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No Expectation of Privacy

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Homeland Security money rolling into the coffers of local police buys a lot of toys and the expectation of loyalty when the feds may need a favor.

Although not new, they are being used in other states and in foreign countries,  it is just now being reported that law enforcement departments across middle Tennessee are using high-tech cameras to create a detailed picture of the whereabouts of thousands of cars, regardless of whether they are suspected of any link to criminal activity.” “Police say that this ability to capture license plates is among the most powerful new crime-fighting tools at their disposal.”

This surveillance is not only being done on public streets but in parking lots of apartments and condos and even on cars parked in one’s own driveway. Police cruisers mounted with the cameras are just the beginning. Fixed locations are being added and unlike red light cameras, these record every vehicle going by.  It’s all in the name of catching the bad guys and of course protecting the children but if a few parking ticket offenders and yes, even tax dodgers are caught, so much the better. The locals and the feds need a return on investment.

The information goes into a database of time, date and place and sits there until someone takes action on it. The potential for hackers to use or manipulate data is real and mistakes are going to occur. A stolen license plate at a crime scene could result in a SWAT team knocking an innocent person’s door down. It happens.

There are so many of these ‘toys’ in the pipeline that we can only guess what will come next. The effect is cumulative. Each technology builds on another and soon we will see drones added to the mix. I don’t think I read in the constitution that “you are a suspect until you prove yourself innocent” but not everyone cares about an old piece of paper.

For the time being, in most places we still have the right to turn the other camera so to speak. A local man was likely saved from going to jail because of a recording of his close encounter with a bad lying cop. The cop was even charged with a crime in this case. Sometimes it happens.

“A totalitarian state is in effect a theocracy, and its ruling caste, in order to keep its position, has to be thought of as infallible.”

“The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’…. Since you don’t know what Fascism is, how can you struggle against Fascism?”

“In our age there is no such thing as “keeping out of politics.” All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.”

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

“We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of
intelligent men.”

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”  


Local Law Enforcement Trained in ‘Terrorism’ by Anti-Muslim Psychological Warfare ‘Non-Profit’

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In a county designated by the hard right wing factions of the police state as the southern ‘ground zero’ in the psyops of Islamophobia, guess who is training the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office about Islam and the threats of terrorism? If you guessed yet another anti-Muslim non-profit group, one of many making millions through fearmongering and lies, you would be correct.

A former FBI agent who claimed that Nashville mosques do not have First Amendment rights is providing training to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office about Islam and terrorist threats.

John Guandolo, vice president of the Arlington, Va.,-based Strategic Engagement Group, is leading the training being held this week at the World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro.

“They do not have a First Amendment right to do anything,” Guandolo said. 

A local television station was  physically prevented from filming a free seminar at the faux Christian, zionist oriented mega World Outreach Church. The senior pastor, G. Allen Jackson, studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in the 1980s. Pastor Jackson now leads Christian pilgrimages to Israel several times a year, was instrumental in bringing the U.S. office of the International Christian Embassy-Jerusalem to Murfreesboro and has been recognized by the The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus for his continued support.

Channel 4 was allowed to listen to him {Guandolo} but could not record it. Guandolo talked about Hamas and its plan to destroy Western civilization from within, and spoke of Islamic centers as potential military compounds.

Tennessee Freedom Coalition, which openly opposed the new mosque, hired the Washington-based nonprofit.

…Lou Ann Zelenik, of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, which paid for this week’s training, said law enforcement officials need to know the truth about Islam and terrorism.

“We don’t need political correctness when it comes to the training our police and sheriffs,” she said. “This is accurate information. It’s not part of any agenda.”

The World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro,  has been a vocal opponent of the new Islamic Center being built in Rutherford County.

The Rutherford County Sheriff defended the ‘terrorism’ training by saying “Our officers came to us wanting this training because of the Mosque.” The question is why did he pick this particular warmongering group for the training and who is pulling the strings?

Strategic Engagement Group should be banned from any of their propagandized training but who would stop this from happening again? At least they are not going to be involved when Middle Tennessee police officers and deputies will gather in Nashville in two weeks for free training on how to fight terrorism. Still, this event will focus on the wrong enemies of the state instead of the true threats to this country … Wall Street/International bankers and the Federal Reserve, Israel and their lobbyists, The Pentagon and war machine contractors and their lobbyists, corporate degenerates, Homeland Security, the CIA, the NSA,  media shills and bought/blackmailed politicians.The creme de la creme of the sociopaths and psychopaths will not be discussed.

