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States Rights Hypocrisy

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In an email to supporters sent right after his interview where he came out in favor of gay marriage, Obama wrote:

I believe that in the eyes of the law, all Americans should be treated equally. And where states enact same-sex marriage, no federal act should invalidate them.”

In the interview he seems to embrace the position that “states should decide” and he hopes that they will all eventually come around to seeing things his way.

Contrary to Obama’s early position to leave medical marijuana dispensaries alone, which is a classic states rights issue, his administration has conducted over 200 raids on medical marijuana facilities in states where they are legal. Even one of the most despicable members of Congress and of his own party, Nancy Pelosi, has condemned the raids. It was just to appease her constituents but still it was a rare moment.

So it seems that Barry is going to pick and choose the issues that are states rights whenever and however it suits his fancy. Didn’t he tell us he was a constitutional lawyer?

It would be the same with Romney. On marijuana he said  “Marijuana should not be legal in this country,”  calling pot a “gateway drug.”

Along the same line, a bipartisan coalition of house members tried to defund Obama’s medical marijuana raids by attaching an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2013 Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations bill. It failed due to overwhelming Republican opposition. 

Most of those Republicans would be the first to tell you they are all for constitutional states rights on all issues but they would be lying.

For example, my own rep, Diane Black, said before her election in 2010 “We’ve got to give back to states the 10th amendment rights for them to be sovereign.” She voted no on the amendment to defund the raids. Doesn’t that make her a liar and a hypocrite? She wouldn’t be in congress if she wasn’t.


The Legend of the 10th Amendment or "All I want for Christmas is my constitution back"

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It’s now up to the local and state ‘rule of law’ to reign in the federal government/corporate/banker/military industrial complex/media crime syndicate.

It’s a toss up if there’s even a chance to slow it down. Cheap talk without an aggressive followup doesn’t mean a thing.

Like most of our other constitutional rights, the US Congress chooses to ignore the 10th amendment when it suits their agenda. By refusing to acknowledge the limits of congressional power and to leave alone the states to their responsibilities, it sure casts doubts on Congress to be willing to uphold any rights.

The health care debate, if you can call it that, has once again brought the issue of states rights to the forefront, at least in Tennessee … sort of …

TN lawmakers seek action to thwart federal health-care bill

State Reps. Debra Maggart, R-Hendersonville, and Susan Lynn, R-Mt. Juliet, are asking the state’s attorney general to take legal action to stop the federal health-car reform bill because it would expand Medicaid.

They say such an expansion without proper funding would be a violation of state sovereignty.

“Under this bill, Tennessee would be forced to expand our Medicaid program, potentially costing the citizens of the state $1.4 billion dollars in additional state taxpayer funds annually,” Maggart and Lynn wrote in a letter to Tennessee Attorney General Robert Cooper on Monday. “Such an increase would place a great burden on the citizens of this state. It is clear by the wording of the legislation itself that not every state would face a similar and equal burden.

“We see this as a violation of the equal protection of the law, an affront to our sovereignty, and a breach of the U.S. Constitution.”

Those words are well and fine but keep in mind that these ladies are Republicans and work within the two party framework of partisanship.

Where were they during the Bush administration and it’s numerous violations of state sovereignty and crimes? Where would they stand if it was a Republican president now doing the same thing? I’m going to presume they would be silent.

Why stop only at the health care issue? There are several other areas of federal government misdeeds that could also use some legal action starting at the state level.

How about the sending of the Tennessee National Guard overseas in undeclared wars?

What about the allowing of the private Federal Reserve to counterfeit our currency and manipulate the economy for their own benefit? And how about the using of the illegal unconstitutional IRS as the enforcement arm, at threat of death or imprisonment, of the Fed to extort every dime they can from the working people? Any state say so there?

Education money blackmail? The states must do as they are told or risk losing funds. That includes pushing revisionist history and propaganda.

Prosecuting ‘hate crimes’ as defined by federal law and private organizations (ADL) and allowing these agenda driven, money fed parasites to mold policy? Seems unconstitutional and an affront to states rights to me.

That’s only a few of some off the cuff reasons to stop the fed crime scene. You can come up with many more if so inclined.

In all fairness to these ‘liberty ladies,’ they have tried to affirm our 2nd amendment states rights. But the BATF sent them a letter essentially stating that they were out their league and that they would tell them what the states were allowed to do.

I haven’t seen a followup or a state/federal confrontation on the 2nd amendment issues and I don’t anticipate any different for the 10th amendment ones.

The feds are too far gone to be salvaged. If we don’t take the offensive at the local/state level … nobody else will.

Oh yeah .. and what about those wars … shouldn’t we at the local level have a say so? We are the ones who supply our children to the war machine.

