A 9/11 Thank You

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The 12th anniversary of the game changing event of 9/11 provides an opportunity for me to say Thanks to all of those who have kept the faith and who haven’t wavered in the face of the enormous pressure to conform to the big lies.

Some of you have been at it since day one. You have looked at evidence, at facts, at disinformation and using discernment and common sense came to some conclusions while still open to the many questions that have and still will arise.

Beyond that, you have spoken out. In writings that have spread around the world, in person with friends and family and sometimes with strangers.

You have been ridiculed, mocked and laughed at. Sometimes attacked. Sure, it may have stung but never enough to quit. The importance of speaking truth to power overrides the naysayers.

By addressing the 9/11 issue head on you have opened up other avenues that lead out of the darkness into light. A myriad of other issues that once were delegated to the nether-lands of taboos have crept into the consciousness of many who once were afraid but now have the courage of conviction.

Very importantly, you have given us some semblance of solidarity, the feeling that we are not alone, the realization that we have allies where disagreements are minor compared to our similarities.

So THANK YOU! Humanity will thank you one day. It’s coming.



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Some alleged unseen photos from the 9/11 event have surfaced. They are supposedly from a NASA employee.

A new leak obtained exclusively by Al Jazeera shows Bin Laden’s ‘hidden life,’ an investigation into AQ chief’s life on the run. It “outlines how “routine” incompetence at every level of civil governance structure allowed the once world’s most wanted man to move to six different locations within the country.”

There’s that incompetence meme again. The ‘leaked’ report is 337 pages and I haven’t read much of it but I’m calling BS. It seems to prop up all the official stories and we’re always trying to point the finger at Pakistan for their involvement in one thing or the other. Always remember that we want to break up this country into factions as well and steal take necessary control of their nuclear weapons so the terrorists won’t get them.

Also. on the bin Laden psyop..

The nation’s top special operations commander ordered military files about the Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout to be purged from Defense Department computers and sent to the CIA, where they could be more easily shielded from ever being made public.

Of course they can never be made public. It’s one of those lies that just can’t be leaked.


Spying on the lawyers of a ‘terrorist’ is AOK. Since everyone is a potential terrorist, this looks like an attempt to set a precedent that could be used against anyone who has to go to court. If the NSA has the phone calls, emails and the like of a defendant, why not allow prosecutors to take a look at them? Government logic.

A federal judge on Monday declined to temporarily block U.S. government agencies from conducting special surveillance on lawyers representing Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, which those lawyers view as illegal spying. 

Even if the agencies monitor the communications of lawyers for Suleiman Abu Ghaith, “there isn’t a shred of evidence” that prosecutors are privy to that information and using it to Abu Ghaith’s disadvantage, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan said at a hearing.

“There’s just no reason to think that this occurred or that it will occur,” Kaplan said.
“Suppose it is going on, and the prosecution team doesn’t know anything about it, what’s the harm to your client?” Kaplan asked in a sometimes heated debate.

Federal prosecutor John Cronan denied that the case against Abu Ghaith has been tainted by any surveillance program.

“Let me be perfectly clear, the prosecution team had absolutely no exposure” to communications among Abu Ghaith’s lawyers, he said.

Kaplan will never allow anything contrary to the government’s tale. Besides that, it seems that Abu Ghaith has some dubious lawyers. Calling this a show trial is an understatement.

Coup, coup, ca-choo

Can’t call it a coup in Egypt. Can’t cut off aid to the military.  They have some more killing to do. More strife to foment.  
♫ Breaking up is hard to do.♫
This act of rebranding, (the coup that wasn’t) will guarantee the divide is widened amongst the people. Without it appearing to be tied to any western backed manipulations. On the surface. The discord will come straight from the people. Who because of the way they have been manipulated will very naturally feel cheated and resentful.
Therefore, the discord of the people will simply have to be dealt with by the western powers, who created the disenchantment in the first place.  more from Penny

Mass resignations at Al Jazeera over “biased” Egypt coverage

The War on Terror is a Fraud: How the West has Fostered Radical Islam and Actively Keeps it Alive 

The people of the world are being lied to by those with an incentive to maintain militarism and hegemony. The first step towards dismantling the beast that has been created is to become informed and then inform.

Twenty-six ways to slander and intimidate conspiracy advocates

The Dancing Israelis Docs

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andie was so kind to allow me access to the pdf files she received via a FOIA request…..