A simple reminder is that the whole Islamophobia psychological warfare is a direct result of the false flag of 9/11 where no Muslim hijackers were involved and virtually every sentence of the ‘official’ story is a lie.  An end to the 9/11 lies not only ends the Islamophobia industry but will also put a halt to the wars for Israel. Easier said than done but we are not giving up.

Previous reports on the local Mosque issue.

Paramilitary police training spooks Rutherford County residents

Rules Change in the Middle of the Game

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Occupy Nashville got rousted from their encampment at Legislative Plaza in Nashville in the middle of the night by 100 State Troopers obeying orders from their police state bosses.

This was a result of a new ‘policy’ put out yesterday by the state requiring time limits and permits with daily fees to protest on state (people owned) property.

Twenty nine protestors arrested early Friday morning at Legislative Plaza have been released.

They were issued a citation for criminal trespass and being in violation of general services policy. A court date has been set for November 18.

A judge said there was no probably cause for the arrest around 3 a.m. by Tennessee State Troopers on Legislative Plaza.

About 100 storm state troopers began moving around 3 a.m. using a newly enacted state policy that set a curfew for the grounds near the state Capitol, including Legislative Plaza where the protesters had been staying in tents since October 7.

Troopers gave the protestors 10 minutes to leave peacefully, but instead some of the protestors sat in a semi-circle facing outwards with their arms locked. Once the 10 minutes was up, state troopers came in and placed plastic cuffs on those that stayed and were forced to drag them off the property.

Whether one agrees or not with Occupy Nashville and their limited demands, it is obvious that the current Tennessee state administration thinks they can make up the rules as they go along and put in place police state policies that run contrary to 1st amendment rights. Not that we expected anything different from the slugs in charge.

Protesters claim victory. Perhaps now they can sharpen their focus and address more of the concerns that many of us see as important. We’ll see.

TN Gov. Bill Haslam signed off on plan to arrest Occupy Nashville protesters

Safety Commissioner Defends Occupy Nashville Eviction: ‘We Can’t Babysit Protesters’ 

It’s a Homeland Security issue ………..

Dangerous White Folks With Babies, "Domestic Terrorists," Raided by FBI for Thinking They Have Anti-War Free Speech Rights

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Meredith Aby held her daughter, Audry, 1 ½, tightly as others spoke at the news conference. FBI and police officials raided Aby’s home earlier in the day.

It’s been just a couple of days since a Senate panel was told by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, FBI Director Robert Mueller and Michael Leiter, head of the National Counter-terrorism Center,  that “domestic radicalization” had become more pronounced. Napolitano  warned  that “a new and changing facet of the terrorist threat comes from homegrown terrorists.”

Well, it didn’t take the FBI long to jump right in and raid the Minneapolis homes of five antiwar activists, including three leaders of the Twin Cities peace movement, Friday morning as part of what it called a probe of “activities concerning the material support of terrorism.”

Ted Dooley, a lawyer for one of those raided summed it up calling the raids “a probe into the political beliefs of American citizens and any organization anywhere that opposes the American imperial design.”   {more}

White folks with babies can’t speak their mind and actively protest  the lies of war and our criminal syndicate government without the threat of reprisal. 1st amendment … what’s that?  Being an advocate of Palestine makes them especially dangerous. Israel certainly wants these people off the street and gagged and the FBI is glad to oblige. Better up the budgets of  ‘homeland security’ cause there’s still a lot of others out there who actually think they have rights and want to use them.

How many other antiwar activists all over the country are now looking over their shoulders and wondering if they’re next?  The fear of arrest, confiscation of  personal property, grand juries and maybe even having their children taken away from them is our government’s tactics to silence the truth. Nothing original there, it’s all been done before as a cursory look at history will tell us.

So just shut up and prepare your children to be cogs in the wheel of permanent war. If you want to march in the streets, go to the  Stephen Colbert  “March to Keep Fear Alive” rally. That will be acceptable.

G20 Police State Toronto

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Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

Police get new powers for G20

Legislation gives police right to search anyone within five metres of security fence

They’ve been written into a special piece of legislation called the Public Works Protection Act. Ontario’s cabinet quietly passed the new rules on June 2 without legislature debate.

The new powers work on the streets and sidewalks in and around the security fence.