Christmas in the Trenches

ATF tells Tennessee that a federal gun law trumps the state’s

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NASHVILLE — The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has told Tennessee gun dealers to disregard a state statute that exempts firearms made and sold inside Tennessee from federal gun laws and registration.

The ATF says the federal laws still apply regardless of the state’s move.

The Tennessee legislature considered and approved several bills this year to reduce restrictions on firearms, including one bill that its sponsors labeled the “Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act.” It passed overwhelmingly — 87-1 in the House and 22-7 in the Senate — despite warnings by some lawmakers that it could subject Tennessee citizens to federal prosecution and imprisonment.

“This bill simply asserts that if a firearms and/or ammunition is made totally within the state of Tennessee, then the federal government has no jurisdiction over that item in any fashion, so long as it remains in the state and outside of interstate commerce,” Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, the bill’s sponsor, said on the Senate floor when it passed there in June.

The bill was a two-fer for conservatives in the legislature: a gun bill and a state sovereignty bill rolled into one.
“An effort by the federal government to regulate intrastate commerce under the guise of powers implied by the interstate commerce clause could only result in encroachment of the state’s power to regulate commerce within its borders,” said Beavers.

But ATF Asst. Director Carson W. Carroll, head of the agency’s enforcement programs and services, sent an “Open Letter to all Tennessee Firearms Licensees” a month later that explained the agency’s position on the law.

“The act purports to exempt personal firearms, firearms accessories and ammunition manufactured in the state and which remain in the state from most federal firearms laws and regulations,” Carroll wrote. “However, because the act conflicts with federal firearms laws and regulations, federal law supercedes the act and all provisions of the (federal) Gun Control Act and the National Firearms Act and their corresponding regulations continue to apply.”

The letter is posted on the Tennessee Firearms Association’s Web site with this unsigned commentary by the association: “The ATF — as expected — has issued a letter in which it disregards the 10th Amendment restrictions on federal power (as seems to be the trend since the late 1930s) and has notified Tennessee’s federal firearms dealers that the Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act is meaningless. … We expected such from a tyranny that no longer lives within the bounds of its express authority.”
But ATF Nashville Special Agent-in-Charge James M. Cavanaugh said several U.S. Supreme Court rulings have upheld the federal gun laws.

“The Constitution says the Supreme Court interprets the law,” he said. “The ATF hasn’t ruled this, the Supreme Court has, and we’re a law enforcement agency.”

Cavanaugh said Tennessee has nearly 2,000 licensed gun dealers and manufacturers and the agency has received no complaints from them about the letter.

“It’s analogous to a speed limit. If the speed limit on the interstate is set at 70, a city along the interstate can’t come along and say there is no speed limit on the interstate through our city. The highway patrol could still enforce the speed limit,” he said.

Although Montana was the first state to pass its version of the Firearms Freedom Act, Tennessee was the first to implement it because the Montana law specifies an effective date of Oct. 1.

Although the bill passed overwhelmingly — and with no debate in the House — it had its critics in the Senate who warned of its likely outcome. And Cavanaugh said some legislators inquired about the bill before its passage.

“If one of the citizens of our state reads about the passage of this legislation and uses it and relies upon it and goes out and does something … couldn’t they be convicted under federal law?” asked Sen. Andy Berke, D-Chattanooga. “I see this as a real danger to our citizens.”‘

A Constitution in FULL Crisis

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“We won – you lost—so STFU and take it!”

By JB Williams

America’s extreme left tricked American moderates into supporting their candidate last November by campaigning on post-partisan cooperation and transparency in government. Six months after the election of a freshman senator with a blank résumé, a laundry list of evil associates and a life more secret than your average CIA agent, Obama’s entire history remains a mystery and his administration is the most hardcore partisan dictatorship ever experienced in the USA.

Washington DC partisanship has turned into outright Obama-Pelosi dictatorship. The so-called “Commander-in-Chief” is fast losing control of his military, which is increasingly and viciously divided between those who are refusing to take orders from an overt enemy of the Constitution, and those who foolishly defend Obama’s right to destroy that which they took an oath to protect and preserve.

Obama should have ended the divisions over his ineligibility long before it reached the ranks of American fighting forces. He chose not to, and instead to allow the issue to fester into a powder keg that even Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod are ill-prepared to extinguish.

The US Constitution is in FULL Crisis

The US Constitution is the contract between the people and their respective states, and the federal government established by it. The document was written to form a representative republic limited in power and scope to the matters and authority delegated and ratified in the Constitution. That contract has been breached by a runaway Fed…

Decades of outright destruction of the Constitution have left the nation on the brink of economic, political and social collapse. The 2006 and 2008 election cycles placed the Constitution in full crisis and the people are growing increasingly desperate for a peaceful means to restore their Constitutional Republic.

