Claw

Ernest Gellner … 

“The way in which you restrain people from doing a wide variety of things, not compatible with the social order of which they are members, is that you subject them to ritual. The process is simple: you make them dance round a totem pole until they are wild with excitement and become jellies in the hysteria of collective frenzy; you enhance their emotional state by any device, by all the locally available audio-visual aids, drugs, dance, music and so on; and once they are really high, you stamp upon their minds the type of concept or notion to which they subsequently become enslaved. Next morning, the savage wakes up with a bad hangover and a deeply internalized concept.”

The Ritual

Our local news has bombarded us with the U2 concert at Vanderbilt Stadium and of course had to give us the repetitive meme of their ’causes.’ 

Causes that only give about 1% of the millions taken in to those they propose to help while paying $8 million in salaries for executives and employees of U2’s ONE campaign to monitor the disbursement of the mere $185,000 the foundation donated to good causes in the past year. Oh, but ONE “does advocacy work, not charity work.” Advocacy now days is a sort of Orwellian term for scam  and reports are that many U2 fans fell in line and signed up with the group “ONE” at the Vandy show.

Some folks had a protest this past week in Glastonbury calling for the band to pay their taxes just like those who buy their concert tickets and albums are forced to. Don’t they know that those in league with the elite  have ways to avoid many of the taxes?  ‘Saint Bono’  regularly meets with political leaders to lobby on behalf of developing nations but wants the working class to foot the bill. The Edge claims the band just wants to be ‘tax-efficient.’ 

I’ll let those more well versed in symbolism interpret U2’s visuals but the ‘Claw’ stage setting certainly brings to mind the death grip of debt and the police state currently around our throats. A more mundane interpretation is that the space theme was played for humor and for a grander sense of universal connection and responsibility. ‘Responsibility’ reinforced in ritual as  “a deeply internalized concept” maybe?

Perhaps I’m making more of this than it is but I found it interesting that the show incorporated what a few consider to be a ritualistic and highly propagandized event, the Gabby Giffords shooting. 

The song Space Oddity was sprinkled throughout the show, most memorably after Bono acknowledged Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman who lived through an assassination attempt, then asked the audience to imagine “her husband looking down on us.” A grinning, floating Cmdr. Mark Kelly in his spaceship appeared onscreen, intoning “tell my wife I love her very much, she knows.”

Secular rituals are a regular occurrence. The 4th of July rituals with the symbology of fireworks and the flag are upon us to reinforce the concepts of America the great as well as America the warfare state. 
Soon we will inundated with a fairly new kind of ritual. The 10th anniversary of 9/11 presents the opportunity for the powers that be to further ingrain the deeply internalized concept of the official story of the mega-ritual of September 11, 2001.   
Many of us will reject these country wide 9/11 presentations,  just as we reject the rituals of pop culture that U2 so massively portrays.

The Only Good Indian …

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Between the rain, sleet and snow and the lack of sunshine in this most dreary of months it becomes almost inevitable that we drift towards the mental comfort of escapism we call television.

Occasionally it’s more than just entertainment, sometimes it’s a rare moment for reflection. We’ll tell ourselves that anyway.

I watched “The Only Good Indian.” A take off title from the words of General Philip Sheridan in 1869. You may have seen it, it’s not new. Nothing is really new under the sun and the movie shows that history always repeats. A little over one hundred years ago the ‘final solution’ to the ‘Indian problem’ was almost complete. Manifest destiny, our god given right and removal of the ‘savages’ from ‘our land’ were the excuses for genocide and theft. Sounds familiar.

Zionism and manifest destiny are blood brothers. Both were and still are supported wholeheartedly by some who call themselves Christian and by those who want big profits and don’t mind stealing.

The reservations of old are now seen in the concentration camp of Gaza. Restrict movement, slowly starve the inhabitants and erase the history. It works if the guns are bigger, the killings more brutal and the renegades give up.

After the Indian wars were over, the ‘savage’s’ children who were left living had to be re-educated. Forced and coerced into schools to make them just like us.  Not much different than today’s ‘education’ from birth whose only motivation is to keep us in line, become good workers for the rich and love the reservation so much we don’t want to leave. Re-education reservations for ‘mental’ reasons may become an even more growing industry lest we all become a Jared Loughner, or so we’re being told.

Ghettos are reservations, suburbia is too. Walled, fenced, policed. We become dependent. The corporate and banker reservations entice us and trap us into a lifetime of servitude. The military reservations take our youth through deceptions and turn them into world ‘warriors’ still evoking the illusion of honor and freedom.  Don’t step off the high dollar religion reservation either, that would be heresy. We can walk away any time we please or so we think but just try it. Not easy is it?

The eradication of millions of Native Americans happened long before we were born and we share no guilt in it but we do share responsibility for what’s going on today.Warriors most of us are not.

So why should I be any different. I think I’ll just sit back and take in another movie.

Here’s one I haven’t seen …..

“The Only Good Goy” …… I wonder what it’s all about …..