Under the laws, anyone who comes within five metres of the security area is obliged to give police their name and state the purpose of their visit.

Police, at their discretion, can deny access to the area and “use whatever force is necessary” to keep people out.

‘Fortress Toronto’ set for G20 – video

Toronto turned into fortress for G8, G20 summits – video

Toronto Police Get PWND By G20 Protester – video

Man With Car Packed With Camping Equipment Arrested As G20 Security Threat! – video

Another Middle Tennessee Taser Death

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Tasered multiple times after being handcuffed according to witnesses.

Old Hickory man dies in Gallatin police custody

GALLATIN, Tenn. – An Old Hickory man arrested for filing a false police report died in police custody in Gallatin Tuesday night after being stunned with a taser.

Gallatin police are still investigating the incident and a cause of death has not been determined.

Tuesday night, at about 10 p.m., Gallatin police responded to a home on Trousdale Avenue in regards to a reported home invasion.

Upon arrival, officers encountered 33-year-old Jeffrey Woodward walking down the street carrying the knife.

Woodward told the officers he had placed the call to police and after surrendering the knife, returned to the home where he said someone was holding his mother against her will.

After officers determined his mother was safe and there was no emergency, they attempted to take Woodward into custody for filing a false police report.

A struggle ensued, forcing officers to deploy a taser.

Gallatin police said a taser device was used, but it didn’t fire property and the struggle continued until officers were able to secure Woodward

Amanda Campbell witnessed the incident.

“They had the gentleman in handcuffs and they started tasering him about over four times,” she told News 2. “All of a sudden, I see the dog attack him, he dropped down on the ground and the dog was on top of him.”

Carrie Campbell also saw what happened.

“I almost was in tears, and actually right now, in my head, I can still hear him say, ‘Help me, help me, help me’,” she recalled.

Once in custody, officers said it looked like Woodward needed medical attention.

He was taken to Sumner Regional Hospital where he died a short time later.

Sgt. Bill Storment, public information officer for Gallatin police said Woodward “did not immediately die as a result of being tased.” He said he died a “short time later.”

The incident remains under investigation.

source: WKRN Nashville
{see comments from those who knew him}

The Tennessean report

Neighbor saw fight

Shawn Hill, 22, of Gallatin, said he witnessed the struggle between Woodward and police.

Hill said he watched as Woodward ran from the police and dove onto the hood of a police car.

“All I could hear was tick, tick, tick, tick, tick (the sound made by the Taser). That was when he was on the ground.”

Hill said Woodward’s mother pleaded with officers not to kill him. He said Woodward was calling for help.

“He was yelling, ‘Help me, help me,’ ” Hill said. “I won’t ever forget that.”

Hill said a police dog kept Woodard on the ground.

Storment said no charges are likely against the officers, and investigators have no reason to believe excessive force was used.

Hill disagrees.

“For somebody to die, you did too much,” he said. {more with over 100 comments}

The "Steel City" gives new meaning to the police state

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The folks who want to speak out at the G20 in Pittsburgh are not being organized by Glenn Beck and his ilk nor being choreographed by Fox News. That’s what concerns the criminal elite who will gather to further their agenda of economic slavery and put on a show of force against ‘free speech.’

Free speech doesn’t come easy.

IN THE weeks leading up to the Group of 20 economic summit of world leaders in Pittsburgh September 24 and 25, the mainstream media saturated the city with alarming stories of “violent” and “unruly” protesters.

But these stories also reassured residents that a slew of law enforcement agencies–local and state police, SWAT teams, the National Guard and the Secret Service–would ensure public order and protect private and public property throughout the city.

One question, however, didn’t receive as much attention: who would protect the right to free speech?

Ahead of his arrival in Pittsburgh for the summit, President Barack Obama made it clear that he didn’t value the opinions of protesters, anyway. “I was always a big believer…that focusing on concrete, local, immediate issues that have an impact on people’s lives is what really makes a difference, and that having protests about abstractions [such] as global capitalism or something, generally, is not really going to make much of a difference,” Obama said.

But if Obama thinks the demonstrations are irrelevant, his administration is going to great lengths to harass and intimidate them. The projected cost of the police presence–to include some 2,000 National Guard troops, 1,000 state troopers, 900 Pittsburgh police and perhaps thousands more police from nearby municipalities–is upward of $20 million.