An administration which does not meet constitutional standards is expected to protect and defend a contract which it does not even recognize, much less respect. The contract either stands, or it doesn’t. Based on the 2008 election, and every policy put in place since, the contract does not stand at present. If the Constitution no longer stands, then the federal government which it established, no longer stands in authority. Tyranny reigns…

The States Take Action

Ignored by federal public servants and cut off from any access to peaceful means of redress in congress or the courts, the people and their states are forced to take matters into their own hands.

A “constitutional” interpretation of the Constitution is in order, as the people begin to demand that a runaway Fed blatantly acting against the best interest of its people, return to a constitutional foundation, or risk being stripped of all power and abolished.

The federal government is the product of the Constitution, the contract between the people and their states which established and assigned specific limited powers to the federal government, which is to serve at the pleasure of the states and the people.

If the Constitution no longer stands, then there is NO federal government. The federal government exists only as a result of the Constitution. A very real crisis is at hand…

As a result, more than 32 states are rushing to pass Tenth Amendment legislation intended to remind the federal government of this reality. But the Obama regime is not listening.

Many of those states are also passing Second Amendment protections for their citizens, making it illegal for the Fed to threaten private gun rights, even in cases of “Martial Law.” But the Fed has rejected all such state bills, claiming that “federal laws supersede state laws.”

Reacting to an “unconstitutional” letter from Obama’s ATF, which puts Tennessee on notice that the Fed will not recognize laws passed by the individual states under Tenth Amendment rights, Tennessee State Rep. Matthew Hill points out, —“Montana, Tennessee and all others, are SOVEREIGN states not subservient to the federal government. The Fed can send us letters all day long and it doesn’t change the fact that we are allowed to govern ourselves, under the 10th amendment of the US Constitution.”

A “constitutional” interpretation of the Constitution

All constitutional text must be read within the context of Amendment Ten… which clearly states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Does the Constitution delegate the power to “confiscate and redistribute private wealth” to the federal government?

Does it delegate power to force “Cap and Trade” or so-called “Universal Health Care” upon the people and the states?

Does it delegate the power over private industry, such as banking, auto manufacturing, energy and the likes? – Or the power to disarm American citizens under any set of circumstances, real or imaginary?

No such powers were delegated to the federal government under the US Constitution. Unlike many ill-informed US citizens, Obama & Co. knows it. But they don’t care…

Since no clause exists in the Constitution which specifically assigns any of these powers to the Fed, Amendment Ten applies… “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

The Second Amendment Example

Each clause of the Constitution must be read within the context of the Tenth Amendment. Power and authority is either specifically delegated to the Fed in the text of the Constitution, specifically withheld from the Fed by way of the Bill of Rights, or in the absence of any such reference to power and authority, the Tenth Amendment applies.

In the case of gun rights, the Founders specifically denied the Fed any power via the Bill of Rights, specifically prohibiting the Fed from playing around with the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” –

Yet, operating in direct contradiction to this Second Amendment language, the federal government has assumed a power not assigned to it by the states, to regulate the right of the people to keep and bear arms. A case of the people’s past silence, being intentionally misinterpreted as their consent, which allowed the fed to step across boundaries it is specifically prohibited from crossing in the Bill of Rights.

As a result, the states have been forced to restate their border sovereignty and state rights in new state sponsored legislation, including Second Amendment protections for their citizens who wish to keep and bear arms, whether anti-second amendment leftists in Washington DC like it or not.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

My home state of Tennessee passed both Tenth Amendment and Second Amendment legislation, supported in such number as to override our Democrat governor’s attempts to veto.

But Obama’s Fed responded by issuing a letter, under his Justice Department headed by Obama buddy Eric Holder, on the letterhead of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms signed by Assistant Director Carson Carroll, advising the state that “federal laws supersede states laws.”

Like hell they do!

The states DO NOT serve at the pleasure of the Fed. The Fed exists and serves at the pleasure of the states, a FACT that most states seem in a rush to point out to Obamanation.

The US Constitution supersedes both state and federal laws. Don’t confuse the US Constitution with federal laws, passed by congress or passed by judicial fiat via the courts. Federal laws take precedent over state laws ONLY in matters specifically delegated to the federal government in the Constitution. If no such authority is assigned to the Fed, then no such power exists at the Fed.

When the federal government makes laws pertaining to matters NOT assigned to it under the US Constitution, which it has had a habit of doing for decades now, both in congress and in the judicial branch, the states are in NO WAY bound by those laws. Those laws are by definition, unconstitutional, no matter how they were passed.