“From the Shadows of Liberty” Film from Americana Pictures in the works?

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From the Ugly Truth post The Man With The Israeli Accent–USS LIBERTY Survivor’s Life Threatened by Mossad on American Soil While Uncle Sam Yawns comes word that there is a planned movie that will include elements of the Israeli attack on the Liberty in 1967.

Looking further into Americana Pictures, I found it to be located in Gatlinburg, TN with a mission and philosophy unlike that of Hollywood.


The Mission of Americana Pictures is to develop, produce and market quality motion pictures, which promote fresh talent and the best of traditional European-American ideals.


As an alternative to Hollywood, we seek to restore the American Dream and promote those qualities that made our country great. Unlike the proponents of pop culture, we will not propagandize with falsehoods, nor desensitize the public with a relentless stream of venal and decadent entertainment. We look to entertain in positive ways with honor and integrity, and create classic stories and characters that can be beacons of light – to entertain, inform and help recapture the vision and spirit of our founding fathers – the spirit of Americana.

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On the Liberty film

Other quality projects in development include, “From the Shadows of Liberty”, a powerful story of action, intrigue and romance. It has direct connection to the little known, but historically significant assault on the USS Liberty and impacts the current and noble struggle to preserve our individual liberties and our nation’s sovereignty.

Americana Pictures sounds promising. Best of luck to them. I think they will have plenty of support from those of us sick and tired of Hollywood.

The Roman Polanski diversion

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Polanski has been ‘on the run’ for over 30 years, so why after all this time would the U.S. move to have him extradited? They could have done this long ago if they had wanted to.

Maybe he has made a deal? Trading a little media diversion time for his eventual freedom?

Left: Polanski in the 1960s with his wife, Sharon Tate. Bottom right: Samantha Geimer, who was 13 when Polanski had sex with her in 1977. Top right: Jack Nicholson, in whose home the crime occurred. Photo: AFP/AP

With all of the current news of Iran, Israel, Afghanistan and the HR 1207 – audit the Federal Reserve issue being covered up, this is a good opportunity for an old salacious story to become a week long diversion. Polanski will most likely come away from this with a light slap on the wrist and maybe even get to return to the U.S. as a free man before he dies.

As he is jewish, Polanski will get the usual jewish media spin of ‘you rascal you’ and then be welcomed back and praised for his ‘accomplishments.’

Being a ‘holocaust’ survivor means getting special treatment. He even made a holocaust tale, The Pianist, and with the Manson family/wife Sharon Tate and friends murders thrown into the mix, well, you know that Polanski is not going to be treated as a common pedophile.

Here is one jewish writer, a Mr. Richard Cohen’s take on the story that may be typical:

It ought not to matter that Polanski is a Holocaust survivor. (His mother died at Auschwitz.) After all, countless others survived the Holocaust without committing crimes of any sort, especially ones involving moral depravity.

It ought not to matter, either, that in 1969 Polanski’s wife, the actress Sharon Tate, was horrifically murdered by the Manson family when she was eight months pregnant. This, too, does not excuse moral depravity, although it gives one pause. It ought to give one pause. (Polanski underwent a 42-day psychiatric examination following his 1977 arrest.)

And it ought not to matter that Polanski is a gifted artist. In fact, it ought to be held against him. He seduced — if that can possibly be the word — the 13-year-old Samantha Geimer with all the power and authority of a 44-year-old movie director who could make her famous. If this did not impress the girl, it must have impressed her mother. She permitted what was supposed to be a photo shoot.

There are two extenuating circumstances in Polanski’s case. The first is time. It has, after all, been over 30 years and Polanski, now 76, has been clean all that time — no crimes alleged, no crimes convicted. More importantly, his victim pleads his case. Geimer says, more or less, enough is enough. She does not excuse what Polanski did and does not forgive what he has done, but it is time for us all to move on. “He made a terrible mistake, but he’s paid for it,” she said some years back.

Time does not minimize the crime, which in its details is creepy, but jail would no longer serve a purpose. The victim and the victimizer are united — they both want clemency. The girl is now a woman, and the man is old, spending his dotage making fools of his champions, who cannot distinguish between sexual freedom and sexual assault. Let Polanski go — but first let me at him.

The Polanski arrest came just a day after the death of Susan Atkins, a Manson family member involved in the Tate murders. In August, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, another Manson follower who once pointed a gun at Gerald Ford was released from prison. A coincidence you might say but it is sort of strange.

Could Polanski end up in prison alongside Charlie Manson singing a few old tunes? Nah…

Wasn’t Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” a little overrated anyway, along with the rest of his films?

Tools don’t last forever

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I seem to have heard that little Michael was controlled for profit by his father from a very early age. Maybe he thought he was in control later on but not so. He was a tool of the jewish entertainment industry until his death.

Jackson made a lot of money, but he had lost most of it at the end. Bankers and others took it back.

Just now on Fox ‘News,’ Uri Geller, an israeli freak, was interviewed and attempted to burnish Jackson’s legacy. “Not a pedophile” says the ‘friend’ and insider and although not perfect, he was just often misunderstood and used by others.