The official 2001 FBI docs on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident 

The files were on Scribd but it seems like they won’t allow us to download them without having a paid account so I have uploaded them to an open public account.

Here they are:

Police Report

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 1

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 2

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 3

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 4

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 5

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 6  

The files are fairly heavily redacted but still are important historical documents that you may want to save and pass around.

9/11: Israel did it (with help)

The Mossad Role in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

9/11 Thug Bernard Kerik Released From Prison

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Mobster Kerik thought he was above the law but was too stupid to hide his relatively petty money corruptions and tax evasions.

After serving more than three years of a four year sentence, he was released early from a federal pen and will be allowed to serve the rest of his time in sort of a house arrest with perks.

Bernie wasn’t dumb enough to spill his guts on what he knew of 9/11 to try and save himself, that would have been his death sentence, and is now going to continue on with his life just as all the other high level perps and cover-up accessories to the September 11th crime have.

In case anyone has forgotten, let’s review a little about Bernie.

Kerik was Giuliani’s sidekick on 9/11 and in the days and weeks following. Always at his side then and a business partner cashing in on their notoriety later. If he didn’t have foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks he certainly was a big part of cover-up.

Kerik has said both he and Giuliani were big fans of “The Godfather” and he wondered if the Mayor “noticed how much becoming part of his team resembled becoming part of a Mafia family. I was being made. I was now part of the Giuliani family, getting the endorsement of the other family members, the other capos.” So Kerik wrote in his autobiography.

Kerik went on a four day trip to Israel on Aug. 26, 2001 to discuss anti-terror tactics and met with Israeli billionaire Eitan Wertheimer. Kerik himself is no stranger to the Middle East and traveled to Israel before becoming commissioner. Before joining the NYPD, he coordinated security for the Saudi royal family.

While in Israel on Aug. 29, 2001 Kerik called on Israel to show the world “you can’t be intimidated by terrorism.”

New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said Sunday (Sept. 16, 2001) a passport belonging to one of the hijackers was discovered a few days ago several blocks from the crash site by a passerby. {more}

Mr. Kerik was an exploiter of 9/11 in his own right: he had commandeered an apartment assigned to ground zero police and rescue workers to carry out his extramarital tryst with the publisher Judith Regan. {more}

Kerik’s troubling ties –Links to company in mobster probe –When he headed the city’s jails, Bernard Kerik became deeply entangled with a New Jersey construction company long under fire for its alleged mob ties, a Daily News investigation found. Kerik’s troubling connection to the company, Interstate Industrial, began in the fall of 1998, when the company held major city contracts, including one to cover the massive Fresh Kills landfill. Kerik recommended his close friend, Lawrence Ray, for a job helping Interstate cope with mob-leery regulators here and in Atlantic City.

Kerik was the Chairman of The Kerik Group LLC, a consulting firm specializing in Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation, Counter-Terrorism and Law Enforcement and Jail/Prison Management strategies. {more}

Kerik made $6.7 million by selling stock given him by Taser International. {more}

George Bush nominated Kerik to head the Dept. of Homeland security as payback for his successful 9/11 cover up role but due to his many crimes had to withdraw. {MSM said it was due to his illegal immigrant nanny}

Here is some more on ‘Crybaby’ Kerik.

History Commons has a profile on the criminal.

Ha Ha…On 60 minutes days after 9/11, Kerik says his ‘most wanted’ was finding the black boxes…among other lies and bullshit.

Kerik Says There Were No Bombs In WTC

Bernie Kerik Saying No Choice For Civil Liberty Loss

Kerik was allegedly involved with FEMA in WTC demolition “war games” called Operation Code Angel.

Several … intelligence sources who spoke to longtime federal whistleblower Stewart Webb, alleged that the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 was called ‘Operation Code Angel,’ also known as Tripod II – a U.S. Department of Justice ‘war games’ exercise involving the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) …

Running with the big boys in the cover-up…Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Kerik, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Governor George Pataki, and FBI Director Robert Mueller at the World Trade Center just 10 days after 9/11

On Sept. 11, 2001, Bush ponders if Kerik is up to the task of being a vital component in the conspiracy.
OK, Kerik is relatively minor in the big scheme of the post 9/11 world but he is a traitor, an accomplice to murder and he is free. Something tells me he has plenty of money and will do quite well as long as he keeps his mouth shut. 
In an world of justice, there would be a gallows inscribed with Kerik’s name as well as several more who were behind the false flag hoax and cover-up of 9/11.
But this is Amerika and justice is as of yet not one of our strong points.