As the Second Amendment makes it quite clear that the federal government has NO power to regulate the people’s right to keep and bear arms, and the Tenth Amendment clearly states that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”– Obama’s Fed, Justice Department and ATF, have NO constitutional authority over the states in the matter…

Tennessee State Rep. Matthew Hill is exactly right. They (the Fed) can send threatening letters all day long and those letters are completely irrelevant, as they are at odds with the Constitution. The ATF letter relates to federal laws written on matters NOT assigned to the federal government to begin with, matters therefore reserved to the states and the people under the Tenth Amendment.

Even the overly politicized US Supreme Court has recently defended Second and Tenth Amendment rights in its related rulings.

The Question of Enforcement

Clearly, Obama and Co. think they won the right to run roughshod over the states and the people last fall. If our Founders had given us a pure democracy, they would be right. But in a Constitutional Representative Republic, they are dead wrong!

Still, it’s also clear that they intend to force their will upon the masses, regardless of public or state dissent, or constitutional limitations. The “silent majority” has been silent for so long, that modern leftist think that they are now the new majority, free to run roughshod over the new “silent minority.”

Under this fantasy, they proclaim the right to ram their leftist agenda down everyone else’s throat. “We won – you lost—so shut up and take it!”… is the general sentiment displayed by O-bots on message boards across the blogosphere…

That sentiment has now reached within the ranks of the US Military, where a growing number of soldiers are beginning to challenge Obama’s right to issue orders and Obama minions are publicly attacking them with a vengeance. The heated chatter got so vicious on last week, that the publication removed ALL comments on the subject from its web site before the discussion could spin out of control.

Active duty soldiers are refusing Obama orders. Reservists are refusing recall and deployment orders. Retired Navy Commander Walter Fitzpatrick has filed criminal “treason” charges against Obama. Flight Surgeon, Lt. Col. Dr. David Earl-Graeff has sent a letter to Sec. of Defense Gates, stating the following…

“Enough is enough! You must be aware at this point of the tempest brewing among the Rank and File. I am writing you in an effort to appeal to your sense of concern for the Military; a concern we share not only for the Military as a whole but for each and every individual who wears the Uniform in the Service of our Country. I am in this regard specifically asking you for your help. I implore you to not wait until the “pot boils over” and we find ourselves in total disarray. –

I am convinced, beyond any doubt, that the moral well being and efficiency of our fighting forces to defend our Country is soon to be hanging in a precarious balance if not already. In my humble estimation this is NOT a theoretical possibility to construct a thesis or a contingency plan about. It is a reality and is happening right now. Resolution of this issue must be accomplished in the most expeditious manner available at your disposal to gain immediate relief to those of us who are struggling to fully comply with our sworn Oath to the Constitution while being conflicted by questions relating to the qualifications of the POTUS to hold the office in full and absolute compliance with the Natural Born Citizen Clause.”

So, how does Obama plan to enforce his global vision upon the masses when the US Constitution which provides for a federal government, delegates no such authority and an increasing number of soldiers and law enforcement are taking a stand against a “potential domestic enemy” in an effort to uphold their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution?

Once Silent running out of Tolerance

Convinced that the Constitution is under constant threat from within today, Americans normally happy to avoid the subject of politics altogether are building a head of steam to thwart the current constitutional crisis. They are erecting lines of defense at the state borders before Obama can capitalize on one of his many manufactured disasters by removing the people’s right to stand opposed.

His Department of Homeland Security has already redefined “domestic terrorist” to include anyone who disagrees with Obama. His minions have already labeled anyone concerned with the Constitution, “birthers,” in a childish name-calling effort to silence the dissent. His left-wing press has affixed the title of “racist” to anyone who dare doubt Obama’s anti-American Marxist agenda, or his mystery messiah status.

Pelosi has made certain that Republicans have no voice in congress and Holder has made certain that the people will not find a legal forum to resolve Obama’s overt agenda or hidden past in any court.

Growing increasingly desperate to restore the Constitution and fast running out of peaceful means of doing so, the people find themselves in a very real Constitutional Crisis.

Peacefully Forcing the Fed to Reverse Course

With a tone deaf Fed, the people are turning to their state legislators and the states are moving to close down the Fed. Led by the Tenth Amendment Center, state legislators are rushing to reclaim freedom and liberty on behalf of their citizens.

  • Step One – Tenth Amendment Affirmation
  • Step Two – Second Amendment Affirmation
  • Step Three – Kicking the Fed out of the States
  • Step Four – Shutting down the Fed by cutting off 97% of Fed funding by repeal of the 16th Amendment
  • Step Five – Repeal of the 17th Amendment, removing every current member of the senate and sending new representatives of states right to establish a new constitutional senate.
  • Step Six – cleaning house in Washington DC and establishing a constitutional limited government which will once again serve at the pleasure and benefit of the states and the people

Unlike drug rehab, it doesn’t take twelve steps to reinstate a constitutional Fed, although it could take a twelve step program to break many modern Democrats addiction to free-stuff from the public trough.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

If the people fail to quickly alter a Fed run wild, via their state legislatures, they will be left with no option but to abolish and start over from scratch.

