And now a commercial break from our Israel first sales force

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There’s nothing ground breaking in the following zionist commercial disguised as a ‘news’ show. Christian Zionist fake American Mike Huckabee sucks up to who he is predicting will be a future Israeli prime minister, Knesset member Danny Danon. Both puke up the disgusting meme of Israel’s ‘right’ to steal land and that Iran is the real enemy that must be dealt with.

The wannabe be U.S. president for Israel then brings on Sue Myrick, a so called congressional member who promotes the notion that Hezbollah is in league with the Mexican drug cartels and that we should pull out all the stops to keep them from eventually blowing us up.

Oh yeah, Alex Jones is also on the Hezbollah/Mexico bandwagon. Huckabee and Jones both sing from the same Israeli hymnal.


The Zionist Gang that Bankrupted General Motors

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by Christopher Bollyn

General Motors did not fall due to natural forces. Like the twin towers on 9-11, GM was taken down. Like 9-11, GM was sabotaged from the inside. The corporate raiders who took down GM are part of the same network of Jewish Zionists who brought down the World Trade Center.

June 16, 2009

The bankruptcy of General Motors (GM) is very similar to the collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9-11. Both catastrophic events are described in the controlled media as having occurred due to natural forces, while actually they are both the results of sabotage carried out by insiders. In both cases, the people who brought down the operation were Trojan Horses, people who had bought their way into positions of control in order to destroy them. The people behind the destruction of GM and the WTC are corporate raiders of the worst kind.

General Motors did not simply collapse as a result of market forces; it was bankrupted by corporate raiders who had infiltrated the company and taken control of its finances. Likewise, the evidence indicates that the twin towers of the World Trade Center did not collapse due to the stresses associated with the plane crashes; they were prepared in advance to be demolished using extremely powerful explosives, including tons of nano-thermite, or super-thermite. This was facilitated by the people who had obtained control of the towers shortly before 9-11, namely Larry Silverstein and the former Israeli commando Frank Lowy.

What is most remarkable is that these events are closely related. The same people are involved in the conspiracy to plunder and destroy both the World Trade Center and General Motors. This article identifies some of the key people and reveals the strategy behind the destruction of one of America’s oldest companies.


General Motors Corp. filed for bankruptcy on June 2, 2009, as the Zionist-run Obama administration provided unprecedented federal funding and oversight. The bankruptcy filing by GM was the third-largest in American history and the largest ever in U.S. manufacturing. Now that GM is facing restructuring, its assets will be taken over for pennies on the dollar. The notorious corporate raider Carl C. Icahn, for example, is reportedly looking at taking over Delphi Chassis Systems.

So, how did GM go bankrupt? If one looks at the sales figures for GM, it simply does not make sense. In 2007, GM was the largest producer of vehicles in the world, manufacturing 13 percent of the total, and had the largest slice of the U.S. car and truck market with 23.4 percent of domestic sales.

In 2007, GM led in global production and U.S. market share. Graphics from Wikinvest.

Globally, GM sold 9.4 million cars and trucks in 2007, an increase of 3 percent over 2006. GM’s 2007 tally was, in fact, the second best global sales total in the company’s 100-year history and marked the third consecutive year the company had sold more than 9 million vehicles. That doesn’t sound like a company on the brink of collapse, does it? In its 100-year history GM had been through much worse downturns, such as the Great Depression and the Second World War, yet GM managed to survive and thrive. What is so different about the management at GM in the past few years that it caused America’s biggest auto manufacturer to go into bankruptcy despite three consecutive bumber years of global sales?

George Richard (Rick) Wagoner became president and chief executive officer of GM on June 1, 2000. The value of GM stock started the month of May 2000 at its peak of over $93 per share. The day Wagoner became CEO the stock finished at $69.81. By the end of the year it was worth less than $51 per share. GM stock had fallen to about $35 when Wagoner was elected chairman on May 1, 2003. Why promote a CEO who was clearly taking the company down the drain?

Despite the falling stock price, Wagoner remained CEO and chairman of GM until March 29, 2009. Under Wagoner’s leadership GM suffered more than $85 billion in losses — losing $82 billion in the last 4 years! Why wasn’t Wagoner replaced earlier? How was GM selling more cars than ever but losing more and more money? It simply doesn’t make sense.

Were his hands tied? Rick Wagoner (center) with Mark Neporent (left), COO of Cerberus, and Eric Feldstein (right), chief executive of GMAC and treasurer of General Motors Corp. This photo is from the 2006 announcement of the Cerberus deal for a majority stake in GMAC in which Bernard Madoff’s partner-in-crime, J. Ezra Merkin, became chairman of GMAC. Is Wagoner responsible for $85 billion in losses at GM – or was he just a useful idiot?

In 2008, GM sold 8.35 million cars and trucks globally under the following brands: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, GM Daewoo, Holden, Hummer, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Vauxhall and Wuling. GM’s largest market is the U.S., followed by China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, and Germany. Despite three years of record sales, GM lost $18.8 billion during the first 6 months of 2008; by late October, its stock had dropped 76 percent, and it was considering a merger with Chrysler.

At the time the GM-Chrysler merger was being considered, Chrysler was primarily owned (80.1 percent) by the private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., headed by Stephen A. Feinberg and Jacob Ezra Merkin. Cerberus is named after the mythological three-headed dog of Hell. It should be noted that Feinberg and Merkin also controlled General Motors Acceptance Corp. (GMAC), the financial services branch of GM.

GM sold 51 percent of GMAC in 2006 to Feinberg’s private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP, and Jacob Ezra Merkin became chairman of GMAC. Had the merger gone through, Feinberg and Merkin would have probably become majority owners of both GM and Chrysler. This appears to have been the plan. Feinberg and Merkin, the owners of GMAC, had plundered and conspired to bring down GM so that they could take it over.

