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Thursday, April 17

Les Visible

Deankamenslingshot Dean Kamen

It hasn’t been a walk in the park, living in this world, these past eight years or so. Since the Bush Crime Family and whoever is running them, or whomever they are running, slithered into the highest office in the most powerful nation on Earth it has been a time of grayscale existence. It’s been dark. I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about this. Talking about it is nearly as depressing as the fact that it happened in the first place.

Maybe you’ve had a good time these past years, I haven’t. Sure… I haven’t starved. I haven’t been sent to Guantanamo. I haven’t… never mind. I don’t want to get into it now. I need to find some good in things. I need to believe in a better world and try to come up with something to say that will leave people more hopeful. It isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible. I get so angry sometimes when I see what should be obvious to everyone. I become angrier still when I see that it isn’t obvious to everyone. I want to find a way out of this bad dream and it would make me very grateful if others could find their way out too.

While The Sleaze Ball in Chief and his merry band of animal rape artistes have been gangbanging the world in the hope that they can reproduce Damian from The Omen by the sheer number of their forced violations, some few lights have refused to go to sleep in the submissive darkness of the times in which we live.

While The Pope, who used to be the guy who was in charge of covering up all of the pedophile scandals, tours the U.S. in his pimpmobile and waves at the crowds of clueless Schmoos, some people just went about their business behind the scenes and did some remarkable things that nobody seems interested in.

Sometimes I feel like every blow that lands on the legs and hands and feet of the people of Zimbabwe is landing on me somehow. That no one has just marched into that country and hung Robert Mugabe on Pay per View tells me all I need to know about the world and shows me that maybe we are just bacteria. That Israel has no qualms about going into Zimbabwe and messing with the election with the same calculating profit motive that they used to support and maintain South Africa’s apartheid regime makes me think that the bugs from Starship Troopers won the battle and then just dressed up in human clothes and we finally started calling ourselves humans while we went on acting like psychopathic flesh eating bugs. Maybe we are just pond scum whose natural disposition is to eat and breed and kill. And then along comes a guy like Dean Kamen.

Most people don’t know who Dean Kamen is, even though he is everything all of the rest of us ought to be. I struggle to find the nobility of the human spirit. I struggle to find it in myself and to see it in others and it is not any easy task. It’s the easiest thing to see it in Dean Kamen though hardly anyone bothers to look. The first time I heard about him was when he invented the AutoSyringe then I heard about The iBOT then I heard about The Segway and finally there is The Slingshot There’s a Wikipedia page of stats on Dean one of the great human beings of our time and this is what he gets. There are no trumpets. He should be brought forth upon the cosmic Lupercal and crowned with as many laurel wreaths as he could stand up under. He should be feted and wined and dined and given his own day of the year and a key to the Seven Cities of Gold. He gets what amounts to a chamber orchestra of kazoos. His latest invention hardly got any mention at all.

You might wonder why I used Wikipedia several times when some of you know I despise Wikipedia. I did it so you could see how little time they devote to Dean Kamen and his wonderful, wonderful work. Someone once put up a Wikipedia page on me and sooner or later Wikipedia decided I wasn’t important and I’m not; neither is Wikipedia. Dean Kamen is important. One Dean Kamen is worth ten million Jimmy Sale’s and you can’t make book on number equivalent comparisons to trolls like Bush or any of his capos because one of them is too much.

If you bothered to read about the Slingshot then you can see that Dean Kamen has solved one of the biggest problems facing the bug culture in the human suits. I expect that there probably isn’t anything Dean Kamen can’t solve when it comes to technological necessity. I will never in my life achieve anything close to what Dean Kamen has done but that’s no big deal. What is a big deal is that almost no one will and yet we celebrate all the rank pretenders. Hey, it’s okay to peel off and go find out what Paris Hilton is doing. Go ahead… we’ve all got our priorities.

In a decent world they would make turf fertilizer out of the Robert Mugabe’s and Paris Hilton’s of the world so that Dean Kamen could walk across it while we throw flowers and money and beautiful women at him. He’s my idea of a rock star. He has made the world a better place. And hardly anyone has said anything about his latest and greatest invention. He’s one of the truly great men to ever come down on “this sweet swinging sphere.” (To quote Lord Buckley) and we just don’t care. Has Dean Kamen received the Nobel Prize? They gave it to Henry Kissinger so it’s probably not worth shit but still…

They gave it to Al Gore for talking up Global Warming so that the bio-fuels industry could starve half the world to death so it’s probably not worth shit but still….

There are a lot of little minds out there that don’t think Dean deserves the award it makes me wonder what awards are for anyway.

I didn’t feel so good when I started writing this. I know some heavy things are about to hit and there’s nowhere on my couch or under my house where I can get any respite from the gravity of it but Dean Kamen makes me feel good. I haven’t talked about the other things he has done. I wonder how many people will care to find out.

Today someone told me that Michael Rivero was an agent for MI-6. I guess it is because of his Hawaiian ancestry. I’ve had people tell me bad things about everyone I have ever heard about. I figure even I, without knowing, am probably a CIA agent and was involved in 9/11. What am I supposed to do with all this negative information? How am I supposed to rise up above the clouds that circle this Earth with all the paranoia on one hand and all the packaged crap on the other? Dean Kamen is a piece of evidence that providence has not deserted us.

Bush can rage like the impotent jackass that he truly is. Government terror cells can terrorize the people. British court evidence on 7/7 can reveal the same 9/11 passport- phony ID’s strewn around the wreckage in the ongoing seven come eleven crap game of these endangered times. Hell can walk the Earth in a spandex glitter suit so that our dreams can be consumed in whether to be the hole or fill the hole but Dean Kamen keeps on chugging.

There are other Dean Kamen’s laboring in their laboratories in search of one more answer to keep us going one more day. There are hearts burning and sprits yearning and deep in the center of our being is an urge for freedom and understanding; a helping hand extended for no other reason but the desire to help one another and make the world a better place. That’s what I want to think about today. What I want to think about is those noble, unknown and unsung portions of ourselves that are not bugs… they are human beings. Dean Kamen… you rock my world. For all of us that do give a damn; thank you! Thank you even more for your selfless drive than for anything else you have done to ease the pain and sorrow of this troubled world.

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