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Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, along with Hillary Clinton, spoke at the Brookings Institution’s Saban Center for Middle East Policy’s seventh annual forum in Washington, December 10, 2010. – Photo by Reuters.

You might think that if the organizers had a need for a backdrop to the speakers at a think tank forum for the Israeli/Palestinian peace process it would also include the Palestinian flag. Of course that might send the wrong signal implying that the talks would be fair and equitable and we know that will never be the case.

Since the Vietnam war the burning of the ‘sacred’ symbol of America, the flag, has been viewed by many as traitorous and a desecration. In my opinion the above image is a much worse desecration but there will not be a debate in the main stream media on this inappropriate use of our flag.

We may as well go ahead and incorporate the USraeli flag as our new national symbol. At least we could say that it was the most honest thing our government has done in a long long time.

Hillary Clinton at the Brookings Institution … Part 1, 2, 3


Hillary at AIPAC

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I pledge allegiance to Israel …..

 video part 12345

Hillary Clinton’s traitor tour reaches new lows

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“What the prime minister has offered in specifics of a restraint on the policy of settlements… is unprecedented,” Clinton said at Saturday’s press conference, adding that “there has never been a pre-condition, it’s always been an issue within negotiations.”

It marked a sharp easing of tone on the thorny issue. In May, following US President Barack Obama’s first meeting with Netanyahu, Clinton had said that Obama “wants to see a stop to settlements. Not some settlements, not outposts, not natural growth exceptions.”

Israeli analysts said the change of tone came after Washington realised that its main ally would just not give in on settlements, supported by the vast majority of the electorate of Netanyahu’s right-leaning government.

“The Obama administration has proven once again that it is no different from previous administrations, because it will support whatever Israel accepts and will not support what Israel does not accept.”

Continued theft is what the U.S. will accept…

Clinton: "Iran does not have a right to nuclear military capacity "

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“But Israel does because they are our best friend and if I say anything against them they will come after me. Bill and I both learned our lesson. Blackmail, extortion and exposure work.


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After tripping over her lies for so long, Hillary Clinton is reported to have physically tripped and fell, breaking her elbow while on the way to the White House.

Unconfirmed rumors are she fell off of her broom.

Shouldn’t her bodyguards or secret service escorts be holding her arm as she walks? She has so much on her mind.

Like meeting with CFR member Angelina Jolie on World Refugee Day which unfortunately she has had to cancel.

I’m sure Bill would be glad to fill in for her. They can talk tattoos.

https://i2.wp.com/ianundercover.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/angelina-jolie-and-clinton.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.accesshollywood.com/content/images/93/0x600/93600_angelina-jolie-heads-out-after-brads-inglourious-basterds-premiere-at-cannes-may-20-2009.jpg

The merging of politics, the media and entertainment. The dumb star struck public loves it.

Hurry and get well Hillary, you might miss something.

Say it ain’t so Bo

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Barack Obama (Bo as I call him) will most likely continue with the Clintonization of the new administration with……a Clinton.

The Guardian appears to be the first to go out on limb and state this.

Shills for the Clintons and their criminal regime who set the stage for the Bush boys and girls to plunder the nation will no doubt applaud this as progress and hope.

I call it two steps backwards, no steps forward.

Those who will work on Clinton’s staff had better take care. Just ask Vince Foster.

Hillary has those qualities that should make her follow up to Condi Rice a smooth transition.

She’s a good liar, knows how to keep her detractors at bay, is beholden to all the big money interests, definitely a good friend to Israel and never met a war she did not love.

She and her husband also have more than a few skeletons in their closet so that if she steps out of line….. let the blackmail begin.

Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. On and on. Those born after 1980 have never known anything different if you count the Reagan figurehead years.

Is this a republic or an oligarchy?

Watch your back fellows, Hillary is 4th in line.

Fox News pushes Biden quiting story

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Stan Honda/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Former President Bill Clinton, watching Senator Barack Obama address attendees on Thursday at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York. Mr. Clinton introduced Mr. Obama warmly.

The propagandist whores a Fox News this morning are pushing the story that Biden may soon quit and be replaced by Hillary. They are also big on Bill’s recent praise of McCain.

It’s probably more bullshit but you never know. Deception is the rule in this game of criminal politics as it is now being played out.

It certainly would be a giant diversion away from the economic scams now being enabled by Paulson, Bernanke, et al.

Biden quitting? BS alert!

Fact or Fiction: Will Joe Biden Really Quit as Barack Obama’s Veep?