When Cerberus gained control of GMAC, they hurt GM’s domestic sales by raising the credit requirements for car loans. Feinberg and Merkin reportedly raised the credit requirements so high that they caused a very sizable chunk of sales to be lost due to customers’ inability to secure financing. Cerberus reportedly used this tactic to pressure GM into selling or trading their remaining stake in GMAC.

Ezra Merkin became a controlling owner of Israel’s Bank Leumi shortly before he got his hands on GMAC in 2006. Here he shakes the hand of the notorious war criminal Ariel Sharon as he hands him a check for $500 million. Ehud Olmert (center) held secret meetings in New York City on September 10, 2001. Merkin’s private Israeli bank has a branch in Switzerland that contains billions of stolen dollars held in secret numbered accounts.

Merkin is clearly a criminal. He is one of the key players of the multi-billion dollar criminal fraud carried out by Bernard Madoff. Merkin secretly diverted untold billions to Madoff’s fraudulent investment fund. One of Merkin’s funds lost $1.8 billion of investor cash with Madoff. Merkin was seen as “the Golden Boy controlling the Golden Goose.”

Feinberg and Merkin were also controlling co-owners of Israel’s Bank Leumi, which had been privatized in 2005 under finance minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Bank Leumi also has off-shore banks and a branch in Switzerland in which billions of dollars are held in secret numbered accounts.

It was reported on December 30, 2008, that the U.S. Treasury would provide $6 billion more for GMAC, headed by Merkin and the extremely secretive Feinberg. Feinberg is so secretive his Who’s Who biography says he is deceased!

Stephen A. Feinberg, Ezra Merkin’s partner-in-crime.

The U.S. Treasury was reportedly buying a $5 billion stake in GMAC and lending $1 billion to GM. This “loan” was in addition to $13.4 billion of taxpayer dollars the Treasury had already lent to GM and Chrysler LLC. Once again, a plundered and bankrupted company was being “bailed-out” with taxpayer funds.

Merkin had been chairman of GMAC since November 2006. GMAC reportedly lost nearly $8 billion while Merkin was in charge. Despite Merkin’s huge losses at GMAC and his involvement in the Madoff criminal scam, the U.S. government evidently had no problem providing billions of taxpayer dollars to Merkin, whose Ariel Fund was one of the largest funds feeding billions to Bernie Madoff’s financial black hole. Madoff reportedly “lost” some $50 billion, or more.

Jacob Ezra Merkin, orthodox Jew and devoted Zionist, finally resigned as chairman of GMAC on January 9, 2009. How was Merkin allowed to remain in control of the privately-held GMAC operation for so long despite his history of financial fraud?


GMAC is a very interesting operation. A wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors since 1919, GMAC provided customers with more than $1.4 trillion in credit to finance more than 162 million vehicles. Originally designed to provide financing for people buying GM vehicles, it branched out into other fields, such as real estate. GMAC Commercial Mortgage (GMACCM), for example, provided the funds for Larry Silverstein and the former Israeli commando Frank Lowy to take over the World Trade Center in July 2001. The towers served as the collateral. GMAC Commercial Mortgage sold $563 million in bonds backed by a loan to Silverstein Properties for its purchase of the towers. If Silverstein and Lowy were part of the conspiracy to destroy the World Trade Center, the people controlling GMACCM would probably also be. Who was controlling the purse strings at GMAC in 2001 when Silverstein was negotiating to obtain control of the World Trade Center?

Larry Silverstein, here with his daughter Lisa, made billions of dollars from the destruction of the World Trade Center. He is the former chairman of the UJA-Federation of New York, the largest Zionist fund-raising organization in the world.

At GMAC, the person in charge of the money was Eric A. Feldstein, born in Brookline, Mass. in 1959. Feldstein had worked in the office of the treasurer at GM Corp. from 1981-91 and was regional treasurer in Europe from 1991-93. In 1993, he returned to New York as assistant treasurer. In March 1996, he was named executive vice president and chief financial officer of GMAC and chairman of the GMAC Mortgage Group, where he oversaw corporate activities responsible for general finance, audit, and worldwide borrowings.

Feldstein became treasurer of General Motors in November 1997, and was elected vice president the following month. In June 2001, Feldstein was named General Motors’ vice president, finance, and corporate treasurer. When GM and GMAC failed in 2008, Feldstein went to work for Feinberg and Merkin at Cerberus, joining the team named after the three-headed dog of Hell. At Cerberus, Feldstein was made executive vice president.

Eric Feldstein, the treasurer of GM, laughs with Rick Wagoner and Mark Neporent, COO of Cerberus, as the Zionist-run fund took majority control of GMAC. By this point, GM was well on its way to losing $85 billion – all during Feldstein’s term as GM corporate treasurer and vice president in charge of finance.

Eric Feldstein is the son of Donald Feldstein, a high-ranking member of a number of Zionist organizations in New York and New Jersey. The elder Feldstein is one year older than Larry Silverstein and has a long history of leadership in the same Zionist organization as Silverstein. Donald Feldstein was an executive director of the United Jewish Appeal-Federation Jewish Philanthropies in New York City from 1976-81. This is the huge Zionist fund-raising organization that Larry Silverstein headed as the chairman of the board and where he is an honorary board member. The connection between Donald Feldstein and Larry Silverstein at this Zionist organization certainly played a role in Eric Feldstein’s decision to use GMAC money to back Silverstein’s bid for the World Trade Center. It is through such Zionist organizations like the UJA-Federation and the secretive order of B’nai B’rith, an international organization of Jewish Freemasons, that the Zionist network functions. In this way actions and decisions that affect whole nations can be made without anyone outside the “community” being aware.

GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corp., under the leadership of Donald Feldstein’s son, provided an $800 million loan to fellow Zionists Silverstein and Lowy to back their bid for the soon-to-be privatized World Trade Center in the summer of 2001. This privatization deal, initiated by the Zionist Ronald Lauder and managed by Lewis Eisenberg of the Port Authority, was finalized at the end of July 2001. The WTC complex was finally put into private hands – Zionist hands – only 6 weeks before it was demolished and pulverized with super-thermite.


After being fired from GMAC, Eric Feldstein went to work for Cerberus in March 2008. Three months later he became CFO at Eton Park Capital Management. Eton Park is a hedge fund run by 42-year-old Eric M. Mindich, formerly with Goldman Sachs, and Alan R. Batkin, the vice chairman of the fund. Batkin, 64, is the senior partner at Eton Park. Although Feldstein lost billions as the head of GMAC and was fired because he had destroyed the 90-year-old company, Mindich and Batkin made him chief financial officer at Eton Park. Feldstein’s colossal failure at GMAC evidently did not bother them. He was clearly being rewarded for a job well done.

Alan Batkin, the vice chairman at Eton Park, is very highly connected. Batkin was, for example, vice chairman of Kissinger Associates Inc. from 1990 through 2006. It is, however, his executive positions at some of the biggest companies of Israel, such as Israel Discount Bank (IDB) and Discount Investment Corporation, Ltd., that reveal the intense Israeli character of Eton Park. (The IDB has been privatized and is also closely tied to the Madoff scam.)

Alan R. Batkin is a member of the board of governors of Tel Aviv University and is treasurer of PEC Israel Economic Corp. (part of Discount Investment Corporation, Ltd.) where he has served as CEO, president, and director. He also served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Orama Ltd. (a venture capital firm founded in 1999 to support companies in the Israeli technology sector; a subsidiary of IDB Group, Ltd.)

From 1972 to 1990, Batkin was an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, where he a Managing Director for 14 years. Batkin has been, since 1999, a director of Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. (OSG), which owns and manages a large fleet of transatlantic oil tankers. As a director of OSG, Batkin works with Solomon Merkin, the brother of Jacob Ezra Merkin. Their father, Hermann Merkin, was one of the owners of the company along with the Recanati family of Israel Discount Bank. Batkin is also vice chairman and a director of Hasbro Inc. since 1992.

Solomon Merkin

Batkin was a director of Infinity Broadcasting Corp. since April 1992. Infinity provided popular talk radio with a distinctly pro-Israel point of view. Foremost among Infinity’s talk show staff was Howard Stern, a vulgar and controversial radio personality. Other national radio performers employed by Infinity included Don Imus, Larry King, G. Gordon Liddy and Rush Limbaugh. Infinity merged with CBS Radio in 1997.

Alan Batkin is a scion of the intensely Zionist Batkin and Tenzer families and the son of Stanley Irving Batkin, a leading Zionist figure since the 1930s. Stanley Batkin is a recipient of Israel’s Prime Minister’s Medallion (1974) and the City of Jerusalem Medal (1976). These awards are given to Zionists for extraordinary service to Israel. The elder Batkin has served, since the founding of the state of Israel, as an executive of the following organizations (among many others): the Zionist Organization of America; the State of Israel Bond Committee; the Jewish Theological Seminary; State of Israel Bonds; Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science; Friends of Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Inc.; and Yeshiva University Museum.

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Source: Christopher Bollyn

JIDF hate group attacks free speech

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The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) is a non-violent protest group who share concerns about antisemitic online content, as well as content which promotes terrorism on sites including Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Earth, Blogger, and other sites and forums throughout the internet. The JIDF believes in direct action both to eradicate the problems we face online and to create the publicity that will cause those with the power (companies like Facebook and Google) to take the needed action themselves.

A jewish group, the JIDF, taking issue with the jewish internet moguls….yeah right.

Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg

Google, youtube, blogger – Sergey BrinLarry Page

Wikipedia – Jimmy Wales

The enemies huh…

Before you slobber all over yourself, the JIDF can help.



A non-violent protest group…I’ll have to question that. Attacking free speech, creating false history and trolling the internet to censor any criticism of jewish criminals and their allies plus Israeli genocide and war crimes may not be physically violent but it sure as hell is violent against freedom and truth.

“eradicate the problems we face online” means shutting down anyone who would dare to express their first amendment rights.

The JIDF, google, wikipedia, youtube…..

working together to create an antisemitic free internet….. one where the truth has no place.


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Patriots, get us out of this Zionist nest! We were warned by our wise forefathers of the danger of becoming beholden to a partner in our government. President Washington showed us the light but our government blew it out and now are paying a dear price, in blood and treasure, to keep our beloved America from being sucked down the proverbial Zionist drain of no return.

America is not at a crossroad. We are way beyond that and have been for 41+ years. The Six Day War in June of 1967 was the path to our prosperity and the joy of real freedom but our bought and paid for government, from LBJ to the congress and courts took the road of a snake’s forked tongue and the snake has all but devoured all that this great land is endeared for, such as our dignity, fairness, love of family, friends, love of country and our planet, and, most of all, God. We have given until we can’t give anymore. The greedy Jewish Zionist bankers have bankrupt this country from Wall Street to your street, to your house, to your farm, your land, your car, your boat, and your life.

We cannot and must not fight anymore wars for Israel. If they want to fight Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, or anywhere else, let them fight their own fights. Let them pay with their own lives, their own treasures, not with America’s sons and daughters, not one more day! Enough is enough! Israel, you are on your own. No more aid for you, period! No more aid for any other country. America, we must cut the head off of the snake that is devouring us or we Will never see this country the same ever again. It’s up to you, patriots, to raise your voices and your pen and demand freedom from the Israeli leaches before America’s blood is sucked dry.

