Race to the Top

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Tennessee has historically been ranked near the bottom of the 50 states in education but it has won the first lottery in stimulus money in the ‘race to the top’ program. A one time $500 million grant that’s been based on how well the state will follow the federal ‘guidelines.’ After the money is gone, any programs implemented will fall to state funding.
Some of the reports are hinting that professional corporate ‘educators’ will get a chunk of the money to go in and help the schools. It sounds like the beginnings of a ‘corporatist’ public school system using the strong arm of the feds to set an agenda.

In selecting winners, the education department used a complicated scoring system that weighted everything from states’ willingness to track student and teacher performance, adopt uniform standards, and turn around or close their worst schools.

“Obviously, when they’re dangling a carrot of half a billion dollars it doesn’t hurt. Especially when we’re scrambling for every penny,” said Jerry Winters, director of government relations for the Tennessee Education Association. 
Teachers were leery of the proposed reforms, particularly the idea of using the state’s massive data tracking system to evaluate their performance. In the end, Winters said, seven years of trust and cooperation between the union and the governor’s office persuaded them to buy into the reforms.

 How will the state’s $500M grant be spent?

I’m going to go with the idea that when the federal government gets involved in local education by dangling carrots in front of cash strapped states, it is not totally in the best interests of the children. The ‘Obama reforms’ will have a price.


Leading the Wal-Mart Cheer

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Give me a W…give me an A…..

In front, leading the Wal-Mart cheer is Taneka Robertson.

Wal-Mart donates money to teachers to spend on their class

Short Mountain School was visited by Steve Phillips, Taneka Robertson, and Walter Gaskill of the Rutherford Blvd Wal-Mart in Murfreesboro. Wal-mart gave each teacher a $100 gift card to spend toward their class and a $50 gift card to the Art & PE teacher. A total of $1100.00 was awarded. {source – Cannon Wire}

I’m glad that Wal-Mart sometimes decides to give a little money to local schools. It will take a slight load off of parents who are continually hit up for money. Fund raisers are a big thing around here. Just yesterday our local school delivered 360 dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts at $6 a pop to support something or the other for the school.

What struck me in this Wal-Mart give away was that the art and PE teachers only got half of what the others received.

I suppose creativity and physical fitness must not be prerequisites to being a good Wal-Mart shopper.

Wal-Mart is going with the flow. Google ‘art, music and PE funding cuts in schools’ and you’ll see this is the trend all over the country. These ‘unnecessary’ subjects don’t fit in with the federal mandate of “No Child Left Behind.”

“Mommy, can we go to Wal-Mart?”

“Tomorrow dear, that’s when they’ll begin giving the flu vaccine at those ‘everyday low prices.’ Now eat your donuts and go to your room and play video games. I may even let you ride in one of the scooters there. Won’t that be fun?”

One guess…What specific ‘history lessons’ are funded by stimulus money?

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Gotta pony up the funds Tennessee. The ADL will be accusing you of a ‘hate crime’ by not teaching the kiddies a one sided account of ‘history.’ They may even call you anti-semitic. Are there any other specific stimulus monies or state taxpayer funds that are used to ‘indoctrinate’ a single aspect of events in the past?

Holocaust lessons are at risk as Tennessee alters funding

Jill Coble never skips the Holocaust in her social studies classes, using the event as a gateway to class discussions about the dangers of propaganda and creating scapegoats.

The Smyrna Middle School teacher is the unofficial coordinator of about 12 teachers trying to help the Tennessee Commission on Holocaust Education fulfill its core mission — making sure Holocaust victims are remembered and the public receives and grasps lessons about hate and human rights.

“Many of my students, they arrive with basically no knowledge of the Holocaust,” Coble said. “But interestingly enough, here in Smyrna and I’m sure in other parts of the state, we have people who have … experienced some type of persecution first hand. So, I think what the Holocaust has to teach us really resonates.”

The 25-year-old group is facing a new challenge this year. It saw its $128,300 in state funding move from the state’s annual spending plan to the “non-recurring” expense column, meaning a fight for the money each year and likely a need for more private donations.

Adding to the agency’s challenges is that the state is steadily losing the small number of Holocaust survivors and military liberators, people whom the commission once frequently connected with schools for living lessons.

This year, a portion of the federal stimulus package is covering the commission’s budget, said Felicia Anchor, commission chairwoman.

“We are kind of on notice that we are either going to have to re-establish ourselves with the state or be looking for our funding elsewhere,” Anchor said. {more – The Tennessean}

Children are never too young to be taught to despise the State

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…to distrust its agents, and to avoid cooperating in any way with the mechanism of official plunder, deception, and coercion. Parents should seek to instill such attitudes in their children as soon as possible.

Isn’t it our responsibility to end the worship of the state?

