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Next Up…Nicotine Vaccine

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If you survive the H1N1 vaccine, there will be an untold number of new ones coming down the pike. I wonder what else they will come up with? One doctor I heard said that we can take 1,000 vaccines without any problems. And I bet big pharma would like to sell each of us that many.

Stimulus money will fund nicotine vaccine trial

A $10-million grant to Nabi Pharmaceuticals of Rockville, Md., from the National Institute on Drug Abuse will fund a Phase 3 clinical trial of a new vaccine designed to prevent relapses among smokers — the final step before the vaccine can be approved for general use. It is the first large trial of an anti-smoking vaccine.

The vaccine, called NicVax, stimulates the production of antibodies that bind to nicotine in the bloodstream.

The bound nicotine molecules are too large to enter the brain, thereby subverting the rewarding effects of the drug. Preliminary studies have shown that smokers who achieved the highest level of nicotine antibodies had higher rates of quitting smoking and longer durations of abstinence than those given placebos. The vaccine was also well tolerated, with few side effects.

Some evidence suggests that the antibodies may persist for only six to 12 months, but that may be long enough to allow smokers to get through the extremely difficult first months of withdrawal.


Jim Traficant interviewed by Sean Hannity

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Also See… Peter Chamberlin’s Israeli State of Extortion.


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“When we carry our eyes back through the long records of our history, we see wars of plunder, wars of conquest, wars of religion, wars of pride, wars of succession, wars of idle speculation, wars of unjust interference, and hardly among them one war of necessary self-defence in any of our essential or very important interests.”

Anna Barbauld, English poet, essayist, critic, 1793

Lady Sham Inspects the Damage

art by Jeremy Geddes

Thinking Woman
art by Bas Sebus

Fed and War Talk

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There is no separating the Federal Reserve and the war machine. They are ‘blood’ brothers.

We are blindly shooting at the created enemies while the real criminals manipulate the system for their own profit and power.

How to stop the war machine

Why do these the hucksters and McCain supporters keep saying that they like Ron Paul but dislike him on foreign policy? It makes no sense.

”Because the central bank is the LIFEBLOOD of the EMPIRE.

If you want to stop the war machine, you have to go after the money machine.”-Tom Woods

This is why it’s preposterous to separate foreign and domestic policy.

The Plan
Audit the Fed
End the Fed
End the I.R.S.
Restore sound money
Get out of the U.N.
Make it illegal for the United States to borrow money
Cut ties to the IMF
Cut ties to the World Bank

If the Fed gave its actual arguments against a full audit, they would not have mentioned anything about political independence or economic stability. Instead they would admit they don’t want to be audited because they enjoy their current situation too much.

Under the guise of currency control, they are able to help out powerful allies on Wall Street, in exchange for lucrative jobs or who-knows-what favors later on.

An audit would expose the Fed as a massive fraud perpetrated on this country, enriching a privileged few bankers at the top of our economic food chain, and leaving the rest of us with massively devalued dollars which we are forced to use by law. An audit would make people realize that, while Bernie Madoff defrauded a lot of investors for a lot of money, the Fed has defrauded every one of us by destroying the value of our money.

An honest and full accounting of how the money system really works in this country would mean there is not much of a chance the American people would stand for it anymore.
{more – Ron Paul}

The main stream media traitors feed us a trough of death and debt.

America is Led and Informed by Liars

The president of the United States and his European puppets are doing what they do best–lying through their teeth. The US “mainstream media” repeats the lies as if they were facts. The US “media” is again making itself an accomplice to wars based on fabrications. Apparently, the media’s main interest is to please the US government and hopefully obtain a taxpayer bailout of its failing print operations.

As there is no legal basis for action against Iran, the Obama regime is creating another hoax, like the non-existent “Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.” The hoax is that a facility, reported to the IAEA by Iran, is a secret facility for making nuclear weapons.

Just as the factual reports from the weapons inspectors in Iraq were ignored by the Bush Regime, the factual reports from the IAEA are ignored by the Obama Regime.
Like the Bush Regime, the Middle East policy of the Obama Regime is based in lies and deception.