If Israel would have been slapped down and punished, fiercely, for the murders of American sons on the high seas on June 8, 1967 aboard the USS LIBERTY, this country would not be in the shape it is in today. The saddest part of all is this country is under the Zionists’ thumb now more than ever before in history. Wake up, American patriots!! You are the only ones that can save us. Put country before self for the sake of our children and their children, for God’s sake!!

Patriots, I beg you as a combat wounded patriot. I have seen the Zionist sword slay my fellow Americans like cattle. We can’t allow anymore of our blood and treasure to be stolen by the Zionist State of Israel with the rubber stamped approval of this corrupt Zionist run government called the good ole USA.

The elections we all just went through changes nothing. Our new president chose as his chief of staff Roam Israel Emanuel, an Israeli IDF officer, an Israeli firster, no doubt. God save our nation!

Phillip F. Tourney

USS LIBERTY survivor

Three time president of the USS LIBERTY Veterans Association

Co-host of THE LIBERTY HOUR, Saturdays @ 11:00 eastern time, republicbroadcasting.org

Source: http://ussliberty.wordpress.com/2008/11/13/patriots-your-country-needs-you/

thanks to The Peoples Voice for the link

Rahm Hooks the White House

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Out with the old:
The Zionists WhoDominate the White House

In with the new:
First Emanuel and now
Obama picks another Super Zionist Dennis Ross

We’ll have a complete list fairly soon. Scott Creighton gives some possibilities below.


Change Takes a Backseat As Obama’s Cabinet Takes Shape

Posted by willyloman on November 10, 2008

by Scott Creighton

Many names are being tossed around for Cabinet level positions at this stage of the Obama transition to the White House. Today, two separate articles should raise some serious concerns for the true “progressives” who worked so hard and gave so much to help Barack Obama win the election.

The stories detail a couple more potential Cabinet members as well as a growing trend in the now very Blue Dog Democrat and Democratic Leadership Council looking staff. And if you think it’s a bit “iffy” to have the republican branch of the democratic party in the White House, wait till you hear about the republicans he’s bringing with him (why settle for imitation when you can have the real thing?).

Being reported in the LA paper, Daily Breeze, Jane Harman is being seriously considered for several key positions in the Obama administration such as CIA director and head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Harman, who has served the South Bay in Congress for 14 of the past 16 years, has been mentioned as a candidate for several positions, including CIA director, director of national intelligence, and secretary of homeland security.” LA Breeze.

Jane Harman is listed as the 5th richest member of congress. She is a Blue Dog Democrat, a member of the Democratic Leadership Council, and she is a member of the New Democrat Coalition.

Some stirring successes of the Blue Dog Democrats: in 2008, the passage of the FISA compromise, Welfare Reform under Bill Clinton, and 2005 Bankruptcy bill.

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) has been called the republican wing of the Democratic Party. Their interests lie mainly in promoting free-trade issues and busting up unions as best they can. The DLC;

“…supports the No Child Left Behind Act. The DLCsupports both the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central America Free Trade Agreement(CAFTA).”

“The organization supports some forms of Social Security privatization…”

“The DLC gave strong support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Prior to the war, Will Marshall co-signed a letter to President Bush from the Project for the New American Century endorsing military action against Saddam Hussein.” Wiki.

Jane Harman was suspected of and investigated by the FBI for helping cover up for AIPAC with their spying investigation, in exchange for their future influence;

The FBI has been looking into claims since mid-2005 that Harman of California, the top Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, made explicit pledges to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC, in exchange for the group’s support in her quest to keep her spot on the intelligence panel. The Washington Post reports one of those pledges was that for AIPAC’s help, she would ask Republican administration officials to ease up on a probe of two former AIPAClobbyists charged with violating the Espionage Act by receiving national defense information and transmitting it to journalists and Israeli Embassy employeesFox News.

And all of that doesn’t even address the biggest issue of Jane Harman, which is her Homegrown Terrorist Bill, HR 1955. This is the most fascist piece of legislation this nation has EVER seen (even worse than the USA Patriot Act). It looks to start classifying US citizens as Enemy Combatants based on the most flimsey and vague evidence you can imagine. And it’s Jane Harman’s baby.

So as if it wasn’t bad enough that “our” President Obama (Mr. Change!) was stacking the deck with the most republican democrats that he can find, now it appears he will be using the real thing as well. Not just republicans, but Bush’s own republicans. Several of them.

As President-elect Barack Obama prepares to fill top positions for his incoming government, he faces a stubborn reality: Some of the key individuals he will rely upon to tackle the country’s most serious challenges are holdovers from the current administration — a trio of Bush appointees who will likely stay in place…” MSNBC.

“… Ben S. Bernanke, a Republican and former chairman of President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, who will lead the Federal Reserve for at least the first year of the new administration.”.

“… Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, …”

“…FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, whose term expires in 2011.”

” …he is even considering keeping defense Secratary Robert Gates at the Pentagon to ensure a smooth transition.” MSNBC.

The DLC, Blue Dog Democrats, pure republicans, members of AIPAC, advocates of the Homegrown Terrorism Bill, and all of them, every one, including Biden and Rahm, a supporter of the the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 as well as increasing troop strength in Afghanistan. ie, the “Afghanistan surge”.

They are all “pro-business” and pro-free-trade. They are your new version of “Change”.

Now the question is, how long will you continue to “believe”?


Remove ‘Israel First’ Lieberman

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https://i0.wp.com/www.observer.com/files/imagecache/article/files/082307_lieberman_web.jpg Joe Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, and former Vice Presidential Candidate, dubbed the moral conscience of the Senate when he took to the Senate floor to upbraid Bill Clinton on his immorality. While he’s confused as to party loyalty, he’s not confused as to his primary allegiance to Israel, not America.