Sandy and Erin

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Sandy is getting a lot of attention.

Sandy’s path is not that much different from the one that Hurricane Erin was on in September of 2001.

Erin stayed out at sea and 9/11 was a beautiful sunny day in New York City.

Had Erin turned west as Sandy is projected to do it would have been a sloppy wet day for a false flag.

Did the perps catch a break? Just lucky I guess. The date was important and the photos needed to be clear to have the proper effect.

Timing is everything. 

Conspiracy theories and facts aside, best of luck to all those that may be affected by Sandy.

9/11 ~ Where Do We Go From Here?

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MTSU students and alumni are ‘beaming’ with pride over 9/11 memorial

For those of us who watched the events of September 11, 2001 unfold and were aware that everything we were about to be told would be a lie, there has been a vindication of sorts. Our eyes and gut feel did not fail us that day and although it was a slow motion ride heading to the truth at first, the train did pick up speed even if it has been uphill all the way.

Some of us over the last 11 years have read what seems like a million words, watched hundreds of videos, studied thousands of images, posted and re-posted things we felt were relevant, made comments all over the internet, gained friends and allies, made enemies, got ridiculed and called names, evolved in our thinking, picked flyspecks out of pepper, waded through the muck of disinformation, debated and argued the hows, watched as the trolls and paid provocateurs came around to infiltrate the narrative, became frustrated, exhilarated, encouraged and discouraged and never once thought of giving up. We never made a nickel out of it. Our schooling didn’t get us a degree. We did it because we had to. We had no choice. When we were told ‘you are with us or you are against us,’ we chose the against side. It was the side of right, not might.  We may not be the brightest light bulb around but we haven’t burnt out yet. We continue just because someone has to and we aren’t afraid.

We pick and choose our battles. We walk away at times if that’s what is needed. There will be another day. In our daily lives we try and speak calmly and clearly as if the truth is matter of fact. It is. We don’t raise our voice while others raise theirs. We reject the arrogance of know it alls both in and out of the truth movement. Those who say they have all the answers usually don’t. We try to keep in mind that there are many who have a hard time overcoming a lifetime of deception. Satire and humor are useful tools. We like to laugh and use that medicine to make us and others feel better. If we can’t have fun in our pursuit of knowledge and truth then we’ve missed a most important part of the process. We will never win over everyone. If it’s only one we hope they will carry on and do better than we have.  We don’t have a problem saying ‘I don’t know’ because there is so much we don’t.

Justice is a funny thing. In the case of 9/11 it’s elusive, almost a ghost at the peripheral of our vision. It’s there but when we reach out for it our hands grab hold of nothing and we doubt it exists at all. That’s by design. We fall in with the crowd and say ‘there’s nothing I can do’ or ‘I don’t want to hear it, it’s too scary.’ or ‘it’s out of my control.’ When the seeds of doubt get planted and well rooted, the chaos can never be overcome. Justice is all we’re asking for. Not only for 9/11 but for the wars and the financial crimes. If we get it for those eventually everything else will fall into place. Much easier said than done but without goals we get no results. Without results we get the same over and over again but it gets progressively worse with each spin of the cycle. We have the names, the faces. They are etched in our collective consciousness. We just can’t seem to get them rounded up for their turn to cry for mercy. 

So what can we do differently? Where do we go from here? How do we stop the madness?

Having another 9/11 memorial to a lie is certainly not going to get us anywhere although this one may be a good symbolic reminder of our police state and loss of rights situation as it sits right in front of the jailhouse.

They Should Have Hired Experienced Professionals

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Saturday 01 September 2012

The demolition of an old Philips office in Eindhoven, Holland at the weekend was only a partial success, after part of the building refused to collapse.

It is not yet clear what went wrong, local media reported. According to Nos television, the building had been due to collapse yn its entirety in an easterly direction.

A large crowd had turned out to watch the 70-metre high tower brought down. The demolition company charged with the task had drilled 400 holes into the structure and loaded it with 100 kilos of dynamite.

People living in 30 homes close to the tower, who had been evacuated as a precaution, will now not be allowed back into their homes until further notice.

(Failed) demolition of the Philips VH Building, Eindhoven  {another view}

When it comes to demolitions, you get what you pay for.