Republicans in Washington DC have either lost their way or lost their nerve. As a result, they have lost all power.

But Republicans, Independents and even Blue Dog Democrats across the nation in state legislatures, are acting in defense of their citizens and the Constitution, and the people MUST take a stand with those state legislators, immediately.

Visit the Tenth Amendment Center for an up-to-date picture of where your state stands in the march to reclaim states rights and reign in the runaway Fed.

Contact your state legislators and get behind their efforts to affirm state sovereignty and rights. Even Obama does not have the power to force his will upon fifty states who stand united and opposed!

Source: CFP


This is a non-partisan issue. The two party system has turned into a criminal system of bribes and blackmail. No matter if one leans left or right or anywhere in between, all Americans should take a stand against the Federal government’s attack on the constitution and affirm the states rights.

Mr. Williams forgot to add that the Federal Reserve must be abolished. He did mention the abolishing of the IRS, the Fed’s enforcement arm, through repeal of the 16th amendment.

He also should have added the illegal wars of the US empire and the duty of soldiers to disobey orders, not because of Obama’s citizenship issues, but because everything about the wars are lies and Congress has never declared war.

Indictments and trials of past and present government officials, Republican and Democrat, for treason and a myriad of crimes would also be appropriate.

Tennesseans up in arms over new gun laws

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The Tennessee legislature obviously thinks it is voting for what the public wants regarding 2nd amendment rights. It’s too bad that they, and the US Congress, don’t listen to the people in every law making effort.
Bar owners have the right to ban patrons from carrying in their establishment.

Senate overrides veto of bill allowing guns where alcohol served

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Senate has joined the House in overriding Governor Phil Bredesen’s veto of a bill to allow handgun permit holders to carry their weapons into places that serve alcohol.

Any such establishment still has the authority to forbid permit holders to carry in their weapons by posting a sign that says no guns are allowed.

Currently, 37 states have similar legislation.

In a statement released Wednesday, Governor Bredesen’s press secretary said, “Governor Bredesen said last week when he vetoed this bill that he expected an override. He’s disappointed with this action but that doesn’t change his belief that we can exercise our second amendment rights and common sense at the same time. He believes guns and bars simply don’t mix, and this legislation doesn’t provide the proper safeguards to ensure public safety. Governor Bredesen stands by his decision to veto the bill.” {more}

Handgun permits are up in Tennessee

In July, many Tennesseans will be allowed to carry their guns into restaurants and bars, but numbers show more and more people are already getting gun permits.

The Tennessee Department of Safety says there were 191,000 permitted gun owners in the state by January 2008.

One year later, it rose to 218,000.

The latest number from April of this year, shows 222,000 are allowed to carry guns in the state. {more}

Gov. Bredesen is still sitting on a passed bill that allows any resident who has a valid handgun carry permit to possess a handgun while within the boundaries of any state park.

HB0716 which will allow handgun permit holders in Tennessee to carry in state and federal parks (well as of 2/10) passes the Senate and the House. One HUGE downside to the new law, unless vetoed, is that local governments can vote by RESOLUTION (not an ordinance) to close an entire local park. It will now be up to local citizens to contact their local government officials to demand that the parks stay open.

Tennessee Proposes New Gun Law Similar to Montana New Gun Law

Introduction – Tennessee legislators have started a bill that would exempt all firearms made in Tennessee from federal gun laws if the weapons were intended to remain in Tennessee. This is extremely similar to the new gun law already signed into law in Montana. Utah and other states intend to follow with a similar bill. This is a way to stop the Federal government from doing any more gun control.

Implications – The media is saying this is a challenge for the Federal Supreme Court to get involved. Think this is the media intending to soft peddle it. This type of legislation is intended to severely limit the powers of the Federal government. So the media would have us believe that the Supreme Court will say sorry states you can’t do this and the states will say ok come take our guns away. Childish attempt on the part of the media to deceive us. The states would tell the Supreme Court what powers the constitution allows for the Fed and then go to secession if the court tries to expand these powers contrary to the constitution. The states joined the union many years ago based on the powers the constitution affords to the Fed and all the other powers belong to the states. This was the contract and it had no specific expiration date after which the Fed could do what it wanted. The Fed according to the constitution has no power to regulate firearms; the contrary is the case in that the right to bear arms is guaranteed. The Fed can regulate interstate commerce that crosses state lines but has no power to control commerce within a state. These powers are quite cut and dried and above and beyond some judges twisted deceitful interpretation that meets their goals.{more}


Tennessee prohibits the micro stamping of ammo and weapons from being sold within the state boundary… Senate Bill 1908, the “Second Amendment Protection Act,” sponsored by State Senator Doug Jackson (R- 25), would prohibit the sale of micro-stamped firearms or ammunition in Tennessee.