Joe Lieberman wants to keep his status and committees and caucus with the Democrats. He has been a fear-monger and someone who has promoted a dangerous, reckless false choice between American relations with Israel and other parts of the Middle East. He is a devout neoconservative who has been a key enabler of many of the most nefarious groups that promoted the Iraq War and who want a series of new wars in the region.

But more than that, he strongly supported someone a heartbeat away from the presidency who knew virtually nothing about America’s place in the world, who knew nothing of American history and its leaders and conventions and founders.

Lieberman is dangerous on so many levels — and he has not apologized for any of his positions or offered any explanation that should make Americans feel comfortable with this Senator in the next four years as Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security.


Outcasted Likud Senator Joe Lieberman will be caucusing with the Ghoulish Ol’ Pedophile party:

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has reached out to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) about the prospect of joining the Republican Conference, but Lieberman is still bargaining with Democratic leaders to keep his chairmanship, according to Senate aides in both parties.

“They’ve been talking,” McConnell spokesman Don Stewart said.

A Lieberman aide cautioned that “Sen. Lieberman’s preference is to stay in the caucus, but he’s going to keep all his options open. McConnell has reached out to him, and at this stage, his position is he wants to remain in the caucus but losing the chairmanship is unacceptable.”

This came a day after Harry Reid, Majority Leader of the Senate, gave Lieberman a strong talking to after he spent the past 6 months campaigning for John McCain and holding the Democratic party hostage. A transition to the Republicans will be a natural fit for the Israeli spy who was banished from the Democrats after he refused to put American interests in front of Israeli national security.


Lieberman – the Israeli agent in our midst

Lieberman is a mealy-mouthed, snake in the grass – a war-mongerer and has loyalties to the State of Israel that dictate his actions at every level.

American blood means nothing to him in pursuit of his Zionist agenda.

Several times during rallies and speeches, Lieberman can be seen, quite clearly and deliberately, standing behind and within inches of McCain – all in support of belligerent US military ventures which would have been McCain’s chief foreign policy tool – much to the delight of Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman is yet another Israeli spy/agent within the highest levels of the US government that has worked tirelessly to pervert American policy and priorities, making them indistiguishable from Israeli policies and priorities.

Stunning, that seven years on, this critical reality has yet to be openly tied to the horrible attacks of 911. But use caution. To do so is to be anti-semitic, to be a hate-mongerer, a bigot, or worse – a racist.

What a way to frame the debate by making the discussion off limits.

by Michael McCoy


LIEberman must go!

Hear hear!

Write your Congressmen and women! (The Democratic Party members, that is.)

Homeland Security is full of Israeli dual-passport individuals. (Once a Mossad – always a Mossad.) People that are still bound to another country should not be in sensitive positions in our government and getting paid with our tax-dollars.

by szn46



Go Back to Israel Joe

Joe Lie-berman is an Israel firster and a scumbag of the first order.

Go back to Israel Joe, your ilk are not wanted here anymore.

If Israelis ever want peace, they need to get rid of AIPAC.

If Americans ever want peace in the Mideast they need to get rid of AIPAC.

I will be proud of the day when Obama will put the interest of America before the interest of Israel and not be crucified for it. It’s a shame that American politicians are selected, not on their commitment to the best interests of America, but by vowing to put the interests of a foreign nation, Israel, first. The oath of allegiance that I said everyday in school was not to Israel, or any country but America.

Why are we still unconditionally, unquestioningly, unendingly still financing Israel ? My tax dollars are still funding the illegal settlements in the West Bank and the apartheid oppression of the Palestinian people. Cutting their aid would make the Israel’s do something, finally, after 60 years. I’m sick and tired of my tax money giving every Israel $1500.00 per capita while our own go without.

Why are we still letting AIPAC define Middle East foreign policy ? Iran nuclear transparency, means Israel better be transparent too. It’s time for the US to stop the hypocritical, double standard of protecting Israel while demonizing a member of the NNPT and who allows IAEA inspections. Israel does not.

Israel warmongering through AIPAC has killed 4000+ US people in Iraq and now they want us to do their dirty work in Iran.

Those AIPAC members who demand that Israel’s war crimes never be mentioned, that the Nakba is somehow anti-Semitic, and that Israel should not have to adhere to the same international nuclear regulation that is being demanded of Iran only demonstrate their ignorance and fascist tendencies when it comes to any type of open discussion of Israel. Israel refused to allow 7 Palestinian Fullbright scholarship recipients to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Israel has violated international law and countless U.N. resolutions for decades. The Cold War is over and Israel does not offer the U.S. anything other than hampering any positive steps toward a Middle East peace and a viable Palestinian State. Israel receives one fifth of all U.S. foreign aid and yet the country is the size of Rhode Island. That money needs to be spent on America’s infrastructure. It is time for the U.S. to stop the blind support of a rogue nation and cease all financial assistance to a country that continues to refuse to abide by the E.U. and U.S. ‘road map”.

The goal of the Israeli lobby in America,AIPAC,is to falsify, manipulate,stifle, and color discussion,debate,and our beliefs and perceptions of who is our “enemy” and who is our “friend” by deliberate obstructionism and McCarthyism.Israel and fifth-columnists in America have largely controlled our “free press” to limit the truth about the occupation and the Palestinian struggle to end the repression,apartheid,occupation,illegal colonization (settlements),collective punishment and abuse of ALL Palestinians by Israeli forces and “settlers”. There will be no peace with AIPAC in existence.