Video exposes ‘all whites are racist’ teachings

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In 2007, the University of Delaware’s Office of Residence Life used mandatory activities to coerce students to change their thoughts, values, attitudes, beliefs, and habits to conform to a highly specified social, environmental, and political agenda. Following FIRE’s campaign, which called the attention of the national media and the blogosphere to the Orwellian program, university President Patrick Harker terminated the program, effective immediately. This video explains the program’s invasive thought-reform activities, the horrified reactions of students and the press, and FIRE’s response.

My Comments:

Believe it or not, this Marxist, racist ideology is being taught on campuses all across the United States. No longer are colleges and universities places of learning, but centers of social engineering and mass indoctrination aimed at breaking individuals of their traditional beliefs and instilling the state-mandated beliefs deemed acceptable by the elite. It’s all about getting people to accept a socialist one world government, where the only opinions one will be allowed to have are those deemed “politically correct,” which are pre-approved by the state. It’s a form a training that derives directly from the Soviet system of government. The war that is being waged is, more than anything, being waged against free and individual thought.


Think What We Think…Or Else: Thought Control on the American Campus

Source: Matthew Jarvie

“It seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.”

Aldous Huxley (1962 speech at Berkeley)

Eustace Mullins – The Neo Zionist Order

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A 10 part interview with Eustace Mullins on Israel, world zionism, the Federal Reserve and more. {source}

Secrets of the Federal Reserve

Eustace Mullins – The World Order

A jewish pervert busted in Nashville

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We’ll see how good Levine’s ‘connections’ are. He obviously won’t be attending Obama’s Passover seder.

photo Jay Levine

Teacher Accused of Child Porn

Murfreesboro, Metro teacher filmed kid’s sex, police say

Child porn cases contain allegations of teen alcohol, drug use dating to ’70s

Teenagers have gone for decades to a science teacher’s Belle Meade-area home to drink and smoke marijuana. Many went to have sex with each other. Few knew they were being videotaped.

Those allegations were detailed in a federal complaint released Tuesday charging Louis Jay Levine, 52, with producing child pornography. Police recovered 400 tapes, many with handwritten labels, at his Alton Road home near Belle Meade.Levine, who holds a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and a master’s from Belmont, is a first-year teacher with Murfreesboro City Schools. He traveled through the district teaching science and nature classes to elementary and middle school students. He has been a substitute teacher with Metro Nashville Public Schools since 2002, and for many years took snakes and other wildlife to presentations for youth groups and camps.

The police investigation began in late March, when a concerned parent told a Metro detective that her teenage son and other teenagers were given alcohol and marijuana at Levine’s house and allowed to use the bedrooms for sex.Detectives searched the home March 31 and found an “isolation room” — a waterbed covered by a wooden box with an improvised ventilation system, an outbuilding teenagers called the “Little House” where sex and drug use were common, and a monitoring and recording system hooked up to cameras positioned throughout the property.

Police said they’ve spoken with adults who recently acknowledged they took drugs and had sex at Levine’s home in the 1970s and 1980s, when they were teenagers.

A now-adult man told police of a peephole in the outbuilding, audio recordings of sexual encounters, and inappropriate contact between Levine and himself — as well as other teenage boys. Levine has not been charged with sexual assault.

Levine admitted to police that he often picks up a group of boys in Franklin and takes them to his house. One 16-year-old boy told police he suspected he was videotaped having sex with a girl he took there.

That boy also told police he was under the influence of drugs and fell asleep one day at Levine’s house. When he awoke, according to the federal complaint, his pants were off and Levine was touching him.

Levine told detectives he’s “fascinated” with the boy. He told a detective that “society looks at this differently than I do,” according to the federal warrant

Other allegations in the federal complaint describe the “Little House,” where several teenagers reported they were given pornographic videos to watch of other teenagers who’d been to the house.

The home at 133 Alton Road is no stranger to controversy. Levine’s father was Morris Levine, a Metro councilman from 1947 to 1951 and a prominent attorney, who threw lavish Halloween celebrations each year, drawing hundreds of families. In 2000, police were called when a newcomer to the neighborhood was startled to find sexually explicit magazines in the party favor given to her husband. Morris Levine, who died in 2001, referred to them as “daddy bags,” according to a previous newspaper article.

Police took a report but said that no laws were broken because the adult magazines were passed out only to adults. Most neighbors knew of the tradition.

Sandra Griffith knew of it but didn’t condone it. She has lived two houses down from the Levines for 10 years and said she often saw teenagers coming and going. She was not surprised when the younger Levine was arrested.“I knew with all those kids coming and going all hours of the day and night that something had to be going on,” Griffith said.

No family members appeared with Levine during his initial federal court appearance Tuesday.

Levine, smiling, appeared upbeat while talking with his federal marshals and his court-appointed attorney.