Who is the worst enemy of the American people, Iran or the government in Washington and the media whores who serve it? {more – Paul Craig Roberts}

So to all conspiracy theorists claiming that gold is being manipulated on a daily basis by the Federal Reserve: when it occurs over and over, and is so well documented, it is no longer a theory, it is merely sad.

And the fact that the US government goes to great lengths to hide the illicit dealings of the Federal Reserve, which through its monetary tentacles, has prima facie control over not just US policy but also over sovereign governments, is an unprecedented failure in the checks and balances system that the founding fathers had planned when they created the United States of America.

Yet saddest is that the United States no longer pursues strategic goals that are in the best interest of the majority of its citizens, but merely manipulates other, less powerful nations into a servile existence that only provides gain to a very limited subset of the American financial oligarchy.

It is time for the Fed’s unprecedented control over affairs, both global and domestic, to end. {more – Tyler Durden}

The Senate is soon to vote on H.R. 3326 – Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2010 giving the Fed more phony money to print and more interest to be paid to them by taxpayers.

The cycle of death and destruction will continue and we allow it by not eliminating the Fed and the one party American system of government…the war party.

The Roman Polanski diversion

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Polanski has been ‘on the run’ for over 30 years, so why after all this time would the U.S. move to have him extradited? They could have done this long ago if they had wanted to.

Maybe he has made a deal? Trading a little media diversion time for his eventual freedom?

Left: Polanski in the 1960s with his wife, Sharon Tate. Bottom right: Samantha Geimer, who was 13 when Polanski had sex with her in 1977. Top right: Jack Nicholson, in whose home the crime occurred. Photo: AFP/AP

With all of the current news of Iran, Israel, Afghanistan and the HR 1207 – audit the Federal Reserve issue being covered up, this is a good opportunity for an old salacious story to become a week long diversion. Polanski will most likely come away from this with a light slap on the wrist and maybe even get to return to the U.S. as a free man before he dies.

As he is jewish, Polanski will get the usual jewish media spin of ‘you rascal you’ and then be welcomed back and praised for his ‘accomplishments.’

Being a ‘holocaust’ survivor means getting special treatment. He even made a holocaust tale, The Pianist, and with the Manson family/wife Sharon Tate and friends murders thrown into the mix, well, you know that Polanski is not going to be treated as a common pedophile.

Here is one jewish writer, a Mr. Richard Cohen’s take on the story that may be typical:

It ought not to matter that Polanski is a Holocaust survivor. (His mother died at Auschwitz.) After all, countless others survived the Holocaust without committing crimes of any sort, especially ones involving moral depravity.

It ought not to matter, either, that in 1969 Polanski’s wife, the actress Sharon Tate, was horrifically murdered by the Manson family when she was eight months pregnant. This, too, does not excuse moral depravity, although it gives one pause. It ought to give one pause. (Polanski underwent a 42-day psychiatric examination following his 1977 arrest.)

And it ought not to matter that Polanski is a gifted artist. In fact, it ought to be held against him. He seduced — if that can possibly be the word — the 13-year-old Samantha Geimer with all the power and authority of a 44-year-old movie director who could make her famous. If this did not impress the girl, it must have impressed her mother. She permitted what was supposed to be a photo shoot.

There are two extenuating circumstances in Polanski’s case. The first is time. It has, after all, been over 30 years and Polanski, now 76, has been clean all that time — no crimes alleged, no crimes convicted. More importantly, his victim pleads his case. Geimer says, more or less, enough is enough. She does not excuse what Polanski did and does not forgive what he has done, but it is time for us all to move on. “He made a terrible mistake, but he’s paid for it,” she said some years back.

Time does not minimize the crime, which in its details is creepy, but jail would no longer serve a purpose. The victim and the victimizer are united — they both want clemency. The girl is now a woman, and the man is old, spending his dotage making fools of his champions, who cannot distinguish between sexual freedom and sexual assault. Let Polanski go — but first let me at him.

The Polanski arrest came just a day after the death of Susan Atkins, a Manson family member involved in the Tate murders. In August, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, another Manson follower who once pointed a gun at Gerald Ford was released from prison. A coincidence you might say but it is sort of strange.

Could Polanski end up in prison alongside Charlie Manson singing a few old tunes? Nah…

Wasn’t Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” a little overrated anyway, along with the rest of his films?