The ever growing power of this group of extremist fifth-columnists to subvert OUR foreign policy in their supposed interest, at the expense of OUR real interests, is a clear and present danger to the United States. AIPAC and the other numerous pro-Israel groups like JINSA, AEI, & PNAC also subvert our electoral process to such an extent that if a candidate does not kowtow to this group of war-mongers, they will be attacked in the most extreme vitriolic manner, witness their vicious attacks on Pres Jimmy Carter and professors Walt and Mearsheimer. ANY criticism of Israel or its racist policies & occupation/colonization (theft) of Palestinian land is met with howls of outrage & the worn out charge of “anti-Semitism”. The ugliness of their attacks is representative of their mistreatment of the Palestinians under the brutal occupation and policies of collective apartheid.

It is time for the U.S. to stop the blind support of a rogue nation and cease all financial assistance to a country that continues to refuse to abide by the E.U. and Quartet ‘road map”, UN sanctions, Geneva conventions, IAEA and NNPT rules, and continues the inhuman, apartheid treatment of the Palestinians.

Good news? There will be when the Israel recognize a two-state solution, a separation between their country and this one, the United States.

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A Look at Rahm Emanuel – Obama’s Chief of Staff

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Candidate Obama is controlled by Rahm Emanuel,
an Israeli son-of-a-terrorist (Heb. “ben zonah”) and
Zionist extremist.
Dreaming of change in America? Don’t bank on it. Source: Christopher Bollyn

OMG! Obama wants Ziocon Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff!

Check this AP news item:

Barack Obama’s campaign has approached Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel about possibly serving as White House chief of staff

Rahm Emanuel is, along with Joe Lieberman, just about the most fanatical Ziocon in Congress. He is at least as evil and fanatical as any Richard Perle or Paul Wolfowitz. The simple fact that Obama is seriously considering making him his Chief of Staff really says it all.

You guys who wanted to vote Obama should really take a long hard look at what this newsitem indicates and search your consciences for the answer to the question of whether a vote for Obama would be really a vote for the “lesser evil” or even a vote for “change”.

The Saker

Who is Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s prospective Chief of Staff?

As a follow up to my previous post, I would like to introduce Rahm Emanuel to those of you who are not familiar with him. Here are three excellent articles which I highly recommend to you all:

Andrew Cockburn: Meet Rahm Emanuel
John Walsh: How Rahm Emanuel Has Rigged a Pro-War Congress
John Walsh: Emanuel’s War Plan for Democrats

I think these three are a *must read* for anyone contemplating an Obama vote.

Currently Obama is being very oblique when asked to confirm the reports that he approached Emanual to offer him this position. This makes sense. Obama is clearly a puppet in all this, and the real decisions will be taken by the puppeteers, In fact, there is a good chance that Emanuel himself is one of the puppeteers in this story so the decision to come out from the safer world of behind the scenes politics is probably his to make. Still, Chief of Staff is an immensely powerful position to hold (just remember Don Regan) and it would allow Emanuel to control Obama’s activities 24/7.

Again, the mere fact that Obama would even contemplate placing himself in the hands of a Uber-Zionist like Emanuel should obliterate any hopes anyone could have harbored about Obama being a lesser evil or a candidate for change (although the “change” thing really got voided at the choice of Joe Biden for VP, the ultimate non-change politician).

Guys, don’t do it! You will hate yourself for at least four years if you vote Obama.

Either abstain, or vote Nader or McKinney, but don’t do this to your conscience. Don’t vote for AIPAC’s puppet!

Son of a Zionist Terrorist: Rahm Emanuel’s Dirty Secret

Christopher Bollyn

Greg Bacon’s blog / Wake Up From Your Slumber

The new “golden boy” of the Democrat Party, the Israeli-American congressman Rahm Emanuel, is the son of terrorist. Really, I am not making this up, the chief power-broker of the Democrat Party, the 5-and-a-half foot foul-mouthed Israeli named Rahm, is the son of terrorist – a real living terrorist.

So, what do we do as citizens of the land of the free and the home of the brave fighting the War on Terror? Do we run and hide from the foul-mouthed little Israeli who danced ballet and swears for effect – or do we laugh? Or do we demand answers? How can we respect a U.S. Congressman who served in a foreign army and whose father was a terrorist?

Rep. Rahm Benjamin Emanuel, the Democrat congressman for the 5th District of Illinois in Chicago is the son of an Israeli terrorist. Rahm’s father, Benjamin, was a member of the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization that coined a new word as they blew up hotels, train stations, and other buildings in Palestine in the 1930s and 40s.

Rahm was an Israeli citizen until he was 18 years old, when for obvious reasons he hid his Israeli passport in his underwear drawer. In 1991, however, he pulled his Israeli passport out and went and reportedly joined the Israeli Army to defend Zion from Saddam’s Scuds.

Irgun, the army of his father, is short for Irgun Zvai Leumi, which supposedly means something like “National Military Organization” in Hebrew. As a matter of fact, the Irgun was simply a terrorist Zionist group that operated in Palestine from 1931 to 1948. They killed innocent Palestinians and British soldiers and blew up buildings.

After 1948 they became part of the new Israeli government and did the same thing. In September 2001 they put their skills to work in New York City and Washington to kick start the “war on terror” – a conflict long promoted by their chief architect, Bibi Netanyahu, son of the former secretary of Ze’ev Jabotinsky. [Ze’ev’s former name was Vladimir]

The Irgun even has a website with pictures of the buildings they blew up before they demolished the World Trade Center with Thermite and high explosives:

(Note: There are numerous pictures of Irgun terrorist activities at this link.)

In Israel, the Irgun is referred to as Etzel, an acronym of the group’s Hebrew initials. The Irgun was considered a terrorist organization by the British authorities as well as by mainstream Zionist and Jewish organizations, such as the Jewish Agency, the Haganah and the Histadrut. (It just has not made it onto the U.S. State Department’s list of terrorist organizations – even after blowing up the World Trade Center. Some people are slow to learn.)