House Bill 70:

Sponsored by State Representative Henry Fincher (D-42), would remove the prohibition against using deadly force in protection of personal property. It also expands your right to self defense to a business. SIGNED and becomes LAW on JULY 1, 2009.

Here is a law that every state should have:

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen Signed HB1778 Into Law!!! “No Gun or Ammo Confication From Government During Martial Law”

A person who legally possesses a gun would not have it seized during periods of martial rule under a proposal that has been signed into law by the governor.

The measure was signed by Gov. Phil Bredesen on Thursday and takes effect immediately.

Sponsors say martial rule is the same as martial law at the federal level. They say the law is necessary after law enforcement in New Orleans went door to door seizing weapons in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Republican Sen. Jack Johnson of Brentwood, 1 of the sponsors, has said he doesn’t expect such behavior in Tennessee, but believes legislation should be in place just in case.

Not everyone is a staunch 2nd amendment supporter and the local media has given plenty of coverage to their views.

Gun bill advocates support legislation to keep public in dark.

Nashville councilmem want to thwart Tennessee gun law

One man’s defense is another’s fear

Why Not?…
Now that the state lawmakers have voted to overrule Gov. Bredesen’s veto, let’s move on to the next bill — allowing those with state-issued handgun carry permits to bring their weapons in the state House.

After all, the House members that voted for this bill should be allowed to experience first hand the result of their own laws.

Granted, there are a world of problems to be addressed. The states have little effect on the crimes and wars of the federal government, Congress and the laws that they pass, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street thefts; but they can take steps to attempt to ensure that the states have the rights guaranteed by the U.S. constitution.

All states should solidify their rights. It’s unfortunate that it takes legislative time and money to prevent the federal government from increasing their police state ambitions but it needs to be done.

One opinion on states rights vs. the feds:

What About Secession – If the Federal courts try to void out the states right concerning firearms or otherwise, the states will resort to secession. At some point the states may have to grab a gun to enforce their rights. The Federal government is always out there first with guns offering a violent unilateral solution to problems. Try telling them to practice gun control and see how many guns they point at you fast. I would say Montana would be right there armed and ready to stick up for their rights. Obama is not one to stand up to those standing up to him. Montana will win hands down if they as the saying goes “stick to their Guns”. Obama would never do what Lincoln did and attack those states seceding from the Union. The states that secede will probably join together making new nations, eventually.

So the states are finally holding the feet of the federal government to the fire. Either the fed quits and behaves constitutionally (only in your dreams will this ever happen), or they ignore the states and let them do as they please (most probable outcome) or they go nuts like Lincoln and show their war monger nature and attack using police and/or military to force compliance upon the states trying to free themselves. The last alternative is very unlikely. This would let the cat out of the bag and people would see how evil they can get when they want something. The people in the USA would never forgive this and the military would probably never fight such a fight. Very unlikely. Secession is also what the states are relying on the counter martial law. Martial law would basically shut down the state legislatures and government. They do not want to be irrelevant. The states rights legislation allows for them to declare the federal government illegal and irrelevant in the event of martial law. They would then reorganize themselves and/or the other states under the constitution thus seceding. This could be accomplished in a few days unless the feds sent agents to prevent the legislature from meeting. This of course moves the USA into a full illegal dictatorship role, which I doubt they would want to assume. Again look to them to do nothing since they do not have any good options.

Let’s Talk Taxes and Secession – How this would play is interesting. If the states secede for sure they are not going to assume their portion of the debt to the private bankers called the Federal Reserve Bank. This means the Federal Reserve Bank loses face. Their debt would be considered to be illegal gains as a result of their ponzi scheme called the Federal Reserve Bank, which is also a tax haven as well. The states that secede will of course start banks and rest assured there will be bank secrecy and numbered accounts. Further believe they will not share information with the USA who will probably be trying to collect back taxes from their constituents. More fun and games. New secret banking system and of course a new currency. You think that Obama and Hillary can deal with this? Name one thing that they were right about so far? See what I mean.

Other Things to Look For

Money – The states will start to “coin” their own money in Gold and Silver. This is constitutional money. This is another fight the fed will not want because it will illuminate the unconstitutional nature of their money and of course its worthlessness. Obama will look the other way on this. He is a supporter of fiat money and as long as the states do not go to fiat money he will not care.