Al Gore’s Karma

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Saving the world, one $90,000 car at a time.

Nice…if you’re rich.

Somehow I get the feeling that when Al Gore is involved in a ‘venture,’ it’s not in the best interests of the vast majority of the American public.

Automaker with ties to Al Gore receives $528.7 million govt loan

Fisker Automotive, a California manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles with ties to former Vice President Al Gore Jr., will receive more than $500 million in federal loans to develop a plug-in hybrid sports car with a sticker price of nearly $90,000 and a new plug-in hybrid vehicle to be built in the United States.

The Energy Department said last week it would lend $528.7 million to Fisker from a $25 billion fund to develop fuel-efficient vehicles, making the Irvine, California, startup the fourth automaker to receive loans from the program. The government awarded $8 billion in loans to Ford Motor Co., Nissan Motor Co. and Tesla Motors Inc. in June to develop environmentally friendly cars.

“This investment will create thousands of new American jobs and is another critical step in making sure we are positioned to compete for the clean energy jobs of the future,” said Energy Secretary Steven Chu. He estimated it would save or create about 5,000 jobs.

Fisker, launched in 2007, is expected to release its first vehicle, the Karma, in the summer of 2010. The $87,900 plug-in luxury sports sedan, which has solar panels on the roof and allows motorists to drive gas-free for 50 miles (80 kilometers), will be built in Finland by Valmet Automotive.

Fisker has raised tens of millions of dollars from top venture capital firms such as Palo Alto Investors and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, of which Gore is a partner. The company has pre-sold more than 1,500 Karmas and recruited a network of 45 dealers.

In a story published in The Wall Street Journal Friday, Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider confirmed that the former vice president backs Fisker and purchased a Karma. “He believes that a global shift of the automobile fleet toward electric vehicles, accompanying a shift toward renewable-energy generation, represents an important part of a sensible strategy for solving the climate crisis,” she said in a statement.

Fisker will use $169.3 million in loans for engineering costs to complete the Karma and design tools and equipment at Fisker’s office in Pontiac, Michigan. The Energy Department said that while the assembly of the Karma will be done overseas, more than 65 percent of the parts will come from U.S. suppliers.

The remaining $359.36 million in loans will be directed to Fisker’s Project Nina, an effort by the automaker to develop a lower-cost, higher-volume plug-in hybrid car by late 2012. Fisker has said the next-generation plug-in will sell for $39,900 and be built in the United States with an annual production of about 100,000 vehicles. {more – The Tennessean}

Al Gore has had a good decade. I mean a really good decade. It started out kind of rocky, I mean with him losing the election and all; but after that things just kept getting better and better. He started out in 2001 with an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars. Now that’s pretty good by anyone’s standards. In 2008, however, his net worth was estimated at $100 million dollars. Green has been very kind to Al Gore. {more}

Gore’s place in the globalist criminal syndicate and his use of ‘global warming’…now ‘climate change’…as a means to steal more of our money earned from labor is considered a crime against humanity by some.

Where’s that old fashioned karma when we need it?

The Daily Dead and The Iran Attack Plan

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U.S. Army Spc. Nathaniel Small, 29, from Rockland, Maine, prepares for a patrol with Afghan soldiers in the Jalrez Valley in Afghanistan’s Wardak Province on Sunday.

Two U.S. service members died Saturday in the country’s south — one from a roadside bomb explosion and the other from an insurgent attack, the NATO-led force said. A British soldier died Sunday from a bomb explosion while patrolling in southern Afghanistan, Britain’s Defense Ministry said.

Elsewhere, three French soldiers died in a violent storm in northeastern Afghanistan late Saturday. One soldier was struck by lightning while two were swept away by a rain-swollen river during an operation in Kapisa province, said military spokesman Christophe Prazuck.

This year has been the deadliest of the eight-year war for U.S. and NATO troops. The latest six deaths bring to 64 the number of NATO troops killed this month. {more}


Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, perhaps the U.S. premier war cheerleading outfit, touts the possible plans and justifications for an attack on Iran.

The Iran Attack Plan

There seems to be a lack of WSJ articles about the Israeli nuclear weapons program. Shouldn’t that also be included in the debate? If there was such a thing as a main stream media ‘free press’ it would be.