Irgun was founded by Ze’ev Jabotinsky and the relationship with Jabotinsky’s Revisionist Zionism made it the predecessor to Israel’s right-wing Herut and Likud parties.

Guess who runs Israel today?

Answer: The sons and daughters of Irgun. (Check out the commander list on the Etzel website if you don’t believe me.)

Guess who runs the United States today? The same people – let’s start with Rahm Emanuel.

Of course you won’t find anything Rep. Emanuel’s father’s exploits in Palestine on Rahm’s website.

The late Sherman Skolnick of Chicago called Rahm Emanuel the “Acting Deputy Chief for North America of the Mossad – Israeli Intelligence.

Skolnick went on to say that Emanuel’s father Benjamin had been “part of the Israeli assassin team that murdered Sweden’s Count [Folke] Bernadotte” in 1948. Bernadotte was the envoy of the United Nations in Palestine who sought to find a solution to the UN Partition Plan that gave Palestinian land to Jews from “beyond the pale.”

Was Skolnick correct? Skolnick does not document his claims so checked into his allegations.

“Beyond the pale” would certainly describe where Rahm Emanuel’s family came from. His father’s family came to Palestine from somewhere in the Ukraine in 1917, according to what Dr. Benjamin M. Emanuel told me the other day. Dr. Emanuel now lives on the appropriately named Locust Road in Wilmette, Illinois.

Benjamin, speaking with a thick Israeli accent, told me that his father’s name was Ezekiel Auerbach and that his mother’s name was Pinina or something like that. He said it meant “pearl” in Hebrew. Asked about his role in the Irgun, Ben told me he had been a “simple soldier.”

Yes, Ben, but serving as “simple soldier” in a terrorist organization makes you a terrorist. And the fact that you served in a terrorist organization 60 years ago makes no difference. You know, same rules for Nazis and terrorists.

Is that not what all those fellows in Guantanamo are being held for?

The Emanuel family name was Auerbach until 1936, although they are not related to the famous rabbinical family of Germany and Krakow named Auerbach. Ben said that his family was from Russia. (Well, the pale but not quite Russia.)

His father Ezekiel supposedly changed the family name to Emanuel when his son with that name died fighting Palestinians in 1936.

Many Jewish families in Palestine changed their names to make themselves sound like they actually came from Palestine. And you wondered where all those Jews disappeared during World War II?

Sheinerman became Sharon, Yezernitzky became Shamir, and Auerbach became Emanuel, and so on. And then multiply by a few hundred thousand. Voila! Millions of European Jews vanish from the face of the Earth – and build new lives in Palestine.

Ben told me that Emanuel Auerbach had died from “shrapnel in the knee” in 1936. When I asked him today for details on this incident he suddenly decided that he did not want to do an interview on the phone and hung up.

But before he terminated the conversation, Dr. Benjamin Auerbach-cum-Emanuel told me that he had been a member of the Irgun and had served under Menachem Begin. He told me that he had never met Begin and had not smuggled weapons into Palestine, other news reports notwithstanding.

Naftali Bendavid (not a local reporter) with The Chicago Tribune spent 18 months working with Rahm Emanuel to prepare a story for the week after the mid-term elections although Naftali did not think that there was enough room in the 9-page story to mention the salient fact that Dr. Benjamin Emanuel had been a member of the terrorist organization – the Irgun.

No. In 9 pages of Bendavid’s fluff piece there was simply no room to mention the ugly fact that Rahm’s father had been a member of a terrorist organization.

Naftali Bendavid (clearly of Israeli persuasion) wrote a 9-page cover story for last Sunday’s paper, which took up the entire second section of the now-failing Chicago Tribune. (The latest rumor in Chicago is that the indicted but not convicted Zionist criminal Maurice Greenberg may buy the Tribune.)

(This is the same paper that actually hired an outside writer from TIME magazine to co-author a short piece in order to properly smear me and misrepresent the story of my brutal arrest at the hands of Homeland Security goons last August.)

Naftali, at his office in Washington, knew all about Irgun when I spoke with him on the phone. When I said it was an egregious omission to leave out the fact that Rahm’s father had been in the Irgun, he said he just couldn’t figure how to squeeze that bit into a 9-page article.

Naftali, let me help, as English is my mother tongue: “Rahm Emanuel’s father Benjamin was a member of the Irgun, a Zionist terrorist group that operated in Palestine from 1931 to 1948. The Irgun blew up buildings and killed hundreds of innocent people in order to achieve the goals of militant Zionism in occupied Palestine.”

Rahm’s mother is Martha Smulevitz, who married the Israeli doctor in August 1955. Ben told me that they met in Chicago. I asked if she was related to the Smulevitz family that was living in Palestine in the 1930s. He said no.

There are Smulevitz’s and Shmuelevitz’s all throughout the Zionist invasion of Palestine. One was hanged by the Brits, one dealt with the Nazis in Berlin, and another was the chief of staff for Menachem Begin – take your pick.

It would, however, be most interesting if Rahm’s mother were actually related to Moshe Smulevitz, the Zionist who went to Berlin with Pino Ginzburg to arrange the transfer of Jews and money to Palestine – with the Nazi regime.

And you wonder where Rahm Emanuel got his “chutzpah” from?

“I said before the election that if the Democrats win the House, the lion’s share of the credit should go to Rahm,” says Rep. Ray LaHood, an Illinois Republican. “He legitimately can be called the golden boy of the Democratic Party today. He recruited the right candidates, found the money and funded them, and provided issues for them. Rahm did what no one else could do in seven cycles.”