Levine chose Hugh Mundy, an assistant federal public defender, to represent him in future proceedings, but Levine might be forced to pay for his own representation.

U.S. Magistrate Judge John Bryant said Levine had “significant assets.”

Levine had no comment about the charges. He will have a detention hearing and a preliminary hearing at 1 p.m. Friday.

“I think the important thing to remember is these are just allegations in a criminal complaint,” Mundy said. “The allegations come primarily from teenagers.”
{more – The Tennessean}

From the Tennessean comments;

I was the one who called the police Halloween of 2000 and the police would not do anything. I had moved in to the neighborhood and everyone told my husband and I how we needed to take our children over there. I was appalled when we got home and my 4 year old son dumped out the bag and there were 2 women doing unspeakable acts on the front cover. I went back to confront the Levines and had the police come as well. I called the D.A. Tori Johnson who was extremely rude and told me he would do nothing. I knew there was something about that house that just wasn’t right. Funny to me that everyone in the neighborhood shuned me and looked at me like I was a trouble maker. These families who go use this as there one time a year to get there porn and it’s ok. All I can say to all those people is I told you so. I knew there was something going on in that house and none would listen.

BigCoverUp wrote:

Replying to BigCoverUp:

In fact Kate – before you call – respond on here and confirm or deny the willingness of the Tennessean to report the absolute whole truth (be sure to note the word “whole”). I would bet we won’t see a response either way.

Replying to Imanupsetcitzn:

It’s a wee bit ridiculous to think that the Tennessean or ANY media outlet in this town will follow and REPORT the whole story on this or any other case. Kind of funny how all the cases in the media seem to all be connected but our adults of today have forgotten how to play the connect the dots game to draw a really clear picture. Maybe they are capable of connecting them, but it draws such a scary picture that they just can’t print it. The reporters, editors, and news directors in this city are weak and afraid of the truth – if the truth is exposed and those responsible are identified, then tomorrow’s story will only be about the lack of news. Proof to these professional journalists has been handed to them on a silver platter. Kate – the dirty books that Levine handed to the cops are sitting 10 feet from me. One tv station (oh – truth – Channel 2) had access to them last night – video taped them, had the whole story. Didn’t mention it. The Tennessean doesn’t have the balls to do it either because your editors won’t attack the powerful politicians of this town who are ultimately responsible for what is happening to adults and innocent children. It’s called a blind eye to protect the law enforcement officials who are only interested in fabricated numbers to make it look like they are doing such a wonderful job. I’m sure you know who I am Kate. If your editors grow any balls whatsoever and you want the proof to actually print instead of handing it over to the thugs in charge of the city, give me a call.

Replying to BigCoverUp:

Is it any surprise to anyone that Chief Serpas and US Attorney Ed Yarbrough failed to mention yesterday that this man has been a part of the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) Youth Camp for MANY years. What makes it even more interesting is that he would show up at the camp – with his father in the years before he died – and bring little sacks of candy and cheap toys for the kids. He would bring his snakes and lizards to show to the children. What a wonderful man! He would also bring individual sacks for the POLICE OFFICERS who were there serving as counselors filled with candy AND numerous pornography magazines! The officers would then step outside and enjoy their PORN (while being paid by the city of Nashville) while Mr. Levine showed the children his lizard. I can’t vouch for the fact that this took place during the girls camps but I know he was there during the boys camps. Even his daddy’s name is on the sign at the entrance to the FOP Youth Camp in appreciation of all of his years of service to the camp. What a better way for a child pervert to enjoy his passion. Befriend and distract the cops with porn! Who wouldn’t love that as a break from 50 little kids!!

Every news station in this town knows about his ties to the FOP camp and about the dirty magazines that he handed out to the officers. Channel 2 even has even seen the magazines, but instead of mentioning what he did there and how the police officers looked at porn while he babysat the kiddies, they simply call the FOP President, mention that they acknowledge he was there and that he was NEVER alone with the kids. No mention of the porn.

Does it make you wonder if Calvin Hullett really does know what goes on at the FOP Camp???? Does it make you wonder why Ronal Serpas didn’t want what Hullett knew out in the public or why he didn’t mention this today??? Because he already knew and has known what goes on at the FOP Camp since 2006 and has refused to do anything about it and has covered up for perverts now and for on duty police officers drinking and assaulting kids! Talk about a fall guy.

Do you wonder what is really on those video’s taken by Hullett that NOBODY has the balls to show? I understand why the local media won’t do it. They will burn their sources for all other media stories and won’t get the tips from inside. Parents of the kids who have been at the FOP Camp should be outraged!!! – but who will they complain to – they ARE the COPS!

Criminal Complaint pdf

Former neighbor not surprised at child porn arrest