The media is loving this death of Michael Jackson shit. They don’t have to pretend to be bringing us some some other real ‘news.’

Yes, he was willingly used for an agenda of diversity and acceptance of bizarre behavior. Not exactly traditional values at play with Michael.

But hey, Billie Jean was a pretty catchy tune and it did reflect/reinforce a certain aspect of the destruction of our society.

‘Talented’ tools taking it to the extreme. Making money for the handlers and instigating a contrived social engineering program for the masses.

This is America folks. And we wonder why ‘they’ hate us for our freedoms.

The House of Rothschild (1934)

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1934 movie starring
George Arliss as Mayer Rothschild / Nathan Rothschild
Boris Karloff as Count Ledrantz
Loretta Young as Julie Rothschild
Robert Young as Captain Fitzroy

from: cinemillenium

with quotes from the movie.

This is Hollywood’s feel-good white-washing of the exploits of the banking family.
Because the lavish Hollywood extravaganza gives away so many of the family’s secrets that would infuriate decent-minded lovers of Truth today, it has been all but censored out of existence even though the film portrays the family as heroes, was marketed as feature cinema with one of the first ever uses of Technicolor (in its finale), and “earned” an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture of 1934. Although censored today in all mainstream movie outlets, the buried film has thankfully been made available, in twelve parts, by a member movie buff at YouTube who apparently is rather oblivious to controversy.

Take note of Meyer Amschel’s instructions to his sons.
“Work and strive for money! Money is power! Money is the ONLY weapon that the Jew has to defend himself with!”

It is money the wins wars. It’s money that makes wars. Most of all, wars make money.

“Nathan has done more for the Jews in England than any man who ever lived.”

This is true. So why have you never heard of him? Why is it that his influence, in many ways greater than any man who ever lived, kept secret? Why has this movie been buried underground?

“It’s clear isn’t it: we fight for the peace of Europe, and WITH PEACE, WE [ROTHSCHILDS] LOSE OUR POWER!”

They gain strength through war. They seek war because it gives them strength. They provoke wars and like vampires they profit from blood.

Lady Rothschild to Nathan: “You tell all those kings and ministers you feed, that if they don’t stop this outrage, you’ll stop their pocket money”.

This sums up exactly what’s been going on. The bankers feed the politicians. It is eminently clear.

Nathan begins speaking the lines of one of the most nauseating, hypocritical, pieces of propaganda and white-washing that Hollywood has ever put out. “We’ve got to swallow our pride, to stomach our resentment, we’ve got to go against every normal selfish impulse in us, and DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE WORLD.”

This is the sort of disgusting catchphrases that the greediest, most selfish, banksters in the world use to justify wholesale human slaughter. With consummate arrogance, they say that what’s good for them is good for the world.

“We can go hand in hand with Napoleon and spread this war over years. We can pay for fire and blood until all of Europe is a slaughterhouse…”
Lies. All lies. The truth is that Rothschild wrecked the British stock and currency markets so that he could buy everything on the cheap. He knew that Wellington had won, but lied to everyone so that they would sell British assets at rock-bottom prices and he would snatch them up. That is history. It is common knowledge.One segment begins with more of Nathans’s nauseating lies from one of Hollywood’s most effective propaganda movies.

It shows how confident the family was that they had hedged their bets on both sides of the Napoleonic wars.

“Napoleon will give us [Jews] our freedom, that’s why WE ARE FOR NAPOLEON.”

Lies. All lies. The truth is that Rothschild wrecked the British stock and currency markets so that he could buy everything on the cheap. He knew that Wellington had won, but lied to everyone so that they would sell British assets at rock-bottom prices and he would snatch them up. That is history. It is common knowledge.

“Remember, I am a magician”.

A magician indeed, like the pagans of ancient Babylon whose traditions are recorded in the Babylonian Talmud.

“No one man can hold the nation’s credit single-handed Mr. Rothschild”

Nathan: “One man can try.”

He didn’t just try, he succeeded. His descendants hold the credit of almost all nations, if not all nations, today.

“I’m giving all I got to give for the peace of Europe!”

This is utter propaganda. He instigated wars in Europe in order to control the credit of entire nations.

“Oh Mr. Rothschild, do tell me how it feels to be the richest man in the world.”

"We are all slumdogs now"

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So the self described “Feel Good Film of the Decade” wins in a night of self worship for the Jewish dominated entertainment industry.

Somehow the cynical ‘shepherds’ of social engineering giving themselves awards just doesn’t give me a good feeling.

As each day passes and our allotment of disposable income decreases, why should we spend a dime on these short diversions from reality? Do these films actually help us get through the programmed destruction of our society?

I have an idea. Boycott everything Hollywood. Give your dime to someone who actually could use it. Don’t continue to support the decadence of the ruling entertainment elite. I get the feeling they laugh at us when our backs are turned and say:

“We duped the dumbass public again.”