And the fact that more than 70 percent of the American population is opposed to wasting U.S. blood and treasure to fight a Zionist war in Iraq means nothing?

Rahm Emanuel’s younger brother, Ari Emanuel, is Michael Moore’s agent in Hollywood.

He encouraged this latter to point out the supposed responsibility of Saudi Arabia in September 11 attacks in his famous film Fahrenheit 911, the showing of which was ensured by the Democratic Party.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

This article has also been posted in TruthSeeker and Rumor Mill News.

© 2008 Christopher Bollyn

SOURCE: http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/7065

URL: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/cgi-bin/blogs/voices.php/2008/06/05/son_of_a_zionist_terrorist_rahm_emanuala


Also see: How Mossad Controls Our Political Parties



In the same way, the U.S. administration of President Bill Clinton was very much dominated and controlled by Zionist advisors like the Israeli Rahm Emanuel, who dominated the Clinton White House. Emanuel, the son of an Irgun terrorist, was the person who is reported to have “single-handedly” pushed NAFTA through. He now controls the agenda of the Democratic Party and has a great deal of influence over the party’s presidential candidate, Barack Obama.



Right after Barack Obama’s speech to AIPAC this morning he was endorsed by Rahm Emanuel, a leading member of the House.

(The Illinois congressman has largely stayed out of the election because he is a friend of Obama’s and also has close ties to the Clintons.)

Emanuel, who belongs to an Orthodox Jewish congregation in Chicago, then accompanied Obama to a meeting with AIPAC’s executive board, Mark Halperin reports.

The entire Obama AIPAC speech is here.

Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel @ AIPAC


Making Money

 And Emanuel Made Millions As An Investment Banker Off Insider
Connections With High-Profile Democrat Donors Influential In The Clinton

After Leaving His Position With The Clinton White House, Emanuel Worked
For Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, An Investment Bank, From 1999 To 2002.
"[A]fter leaving the Clinton White House, [Emanuel] had taken a position at
the investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in Chicago, where he
worked from 1999 to 2002 and reportedly earned $18 million..." (Tony
Blankley, "'Cowboy Capitalism,'" The Washington Times, 10/1/08)

-- "Congressional Disclosures Filed This Year Show Emanuel Earned
$16.2 Million As An Investment Banker, Largely By Brokering High-Profile
Mergers And Acquisitions."(Mike Dorning, "Rahm Emanuel: From
Clinton Aide To Money Maker," Chicago Tribune, 11/9/03)
"Deftly Tapping The Contacts He Made As A Senior Adviser To Former
President Bill Clinton, Emanuel Went To Work For One Of Clinton's Most
Active Fundraisers After Leaving The White House In Late 1998." (Mike
Dorning, "Rahm Emanuel: From Clinton Aide To Money Maker," Chicago Tribune,

-- "Emanuel Owes His Investment Banking Job To Bruce Wasserstein, A
High-Rolling Wall Street Dealmaker Who Was One Of Clinton's Most
Active Fundraisers In The Financial Community."(Mike Dorning,
"Rahm Emanuel: From Clinton Aide To Money Maker," Chicago
Tribune, 11/9/03)

-- "He Took On A Client Base Many Of Whom Were His Party's Most
Important Financial Backers - Democratic Donors Of Such Clout That They
Have Slept In The Lincoln Bedroom, Flown On Air Force One And, In One
Case, Even Celebrated A Birthday In The White House With
Clinton."(Mike Dorning, "Rahm Emanuel: From Clinton Aide To
Money Maker," Chicago Tribune, 11/9/03)
"Emanuel's Two Biggest Deals Involved Politically Connected Utilities:
One Representing Commonwealth Edison's Corporate Parent In A Merger And The
Other Representing A Buyer In The Purchase Of A Home Security Business From
Telecom Giant SBC Communications."(Mike Dorning, "Rahm Emanuel: From
Clinton Aide To Money Maker," Chicago Tribune, 11/9/03)


Emanuel Pushed Hard for the Bailout
(earning praise from head bitch traitor Pelosi)

Between his White House and congressional years, Emanuel made a small fortune in investment banking and sat on the board of housing finance giant Freddie Mac, which the government seized in September along with Fannie Mae. (He recuses himself from any House votes pertaining to Freddie.) Workers in the securities and investment fields have donated more than $1.5 million to his four House campaigns, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

When the crisis intensified late last month and administration officials urged Congress to act, Emanuel pushed for a massive response to calm markets and the public. He took a lead role, along with Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), in negotiations with the White House and Republican leaders, and he convened six caucus meetings in the span of a few days to explain the issue to fellow Democrats.

Emanuel worked past midnight Saturday trying to win votes from both sides of the aisle, earning praise from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on the House floor.

After the House rejected the package, Emanuel needed more time to negotiate, and he asked his rabbi for permission to work on Rosh Hashanah to help resolve the crisis.

As Emanuel recounts it, the rabbi assented, noting that there is an exception to many religious rules if the health and welfare of the nation is at stake. Emanuel teased him, “Does that mean you have a 401(k)?”

The rabbi answered, “I’m only thinking of the nation.”


Green candidate Alan Augestson speaks on Emanuel

The incumbent in my district, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL-05), received over $800,000 in contributions in 2007-2008 from securities and investment firms, insurance companies and commercial banks. Rep. Emanuel has always been an entirely client-oriented politician; his latest outrage merely makes obvious who his real constituents are.

Our government continues to shed, bit by bit, its last pretenses of public service, and we are less free, less prosperous, less safe and less respected every day for it. If the people fail to effect real change in November, their opportunity to do so ever again may be lost. They will be too caught up in the struggle for survival to care any longer about freedom, justice or peace.


Rahm Emanuel, Israeli soldier Obama’s Chief of Staff

From: Ryantineocons