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Tennessee Horse Slaughter Bill Withdrawn!

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The Tennessee legislature makes a good move by putting down a horse slaughter bill. Now if they would just have the guts to take on the Medical Marijuana legislation instead of delaying it by saying they would ‘study’ the issue.

By Laura Allen 

Horse Slaughter Update April 28, 2010: Following a hearing yesterday before the full House Finance, Ways and Means, Tennessee state Rep. Frank Niceley withdrew his pro-horse slaughter bill, H.B. 1428, and it is now dead for this legislative session.

John Holland, founder and president of the Equine Welfare Alliance, and Paula Bacon, former mayor of Kaufman, Texas, site of one of the last horse slaughter plants in the U.S., testified in opposition to the bill.

Famed singer and songwriter, Willie Nelson and his daughter, Amy Nelson, and granddaughter, Raelyn Nelson, were at the hearing in opposition to this bill but did not testify before the committee.

Paula Bacon described that she was mayor of Kaufman “during part of 27 years we spent trying to deal with this horse slaughter plant.” She told the committee that a horse slaughter facility was a “burden to taxpayers…a stigma” and almost forced the city to spend “millions to upgrade ..the waste water treatment plant”.

Bacon said that building a horse slaughter facility was “very definitely not desirable economic development.” She said the facility does not create good jobs, just a handful of low paying, dangerous jobs. She described the burden on the local hospital because of the horse slaughter plant employees were often injured, even losing limbs.

She said the city derived no sales tax revenue from the horse slaughter plant. Bacon described that the $1600 in property taxes collected each year equaled about “2 weeks of a month paid in legal fees as we wrangled with this company that refused to comply with environmental laws.” She said income tax records showed in its last year of operation in the U.S., the company paid just $5 in federal income taxes on $12 million in sales and over a five year period paid only .3% of gross sales in taxes. 

Bacon showed the committee 1 ½ years worth of violations of the facility’s waste water treatment permit. She noted the permit allowed the facility to release about eight times the sewage permitted other business, yet the company was still often in violation, releasing waste and blood, that overran the town’s wastewater treatment facility.

Bacon said since the closing of the horse slaughter plant by the court in 2007, the town has not needed to proceed with a $6 million+ upgrade to its waste water treatment facility.

Bacon told the committee they would be better off having lead smeltering plants or sex-related businesses in their communities than a horse slaughter plant.

John Holland told the committee “If you get nothing else out of this, you heard how horse slaughter plants closed in 2007 and it caused problems for the horses. This is not true.” He pointed out that horse slaughter remained available in Canada and Mexico and approximately the same number of horses were shipped there as had been slaughtered in the U.S.

Holland pointed out, “There are lots and lots of drugs in these horses. …Because [horsemeat] is sold to foreign countries [for human consumption, our inspectors], looked the other way.” Holland described a study led by Dr. Ann Marini that revealed bute, given to horses like aspirin, is a deadly poison, a carcinogen. Bute never breaks down and remains a danger to consumers. He described the new European Union regulations which beginning this July will require certification that slaughtered horses were drug free for 6 months and that they had never ingested certain drugs. Holland explained that by July, 2013, the EU will require that horses must be tracked from birth. “As of that point, ” said Holland, “none of [the meat] from American horses could go to the EU.” Americans don’t track horses or, for the most part, the drugs given to them. As Holland, explained, “The horses just show up at auction and no one knows [ their history].”

Holland pointed out that though slaughter rates remained the same after the U.S. plants shut down, in 2009 there was a 20% drop in horse slaughter and 125 this year so far because of slowing demand. Holland said, “This is because the EU is figuring out the danger. Europeans are figuring out horse meat is not health food as they were told and instead they are eating New Jersey race horses.” He described it as “irresponsible” for anyone to build a horse slaughter facility in the U.S. given the danger.

Holland closed his testimony by noting that the horse slaughter facility in Canada, Natural Valley, was closed last year by the government for dropping large amounts of blood in rivers with no proper disposal. He said the horse slaughter facility cost the economy of that community $42 million.

Source: Thomas Paine’s Corner 

More: Animal Law Coalition  


911 CBS Breaking News WTC7 Collapse First Reports "Don’t know if it was Demolition Experts ….."

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Superiorgreen has been uploading a wealth of historical MSM reports with an emphasis on 9/11.