Drugs – States will begin to legalize drugs. The legalization will vary from state to state. Generally expect personal use of “soft” drugs only. The Fed will not like this. Fights will ensue similar to California and their legal medical marijuana.

Health Care – States will assert their right to alternative health care and begin to license all sorts of alternative health care providers. Much more than what is seen today.

Banks – States will begin to open banks that do not have FDIC and are not subject to any Federal rules and regulations.

Rick Perry – Pandering Prick

Posted on “I applaud you young lady. Your support of the Gardasil vaccination makes me and Merck very happy.”

By now most everyone has heard of Texas governor Rick Perry’s hints of secession at the Austin ‘tea party.’

Everyone from The New York Times to Kurt Nimmo to Mike Adams has chimed in on the controversy.

Not to say that secession will not be a viable option at some point in the future but it won’t be led by neocon fake individual and state sovereignty shills such as Perry.

I have a suggestion Mr. Perry.
Get your attorney general to issue an indictment and then deputize your good buddy Chuck Norris and have him lead the Texas Rangers to arrest G.W. Bush for war crimes and crimes against humanity. That would give you credibility and make for a terrific media event.

Perhaps Perry’s independent Texas would become a partner of Israel. He would need allies for his new ‘country’ and as a ‘Friend of Zion,’ the partnerships are already in place.

In June 2007, Perry traveled to Israel courtesy of Global Capital Associates. While in Israel he received the “Friend of Zion” award, and met with Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu. Source Watch


Home of the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Our Mission Statement

To increase economic development by fostering understanding, cooperation and business relationships between Israel and Texas.

New Business Contacts and Friendships Forged At The 2009 Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner

The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce held it’s Gala Dinner at the Westing Park Central Hotel on February 5. During the program honoring David Wiessman, Executive Chairman of ALON USA, nearly 300 attendees enjoyed prime rib, fine wines and the company of many of Texas’ top executives. Read full Press Release

Quotes From Texas-Israel Supporters

 “I want Texas to become the preferred location for Israeli companies doing business in the U.S. Like Texas, Israel has a long history of growing new technology companies through partnerships that include universities, government and private investors and entrepreneurs. Strengthening relationships between these two ‘Lone Star States’ will benefit our respective economies and increase understanding.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry, September 25, 2007:

“Texas and Israel share a lot in common, so a close working relationship between businesses in Texas and businesses in Israel will enhance friendship between the nation of Israel and the great nation of the United States. I look forward to this relationship leading to increased commerce between Israel and Texas and I thank you, Terry, for your tireless efforts that led to the success of this business-to-business association as the Texas Israel Chamber Association brought together the Governor’s office, your Chamber’s members, Israel’s businesses and Israel’s Ministry of Industry and Trade”.

Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel, speaking to Chamber Chairman Terry Anderson

“Cooperation with our organization and the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce should serve as an effective platform to promote trade between the two States”.

Tamar Guy, Executive Director of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce

About Us

The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce is a private, not-for-profit business organization 501(c)6 whose aim is to boost the economies of Texas and Israel by helping member companies develop important business relationships with each other and explore new market opportunities. The Chamber is strongly supported by Governor Rick Perry of Texas as well as by Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor because both parties believe there are many opportunities for collaboration, especially in high tech industries.

The Israel-Texas Science and Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 public foundation affiliate of the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce organized to operate exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. Its goal is to educate the general public by providing a forum for the exchange of information and ideas concerning the southwestern region of the United States and Israel through public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures and other similar programs in order to bring about a better international understanding.

Our goal is to earn a reputation as the most successful and effective bi-national business organization in the United States. We welcome you to help us reach this goal. source

More change we can believe in? This time from the real ‘right wing extremists’ and lovers of all things war.

Tennessee state representatives are mostly a waste of space

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Tennesseans do not need more laws and resolutions, they need less. Anything brought up should be based on sound U.S. and TN state constitutional principles. Most of the time it’s anything but.


Subcommittee advances TN resolution seeking regret for slavery

The three-page resolution states that slavery has left a “bitter legacy” in the United States, and that Tennessee, with a slave population in 1860 of 275,000 people, or one-quarter of the state, played a part in creating that legacy.

No one today was responsible. Very few Tennesseans even owned slaves. Unneeded rhetoric that does nothing.

Bill seeks to criminalize saggy pants in Tennessee

Under the proposal, a person could be fined as much as $1,000 for publicly wearing pants “below the person’s waistline … in a manner that exposes the person’s underwear or bare buttocks.”

You may not like them but this bill is unconstitutional. What would be next?

Photo ID’s required for voting

The Finance Committee of the state Senate on Wednesday discussed a proposal to require Tennesseans to show “qualified photographic identification” before being allowed to vote. Currently, many Tennesseans who are elderly or have disabilities have no “qualified” photo ID — typically, because they do not drive, and therefore have no driver’s license. And there are still some motorists in Tennessee who have driver’s licenses without photos, for various reasons.