The authorities will have helicopters, Humvees, prototypes of a new generation of top-of-the-line police cruisers–and specially outfitted police bicycles. “It ties in nicely with the whole green effort,” said Chris Andrews, general manager of the military equipment contractor that donated the bikes.

Several buildings and sports fields belonging to the Pittsburgh public schools have been made available to law enforcement and military agencies to house personnel and provide landing pads for the helicopters.

But activists, on the other hand, have had to file numerous lawsuits to get city and state agencies to issue permits for peaceful protests and other activities. The city also put pressure on universities and other institutions to distance themselves from planned demonstrations, according to activists. {more}

The repression begins…..

Sitting here on the hill in Schenley Park I watch no less than 4 military helicopters constantly buzz the Pittsburgh Skyline. Police vans from Philadelphia and beyond patrol the streets of downtown creating a state of fear, a state of occupation. Over 4000 police, including 2000 national guard troops, some fresh from Iraq, are on call to ensure that Obama’s G20 party goes without a hitch.

Already the police have been going out of there way to create a state of fear before the summit starts. Seeds of Peace, a group that provides free food for activists, has been repeatedly harassed, their bus impounded, and a member arrested without reason. The Landslide Community Farm has also been raided and illegally searched by over 20 cops. No warrant was provided, the only reason given is that it was a matter of “national security.” Meanwhile the police raided several activist homes overnight, drawing guns on people, and towing cars. And after being told that the 3 Rivers Climate Convergence could leave tents setup overnight, low and behold, they have all disappeared by morning.

What is important to recognize is that this is not just a rogue Pittsburgh police force. Because the G20 has been declared a “National Security Event” the Secret Service is in charge of all police operations in relation to the G20. The Secret Service are Obama’s people. They answer to him. The preemptive repression on the streets of Pittsburgh is being done on Obama’s watch. Don’t forget that.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post, Obama said that protests are ineffective and that globalization is inevitable. So much for all his fiery campaign rhetoric about renegotiating NAFTA and other trade deals that have screwed workers and destroyed the environment. {more}

Pittsburgh is under ‘house arrest’

Downtown banks and businesses have boarded up their windows and been forced to take out terrorism insurance… Our parks have become tent cities for police and protesters alike. The 3 rivers are shutdown by the Coast Guard and there are only three ways to access the city…. {more}

National security investigation? and lawsuits…..

The 16-page lawsuit focuses on three specific incidents involving the Seeds of Peace Collective, a group founded in 1986 to provide food and water to protesters. A bus, retrofitted to run on vegetable oil and solar power, that is used by the group to prepare meals, arrived in Pittsburgh from Montana on Sept. 13. On Friday, members of Seeds of Peace returned to where the bus had been parked and locked in a private driveway on Melwood Avenue in Oakland to find one police officer inside the bus and another in its doorway. The members asked what they were doing and told them they did not have consent to either enter or search the vehicle. The officers had the bus towed to the city’s impound lot, and Michael Bowersox, its co-owner, had to pay $220 to get it back.

“This is the absolute worst police harassment I’ve experienced in 19 years,” he said. “We have a long history of being committed to nonviolence, in the tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.”

The complaint also said that another bus operated by Everybody’s Kitchen, which was parked in a private driveway in Bloomfield, was subjected to harassment, too. Yesterday afternoon, city officials told both buses they had until 6:30 p.m. to vacate the Sassafras Street property where they had been parked. Bob Johnson, an artist who leases the property, said a city building inspector approached the owner yesterday morning, cited him for several code violations and threatened to fine him $1,000 a day unless they moved.

The Seeds of Peace bus is equipped with enough supplies to make 5,000 meals, said Mr. Mark, 29, of Missoula, Mont. Contacts in Pittsburgh helped the food buses get permission to use the Sassafras Street property, which sits under the Bloomfield Bridge and is covered with scrap-metal sculptures. Mr. Johnson allowed police on the grounds on Sunday night when more than 30 police officers dressed in riot gear showed up at about 11:30 p.m., the lawsuit said.

“They informed the owner that this was a national security investigation and that no warrant was necessary.” After about 20 minutes of discussion, Mr. Johnson allowed police to search the property, but they could not go on the buses. {more}

Another perspective….

Why not hold the meeting on an isolated Pacific atoll, or a secluded, desert military installation? It would certainly be cheaper, let alone significantly less risky.

The choice of Pittsburgh reeks of provocation (read agents provocateur).

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