Chronology of World Trade Center 7 News Coverage 

Part 3

CIA/Mossad TV Presents New ‘Underwear Bomber’ Training Tape

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We haven’t seen a single photo or video of the ‘bomber’ since his arrest. Is who they have in custody the same one as in the officially released images?

ABC ‘report.’

Al Qaeda Shot My Flag

Al Qaeda fighters in Yemen have introduced a new tactic designed to strike terror into the Western democracies.

Shocking new footage shows that AQ has moved on from burning flags. Pictures released by AQ’s video wing show fighters shooting the British flag full of holes with large machine guns.

The AQ men risked sunstroke and sand in their shoes to pull off a stunning propaganda coup deep in the desert miles from anyone who could kill them.

The defenceless Union flag was painted onto a sheet of metal and left to swelter under the burning sun as it was used for target practice. The Jewish star and the letters ‘UN’ were subjected to similar treatment.

The man accused of trying to bring down a Detroit bound airliner on Christmas Day is seen in the video pointing his gun at the clearly distressed flags and then justifying his actions saying they were part of a battle because “the enemy is in your lands with their armies, the Jews and the Christians and their agents.”  

American intelligence officials believe the tape is authentic. They fear a US flag may be shot at some point and have warned all US flags to be on their guard and not to climb up poles in exposed areas. 

A communique AQ might have written, but which was actually made up by myself, said ‘If the Jews and Christians and their imperialist agents do not immediately dismantle their crusader regimes, reject capitalism, and convert to the one true faith, we will find more flags, even unto the Scottish , English and Welsh flags, and shoot them full of holes as well’.{more}

A Child Leads

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photo from Nahida

Required reading for the kids who think war and the military are where they belong.

Disposable Soldiers

Just another brick in the war …..

Curt Maynard Kills Wife, Self

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Wait ’till CNN gets ahold of this story, the spectre of the “White Supremacist” will be trotted out again… it will be mentioned that Maynard was a conspiracy theorist who railed against Blacks, Hispanics and J-ws.

Last night blogger Curt Maynard killed his wife, then turned the gun on himself when about to be apprehended by police.

It is too bad that he came to such a tragic end because he did write some good articles exposing Zionism that had been featured on popular websites, but sabotaged himself by resorting to racist slurs to decry the behaviour of criminal black and hispanic people. {more -Ziofascism}

Houston Chronicle report

Richard Gage Architect talks to News Anchors about 9/11

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Why haven’t we seen more local stations report on this over the last year? Lately there’s been a rash of Jesse Ventura and Willie Nelsen talking about 9/11 but Richard Gage is not as easily dismissed so he’s left out of the MSM mix.

Fresno, CA … KMPH Fox 26 … May 29, 2009

h/t Facts Not Fairies

Goldman Sachs 33 Year Stranglehold on Nashville

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Goldman Sachs and Nashville will boost city-backed debt by almost 40 percent to borrow $633 million for a new convention center.

A riverboat gamble with very little upside?

The city plans to pay off the debt over the next 33 years with a series of revenue streams targeting visitors to Nashville. But it has pledged to use a $130 million-a-year pool of general fund revenues — excluding sales and property taxes — if there’s a shortfall, as critics expect based on the struggles of convention halls around the country. 

Metro payments on the debt will average $39 million to $40 million a year. {more}

Lucky for Nashville, the municipal bonds for the center were sold before the SEC civil suit against Goldman was announced.

“I think Nashville’s convention center deal is just another example of how elected officials are induced to approve a financing with promises that the public’s guarantees will never be necessary, that the project will pay for itself,” said council member Emily Evans, who used to work on the other side of the dais in the municipal bond business. “Yet once the votes are counted, the city’s assumption of risk becomes a major sales point for investors, and protecting the taxpayer is forgotten.”

Goldman, Sachs is the book-runner for {the bond} offering. Other members of the syndicate are Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Fifth Third Securities Inc., Harvestons Securities Inc., Mesirow Financial Inc., Morgan Keegan & Co., Morgan Stanley, and Stephens Inc. {more}

The Goldman Defense: Caveat Emptor 

The essential thrust: buyer beware.

Did Goldman scam the Nashville politicians into a heavy debt for a convention center that will rely on an economy improving to past peak levels in order to pay off the debt with extortion fees to visitors to the city?

Will taxpayers be the losers because revenues will be way short of the Goldman projections? Cutbacks to city services to service the debt? Goldman would love to have Nashville as one of its ‘assets.’

Play with the devil and you may get burned. Buyer beware indeed.