No evidence of any voter fraud but we’ll make it a law anyway.

Honk if you love capitalism

A bill to allow color advertising on school buses took a left turn in the House this morning, as representatives debated how bright and shiny colors could cause drivers to plow into little Timmy’s school bus.

But another fight could be brewing: The House added an amendment prohibiting advertisements of products that can’t be sold in vending machines in schools (read: junk food).

That moves directly against action in the Senate, which will now have to take up the bill again. The Senate had previously adopted an identical no-junk-food-ad measure, and then passed another amendment to nullify it.

Why not just sell naming rights for schools like sports stadiums do? How about Walmart High, McDonald’s middle school?

TN panel approves out-of -state wine legislation

A proposal to allow people to bring up to five cases of wine into Tennessee from out-of-state wineries is bubbling up in the legislature. Current law bars transporting any alcohol into the state.

Maybe not so bad. Making Granny a criminal for bringing back some Kentucky wine seems silly.

OK, some reps must have read the constitution.
Some bills have tried to protect the 2nd amendment and citizens from two and four legged predators. Success in these has gone back and forth. Most are written with stipulations.

TN House panel OKs guns in local parks

A House panel on Wednesday advanced a measure to authorize local governments to allow people with state-issued handgun permits to carry their loaded weapons in parks and playgrounds.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Harry Tindell, a Knoxville Democrat, also would allow local governments to decide to be selective about where to allow guns. For example, officials could decide to allow handguns on greenways, but not at ball fields.

Other pending 2nd amendment bills:

Senate Bill 576, sponsored by State Senator Doug Jackson (R- 25), would allow a person who has a valid Right-to-Carry permit, to carry a firearm into restaurants where alcohol may be served, as long as the permit holder is not consuming alcohol or is not otherwise prohibited by posting provisions. SB 576 has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. House Bill 1807, sponsored by State Representative Ben West (D-60), is the companion bill to SB 576. HB 1807 is currently in the House Subcommittee on Criminal Practice and Procedure.

Senate Bill 1908, sponsored by State Senator Doug Jackson (R- 25), the “Second Amendment Protection Act,” would prohibit the sale of micro-stamped firearms or ammunition in Tennessee. This pro-active preventive measure is currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee. House Bill 1924 sponsored by State Representative Henry Fincher (D-42), is the companion bill to SB 1908 and has been referred to the House Judiciary’s Sub-committee on Criminal Practice and Procedure.

House Bill 254, sponsored by State Representative Glen Casada (R-63), would delete the requirement to give a thumbprint as part of the background check process when purchasing a firearm. HB 254 passed the House 82-11 on Thursday, March 12. It has been referred to the Senate. Senate Bill 554, sponsored by State Senator Mark Norris (R-32), is the companion bill to HB 254 and is expected to be voted on favorably.

House Bill 959, sponsored by State Representative Eddie Bass (D-65), would ensure the privacy of handgun permit holders by making records of permit applications and renewals confidential. Any public disclosure of this information would be a Class A misdemeanor. HB 959 is expected to be heard in the House Judiciary on Wednesday, March 18.

House Bill 961, sponsored by State Representative Mike Bell (R-26), would authorize a person with a handgun carry permit to possess a firearm in a refuge, public hunting area, wildlife management area, or on national forest land. HB 961 has been referred to the House Finance, Ways and Means Subcommittee on Budget. Senate Bill 1519, sponsored by State Senator Tim Burchett (R-7), is the companion bill to HB 961.

House Bill 2376, sponsored by State Representative David Shepard (D-69), would modify the methods of disposing of certain confiscated firearms. HB 2376 would prohibit the destruction of confiscated firearms and require them to be auctioned off or sold to federally licensed firearms dealers. Proceeds from the sale of these firearms would be used to benefit of law enforcement agencies.

Some other reps do have some common sense but this bill is limited, only for the dying.

Tennessee legislators introduce medical marijuana legislation

Recently, Sen. Beverly Marrero (D-Memphis) and Rep. Jeanne Richardson (D-Memphis) introduced companion medical marijuana bills — SB 209 and HB 368.

This legislation would allow terminally ill patients to use medical marijuana pursuant to a physician’s recommendation. Registered patients or their caregivers would be allowed to possess up to 8 ounces of dried marijuana and 6 mature or 12 immature marijuana plants.

Just read the U.S. and state constitutions…state representatives.

Don’t waste your and our time with anything that doesn’t meet the test of constitutionality. Unconstitutional bills are a hallmark of the out of control federal government and we don’t want to compare you with them.